Toby and me

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Back when I was in my early teen I had a best friend Toby. Toby was a year younger then me. The first time I saw him naked we were walking through the woods looking for the big kid’s fort, we knew they had porn there. Once in the woods Toby just dropped his pants and started to walk toward the fort. When I arrived there he was sitting in a chair jerking off. We heard a noise and we took off running. ??I thought a lot about what I saw and jerked off everyday to that sight. A couple day we were hanging out, I told him that my parents had some porn movies did he want to watch. We went up into the attic I set up the movie projector and we started to watch this movie. We were sitting JO and I told Toby I wanted to try something. I laid Toby with his naked ass up and I lay on top of him and just started too hump his ass. I never penetrated I just rubbed my dick up and down his ass crack. To my surprise Toby came first shooting his load all over the rug then I came all over Toby’s ass. We got up and got dressed and put everything ?away. ??On one of the movies the girl was giving a blow job seeing that I wanted to try that. One day I asked Toby if I could give him a blow job he reluctantly agreed. He kept telling me not to bite him. I said I would not bight him if he did not piss in my mouth. He also agreed so we went into my parents sun room he sat down on the couch and dropped his pant Toby was hard as a rock. I slowly put my mouth around his dick and slowly duplicated what I saw on the movie. I switched between blowing him and jerking him off. This went on for about ten minutes Toby told me to look out that he was about to cum. I quickly put Toby all the way in my mouth till I felt warm cum shooting into my mouth. I gagged a little bit and the taste was pretty nasty but swallowed it all down. Toby was really surprised that I completed the whole deal.

? Another time we up in his room and he asked if he could go down on me. I had been hoping for sometime that he would ask. I agreed and to my surprise he started to pull down my pants. I was already hard .Toby just went to town on my dick. I shot my load in about 3 minutes. When Toby picked his head up he had his cum in my mouth. Thinking he was going to spit it out I moved out of his way but he just swallowed it right down. ??After that day we would go down on each other all the time, in my room, in his room at one of our many forts in the woods by our house. One day we were at one of our forts looking at some porn magazines. I dared Toby to pee off the fort. With out even thinking he did it then he dared me to do the same thing which I did. We heard some kids walking through the wood so we got down real low so not to be seen because we were naked. The kids walked with in 50 feet of us but they did not see us. I then dared Toby to climb down and walk down to the creek and back. I honestly did not think he would do it but he climbed down the ladder and started walking he was gone for about 5 minutes and when he came back he was damp from where he had gone into the creek. I told Toby I had to go home because I had to poop. He dared me to poop right here in the woods. I thought I was going to chicken out but he told me if I did not do it he would tell people what I did with him. So I went to an old tree that was along a trail. I sat down and Toby got behind me and watched my poop. I was afraid to use leaves to wipe my self because of poison Ivy so I went down to the creek to clean up. ??During the summer Toby and I were Skinny dipping in my pool we got tired and were a little horny so we went up to my room got naked and looked at some dirty magazines. Toby looked up and asked if I would let him fuck me. I agreed, so I got on my hands and knees but no matter what we did he could not penetrate me. So I put shorts on went into the bathroom and got some Vaseline and put it on and in my butt. I then had Toby laid down and I straddled him and it slipped right in. I rode him for a few minutes then with out pulling out I got on me hand and knees and fucked me for all I was worth till he shot his load in me. He pulled out and got on his hands and knees. No matter how hard I tried I could not penetrate him so he just gave me a blow job and swallowed down all of my cum. ??The real turning point was one day a bunch of us kids were sitting out on a friend’s lawn and a guy came up in a car and asked for directions. Toby went over to the car and was talking then I went over and stood next to him. I looked down and the guy was naked and jerking off. I bust out laughing. Toby had seen it but was unfazed by what he was doing. The guy asked if Toby could show him. Toby walked around the car got in and they left. I was really scared for Toby I honestly thought he was going to get hurt. An hour went by and no sign of Toby. His mother was looking for him she stopped at my house to see if he was there I told here that I saw him go toward the woods after dinner Toby was knocking on my door he asked if I wanted to sleep over My mom agreed so I packed my bag and off I went. ??We decided to sleep out in a tent in Toby’s backyard. We stayed in the house and watched TV for a while as it was getting dark we went out to the tent and Toby just exploded with information. He told me that the guy lived over by the lake and that his house is so cool he