Truth or Dare

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So it happened like this, I know that sounds lame but it beats it happened one night. A group of us were at Joey’s house, there was me, Derek, Joey, Billy and Nicole. Nicole is that one female friend every guy seems to have or need in his life. We had all been friends for years, some of us at least 10 yrs. Nicole is amazing, she hates drama and avoids hanging with females for that reason. She is the designated driver tonight, making sure we all get safely home. She is the one female we all agree we want to fuck, but not one of us is willing to mess up the best friendship ever to give it a try. She is adorable, not a bombshell, but pretty, curvy in all the right places and she acts like one of the guys, most of the time. Once in a while she will get in our shit, but only if we completely fuck up, we all try not to fuck up when it comes to her. Like when Joey came out of the closet, some of us weren’t too cool with it. She jumped in our shit and pointed out that he was, ‘your best friend in the world yesterday, he bailed you out every fucking time you needed help and you are turning on him because he sucks cock? Well asshole if that is the reason you should walk away from me too, because I suck cock TOO.’

Not one of us had the balls to turn our backs on him after that, we all still tease him and a few of us probably wouldn’t mind ass fucking him but not one of us would ever say that out loud.

So we are sitting around eating pizza, watching a lame game and drinking beer, when Billy says let’s play truth or dare. We have played before and when we are drunk it can be hilarious, but Nicole always says truth, no matter what the question is. And sometimes her answers are so funny, that she has us all falling out laughing. Tonight we made her promise to take one dare, ok I made her promise. I pulled Joey aside and asked if he had a dildo, he said yes, but why. I told him I was going to dare her to show us if she could deep throat, and since I know none of us were going to get the chance to find out we would need a dildo. He laughed and wished me good luck and said he would get it out when it was needed.

So back to the game, it was going along all well, and finally I asked Nicole if she ever wanted to have sex with any of us, she took the dare on that one. I dared her to show us her deep throating skills, dumbest thing I have ever done, and that is saying a lot. She asked Joey for his dildo, we all laughed and Billy being completely shit faced asked how she knew he had one. We all just looked at him like he was stupid, which of course that question alone told you that he was. But Nicole never missed a beat, “Because asshole, I gave it to him.” That shut us all up.

Joey came back carrying it, it was 7″ long, don’t know how thick, it had a suction cup on the bottom and a set of balls. He handed it too her, she got up and started to leave the room. “Whoa where do you think you are going? You are supposed to show us how you do it.” I said.

“I am going to go wash it, because I know where it has been and I want to make sure it is clean.” she answered.

Drunken Billy asked, “Where has it been?” I told up he was stupid when he was drunk.

She came back in a few minutes later, and had the dildo in one hand and a jar of caramel ice cream topping in the other hand. She made a big show of licking the suction cup and sticking it to the coffee table. I could feel my cock twitch already. She opened the jar of sauce and drizzled a little bit over the head of the dildo. Then she dipped her head down to the base of the dildo, and güvenilir bahis stuck her tongue out, and run it up from the base to the tip. She then ran her tongue around the head of it, dragging her tongue around the ridge as she did. My cock was stiffening, and I don’t think I was the only one with that problem.

She placed her fingertips on what would be the upper side of the shaft, and tipped it toward her mouth. She started licking and sucking the head, until she started slowly working her was down the shaft with her mouth. She would pull up off of it, only to start again, and she added some moaning to add to our discomfort. She finally started mouth fucking it; she would pull her mouth up the shaft, flick her tongue around the head and slam back down to the base. A few times she would lick the balls while she was down there. I finally had to tell her, and then beg her to stop.

She looked up at me all innocent like and said, “Did I do a good job? Or do you want to see more?”

“I want more, here.” Billy said, as he stood up and pulled out his cock. He was also rock hard; guess the alcohol wasn’t affecting that head. He was so drunk he fell backwards into the bookcase, bringing it down on himself and that pretty much ended the game, thankfully. Every one of us, except maybe Joey was trying to hide our boners or adjust them without drawing too much attention to ourselves. Well Billy falling helped us out a great deal, because that brought us all back to reality.

