Turn About

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I sometimes wonder if he knows me as well as he believes he does. He has such a devious mind himself, and I am not use to sharing these kinds of thoughts with another. I am such an open book in so many ways; he may not realize just how deep, how dark my deviant side runs. As close as we are, it is still difficult for me be completely open in this area. It is a part of me that I am use to keeping very private. Much of it is still unexplored because of my uneasiness with this other side of my mind, these darker cravings.

Tonight, however, he will certainly get a glimpse into that part of my mind. We have a running joke between us “Turn about is fair play”, both of us being switches in play, it is the tease we use to remind the other that their turn will eventually come. Tonight will be his turn, though he doesn’t realize that yet. He has been smug all week on the phone regarding what he is planning to do to me, but his plans are about to be thwarted.

It’s my birthday, and he has agreed to take me out of the city for the weekend. I have been so looking forward to it, needing the break from the stress of work and room-mates. All along he has been teasing me about what might happen to me when we get alone in the cabin, wanting me to get all worked up, and develop a case of nerves over it. I’m not at all nervous. I’m not at all wondering and fretting, because you see, this is MY birthday….and I decided that I should get what I want.

As we drove toward the mountains, he continued to tease me occasionally, and I played along, pretending to try and guess what his plans are, asking questions, and begging for clues. He is completely unaware that I am simply leading him where I want him to go. It’s perfect.

Once we arrived at the cabin, chosen mainly for its privacy, we unloaded the car and began to think about dinner. He was talking about having me cook and serve him, or forcing me to eat only from his hand, laughing as I put the appropriate pouting expressions on my face. Finally I begged to be taken out to dinner, knowing he would agree. He didn’t really want to waste our time together by having me in the kitchen cooking, and I knew it.

I excused myself to freshen up before leaving, and while in the bathroom, made a quick phone call. I was ready to go now, and I only had to keep him away long enough for the others to set it all up. My real birthday surprise!

We went to a local Bar-b-que place and took our time, talking and laughing. There was a lot of innuendo and sexual teasing, which is very normal for the two of us. After we finished eating and had relaxed a bit, he pronounced himself ready to celebrate my birthday. I agreed that I was ready as well, and he said “are you sure you’re ready?” in that teasing tone of his. Oh yes, said I, I am past ready; I’ve been looking forward to this all week. We both laughed, but I laughed this time not out of a case of nerves for what he would do, but because I knew that this time, it would be his nerves on the line. I couldn’t wait to show him what I was capable of.

As we pulled up to the darkened cabin, he muttered that he thought he had left the porch light on. I shrugged my canlı bahis shoulders, and stepped out of the car and into the dark. He said to wait there until he could get inside and put a light on, teasing me about wearing heels to the mountains and taking the risk of breaking my neck for the sake of fashion.

Just as his foot hit the bottom step, I screamed! He turned to see two figures holding me while I struggled, one clamping his hand over my mouth to prevent my screaming again. He came running toward me as they began to drag me away from the car, but before he could reach me, he was grabbed from behind.

He saw me being carried around the side of the building toward the old barn, just as the blindfold slid into place. A large hand covered his mouth and a deep voice told him to stop struggling, if he didn’t want to see me hurt. The two large men tied his hands behind him and gagged him, then removed the blindfold. They marched him toward the old barn as well, and I could only imagine what must be going through his mind. I know how strong his protective feelings are where I’m concerned.

As he was lead in; he could see me at the far end of the barn. I was tied to a post and gagged. They marched him in and the four men circled him. They were all over six feet tall and well muscled, the leader had hair as black as night, with eyes to match, even his skin was darker than most sun worshipers. Of the other three, one was very blonde, while the other two were of more average coloring.

He was told that they wouldn’t harm me, and that there was no need to worry about me, I would be released when it was over. It wasn’t me they wanted. They laughed as he looked around at their leering faces.

One of the men shoved him to his knees saying “How bout you show your girlfriend here how it’s done, give her a little lesson in cock sucking. You like your cock sucked right? I bet you shove your cock down her throat every chance you get, so lets see what you can do with one boy!” He unbuttoned his jeans and pulled his cock out, it wasn’t too long but it was fairly thick. I watched as the man removed the gag and began to brush his cock back and forth against D’s lips. D tried to turn his head away, but one of the men came over to me and ripped the front of my shirt open and began to twist my breasts painfully. “Don’t force us to involve her in this, she isn’t what we want, but we’ll use her to get you to cooperate if we need to” said another of the men.

D opened his mouth to speak, and the dark headed man shoved his cock in. He held the back of D’s head so that he couldn’t pull back and began pumping in and out of his mouth. As the others watched, they became more excited and started stroking the front of their jeans. Eventually all four had unzipped and were openly stroking their cocks, jeering at D, and wanting their turn. He was spun from man to man, being forced to suck each in turn, He was off balance as they pushed and pulled him between them, unable to use his hands, he swung against their legs as they used him.