had Porn Magazines, Movies and Pictures of people having sex. I asked Toby what he did while he was over there. We went down into the basement and he had a huge bed, pillows all over the floor and Mirrors on the walls and ceiling. I sat down on the bed and he told me to make myself comfortable look around. He put a movie on and I could not believe it was of an adult fucking a boy our age. He asked me if it bothered me. I said nope and went on to watch the movie. I ended up letting him blow me but he spits it out when I cum. He gave me a magazine to show you. He pulled the magazine out of a bag we striped off our clothes and leafed through the pages. This magazine had adults fucking kids and kids fucking adults we must have blown each other 3 or 4 times that night. In the morning Toby parents had went off to work and we went into the house ad take a shower. We took a shower together and Toby fucked me and then blew me. ??I went home to drop off my stuff and to let my mother know that I was ok and back out the door I went. I met Toby on his front lawn He asked me if I wanted to go over to the guy’s house. He wanted to meet me after Toby told him that we mess around together. I was a little scared but I wanted to see the movies so we got our bikes and off we went to this guy house. Toby knocked on the door and it opened and the guy that we saw yesterday was standing there in just a robe. He told use that he was glad to see us and that we should put our bikes around back. ??Once we got through the gate we saw a back yard that looked like a park. He had a big built in swimming pool a swing set and a tree fort. The guy came out the back door walked over to me and introduced him self as Jim. I asked if this was His house which he replied yes it is look around make your self comfortable. With that Toby took off his cloths I walked over to the pool. I put my hand in, the water was so warm. Toby jumped into the pool making a huge splash I turned around and saw Jim hanging up his robe. He walked over to the pool and told me to jump in and not to worry that nobody can see you it is kocaeli escort very secluded. Toby swam around the pool I was a little frightened so I walked around looked to see if I could see out. When I turned around Toby was sunning himself on a raft and Jim sat on a lounge chair. I asked Jim if I could see the rest of the house. Again he said make your self at home. I walked into the kitchen it looked like a restaurant kitchen down the hall was a big bathroom with a shower that was all glass inside and out. People sitting out side can see you shower. You could easily fit 3 or 4 people in the shower. I walk down the hall and there are steps leading to the basement. I figure this is the room Toby told me about. When I get to the bottom of the steps I was right as I’m walking around I hear Toby and Jim coming down the steps. Jim asked me what I think of the place. I thought it was neat. I sat down on the bed ad looked at a magazine they were pictures of men having sex with boys my age. I got really horny I rubbed my self through my jeans. Jim put a movie on and up on the screen was a man fucking a boy god it was so hot. ??Toby told me to take off my cloths I did dropping them to the floor. Toby told me to roll on my stomach. At that point Toby spread my ass checks and started to like my ass. Oh my god it felt so good after a few minuets he got me on my hands and knees and started to fuck me. Jim was watching Toby fuck me. After a few minutes I felt Toby tense up as he came in my ass. Jim walked over and jerked off right in front of me. He let out a moan and shoots cum all over me. So here I am with a hard on and covered with cum. I sat up and Jim asked if he could go down on me. I told him I would rather have Toby do it which he did. While Toby was blowing me Jim was sticking a couple of finger in Toby’s ass. It was not long before I came and Toby swallowed it right down. Before Toby got up Jim tried to put something in has ass but it hurt Toby way to much. Jim told me it was a butt plug. We got up I felt nasty covered with cum Jim told me to go take a shower up stairs. I thought it would be a good idea. I walked into the shower and Toby was right behind me the water felt good. I asked Toby if yesterday was the first time he was at this house. Toby said he heard about a guy in town like this but he never meet him before “Honest” Toby asked if I wanted to come back over here. I told him I would love to come back over. We got out of the shower and dried off getting dressed Jim walked in the bedroom and told us if we ever want to come back we are always welcomed. As were riding are bikes home Toby asked if I could sleep over my house tonight. I told him I’m not sure that my parents are going away for the night. That I would have to ask I told him I would call after dinner. ?? While eating dinner my parent asks if I wanted to have Toby sleep over tonight. This way I would stay out of my sister’s hair. Man was I happy after dinner I called Toby and told him he could sleep here. About 8 o’clock Toby came over with a sleeping bag and a bag with stuff I told my sister we were going out into the wood to ride our bike for a while. But what we were really doing was going to hang out at our fort. When we got to the entrance to the wood Toby stopped got off his bike and started to strip. After he was naked he got back on his