Trophy Wife Ch. 02

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Trophy Wife Ch. 02
Alex Buchmann pulled up the long driveway to the “Buchmann estate” as most called the home where his Grandmother lived. His mother had actually been the motivating force behind his visit as much as anything.

It had been barely two weeks since his brothers marriage when the inevitable his Grandmother had warned of, happened. A photo of Michael’s bachelor party had been posted on the Facebook page of one of the men who had attended. While this was strictly forbidden, and the post had been quickly removed; the photo had already been seen. A photo with the “well known attorney” Richard Buchmann; half-drunk, with his hand up the skirt of a bleach blonde secretary.

To say his mother Grace was livid would have been an understatement. Alex had never seen his mother as angry as she was when she slapped the Daily Post on the dining room table in front of his father this morning.

In a voice as cold as ice, she had informed Alex he would be visiting his Grandmother Madeline, while she had a “discussion” with his father. Alex couldn’t get out of the house fast enough as he almost pitied his father for his own stupidity.

Alex had telephoned his Grandmother, who seemed very aware of everything that was happening, and she encouraged him to come and visit. As he exited his car at the circle drive, he gave a sigh of relief at the quiet that greeted him.

Walking towards the front door, he saw one of the groundkeepers mowing off to the side. He watched the man’s muscles work as he handled the push mower around bushes. I bet Grandmother likes those arms, he thought.

Jesus, he thought, first your mother and now you’re Grandmother. Are you really this perverted, his mind almost screamed. He shook his head to try and clear the thought from his mind.

Ringing the front doorbell, Alex was surprised when his Uncle Frank answered instead of the usual butler or maid. At forty-five, Frank Buchmann still lived at home and had never married. Like his brother he had attended law school, but unlike his brother he had finished in the middle of his class. Rather than seek notoriety in the courtroom, Frank had found a calling in corporate and personal bankruptcies. With today’s ever changing economy, Frank had been finding his workload climbing and climbing.

As his Uncle often told him; “There’s nothing like getting rich off of someone else’s poverty.”

“Alex” Uncle Frank exclaimed, clapping his nephew on the shoulder. “Come on in, mom’s expecting you.”

“Thanks” Alex said as he stepped into the large marble foyer. “Seemed a bit safer over here than home right now.” He replied quietly.

“No shit” Frank laughed. “Your dad fucked up big time buddy, and not in a good way.”

“Yeah” was all Alex could reply, he was startled word had spread so quickly through the Buchmann clan.

“IF your mother is like mine she will have his nuts in a vise” Frank laughed again. “Then remind him just who owns those two little jewels”.

Alec couldn’t help but laugh at his Uncle Frank’s comments. He had a mental picture of his mother squeezing the blood out of his father’s balls, while he sat there like a cowered puppy.

“Come on” Frank said. “She’s in the Solarium” Frank started leading Alex through the house.

As always, Alex was marveling at the size of the Buchmann house as he quietly followed his Uncle. While he had been here many times, he was always amazed at the size and beauty of the home. The architecture was something that always intrigued him.

“Mom has been eager for you to get here” Frank said over his shoulder. “She must really have something for you to…work hard at” he chuckled.

Alex didn’t miss the hesitation in his Uncle’s voice. On God, he thought, does he know? Wait, he thought, does Uncle Frank and Grandma Madeline? His brain tried to process that thought as he walked into the solarium.

Madeline Buchmann rose to meet her grandson, her eyes traveling over his well-muscled form. Ever since that day in garden, she had not been able to get the size of his cock out of her mind. It had given her plenty of fresh ammunition for those quiet nights with her electric friend.

“Alex, it’s so good to see you” she smiled. “Give your grandmother a kiss” her eyes sparkled.

Alex leaned down and brushed his lips over his grandmother’s cheek, and then he rose to find his seat.

“Alex” his grandmother’s voice stopped him. “I said…give me a kiss.” Her voice left no doubt his earlier attempt had been insufficient.

As her grandson leaned down to once again kiss her cheek, Madeline reached up placing her palms to the sides of his face. Turning him slightly, she brought his lips directly to hers.

As his lips melded to his grandmother’s, Alex felt and heard a small hum of approval come from her. Instinctively his hand came out to rest on her hip as he tasted her lips. He could feel a rush of blood start to fill his cock as he felt her tongue graze slightly over his lips.

“Much better” Madeline sighed as she parted lips.

“Jesus” Alex whispered as he pulled back. He looked over at Uncle Frank who had stood by quietly during the heated exchange, a smile on his face.

