Toiletly Scatisfied

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If you are offended by reading about a girl experimenting with various aspects of toilet play, including scat, please ignore this story. Toilet play is not most people’s fetish. As a submissive, I have discovered that many guys really enjoy the thought of totally degrading their sub. As such from these early encounters I occasionally incorporate such play into my sexual play.

Please do not vote the story down because you do not like the content.

I have deliberately left ‘Scat’ accounts out of some of my other stories. If any wish to read more of these experiences please do let me know and I will bring them together into another dedicated story. Otherwise, this will be the only full toilet account I will write.

Golden Showers

When I started on my sexual journey, it never even crossed my mind that anyone, whether male or female, could derive pleasure from anything connected to the toilet. I soon discovered, however, that ‘pee play’ is very much expected from guys wanting to use me as their gangbang slut and that ‘Golden Showers’ were always near the top of the requirements when organising such a gathering.

In my early days of experimenting with what we now call BDSM, my two friends asked if they could pee over my naked body while sitting in a bath. To say I was surprised at such a request would be an understatement. I was appalled that young men could even think about doing such a thing to an eighteen-year-old woman. The subject was raised several times until it finally piqued my interest to such an extent that I started to investigate further and discovered, to my surprise, that ‘Golden Showers’ were a widespread form of sexual behaviour.

I decided to experiment at home, in the bathroom on my own and with my pee. Having drunk enough water until I felt I was fit to burst, I used a bucket to catch the results. Then nervously sitting in the bath, I had carefully poured its contents over my breasts and let the warm yellow fluid run down my tummy and over my legs. Apart from the smell of urine, the experience was just the same as pouring warm water over myself.

To be sure, the next night, I duplicated the events but this time decided that I would pour the lot over my head. I did and closed my eyes as the contents from my bladder soaked my, in those days, slightly curly hair and ran down my face before reaching my tits. I could not help but stick my tongue out to catch a small taste. It was rather non-descript. It was undoubtedly nothing so obnoxious that I felt I could never taste it again.

Two nights later, with some difficulty, I pee’d directly into a glass. I then took time to smell the contents as I swirled the liquid around the glass, peering at it cautiously and inquisitively. I then gingerly took a tiny sip. Anyone who might have been looking on would probably have mistaken me as a wine taster, apart from the fact I was naked and the wine yellow. I stood swirling the small amount around inside my mouth with my tongue until my taste buds reported back that the contents of the glass, although nothing like a Pepsi or Irn Bru, was not so vile as to be totally repulsive.

It took another week of building up my courage before deciding that I had to swallow some if I played the toilet game correctly. I had no idea how I would do this or how ill such an act would make me. I had a strange feeling if I allowed golden showers to be performed on me, the next thing I would be asked was to receive pee directly from the source into my mouth. I knew that would, in turn, lead to me being asked to swallow. I was early on beginning to understand the mindset of many men.

I put the glass to my lips took, what I considered to be a large mouthful, swilled it around and, to my astonishment, gulped it down. I did gag a little, perhaps more from the thought than the actual taste and act. I waited two days for the effects to manifest themselves. Nothing. No sickness, diarrhoea or upset tummy.

I knew now that I could cope with at last a basic golden shower from my two friends. I would still consider carefully anything else they suggested before agreeing, but from that moment, ‘pee play’ was another addition to my list of sexual activities.


I discovered ‘Swirlies’ early on at University. After considerable persuasion, during a weekend gangbang halfway through my first year, I agreed to allow my head to be put down the toilet as it was flushed. It was not pleasant; however, it was apparent just how much pleasure my fellow male students derived from my allowing them to perform this rather unusual act on me.

Swirlies became the norm for me during my days away from home studying. I rapidly discovered that I was fully submissive and derived great pleasure and satisfaction from fulfilling some of the sexual fantasies of male students I had to know. More often than not, these fantasies involved my head being held down a toilet as it was flushed. Sometimes I had to endure several ‘flushings’ until the guys kırklareli escort tired of their enjoyment of the spectacle.