bike and road to the fort. Once there Toby dropped his cloths on the ground and told me to strip which I did then we walked to the tree that I pooped before. Toby told me to poop, that he wanted to watch again. I tried but I could not do it. Toby then got in front of me got down on his hands and knees and then he started to poop. I don’t know why buy I was so hard watching him. After he got done he got up and started to walk toward the creek. When he got there he cleaned himself up. Once back at the tree fort we got into a 69 while we were doing it Toby ?put two fingers in my ass. Ouch, there’s nothing like a dry finger to wake you up. Toby came a couple of minutes later, god I hate the taste of cum but I like the receiving end. As it was getting dark Toby finally made me cum. He must really love the taste because he moves my cum around his mouth before he swallows it. I got dressed and started to walk toward the entrance I looked around and Toby was still naked. I ask if he was going to get dressed he just laughed when we got to the entrance Toby put his shirt and shoes on and that’s it. We got on our bike and rode home we hoped off our bikes and jumped into the pool. My sister came out told my I should have been home an hour ago. We just laughed and just goofed around the pool. ? ?A couple of friends came by and were talking to us Toby asked if they wanted to come swimming they both declined saying they had to get home. Our pool had a hose that was attached to the filter that discharged the water back into the pool Toby would shoot the water across his groin; he then turned around and let the water tickle his ass hole. All of the sudden I saw the hose disappear up his butt. I watched his belly grow. He then ran out of the pool behind the garage and all the water shot out. He walked back into the pool and told me how cool it felt and did it again. After three times he told me to try it, I was really scared but I tried it. The first time I filled up I only made it about a foot out of the pool when all of the water shot out of my ass. Toby told me to get on my back on the deck and he will stick it in. It did not take long to fill me up but I stood up walked away from the pool and let it all drain out. I honestly can’t believe I just did that but I did and I liked it. ??I could see my sisters light went off and the TV was on in her room so Toby and I got out of the pool naked and walked toward my room Just as I opened the door my sister opened her door to see two naked boy she laughed and closed her door. We jumped up on my bed and Toby opened up the bag he brought over it was a big butt plug a bunch of magazines and a double headed dildo. Toby told me Jim had given them to him for us to play with. I got some lube Toby greased up ?the dildo and his ass while I greased myself up. Toby pushed one end of the dildo in me OUCH but it went right in. I laid there while Toby moved it in and out of my ass. After a few minutes I flipped over on my stomach Toby then took the other end and pushed it into him. He then started to fuck both of us this went on till I shot my load onto the bed. Toby pulled the toy out of me and got down on his hands and knees. I got behind him and started to fuck him I was doing it pretty quickly when Toby jumped up and shot his cum all over my face. He then licked it all off. He then pulled the dildo out and put the butt plug in. We watched TV for a while when Toby just started to suck me off we got into a 69 and were going to town when my bedroom door opened and my sister got an eye full Toby did not stop and my sister was just staring at the sight she turned around and walked out. We both came and we went to sleep. ??In the morning we showered and went down stairs my sister asked how long we had been doing this. I had told her for a while. She said that she was grossed out but would not tell mom and dad. I felt better knowing that my sister was not going to rat us out. A few weeks went buy and Toby stopped over to tell me his parents were going to take him up to the mountains to a cabin that they had rented and they kocaeli escort bayan wanted to know if I wanted to come along. I went into the living room and sprung the idea on them and they agreed. Toby told them that they would be going to be up there for three weeks and that we would be leaving Friday evening. Toby and I ran up to my room and told me that this is going to be cool that there was a lake and two different streams and a waterfall. I asked how many ?times he had been up there before he said once about 5 years ago and he had a ball. Friday came and I spent most of the afternoon packing Toby stopped by to see what I was doing. He closed my bedroom door dropped his pants to show me the giant butt plug he had in. I asked how long he had that in. He told he put it in Thursday night over at Jims house after he got done getting fucked by Jim, and he only took it out to poop this morning. My parents got home from work and my dad had a box in the back of his truck he took it out and I ripped it open it was a brand new BMX bike. I was shocked it was so cool it was blue with yellow rims. Dad told me I needed a new bike and I should have a lot of fun with it while I was with Toby. Toby’s parents pulled up with an RV and a trailer. They told ?my parents that this would be more comfortable for the long trip. We loaded it up with my stuff and off we went.