“I think I’ll just leave you two alone…for now” Frank laughed lightly.

“Not to long dear” Madeline smiled. “I may have need of both of you.” Her smile broadened.

“IF you need me just yell mother” Frank replied. Then he leaned down and whispered loud enough for Alex to hear. “I do mean…YELL mother” he smiled.

As Madeline slowly sat back on the lounger, she patted the seat next to her.

“Come sit” she told Alex.

Alex lowered himself onto the soft cushion next to his grandmother, instantly aware of the hand that came to rest on his thigh only inches from his semi hard cock.

“So…how are things at home?” Madeline asked softly.

“Other than the Hiroshima bomb that went off” Alex almost laughed.

Madeline shook her head. “Your father has made a very bad mistake my dear” she said softly. “Your mother needs to remind him of that.”

Alex shifted as he felt his grandmother slowly stroke her hand up and down his thigh. He was conscious that with each swipe her fingers were barely an inch from his now growing cock.

“As I explained to you before” his grandmother went on. “What you do in your bedroom…or your tent” she smiled “Is your business.” She stared into his eyes as she spoke. “What you do in public is a different matter.”

Just the reference to the night of the party with his mother sent a surge of blood through Alex’s already hardening cock. He suppressed a groan as he felt the tips of his grandmother’s fingers graze just the edge of his bulge.

For the first time, Alex looked down from his grandmother’s piercing gaze. His eyes locked onto the swell of her breasts in the Japanese style kimono she was wearing.

He knew she had to be what, at least close to if not seventy. Yet, she had to body of a woman twenty years her junior. Alex felt a twinge in his cock as he couldn’t take his eyes off her breasts as they rose and fell.

“Your mother is a strong woman Alex” his grandmother told him. “She will repair the damage, and in so doing, remind your father of his proper role…and place.” Her voice almost lulled him.

“She’s a lot like you” Alex whispered looking back up at her face.

“Yes, she is” Madeline laughed lightly. “We have a great deal in common your mother and I.”

“There is one area where we differ” Alex almost jumped as he felt fingers now graze along the length of his rock hard cock. “While your mother prefers the more romantic, I prefer a more, shall we say, direct man.”

Alex tried to look back, but the lure, the pull, of that swell brought his eyes back down. Jesus, he thought, she had to be at least a D cup or larger, he thought.

The nail tracing his cock disappeared, and then he felt it press under his chin, bringing his eyes upward to lock with his grandmother. He saw the lust glowing in them he had seen that day in the garden when she watched him with his mother.

“As you know, I am a woman used to being in charge” her voice almost dripped with lust. “But, at the right time, losing control can be so delightful.” She said softly.

At first Alex was confused, and then it was as if a light went on inside his head. This woman, the matriarch of their family, the power behind the Buchmann legacy, did she want to be submissive, he wondered.

There was only one way to find out. Either she would cave like a common slut, or she would slap his face. He didn’t know which, but right now the raging cock between his legs was starting to take control, he only hoped he was right.

Without a word, Alex reached up both hands, his fingers gripping the flaps to the kimono his grandmother wore. With a quick jerk, he pulled the flaps aside, the entire upper portion above her sash now open to his gaze.

“Holy fuck” Alex gasped as his grandmother’s pendulous large breasts swung into view.

Forget the D, he was stunned, they had to be at least a fucking F he thought. While gravity had definitely affected them some, the sheer size stunned him, the full globes of flesh swung free, capped by two dark areoles, peaked with two brown nipples that stood out firm and ready.

“Yessssssss” Madeline hissed. “you want those tits?’ her voice pierced his haze. “Then TAKE them” she told him.

“Ohhh fuck” Alex moaned as his head dropped down, mashing his face into the creamy flesh. His mouth opened and sucked one hard nipple in.

“God yes, suck my tits” Madeline moaned as she felt her grandson finally move.

Alex reached up both hands, grabbing literally a fist full of flesh in each hand. Squeezing and pinching as he kneaded them.

Madeline opened her mouth to encourage him, but slammed it shut in a groan as she felt one hand quickly drop between her thighs, then fingers jam into the tight V before she could even open her legs.

Even as her legs spread further open, Madeline felt Alex drive his hand the rest of the way into her wet valley. Her mind roiled as she felt two fat fingers ram into the cunt at the same moment his teeth sank into one of her nipples.

Alex bahis siteleri was in seventh heaven as he felt his grandmothers’ hot cream drip out over his hand. He had never imagined the hidden woman hiding behind the shell she portrayed to the outside world.