We all got up and pulled the bookcase off of him, as I held it up the others pulled him out from under it. Nicole slapped his face and told him if he ever showed her his cock again he damn sure needed to be sober enough to use it. We all laughed at that one, Joey took him to the bathroom to help him clean the few cuts he had. The rest of us helped clean up the few broken things and set the case back up and in its normal spot. We finished just as they came back in the room. Joey thanked us and wasn’t mad about the broken items, but he suggested we get Billy home before he got any worse. We agreed, and somehow it was my job to fireman carry the drunken bastard to the car.

He was getting dropped off first; we were informed when we got to the car. Nicole drives an SUV, and it is huge, we put Billy up front incase he had to hurl. He lived the farthest away, but she was going to need help getting him out of the car and up the stairs to his apartment. So across town we went, we were about a mile from his place when he said he was going to be sick. She pulled over and didn’t quite make it to the side of the road when he hurled out of her window. She was pissed off, but grateful that at least it was outside of the car. We took him home; I carried him up the stairs and dropped him onto the couch in his apartment. He grabbed her hand as we turned to go and thanked her for an amazing blow job, promising not to tell the other guys that it had happened. She kisses his forehead and told him he was welcome.

We were laughing as we walked down the stairs, at him for thinking it had happened to him. When we got back to the car she looked at Derek and said “You are next out, numb nuts back there is the reason I had to give the demo so he gets to clean my car.” Derek was more than willing to go along with that plan. So we headed to his place, while I sat in the backseat pouting. Derek got out, walked around to her side of the car, kissed her cheek and thanked her for everything. Meanwhile I got in the front seat, waiting to get to a car wash and to clean the crap off of her türkçe bahis car.

She drove to the one closest to Derek’s place and handed me a roll of quarters and told me to do a good job, promising me a spanking if I messed it up. “Can I get the spanking as a reward instead?” I asked.

We all knew she liked to play on the kinky side of sex, from more than one game of truth and dare. I was surprised when she agreed, not sure if she was kidding or not. I washed the car, and she texted Joey, only to find out that he did give Billy a blow job in the bathroom. Billy was so drunk and wouldn’t shut up that he blew him to shut him up. He said he was so excited after watching Nicole with the dildo that he came in about 2 minutes. Nicole promised never to tell Billy and made me promise to tell anyone.

When I finished with the car, she decided that since she only got one piece of pizza she was ‘STARVING’. We went to a local late night food joint, and got burgers. We talked about Joey and other things. I confessed that I had thought about fucking his ass, because I felt as a guy he could handle me being rough with him. I know most females don’t want pounded, hard with a cock in the ass. Nicole pointed out that Joey was half my size and that if I didn’t hurt him physically, I would emotionally because he would fall in love with me. Ok that thought is not coming back in my head. When we left the diner, she drove us out into the country. There was some meteor shower happening that night and she wanted to watch it, away from city lights. When we got to the old Miller place, she pulled into the driveway and parked behind the old barn. She got blankets out of the back and a flashlight, before taking off for the field. We both talked about how we both wanted to own this place, but we too poor to afford it. We walked halfway down the field before she found a mostly flat spot and laid out the blankets.

We talked as we lay back watching for the sky to fill with shooting stars. She started to get cold and snuggled against me. I started to get hard, damn her ass, I hate getting blue balls. She snaked her hands under my shirt, and damn they were cold. She started to tease my nipples, I asked her to stop, informing her that if we started I might not be able to quit. She climbed on top of me, kissed me hard, and said, “What makes you think I would ask you to stop?”