It was only a matter of time until a swirly became a golden swirlie, and I was asked to endure being pissed on while in this rather ungainly and humiliating position. The first time I allowed it to take place, ‘IT’ happened. As I knelt with my hands on the rim and my head down the bowl, I felt the strange sensation of warm fluid hitting the back of my head with some force. I could feel it running around my head as it sought to find a way past the blockage and into the water below.

As the discharge from the first student ran over my chin and dripped around my face, a second man took up position and commenced to pee on the back of my neck. I knew I enjoyed the sensation as I could feel a particular area between my legs becoming very damp. Suddenly I knew what was going to happen. I was about to orgasm!

The feeling came upon me so quickly that I did not have time to even think of controlling the event. It just rolled through my body as the golden fluid continued to flow over my head. My body shook. I gasped, groaned and grunted in uncontained pleasure. The guy who was ending his pee, I am sure, thought he had poisoned me. It took those watching a while to comprehend what was happening right before their eyes.

A nineteen-year-old female student had orgasmed due to being humiliated by having her head placed down a toilet while guys pissed over it. I was more than a little surprised myself.

Sticky Humiliation

Humiliation, I have discovered, is a huge part of sexual fun for me. The thrill of being used and abused by others provides me perhaps more pleasure than sex itself. I have never quite worked this out or read why such happens to certain people. Maybe I’m just odd?

One of my fetishes is to be covered from head to toe in anything sticky. Over the years, this has taken the form of cooking oil, syrup, cans of baked beans, chopped tomatoes, various sauces, and especially at University, thick sticky black treacle. Due to the University being in the centre of a sizeable multi-race population, my friends and I used food shops that catered for all nationalities.

Many of these shops were much cheaper than the conventional supermarkets and sold much larger tins, bottles, and packets of whatever we required.

Often, guys would invite me round to their accommodations to do nothing more than cover me in whatever took their fancy. A couple of times, I was taken out, usually on Saturdays, to a couple of nearby places with extensive mudflats. Here the guys would enjoy watching me as I waded out and ‘fell’ into the mud. The first time this happened, I was so aroused that I once again orgasmed; however, none of the men with me witnessed it due to my being ten meters away and so filthy with grey mud covering my body.

The treacle was undoubtedly the favourite ingredient used to cover me. It stuck to my skin and hair like glue and was easy for fingers to run deep into my pussy and arsehole. Sometimes I would be left in this messy condition for a couple of hours while the men who had covered me sat around enjoying the spectacle of their sticky black sex toy. Treacle always took ages to wash out of my hair, pussy and bum.

Another favourite humiliation was the ice lolly. This was my suggestion following them being used in me by my friends before leaving home to begin my studies. My fellow students found another way of incorporating these into their required play by binding my hands behind my back with an ice lolly fully inserved up my cunt and rectum while a third was taped into my mouth. This was incredibly exciting for the men and intensely and strangely erotically cold for me.


One day one of my female friends asked if I have ever thought of being involved in total humiliation. She explained that this would involve me proving I could be as filthy as possible while also ensuring the men with me had the most enormous hard on’s I had ever seen.

I was more than intrigued until she explained what I needed to do to accomplish this feat.

‘You use scat,’ she commented dryly.

I never had, to that point, heard the term before and once again displayed my total ignorance of some of the more course sexual language.

‘What is it, and where would I get it from?’ I questioned innocently.

‘Shit,’ she explained in desperation. ‘Scat, my dear Rachel is human shit.’

I must have blinked in wonderment as the truth of what she was saying dawned on my unbelieving mind.

‘Shit, Poo, excrement, human waste,’ she went on to ensure I got the message.

‘Your kidding.’ I expostulated.

‘No. I’m not. There are some guys, two actually, who want to know if you will try it with them?’

‘Ha. Good try.’ I replied, still believing she was having me on.

After an hour’s explanation from my friend accompanied by a suitably robust and adamant escort kırklareli refusal from me, the case was closed. I was appalled that anyone could ever contemplate such an act, never mind perform it.