“OH God” he grandmother groaned. “I’m cumming…already” as her body quivered through her orgasm. All the nasty thoughts, all the perversions she had taken part in for almost fifty years of adulthood paled to the realization her grandson was sitting here fingering her snatch while he sucked her swaying breast.

Even as waves rolled through her belly the older woman reached down and clawed at the front of his jeans. The image of his cock standing thick and hard in that garden that day was hot in her mind.

“I want it…please” she moaned through gritting teeth.

If this was what his grandmother wanted then who was he to deny her, Alex thought. The idea that this powerful woman, his grandmother, was his to use as he desired, set a fire in his mind. With a grunt he all but ripped his fingers from between her legs; the sound of wet squelching mixed with his grandmothers’ wanton moan. Rising to his feet in front of her trembling form on the setae, he looked down at her.

“You want this cock?” Alex husked down at her.

“Yes…please…” he watched her stare as he slowly unsnapped his jeans.

“Say it, I want to hear it.” He commanded.

“I want…I want your cock.” Madeline groaned softly.

Alex swatted her hands away as she reached once again for his jeans. Pulling down the zipper, he could see the glow in her eyes as she stared at the bulge evident in his boxers underneath.

“Whose cock” Alex asked. “Sat it old lady” he grated “Say whose cock you want to SUCK.”

“Oh God, Alex” Madeline could barely gasp out.

Then, as all nine inches of her grandsons’ hard cock came into view, she felt like her belly would melt. It had been decades since she had seen a hard young dick only inches from her face.

“Oh fuck” Madeline hissed as she wrapped one hand around his throbbing shaft. “Yours, I want your cock” she hissed. “I want my grandson to shove this beautiful thing down my throat, and then fuck his grandmother like the slut she is” Madeline moaned.

Alex reached down and curled his fingers in his grandmothers gray hair. “Then suck it you old bitch” he grated.

“Mmmpfffffff” was all Madeline could get out as her grandson drove his thick cock deep into her willing throat.

Alex rolled his head back as his grandmother attacked his cock like some hungry a****l. God could the old lady suck, he thought dimly. He was shocked when he felt her nose press into the hairs of his groin on the first stroke, fuck she was deep throating him right from the start, he thought numbly.

Medline let her hands fall limp at her sides as she sat, God it was actually happening. Alex began to pump his hips as his hard cock slid in and out of her hot mouth. She wasn’t sucking him now; the young man was literally fucking her face with every stroke. It was like some perverse dream come true as Alex used her mouth like some dirty gloryhole.

For Alex, the vision below him was surreal. Her watched as he pumped his dick deep into his grandmother’s throat. He saw trickles of tears run down her cheeks as she gagged on him. Her own saliva was dripping down her chin as he used her mouth.

The slap of his heavy balls against her chin, mixed with the soft gagging filled the solarium; Alex could feel the heat building in his balls. At first he thought of pulling free, and then his lust filled mind countered that thought. As his body shook with his impending climax, he looked over his grandmothers bobbing head and was stunned to see Uncle Frank quietly standing in the door to the solarium.

Just as he felt the tightness in his balls hit critical, Frank raised one hand and gave his nephew a thumb up. With a smile the older man slipped away from the door, leaving Alex to roar out his pleasure as he emptied his balls into his grandmothers’ mouth.

“FUCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK” Alex roared as the first blast of his hot cream erupted deep into the old woman’s throat.

“Ullggggkkkkk” Madeline choked out as she felt his thick seed jet down her throat to fill her hungry belly.

Pulling her head back, she tightened her lips around the pulsing crown of his cock. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” she moaned as his second salty stream coated her tongue and filled her mouth.

God the wonders of youth, she shuddered in pleasure. His thick hot cream was like sweet honey to Madeline as he poured out his cream. She tried to swallow as his cock jerked a third time, pumping out so much cum she could feel it leaking from the corners of her mouth and down her chin.

With an obscene pop, she pulled her mouth free and stared up at her grandson; she rolled her tongue through the viscous fluids inside her mouth as she locked eyes with him.

“Show me” he hissed down at her.

Without a word, Madeline opened her mouth and extended her cum coated tongue for him to see. Then, with as much fanfare as she could muster she swallowed his hot load.

“God, you really are a slut aren’t you.” Alex whispered.

“More than you ever imagined young man” Madeline could only husk back. “Now be a good grandson” she said as she pulled the kimono free of her body. “And fuck the living shit out of your slutty grandmother”.