? Once we were on the highway Toby went to the bedroom in the back to watch the traffic go by. He door closed when we hit a bump we opened it back up but it would not stay open so we left it closed. Toby looked at me and asked if I would blow him that his dick was so hard from the butt plug. I walked over and locked the door so his mom would not walk in on us. I got back on the bed Toby dropped his shorts I could see the precum pouring out of his dick I pushed him down and went to town he lasted a minuet when he filled my mouth. I had not had that much cum ever. He pulled up his shorts and pulled down mine. Toby started to like my ass sticking his tongue in my ass. He then replaced his tongue with a finger he moved up to my cock and started to lick it like a lollypop paying a lot of attention to the head. I started to shoot and Toby held my dick to his face covering it with cum. I pulled up my shorts and watch Toby rub the cum into his skin. I looked around to see everything we just did was visible out the back window and that a truck driver was watching us. The back door opened up and Toby’s mom told us that it was going to be another 4 hours before we got to the cabin and that she wanted us to take a shower and see it we could sleep. We both agreed Toby volunteered to go first he striped down walked out of the bedroom and into the shower as he was walking his parents could see everything. after about ten minutes Toby got out of the shower dripping wet walked to the front of the RV and asked his mom where all the towels were. It was then that she realized that they were all packed and were on the outside of the RV with all the clothes. She told him to do the best he can to get dry. I was kinda taken back that Toby walked up to his parents naked and they did not even blink an eye. Toby came back to the bedroom and picked up a shirt and dried himself off. He looked over at me and told me I better do the same thing or he would hurt me. Reluctantly I striped off my clothes my head wiped around when I heard a horn honk. Out the window there was a car full of people waving at us. I walked out of the bedroom and into the shower. I waited for the water to get warm when the door opened and Toby told me oh by they way there is no hot water. Man that sucks a cold shower and no towel I took a quick shower about 5 min I went back into the bedroom where Toby was under the covers already. I dried off with my shirt and looked around for my boxers. Toby whipped the sheet back and he was naked , he told me to stay naked and let’s get some sleep. It was not long before I was out cold. ? ? I awoke to see it was day light and I was in the bed all alone I got out of bed and I could see we were at the cabin. Toby’s parents were walking around outside and Toby was no were to be seen. I went to put my clothes on but they were missing I went to the door to call for Toby’s parents. His father came to the door and greeted me with it’s about time sleepy head. He told me all my stuff was in the house in the bedroom up stairs and that Toby is watching TV and eating breakfast. I must have looked a little nervous because Toby’s dad said don’t Worry nobody is around besides us and we have seen you naked. I sprinted to the house to find Toby sitting naked on the couch eating cereal. He pointed toward the kitchen and told me to help my self. I joined him on the couch he was watching cartoons. He told me to hurry up because he wanted to take our bikes out. I asked him if his parents know what we do. He laughed of course they do but they don’t care and they are not going to say anything to your parents. We finished our cereal and went up to our room to get dressed the room only had one bed and it was big. I thought to my self we are