As the days passed, for whatever reason, the conversation with my friend would not leave me. Phrases such as ‘enormous hard on’s’ and ‘total degradation,’ my friend Amy had used kept swirling around in my head.

One night I woke up from a dream where I was a human toilet. My bedclothes were damp with sweat, and my pussy was wet through!

It seemed that each time I thought about the conversation, the area between my white thighs would start to moisten rapidly. I had no idea why such treatment could have such an effect.

One day I decided to experiment, just as I had done a year or so before with pee. I used a bucket to catch my poo. I placed it on my table in the student accommodation and inspected it as though it were some dangerous animal that might suddenly spring and bite me.

I pushed it around with a plastic spoon looking at its texture and smelling its aroma, which did nothing to assist my endeavours in accepting this as a fun way to broaden my sexual horizons. It smelt awful.

Finally, I plucked up the courage to feel the warm turd and then lifted it into my hand. I was unsure what I expected it to feel like, but it was not as horrendous as I expected. I gave it a squeeze allowing my fingers to shape it slightly as you would a piece of clay. That was enough for my first time. I dropped it into the loo and flushed it away.

The next day right through lectures, all I could think of was trying again. As soon as the day’s lessons were over, I squatted above my bucket and released the contents of my bowels.

This time I had a quiver of excitement about what I hoped to discover. I stripped naked and picked one of the three brown dollops in the bucket. I lifted it to my nose, sniffed, recoiled slightly and began to smear it where I guessed most guys would want to see it – over my breasts. Once I had finished, I took a look in the mirror to admire my dirty deed. The picture looking back was a cross between a poorly made and ill-fitting bra and a coconut shell.

I took another piece from the bucket and rubbed it into my pussy hairs until the area between my legs was brown. Spreading it here was easier as I was again becoming moist at the prospect of huge hard cocks and total humiliation. My juices mixed readily with the drier stickier substance I was coating myself in. Why I was getting turned on by the thought of being so filthy and degraded, I didn’t know. What I did know was that with a couple of more practice runs on my own, I thought I could cope with being used in some way as a full-on toilet for the men who had become my friends in more ways than one.

The next evening, after coating my excrement through the hair on my head, I knew that I was ready for my biggest challenge to date.

I did not have long to wait.

A Human Toilet

It was just after the Easter holidays that I was first used as a total toilet tart. I had just returned from a family holiday in the sun and had settled back into University life. I was still very much excited about the Gang Bang that had occurred the previous term. I was, however, a little startled to hear that one of the guys involved had mounted my pubic hair in a picture frame in his dorm and added a caption something like ‘From my most wonderful playmate,’ where all who went into his room could see it.

I was also keen to see if I could cope with becoming a full-on toilet accepting more than just golden showers.

One of the students, whose dad was a bit better off than most, had his terrace house near the University and invited me and a few others around one evening for a bit of fun. I went with no idea that it might end up that I would be the fun!

After about half an hour, the subject got around to sex, and as there were about ten guys and just three girls, we girls were asked lots of things about sex and our thoughts and desires. My other two female companions were a bit less forward than I was (I was always too forward, as maybe some can tell), and I was left to explain what I enjoyed.

Eventually, one of the guys asked if I had enjoyed my first Gang Bang the previous term.

I answered, ‘Yes.’

I was then asked if I would be willing to repeat it at some stage.

I said I would have to think about it, to which I was told I had five minutes because everything was set up for me. My two female friends looked a bit startled, and one said it was time she left.

I thought about that too, but as on the last time, I felt a feeling of excitement grip me more than any fear!

After being quiet for a couple of minutes, I said something like, ‘Yes, Okay.’

Once I agreed, three male students took me upstairs and into one of the bedrooms and told me I could change.

‘What into?’ I asked.

‘Any of these,’ came kırklareli escort bayan the reply.

A large plastic bag was handed to me containing what appeared to be (and were I found later) second-hand clothes. I asked the guys if they were going to leave.

They replied, ‘No, we’ll watch you change’.

