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I had just turned 18 and had been spending some time at my Uncle’s house in Jenner, California. We got into a pretty good fight, as we usually did after a prolonged time together, and I packed my bags and hit the road. My bags consisted of what I was wearing and a small backpack with extra socks, a bag of weed and a grooming kit. I had a trucker pick me up hitching down I5. He told me his name was Dave and said he was going to LA. We drove for a couple of hours with him asking me all kinds of questions and just after dark he said he was going to get some sleep and finish the run into LA in the morning and he invited me to come to his place and have dinner and a good nights sleep.

We went to his house a few miles off I5 and he offered me a drink and then said that I could take a shower while he fixed dinner. I told him that would be great and he showed me to the bathroom. He showed me where everything was and told me that he could toss my clothes in the washer with his, I emptied my pockets and while I was doing that he quickly took off his clothes and was standing there naked with his clothes over his arm obviously waiting for mine.

His cock was not hard but it was certainly not soft, it hung down thick and long and I tried not to get caught looking too long.

I stripped off and handed him my clothes and he smiled and said he would be in the kitchen when I finished. “Let me know if you need anything.” he said and left with all my clothes. When I finished I wrapped a towel around my waist and went to the kitchen. He was wearing a tshirt and tight spandex tennis shorts and told me to grab a couple of plates. I get the plates and he filled them with veggies and stroganoff and said “Let’s eat in the living room.”

I just had the towel around me and he directed me to a afyon escort chair and he sat on the couch on the other side of the coffee table and switched on the TV.

“You like porn?” he asked nodding toward the screen where a gal was being double teamed by two guys.

“Yea, sure, don’t all guys like porn?” I said and turned a little to see the screen better.

“Come sit over here where you can see it better.” He patted the couch beside him and he slid my plate over while I moved around to sit beside him. I was already starting to tent my towel and he had a quite noticeable bulge in his shorts. The trio on the TV switched around to where one guy was fucking the girl and the other guy started fucking him in the ass.

Dave looked over at me and smiled and as his eyes drifted down to my tented towel.

“These are getting rather tight.” he said as he stood up and slid his shorts off. His cock was about 7 inches now and thick veins were accenting the shaft. I stared right at his cock and he stroked it a couple of times before sitting back down. He reached over and slid a hand across my leg, found the opening of the towel and slipped his hand inside gripping my cock. I moaned and rolled my hips showing my eagerness and he pulled the towel open.

I leaned all the way back exposing my cock and balls and he slid his hand down to cup my ballsack and leaned over to take my throbbing cock in his mouth. I watched as he quickly had my full 7 inches down his throat and his hand slid into my ass crack and a finger probed for my anus. He located it and pressed gently and my response told him I was eager to be penetrated. He spit on his finger and slid it in my hole as he expertly blew my cock.

Dave pulled his finger out of my ass and let my cock slide out ağrı escort of his mouth and pushed the coffee table over so there was plenty of room in front of the couch. He pulled my hips forward and got on his knees. He shoved his face under my balls and started tonguing my ass. He worked on my hole until it was sopping wet and then guided his cock to my eager hole. I sucked a deep breath and tried to relax my sphincter as he slowly but steadily worked his cock into me. He had a hand on my cock stroking me and was looking me in the eyes as he started to fuck my ass with an urgency.

I felt my orgasm coming quickly and just as I started shooting I felt him shove deep and he pumped his own laod far up my ass. Sweating, panting, and totally drained we both sat on the floor and finished our dinner while we watched the bisexual orgy on the TV.

“Well, morning comes early, let’s hit the shower and then the pillows.” Dave said as he collected the dishes. I took the glasses and followed him to the kitchen. I was hard again as I watched his firm ass as he put the dishes in the sink. He turned and smiled at my erection. “Ah, the sweet ability of youth to recover rapidly.” I followed him to the shower and we had a quick rinse and as he towled me dry he paid frequent but brief attention to my cock, balls and ass. By the time he led me to bed I was throbbing and steel hard.

Without a word we slid under the covers. Dave took some lube off the nightstand and spread it on his hole and my cock. He turned his back to me and guided my cock to his hole. With the lube and my eagerness I was balls deep in an instant and I felt Dave clench his ass hard. The tightness had me cumming in just a couple of minutes, squirting deep in his ass and he reached back and pulled me close. aksaray escort “sleep with it inside me.”

In the morning I awoke to the sound of Dave’s rig starting up and smelled coffee and bacon. I went to the bathroom and pissed and washed the dried cum off my cock and balls and on the way through the living room I saw my clothes laid out on the couch. I got dressed and went in the kitchen where Dave was filling two bags with food and there was a plate of bacon and eggs and hashbrowns on the table. “Dig in, we have a lot of miles to go before we see another rest.” I quickly finished my breakfast and Dave handed me the lunch bags and told me he would meet me in the rig.

Back on the road we started talking about the night before. “I really loved when you stuck your tongue in my ass hole!” and “I really enjoyed watching you strip off your clothes while I stood there watching, that was really hot.” and of course my cock was hard and Dave told me to take it out and stroke it. I kept my cock out and hard all the way to the outskirts of Los Angeles where Dave pulled into a truck stop.

“I have a couple of hours before I need to have this load delivered, how about we get in the sleeper and see if we have any cum left?”

We both got in the sleeper and helped each other get naked. Dave stretched out on his back and I got on top of him in a 69. I’d been edging myself for hours and Dave had been watching me so we were both very horny and in just a few minutes I was gulping down a huge cum load and just seconds later my own load filled Dave’s mouth. We dressed slowly and went in the truck stop where Dave paid to have his thermos filled with coffee and we both used the bathroom. Then it was back in the truck and in less than an hour Dave pulled up to the gates of a huge warehouse district.

“Well, this is the end of my line, you going to be OK from here?”

“Sure, I can hop a city bus and be within walking distance of home in no time. Thanks for the ride and for all the fun, that was the best ride I’ve ever had while hitching.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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