going to have fun while were here. We went to get our bikes Toby’s mom told us to be back at noon for lunch. We agreed and off we went. As I was following Toby I could not keep my eyes off his ass and I started to get hard. We came across a stream we got off our bikes and followed it we came upon a pond we both froze we heard a voice. So we snuck around to get a better look at what he was doing. In the pond there was a kid swimming around and he was naked. He was just splashing around having a good time. He made his way to the shore and lay down on towels that he had. I really never seen another boy naked besides Toby and I got harder then I ever had. He must have had the same effect on Toby because he had his hand in his shorts and was rubbing his dick. The boy started to rub his body and his hand worked down to his dick. He started to stroke himself, Him masturbating himself slowly right there in front of us. This scene looked so hot I looked over and Toby was getting naked I joined him as quick as I could. Toby got down on his hands and knees and told me to hurry up and put it in me. I lasted about a minute before I filled Toby up. He turned around and pushed me to the ground put my ankles over my shoulders and started to fuck me like there was no tomorrow. He lasted about 5 minutes before he came in me. We both just lied there when I realized that it was 12:15 and we needed to get back. We grabbed our clothes and once we were out of sight we got dressed and rode back to the cabin. When we got there Toby’s mom was pissed she yelled at us, I told you to be back at 12:00. Your Father is out looking for you right now. Get in the house right now. We ran into the cabin and up to our room. Toby looked white as a ghost and tears were coming out of his eyes. I asked why he was so scared He told me that he was going to get the crap beet out of him when his dad gets back all of the sudden there was yelling and you could hear Toby’s dad down stairs. He stomped up the steeps and kicked the door open. Where the hell were you were almost 45 minutes late when I say 12:00 I mean 12:00 you stay up in this room and don’t come out. With that he slammed the door and went back down stairs. We heard the RV start up and drive off. We were both so scared we did not have any idea what was going izmit escort to happen. I asked Toby if he had ever been late before. He said the last time he was this late his father spanked him so hard about 25 times. My stomach was in knots. I was scared about what might happen to us after about an hour the RV came back. We could hear his parents talking down stairs. Toby’s father yelled for us to come down stairs. We slowly walked down the steps. He pointed to the couch, He told me he called my parent and told them what happened and they are not very happy right now. I don’t care what you do but when I tell you to do something you better do it. For if you don’t there are consequences. I discussed punishment with you parents. Your parents felt that what ever I do to Toby is fine for you too. My stomach went cold. I want you to strip off your shorts and underwear both of you. Toby come here, He walked over went over his fathers knee and his father started to spank his bare ass after 5 wicks Toby was crying and his butt was beet red. I counted 25 smacks and Toby got up and laid on the love seat. I could see he had wet him self. His father told me that my parent knew what was going to happen so just got over here. I refused to move Toby’s mom grabbed me and pulled me over to his father he forced me over his knee the first smack felt like razors hitting ms ass then my ass just kept getting hotter and hotter I peed also I was crying up a storm when he was done I raced up to the bedroom and cried.