Just as the cloth hit the solarium floor, Alex reached down and pulled the older woman to her feet. Madeline almost stumbled as Alex quickly jerked her slight frame around to face the setae, his hard young body towering behind her.

She felt the large hand press at her shoulders, forcing her to bend forward at the waist, her hand coming to rest on the warm seat to support her.

“What are you…AGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Madeline screamed.

Not letting her answer, or even talk, Alex had stepped up behind his grandmother, and in one hard thrust rammed every inch of his cock into her stretched hole he could.

“Fucking bitch” Alex growled as he felt his balls slap against her ass cheeks, watching the fleshy globes bounce with the impact.

“Yes…yes…” Madeline groaned as she felt her belly filled with his hot meat. “Fuck me you bastard” she moaned. “Fuck your whore grandmotherrrrrrr” she wailed.

She wasn’t as tight as his mother, a lot of dicks had plumbed her depths in her almost seventy years, but God was she hot, Alex thought. He could feel her molten heat surround his cock with every thrust. Hear the wet squishing as her fluids leaked out around his shaft and dripped down her old thighs.

She wanted it rough, and then she was going to get it rough, he thought. He was going to fucking own her old cunt by the time he was done.

Reaching down both hands he grabbed two fists full of swinging tit flesh from her huge globes. He used her massive breasts as leverage as he pulled her back onto his hard cock over and over.

“Oh fuck…oh shit…” Madeline moaned as Alex increased the power of his strokes. Her tits ached where she felt his fingers dig into her flesh. Her entire body began shaking so violently she threatened to lose her grip on the small couch as he pounded into her.

“Use me…oh fuck that’s it” Madeline grunted after each thrust, the loss of control as her grandson used her body drove her rapidly to the edge.
“Take your grandsons cock you old slut.” Alex hissed. Wet slapping began filling the room as he pounded into her harder. “Cum on me…cum on your grandson” she grunted.

“Oh God…Alex…” Madeline moaned. “Can’t…Oh shit…going…” she gasped.

Alex leaned over his grandmothers sweating back, his voice hot in her ear. She wanted to play this game, he could fulfill her every perverse fantasy.

“That’s it grandma” his voice heavy with lust. “Cum on your grandsons cock, like the sick, perverted whore you are.”

“Alexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” Madeline screamed as her belly ignited. His words burning into her mind as her body exploded.

Waves rolled through the folds of her belly as she felt her orgasm rip home. She could feel her juices gushing out between his pounding strokes as Alex continued to ravage her pussy. It had been ages since she had felt this intensity, the youth coupled with the fact this was her grandson, gave Madeline an intense orgasm.

Through every wave Alex never let up, his hips continuing to drive that wonderful cock deep into her mature cunt. Not slowing to let her recover, Alex put all his strength behind every pounding stroke.

Her head came up and she whimpered as a second explosion followed on the heels of the first, while Alex continued to mercilessly pound into her from behind.

“Love your cock…Oh God” the old woman could only mutter as her legs began to shake.

Alex knew the older woman was having trouble holding herself standing; it had probably been years since someone had taken her body like this.

Dimly Madeline felt Alex sliding his still hard cock from her dripping hole. She could only watch numb as he eased himself onto the small couch, all but lifting her slight frame in his hands until she hovered over his lap. Limply she looked down and stared as she slowly descended onto his thick pole.

“Oh Jesus” Madeline moaned as she watched the obscenity of her grandsons thick pole sliding up into her.

“Oh hey Uncle Frank” Alex said over her shoulder. “Why don’t you join us?”

“Frank” Madeline gasped as he head snapped up. She turned and stared at the now nude form of her son standing in the doorway to the solarium.

“Do you mind?” Frank asked with a smile.

“Not at all” Alex quipped. “After all, the bitch has two holes.”

Madeline almost lost her mind at her grandson’s words. Except for one thing, Alex had taken that exact moment to drop her weight, letting her body slam down onto his rampant cock.

“FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK” she screamed as she once again felt nine hard inches ram straight up into her.

“Fuck me…use me…Oh God” Madeline babbled as another wave began to roll through her ravished body.

“All yours” Alex told his Uncle, as his hands reached around his trembling mobilbahis grandmother. He gripped an ass cheek in each hand and spread them wide in invitation to his Uncle.

As her body slowly rose and fell on Alex, Madeline could feel her juices oozing out to soak his cock and balls, even as she felt the cool air of the solarium brush over her puckered ring from behind.

