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They had known each other for a few months and decided to take a holiday in the tropics together. As well as getting away from the bleak southern Australian winter it would be an opportunity to get know each other better, and a chance to relax away from the pressures of work.

Their sex life so far had been ‘good’ and she liked, to use her words, ‘To be sucked,’ which he did on a regular basis. In return he received fairly standard and traditional sex.

After a few nights in their tropical haven they had settled into something of a routine, and after dinner and a bottle of wine they used to lie on the bed and watch TV.

He was feeling very relaxed and at peace with the world and was enjoying her company alongside him on the bed.

He was intrigued when she came a little closer to him kissed him lightly on the lips, at the same time undoing his light summer dressing gown and pulling it wide open, revealing his flaccid, though not disinterested prick.

Her lips left his and she lightly kissed his chest and kept kissing his body as her lips moved downward over his stomach.

When her lips got as far as his by now slightly engorged cock, she poked her tongue out and started licking his cock over its full length. At the same gently cupping his balls and shaft with her hands.

‘Like that?’, she asked with a smile as she moved her head to his and kissed his mouth with her very wet lips, at the same time using both her hands to heighten his by now hard erection. ‘I can stop doing this if you like?’

Without waiting for a reply she repositioned herself and opened her mouth to take in his by now fully erect cock, using one hand güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to cup his balls and the other to massage his cock as she ate and tongued it.

As he lay back with his head on three pillows, so he could see and enjoy the sight of his erection sliding in and out of her mouth he marvelled at the contradictions of this lady.

A demure, diligent and very professional lady in public, he would never of believed she could be so passionate in bed, and now this. Heaven found, was in her mouth.

‘You still haven’t answered me. I can stop doing this if you like?’

‘Don’t you dare. You are fantastic. I swear this is the best erection I have ever had. I am hard as rock. Can you feel it? Your mouth sucking my cock if fantastic. What a build up. Keep going. Don’t you dare stop!’

To heighten his build up he ran his hand up her leg under her skirt as far as he could get without moving. The sensation of her bare skinned leg on his fingers, as she sucked and licked on his hard, very erect cock heightened his build up even more.

All the while to heighten his own enjoyment and his sexual tension and to keep her turned on he kept talking to her, not wanting or expecting her to reply, with her mouth so busy on his erection.

‘Fantastic. Your mouth feels wonderful on my cock. I have never experienced anything like this before. Fucking fantastic. I am as hard as a rock. Can you tell that? Don’t stop.’

As if to tease and tantalise him even more, that was just what she did do.

She moved slightly so that her lips were near his. ‘Kiss me and taste yourself on my lips. I need a rest. Do you like güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri it so far?’

Her lips had never tasted quite like this before.

‘I do need a rest’ she she repeated, walking towards the bathroom.

He looked at her, not sure if she was teasing or serious, though his erection was still at its desperate peak.

She was gone long enough for his erection to wilt, and when she came back he noticed that she had put on a very heavy layer of lipstick.

‘Tell me what you want. What would you like me to do now?’ she asked, not waiting for an answer as she stood in front of him with her legs wide apart.

It was then that he realised she had changed from her clothes into her high heeled shoes which were spoilt by a neck to knee and very unflattering dressing gown.

Teasingly she asked again ‘Come on tell me what you want? What are your needs right now?’ at the same time flashing open the dressing gown and letting it drop to the floor.

She looked stunning standing akimbo in her high heels as the gown dropped. She was stark naked but for a long black silk scarf tied around her waist and knotted to one side which accentuated her heavily shaved pussy.

He still did not answer but instead gazed firmly into her eyes and pointed to his cock which had grown fully erect again at the sight of her.

‘You need to tell me what you want’.

At last with his cock desperately throbbing for relief he responded, ‘Suck me to orgasm!’

Ever so slowly she walked over to the bed and sat him on its edge with his legs over the side kissing his lips and rubbing her heavy lipstick across his güvenilir bahis şirketleri lips at the same time reaching for his heavy cock with her other hand.

‘I can’t get my hand around that. Maybe it will fit in my mouth though’ she mused as she knelt in front of him on the floor leaving lipstick traces down his shaft as she rubbed her lips down his full length.

At last she took the the tip of his throbbing cock in her mouth licking and tonguing and aware of the power she had over him at that moment.

Slowly she increased the pressure of her mouth and tongue on his cock increasing the depth of her sucking.

‘You must be close by now?’ she asked as she paused for breath and kissed his lips.

Not waiting for a reply she hungrily took his cock back into her mouth and applied expert pressure with her finger and thumb to his cock as she sucked its tip.

‘How close are you?’

‘Nine point nine’ he said as he placed both of his hands around the back of her head, subtly increasing her pressure.

‘What do I need to do to get you to ten?’ she asked as she licked slowly along the full length of his engorged cock.

‘Perhaps …’ she left the words hanging as she rubbed his hard cock with the silk scarf she had draped around her waist.

The sensation of the silk on his throbbing cock almost drove him to ten but he was determined to have mouth her get him to his orgasm.

Realising this and determined to drive him to ecstasy for her own ego as much as for his sexual gratification and enjoyment she kept teasing his hard cock with her scarf as she kissed his lips with her by now smudged lips and poked her tongue into his mouth.

‘Tell me what I need to do to get you to ten – to orgasm’.

‘Suck me and and pull the silk scarf sideways over the top of my cock. Don’t touch my cock with your hands, just your lips and mouth. Harder! Harder! Don’t stop. Harder, harder, harder’ he screamed as he exploded in her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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