I fell a sleep for about an hour when I heard a knock at the door. It was Toby’s mom asking if I wanted anything to eat. I was kind of hungry but my butt hurt a lot. I slowly got up and walked down stairs Toby was sitting on the couch. I walked over and picked up my shorts but seeing Toby still naked I just layer on the other couch. Toby’s mom brought sandwiches to us we both were eating when his dad came back in the house. He sat down in a chair, looked at us and asked why we got back late. Neither of us said anything at first but Toby spoke up and told his father that we found a pond and there were kid swimming in it. We watched because he was naked and then they started masturbating. His father was a little surprised by what Toby said but shook is head. Look you mother and I both know that you to boys do sexual stuff together and that it was fine. But we were worried and you guys can’t worry us like that. The only thing you have to do while your here at the cabin is have a good time and do what we tell you to. Toby’s father came over and hugged me then Toby. After a while we put our shorts on and walked around outside the cabin there was a stream with A little pool we striped off our clothes and waded in. it came up to our waist and felt very good on our butts that here still red from the spanking. We sat on some rocks and I asked Toby what he thought of what we saw the kid doing he started to get hard I got down on my knees and went down and started to suck him off it only took like ten minutes before he shot his load. We grabbed our clothes and walked to the cabin and watched TV. I asked if he wanted to go looking for the Kid tomorrow. He was all for it. Dinner came around and after we ate we were sitting at the table talking Toby’s mom asked if we were going to go looking for the kid tomorrow. I told her that we were thinking about it. I asked if we could pack a lunch so we did not have to come racing back. His father was all right with that. We were both happy we were both getting tired so we made the trip up to bed we both decided we needed to take a shower so we walked into the bathroom and started to lather each other up as Toby was soaping up my ass he stuck two fingers in then reached around and started to jerk me off. I put my hands up against the wall and Toby just slipped his dick right in good it felt so good he was doing it nice and slow I was in heaven I let out a few moans. Toby pulled out of me, we finished showering we went back into the bedroom he had me lay down on the bed he pulled out the double dildo lubed it up and pushed it right in. It felt like I had a bat in my butt but I felt so good Toby was just pushing it in and out it one point it went really far in, I felt a surge of electricity shoot through me and I came so hard. Toby pulled the toy out and put his dick in and fucked me till I came till he came.

Toby woke up at about 7:30 he went down stairs to eat breakfast. When he got to the kitchen his father was their getting a glass of water. I guess he was not expecting us to get up this early because he was naked. Toby came running back up stairs woke me up to tell me this. Since I was awake now I suggested that we go eat and set out to explore. We got dressed went downstairs ate some cereal and out the door we went. We hopped on our bike and set out to find the kid that we saw yesterday. We got to the pond but there was nobody there. Toby hoped off his bike and started to walk toward the pond stopping at a downed tree he started to strip off his clothes. He waded out into the pond to his waist he turned to look at me he held his dick in his hand and started to pee. I just watched him I really wanted to look for the boy that we saw. Toby waded out of the pond and sat down on the log and started to get dressed. Toby asked why I did not join him. I told him that I wanted to see if we could find the kid and there would be time for that later. We hoped back on our bikes and started to follow a trail that looked well used. When it came to a split we went to the right the trail was well worn. We came across an old building just a metal shack it had seen its better days. I walked through the door and you can tell that it has not been used for a long time everything was in dirty and dusty. We left the shack and kept going down the trail we came to a small cabin we looked around and saw kids toys a bike baseball ect. We heard a voice and turned to see the boy that we saw yesterday. Toby said hi and introduced him self. The boy kind of smiled and said hi back and told us his name was Pete I told him my name. Toby being as straight forward as he was he told Pete that we watched him yesterday and we thought it was really cool what he was doing. He came over and asked how much we saw. Toby said we saw enough to get really hot and fuck. Pete looked really stunned after he heard what Toby said. We asked Pete if he would like to join us at the pond for a little Skinny-dipping at the pond. He said sure and off we went to the pond. When we got there we all striped off our clothes and jumped in to the water. We splashed around for a while wrestling having so much fun when Toby reached over and grabbed Pete’s dick. Pete jumped and tried to pull away but stopped and let Toby stroke his dick. We got out of the water and Toby dropped to his knees and started to blow Pete. He only lasted about 15 seconds before he shot his load, which Toby swallowed it right up. Pete got such a scared look on his face and he turned pale. He ran over to his pile of clothes quickly got dressed and off he ran. With both of us still horny we got into a sixty-nine till we both shot our loads. We got dressed went back to the cabin. We never saw Pete the rest of the time we were there.

After we got back Toby and I would fuck and suck as much as we could. One day Toby came over looking very sad. I asked what was wrong? He told me that his parents were getting a divorce and that he was moving away with his mom tomorrow. I saw Toby one or two times after he moved away and never did screw around again.

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