“Oh fuck” she gasped. “You wouldn’t…” she moaned.

“Want to bet…bitch” her son’s hot voice filled her ear from behind.

“Fraannkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk” Madeline wailed as she felt his hard cock press through the tight opening of her ass, then slip into her clenching bowels.

Her only consolation was that at least it was Frank and not Alex. At six inches, he was easier to handle through her tight ass than her grandson. Her head fell on the shoulder of her grandson, as the full perversion sank in. Her son and her grandson were ravishing her body, and she loved every damn moment of it.

“Fuck yeah” Frank grunted behind her. “Oh shit” Alex grunted at the same time.

Both men began to alternate pumping in and out of her, just as one would slide back, the other would drive in. In almost a constant state of orgasm, Madeline could feel her cunt cream gushing out over and over.

“Oh my God yes…use me…fill me…fuck your whore…” Madeline gurgled as the two men pinned her helpless body between their powerful frames.

“Won’t last…” Frank grunted behind her.

“I know” Alex gasped. “Going to cum…” he grated.

“Please…cum…” the older woman whimpered. It had been over forty years since she had experienced two men at once, and her body couldn’t take it like when she was thirty.

In shock she felt both men drive deep at the same time, feeling both cocks rubbing together through that sensitive membrane that separated her cunt and bowels.

“NNGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Madeline groaned as she felt the twin hot explosions. Her belly was being filled with Alex’s hot seed, while Frank pumped his load deep into her ass.

“Gha…nghh…” she groaned as her body convulsed and shook. She felt the raw pleasure close over her mind like a darkness as she surrendered to it.

Slowly Frank slid his cock from his mother’s stretched ass, as cum dripped from the tip. Reaching down he lifted his mother into his arms, the wet slurp of Alex’s cock coming free, filling the small room.

Effortlessly he cradled his still moaning mother as he stood. He looked down at his nephew.

“Your mother called” Frank said, his voice now soft. “She needs you.”

Alex nodded his brain numb from what had just happened. He slowly reached for his jeans as Frank stepped to the door of the solarium.

“I’ll let you show yourself out” he said to Alex. Then he turned and faced his nephew.

“Alex.” He said quietly. “I really do understand where you are coming from.”

Alex could only nod in response, the sight of his Uncle still cradling his grandmother in his arms. He saw the look of love that filled his eyes uncles when he gazed down at his mother. He now understood why Uncle Frank continued to live at home, he was in the same position Alex was, the clarity of that sobered the young man.

“What happens in the privacy of our homes…is our business” Alex said as he rose to his feet. “Just don’t take it beyond the Buchmann front door.” He looked at his Uncle.

“Good man” Frank nodded. “You’ll be fine Alex” he said. “Now go home to your mother. I suspect she is in sore need of you.”

Alex stepped into the small bathroom off the main hall and quickly washed up. Climbing into his car he wondered what would greet him when he arrived home. He hoped everything had been settled between his parents.

During the forty-five minute drive home, Alex’s mind turned back and forth. First the events at his grandmothers, then the knot in his stomach over what would greet him at home.

Stepping through the front door, he was greeted by the quiet of the house. Well, at least they weren’t yelling at each other, he thought.

“Mom?” he called out.

“In the kitchen honey” his mothers’ voice came back.

Stepping onto the cool tile of the kitchen floor, his first sight was of his mother, standing by the kitchen table. The sundress she wore swirled around her tanned legs, as she bent over the table his eyes traced the curve of her ass in the thin cloth. Even after the events of this morning, he could feel his cock thicken at the sight.

“Did you have a good time?” his mother asked, just as his eyes settled on the figure of his father sitting quietly at the table.

He could see the daily post still sitting in front of him, the photo from the Facebook posting adorning the opened page. His mother turned slightly, and the light coming in through the kitchen window hit her sundress, highlighting her slender form through the thin material. Another rush of blood filled his thickening cock as Alex tried to think clearly.

“Yeah” he answered softly.

“Did you take care of everything she needed” his mother smiled as she emphasized the word everything.

“Yeah” he couldn’t help but smile back. “Uncle Frank helped.”

“Mmmmm” Grace had a glint in her eye. “I bet that was delicious.”

“Ummm mom” Alex couldn’t help but ask as his glance shifted back to his father.

“Your father and I have finished out discussion” Grace said. She looked at her husband. “Haven’t we Michael.” She said with a cold edge in her voice.

“Yes dear” his father answered softly.