That is all it took. I grabbed her and pulled her into a hard, passionate kiss, my right hand in her hair and the other on her back. She started fishing my shirt out of my jeans, breaking the kiss to move her mouth to my chest. She had her mouth on my nipples, teasing them and nibbling them until they and I were completely hard. I pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it to the side. I started tugging at her shirt; she helped until I got it to her neck. She finally stopped teasing my nipples long enough to get the shirt off. She was unhooking her bra, in front and pushing her breasts into my mouth, before I had a chance to think. I knew from endless games of truth or dare that no man ever sucked her nipples long or hard enough. I was torn between wanting to please her sexually and wanting to kiss her mouth.

I switched it up, putting both hand on her breasts, I began to tease her nipples with my fingers, teasing the fuck out of them. My mouth moved to her mouth, I was tugging, pinching and twisting her nipples and kissing her mouth. I could feel her moans as she kissed me back. She was dry humping my cock, and finally broke the kiss and slapped my face. I asked her why she did güvenilir bahis siteleri that; her answer was for making me wait that long to really get a kiss from you. That did it; I grabbed her and pulled her into a hot kiss, rolling her over as I did. I pulled her shorts off as quickly as possible and buried my face against her pussy. It was wet from the foreplay, and sweet to taste. I started licking, sucking and nibbling; she placed my hands back on her breasts. I couldn’t get enough of her and her body.

I wanted to slow down and make sweet, slow, love with her but I had to do it all at once. I pinched her nipples hard and sucked her clit into my mouth, scraping it with my teeth as I tugged on it. I was rewarded with a very sweet, dripping orgasm. She grabbed my head and pushed it hard against her, she was cumming, screaming, cussing and telling me to stop all at the same time. I knew enough to stop; she grabbed me and pulled me to her mouth. Kissing her cum off of my lips, I had moved my hands to my own pants and was undoing them as we continued to kiss. Once I had my jeans undone, I stopped kissing her long enough to get them off. I told her I would take a rain check on the spanking, if she didn’t mind. She said, “Shut up and fuck me.”

I picked up her legs and put them on my shoulders, and slipped into as slowly as I could. She was wet and tight, her pussy felt amazing as it opened for my throbbing cock. I sunk into her as slowly as I possibly could, feeling every inch of her pussy opening to allow me inside and then closing tight around my cock. I have loved this woman for years, as one of my best friends, but now that I am inside of this amazing pussy I want her all to myself. She pushed herself up against me as I started to pull back, “Just stay there one minute, I want to enjoy being full of your cock for a minute.” I didn’t move, until she said I was permitted. When I had permission to start to fuck in and out of her I varied my strokes, hoping it would help me last for a little longer. She could tell I was close and told me to pull out.

Just as I did, it started to rain; I climbed up her body and kissed her. Her nipples were hard from the teasing I had been doing, and now from the rain. They were begging for my attention, and I bent my head to give them that attention. She pushed me all the way over onto my back, and put her amazing mouth on my cock. I had watched her do this same thing to a dildo, now my cock was receiving a mind blowing blow job. She did everything to my cock that she had done to the dildo. My head was spinning as she licked her cum off of my cock, slipping her tongue around the head. Tracing the big throbbing vein oh her way to my balls, I wanted to cum so bad, but I was trying to hold out as long as I could.

She finally stopped tormenting my cock with her mouth and she got on her hands and knees. I mounted her from behind, sinking my cock again into the pussy that is as close to heaven as I am going to get for a while. She moaned softly and fucked herself back to meet my cock. I reached around her waist and found her pussy, and I began rubbing her clit. I wanted to feel her pussy cumming on my cock, and it is getting harder to hold my own release off. My balls are tightening with every stroke. She is fucking back against me, as I rub her clit; I feel her pussy clamping down in spasms against my cock. She slams hard against me and reaches between our legs and squeezes my balls. I pump her pussy full of cum, we both said, “Oh God yes” at the same time. We hurried and gathered our clothes and the blankets and headed for the barn.

We were soaking wet from the rain, round two included more fucking but this time in the dry barn. I can’t wait for my spanking, I don’t want to be her bitch but I am dying to be her fuck toy.

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