I heard the door downstairs bang as one of my female friends left. Eventually, I put on a pair of jeans and a long-sleeved top and went back downstairs. There I was quizzed by just about everyone about what I was willing to allow and what they would like to do.

Then out of the blue, my friend Amy asked, ‘How about toilet games? Are they acceptable?’

I must be honest, I did not think too much about it because I thought she was joking, so I said very naively and with a slight laugh, ‘Yes, of course.’

I do not remember, fifteen years later, every detail of everything that happened, but it was the first time I had been to a house that had been carefully prepared for what was to take place. Hooks in the walls and ceiling to which I was tied in various ways to be examined, explored, stripped and whipped.

Everyone was so lovely, asking each time I was whipped if it had been too hard or had I had enough. I was paddled, whipped and carefully examined by just about everyone in the house, and at one time, a small torch was stuck up my cunt so that all could get a closer look.

One young male student who had never seen anything like this before was told to undo my top and expose my breasts. He was so nervous as he did so. He was then told to smack them. He was so scared he had hurt me I remember him apologising nearly all night.

Mind you, I was not too used to it either in those days!

I was poked and prodded deeply into every hole I possess and tied and held in a great variety of ways.

After a long time, Amy (Who had just watched) said: ‘It really must be potty time.’

My hands were tied tightly behind my back. I was, of course, naked. A pair of knickers (from the plastic bag) were pulled onto me, and I was led (more carried) into the bathroom.

Here I was commanded to wet my knickers and pooh into them. I was dumbstruck! I had never thought before of such a thing. When I had experimented, the thought of self-humiliation like this had never occurred to me.

‘Come on,’ Amy said, ‘You told us all you wanted to play toilet games.’

I felt my arse tighten, and I could not pee if I had wanted to.

In the end, I was made to kneel in front of the toilet with my head over the pan. I was now apprehensive about what might happen. I was also filled with a feeling of great anticipation.

I had closed my eyes when Amy said: ‘She should be looking up to see what’s coming her way.’

I had to sit on my bottom and place my head back over the toilet pan, which is not easy at the best of times, never mind with your hands tied behind your back. I looked up and saw one of the guys squatting low over my face. I was scared but excited.

Before I could say anything, a turd dropped right onto my forehead and rolled back over my hair into the pan.

‘Turn her back again,’ I heard one of the guys say.

I was lifted back into the kneeling position, looking down into the pan with the turd in it. I felt someone move over me. I was fighting with my emotions as to what was happening. I wanted to enjoy it but was scared to do so.

‘Stop!’ someone said before anything else happened. Put a top on her and that pair of tight elastic shorts. I had to stand up, and after untying my wrists, a sun top with wider straps on my shoulders was brought and put on me.

I then had to step into these very tight figure-hugging shorts. Once dressed as they wanted me, my hands retied behind my back.

All the time, I was silently arguing with myself and trying to control my own emotions.

I was made to kneel over the toilet face down into the pan. Someone said, ‘I have dreamt of doing this to a girl but never thought I would.’

I felt something land on the back of my neck and remain there. Next, I knew it had been moved down my back inside the sun top I was wearing. Others took up position to also shit over me.

I was excited to the point of orgasm and incredibly nervous about what I was allowing to occur.

Eventually, I was allowed to turn around again and made to sit facing up. It was a small bathroom, and not everyone could fit into it simultaneously, so the guys were taking turns to see what happened next.

I saw one of the students drop his trousers and pants and shuffle over to me, where he squatted over my head. I closed my eyes as his turd came out and hit my face before dropping like the first into the pan.

Another two did the same before I was allowed to move. I was soaking wet with perspiration and desire to be humiliated further. I found it hard to reconcile my emotions. I was untied and told to lift the turds from the pan and drop them down my top.

I could not believe it (and neither could the guys) when I obeyed. I lifted them all and let them drop from the neckline of my top onto my tits to gather around my waistline.

I was allowed to stand up. Someone pulled the shorts out at the top front and back so that everything fell into them around my arse and pussy.

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