“Your father now understands the rules” Grace stated. “Don’t you Michael.”

“Yes dear” Michael Buchmann again answered softly.

“He also understands the conditions.” Grace turned and smiled at her son. “Don’t you dear” his mother turned back to his father.

“Yes” was his fathers’ almost choked reply.

It was then that Alex realized something had shifted in the Buchmann house. The head of the family was not sitting at the small table. No, the head of the family was now towering over the beaten man sitting quietly. He stared at his mother, seeing the same grace and strength he saw only this morning when he had been at his grandmothers.

“So tell me” his mother turned her brilliant smile back on him. “How many times?” she asked.

“How many times?” Alex asked slightly confused.

Grace glided the few steps to her son, reaching out she trailed a fingernail down his broad chest. Her eyes glinted as she looked at her son.

“How many times did you unload in her” her voice dripped.

“Uh…twice” Alex answered in shock at her bold question.

“Oh” his mother almost pouted. “Then you might not have any left for momma”.

Her eyes dropped down to the bulge formed in his jeans. Her hand lowering until her nail traced along the large outline. A smile crept across her face.

“Mmmmm” she hummed. “Then again…”

“Oh God” Alex moaned as his eyes followed her hand.

“Show me” his mother hissed.

“Uhhhhhh” Alex hesitated, his eyes darting to the figure of his father sitting at the table.

“I said take it out Alex” his mothers’ voice pulled his eyes back. He saw a fire burning behind her eyes like he had never seen before. “Now” she told him.

Silently Alex stood in the kitchen and undid the snap on his jeans and then lowered the zipper. He tugged the waist lower, as his throbbing cock sprang free in the cool afternoon air.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm, you’re hard baby” his mother cooed. “Is that for momma?” her small hand reached down and gripped his shaft.

“Oh fuck” Alex gasped. He wasn’t sure what the hell was going on, but his cock didn’t care as his mother slid her grip up and down his shaft.

Alex could only stare as Grace brought her hand back up to her face, inhaling deeply.

“Mmmmmmmmmm, I can still smell her on you baby” she moaned.

“Jesus mom” Alex gasped.

His kept eyes going back and forth between this hot vixen literally seducing him right in the middle of the kitchen, and the quiet figure of his father still sitting at the table.

Grace walked slowly back to the table, her eyes locked on her husband. Reaching the edge, standing opposite of him, she bent slightly at the waist placing both hands on the table. She looked over her shoulder at Alex.

“What are you waiting for” her voice dripped with lust.

“Jesus Christ” Alex whispered, the sight of his mother pushing her tight ass back, causing a surge through his cock.

Kicking his jeans free where they bunched at his feet, he stepped up behind the wanton woman. His hands found the thin cloth of her sundress, slowly pulling it up until it slid over the cheeks of her ass.

“Fuck” he moaned as the sight of her swollen wet lips came into view. Holy shit, he thought, she isn’t wearing any panties.

“That’s it baby” his mother cajoled him. “You own it…now TAKE it”.

Gripping his mother’s hips, Alex flexed his knees as his hard cock lined up with her dripping hole. He looked up at his mothers’ face, seeing the glow of feral hunger in her eyes.

“Mom?” his voice quavered as he looked over at his silent father.

“Do it baby” his mother told him. “Fuck your mother Alex. Show your father how a man does it.”

With a grunt, Alex drove his hips forward as his eyes remained on the slumped figure of his father. He felt the swollen head of his cock spear through his mothers’ wet lips, then slide deep inside her velvet tight tunnel.

Not slowing, Alex pressed deeper, pushing every inch he had deep into her. He groaned as her tight walls clutched at him, feeling her hot cream ooze out around his shaft.

“AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” he mother screamed as her body convulsed on the small table.

Alex watched her eyes roll back, and heard the splatter of her wetness as it dripped to the cool tile of the kitchen floor. He saw his father tense as he heard his wife scream. His mother was cumming just from him entering her, he thought.

Grace shuddered as her orgasm rolled through her belly. God she needed this, she thought. She refocused her eyes until she stared into the face of her husband, sitting only a foot from her bent form.

“Our son…is going to fuck me…until he dumps…his entire load…” she gasped. “Just like he did…to mobilbahis giriş your mother…” she grunted back to each thrust.

“Oh fuck” Alex moaned as his hips pumped in and out of his mother. His mothers’ words were only inflaming him all the more as he felt his hips slap against his mothers’ ass.