After a while, one of them made a comment about getting D out of his clothes and making him a bit more available for bahis siteleri use. The large dark headed man reached under D’s arms and lifted him up onto his feet. He said, we are going to untie you now, if you try to fight at all, I’ll put your lights out…understand? D nodded and the big man pulled a knife from his pocket and cut the rope. D’s hands and arms were so numb that he couldn’t have done much damage. He glanced over at me and the dark man noticed. He laughed and said “worried about what your woman thinks? I bet she is turned on as hell. Why don’t we go over and find out? “He brought D over to where I was bound, and two of the men held him there. The dark man unzipped my jeans and slid them down past my knees. “Reach between your girls legs and see if she’s wet”, he ordered D. As D did this, he looked into my eyes… and I winked and smiled back at him.

He drew in a shocked breath as it hit him that this whole thing was staged, and they dragged him away from me, laughing, while he sputtered unbelievingly. One if the men released me, while the others continued to hold D. Now, I said, my birthday celebration can really begin.

I had the men strip D while I watched. They pulled his shirt off and shoved him down on the floor. The blonde grabbed his shoes from his feet and one of the others unzipped him and pushed his jeans and underwear down to his knees. They grabbed his pants by the ankles and literally shook him out of them while I laughed. He rolled over onto his hands and knees, but before he could get up, the dark man knelt behind him and held him there. I handed him some lube and the dark one stoked it onto his cock while pushing down on D’s back, shoving his face into the straw. You know your going to love this, he said.

The man pushed his cock against the opening of D’s ass hole and teased him with the head of it. He gently pressed against the opening, just enough for the head to slip inside, then held still for a moment. He motioned another man around to hold D’s wrists out in front of him. Now his ass was up and exposed, while his chest was almost flat on the floor of the barn. The dark one pushed in a bit deeper and a moan escaped D’s lips, he could not help but rock back a bit…greedy slut that he is. When he did this, the dark one laughed and said “: I was going to start gentle, but seeing how badly you want it…” as he shoved his cock in to the hilt.

The man fucked him until on the edge of orgasm and stopped, and then the next man took his place. They all had a turn at his ass, pushing him and positioning how they preferred. He was sweating and moaning, straw was stuck to his arms, back and legs. He was, in fact a mess.

With all this going on he had not noticed that I had been joined by a couple of friends. The ladies stood by me and we enjoyed the show together. At my signal, the blonde man flipped him over on his back and began to fuck him in an almost missionary position. Now he could see that I had company, and that he was the main attraction for the evening.

I informed him that since none of the men had cum yet, this could go on for hours. The only thing that would stop it would be for him to bahis şirketleri make each person there cum….starting with the ladies. At that, S, a cute and curvy brunette walked over and positioned her pussy above his mouth. He began to lick and suck at her, while the man continued to use his ass. She was obviously turned on by the visual directly in front of her, and began to grind her pussy into his face, fucking it without regard for him at all. Before long I could see her thighs start to tremble and her pace picked up as she let out a scream and pushed into his mouth. Immediately, C, a deceptively innocent looking blonde replaced her. She straddled his face, holding herself just above his mouth, and held her pussy lips open for him. She laughed and told him he would have to work for it. C said “I will hold myself just like this, and you will have to rise up to tongue my pussy.” She laughed as he struggled to reach her.

The man fucking him was on the edge of orgasm, and pulled out. D wrapped his arms around C’s thighs and pulled her pussy down onto his tongue as another man slid into his ass. He groaned and shuddered, and as he did C lost control.

All of this had me worked up to a white hot edge. I walked over and put my hand on the shoulder of the man currently impaling my partner and said “The women are taken care of, now the men”. The man resumed in earnest, pumping D’s ass for all he was worth. I watched his face contort as he shot his load inside my loves ass. Quickly the next man shoved inside him, as another shoved his cock into D’s mouth. As they rocked him back and forth between them I began to stoke D’s cock with my hand. He was moaning around the cock in his mouth and I could tell he was almost at his limit. As one man shuddered and sent his load into D’s ass, the other pulled his cock out to shoot his load all over D’s face.

Before he could react, he was flipped over and the dark man shoved deeply into him. He began to make sounds like he was struggling to handle it all, but he didn’t ask for it to stop. The man grabbed him by the hips and ground into him, fucking him hard and rough. As D began to get louder the man threw back his head and pushed in deep spewing his cum into D’s already soaked ass hole.

As he pulled out, D fell to one side and lay there panting. “Good thing that was the last one, I couldn’t have taken much more”. Really, I said, that’s too bad because you see…I haven’t cum yet, and until I do your not through. He kind of laughed and said “: I’ll take care of you later”. No, I informed him, you will take care of me now. As he lay on his back, I slid over him in a 69 position. He began licking my pussy as the others stood in a circle around us, watching, cheering him on. The circle parted and a very tall, very well hung black man entered. He stepped behind me and slid his hard cock into my wet pussy. D stopped and I looked down at him. One more, I said, as the man slid his cock inside my dripping pussy. D was licking the both of us, taking the cock into his mouth if it slipped out. It did not take me long to come, and when I did, I moved aside to watch the huge black cock shoot its wad all over D’s body.

My love was covered in cum; it was on his body, in his hair, on his face. He reeked of cum, even his breath. His ass was sore and dripping, straw and mud stuck to him, and he was the hottest thing I have ever seen.

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