Trip to the hospital

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Trip to the hospital
Trying to do some home improvements I was up on the roof trimming a tree, getting the branches off the house. Not paying attention to where I was stepping I ended up falling to the ground, visiting the A/C unit on the way down.

I cracked some ribs and broke my arm in two places, putting me in traction.
The first couple of days were pretty much a blur. A nurse was helping me eat my breakfast and asked if I wanted to had a sponge bath later. Embarrassed, I said I never had one before. Smiling she said, it’s just like it sounds. A nurse will come and give you a wipe down. A little nervous I said OK.

After lunch a light skinned black nurse came in. She had medium length black hair in a pony tail, green eyes and a sweet smile.
My name is Rebecca and I’ll be giving you your bath today. Leaning over bahis siteleri the bed, she pushed the on call button. I couldn’t resist looking down her blouse as she leaned across me. Her g****fruit size breasts were covered with what looked like a silver designer bra, and smell so nice.
As she wiped my face and neck with the warm wash cloth she asked what I do for a living, and how I ended up in here. As I told her, she pulled down the sheets and raised my hospital gown. Looking at her body and taking in her sent, I couldn’t help myself. As my dick stiffened I said I was sorry. Smiling Rebecca looked up and said, dont worry about it hun. It happens all the time. After wiping my legs, it did hurt some as she raised my legs and wiped my butt.
When she was done Rebecca asked, would you like me to come back tomorrow. tipobet Please do, I blurted out. She smiled and reached over me to turn the nurse call button off. I could have sworn she rubbed her chest again me as she did.
I watched as she emptied the bowl and put the towels in the hamper. She had a small firm looking ass, and Slim waist. Leaving, Rebecca flashed a smile as she walked out.

After lunch the next day my dick nearly jumped when Rebecca came in. Her hair was down laying across her shoulders, and a looser fitting uniform. As she leaned across me to turn the nurse on call light on, I noticed the top two buttons were undone giving me a better look at her wonderful tits. Her bra was thin and nearly see through. As she wiped my shoulders and chest it seemed like she arched her shoulders forward, tipobet giriş letting me look right in her blouse. I could make out her quarter size areolas and pea sized nipples.
Pulling the sheets down, Rebecca was met by my rock hard dick. Looking up, Rebecca said something happy to see me. Wiping my stomach she adjusted herself so her butt was facing me. As Rebecca wrapped the warm cloth around my dick, she moved her hand down and up slowly, I nearly came. I couldn’t help myself from touching her beautiful ass. When Rebecca raised my legs the pain caused me to close my hand tight on her right butt cheek. Oh, not so hard sweety, she said softly. Wiping my butt, Rebecca pushed her finger tips against my hole. Uncontrollably I shot cum all over. Pushing her butt against my hand, she said look at the mess you made. Guess I’ll have to start all over.
After cleaning me up Rebecca said, I’m off tomorrow so I won’t be able to give you a wipe down. I jokingly said, I guess I’ll have to do it myself. Looking into my eyes she said, that’ll be fun to watch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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