“That’s it baby” Grace looked over her shoulder. “Fuck momma…come on baby…give it to me.”

Alex dug his fingers into the flesh of his mothers’ hips and picked up the pace. His balls were swinging forward to smack against her swollen lips as he drove in deep.

“Oh fuck…Oh God…” Alex grunted. “Fucking your wife” his voice was thick with lust.

“Yessssssss” Grace moaned. “Fuck me…fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeee” she wailed as she felt her belly tightening again.

Alex heard her nails drag across the surface of the table as she slammed her ass back at him harder, trying to drive him even deeper. He could feel her walls ripple along his shaft as her heat wrapped around him.

His eyes locked to his father’s face as he pummeled his hips against his wanton mother. He had never known she could be as hot as she was right now.

Grace felt her son stiffen behind her, as his cock swelled even thicker inside her tight channel. She looked up into her husbands’ eyes as she felt a mind blowing orgasm tear through her.

“Cummminngggg…oh Godddddddd” she moaned as she collapsed face down onto the table.

“MOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” Alex roared as he felt his cock jerk, and the first jet of his speed spit deep into her pussy.

“So good…oh God I can feel it…” Grace moaned against the cool surface.

Alex continued to stare eye to eye with his father as his balls unloaded every drop deep inside his mother. After this morning, he was shocked he still had that much cum left in him.

Still trembling, Grace eased her body forward, feeling her sons slowly deflating cock slide free. With an obscene sucking sound she separated from his wonderful body, the sound followed by one and then two thick globs of his seed seeping from her ravaged lips to fall to the kitchen floor.

Raising her head, her hair matted by sweat to her forehead, she looked at her husband. When she spoke, Alex could not ever remember such venom coming from the same woman he loved so much.

“Now” she panted. “Go see your little bitch with her fake little titties.” He voice cold as ice. “Maybe if you are lucky she will play with your limp little dick” she chortled.

“And if you EVER” Graces’ voice filled with steel. “Make a public scene again. The mighty Michael Buchmann will become a neutered little boy. Am I clear” she hissed.

Alex watched his father nod and scamper from the kitchen. Just as he reached the door, he froze at the sound of his wife’s voice.

“Michael” she said calmly, reaching back to take Alex by the hand. “Why don’t you stay all night, I think Alex and I will be a bit busy.”

Alex was still stunned, not only by this morning but by the events in the kitchen as his mother slowly led him through the house. This time she led him not to his bedroom but to the doors of the master bedroom of the house.

As Alex followed his mother through the door and towards the large bed, he watched as she shed her sundress, her now nude form gliding across the floor.

“You want more baby” Grace asked softly as she turned and faced her son.

Alex gave the only answer his choked throat could. With a groan he stepped forward and all but pushed his mother onto her back onto the wide bed. He could hear here laughter as she bounced lightly on the soft mattress.

Grace lay back with her legs hanging over the edge, and watched with delight as Alex knelt between her slick thighs.

“Oh yeah baby” she moaned. “Come and get me you mother fucker.”

Alex could taste his own fluids as his lips trailed up his mothers’ slick thighs, mixed with the pungent flavor of her over heated pussy. With a groan, he pressed his face into her dripping pussy, smearing their mixed cream across his lips and chin.

Grace moaned as she raised her head to watch her thirsty son devour her wet pussy. Her entire morning had been spent in rage over the humiliation her husband had created. Now, she reveled in the attention of her son on her over worked body.

“That’s it my darling boy” she gasped as she felt Alex slide his tongue deeper into her cavern. “Eat your mother” she groaned.

“Did you really…fuck your…grandmother” Grace panted.

“Mmmmhmmmm” Alex hummed into his mother, sending vibrations through her cunt.

“Jesus” Grace jerked as her son swiped his fat tongue over her throbbing clit. “And your Uncle Frank?” she grunted as the pleasure mounted in her belly.

Alex pulled his face free from his mother’s quivering sex, shuffling on his knees closer between her lewdly spread thighs. He gripped his cock in hone hand as he aimed the engorged head for her gaping lips.
“He fucked her in the ass, while I fucked her wet cunt.” Alex grunted, and rammed his cock home.

“SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT” Grace screamed as she felt her son’s hard cock drive deep inside her.

As her cunt exploded from the massive invasion of Alex’s hard cock, her mind exploded at the image of two men fucking the great Madeline Buchmann at the same time.

Alex watched in fascination as his mother was rocked by an intense orgasm. He could feel the gush of her warm fluids at his groin while pumped into her. Her whole body shaking violently on the bed as her eyes rolled back in raw pleasure.

For Grace it was mind numbing as waves rolled through her, her body erupting in raw pleasure. She raised her legs to wrap them around her sons’ waist, as her ankles locked behind him.

Reaching down his hands he gripped her swaying breasts, lightly pinching her nipples between his fingers and thumbs. His hips began to slap against her thighs as he drove harder into her.

“You like that thought mother” he husked down at the woman beneath him. “The thought of your mother-in-law’s cum…on your sons cock…while it’s buried inside you.” He grunted

Grace reached up and dug her nails into the broad muscular chest of her son, her eyes refocused and blazing up at him.

“So…fucking…hot…” she grunted between strokes. “Fuck me you mother fucking…grandmother fucking…wonderful man.” She screamed up at him.

For Alex, everything came to a head at that moment. Fucking his grandmother and then being joined by his Uncle Frank. Then taking his father’s wife while he was forced to watch; and now, fucking his mother on his fathers’ bed. It was to much as he felt the ultimate boiling in his balls.

“Oh God, I’m going to cum” he moaned. “I’m going to cum in my mother” his voice trembled.

“That’s it Alex” Grace moaned as her legs spread even wider. “Cum in your mother, fill her with your hot baby seed.”

Alex’s eyes flew wide at his mother’s words. The memory of her comment over a week ago that she had gone off the pill, for him. He didn’t know if it could really happen this quickly, but the mere idea that he could possibly be impregnating his mother, sent a bolt of fire from his brain to his balls.

“BREED…MY…MOTHERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR” Alex roared as he rammed deep, feeling his cock jerk once more that day, as he emptied what felt like a gallon of cum into his willing mother.

“Yes…Oh My God…Alex…my man…own me…” Grace babbled as her own body exploded once again. She felt her son’s thick cock lodged deep in her belly as his hot seed washed her walls.

Hot juices started spraying out of her spasming cunt to splash against her sons’ abdomen. Her belly rolling as she felt one, then two hot blasts of his hot seed filling her belly.

Alex couldn’t believe the intensity of his orgasm or the depth of his love for this woman as he slowly eased his sweat drenched body onto the rumpled sheets beside her.

As the pair lay panting, trying to catch their breath, Grace rose up on one arm and looked down at her son.

“Alex” she said softly, her fingers tracing his cheek. “How are…you know…feeling?” she asked him.

“Other than that my balls ache like hell?” Alex looked up into his mothers’ eyes. “I mean Jesus mom, four times in one day” he sighed.

Even now her son knew the right thing to say. Like his Uncle Frank, Alex Buchmann understood, she realized. Her light laughter filled the room as she leaned down and kissed him softly on the lips.

“You know what I mean” she smiled at him. “Besides, tell me that in two hours if I show you my ass, just what you would do?”

“Easy answer” Alex whispered. “There is no resisting that ass, I’d fuck it.”

Grace had no doubt in her mind that Alex meant every word. Unlike his father, or his grandfather, Alex knew what he wanted; and wasn’t afraid to take it. She saw his eyes darken in thought.

“What about dad?” Alex asked somberly.

“Your father made a very bad mistake” Grace sighed. “We will weather the storm from it, but it will not be repeated again.” Grace looked down at her son, her voice calm. “He has learned his place in the Buchmann house, he now understands that.”

“I guess I just never realized.” Alex said.

“That’s because you only saw what everyone else saw my dear” Grace told her son. “Your grandmother and her mother before her; have spent years building the Buchmann name and neither she nor I will allow that name to be shamed…ever” her dark eyes flashed.

“Mother” Alex spoke softly. “I also know my place.”

Grace looked down at her sons face. “What is that place?” she asked with a tremor in her voice.

“I am my mothers’ confidante and friend” his voice was strong and firm. “I am also her lover…for as long as she will have me.”

The smile that swept across his mothers’ face was the only answer Alex needed to know he had said the right thing.

“You will be so much more, my darling mother fucker” Grace whispered. “You will be my lover, your grandmother’s little boy toy” she laughed lightly. “You will be the father of the next Buchmann if I have my way” she whispered. “So much more” she sighed.

“Great” Alex looked up at his mother. “When do we start trying again” he smiled.

“Alex” Grace gasped. Her eyes traveled down her sons’ chiseled chest, settling on his groin. “God” she moaned. “Again”

Alex response was to rise up and tug his mothers’ body onto the bed as she giggled, her hand reaching for his straining cock.

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