Titillating Tease

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Big Dicks

Lying in bed with one arm around you, I turn you towards me while lowering my free hand to rest between your bare legs. As I kiss your smiling face, your legs spread almost involuntarily. Closing your eyes, you allow a moan escape from deep within your throat. I kiss your lips, and then part them so our tongues can meet for just one delicious moment. I bite your lower lip, pulling it away from your mouth for an instant, and release. This is followed by kisses on your chin, tracing the curve of your neck with my tongue. Slowly, I find my way up to your breasts.

I kiss one of your delicate bosoms; wrap my lips around the soft, pink flesh on the tip of your firm breasts; sucking it into my mouth and teasing the nipple. Releasing it with a pop, your whole breast jiggles for a moment as it returns to its natural state, the nipple now erect, hard as a pebble. I guide it my mouth once more, this time holding the nipple between my front teeth, pinching it gently. I flick it with my tongue ring, running the stud along the insides of my teeth, stimulating the tiny tip of your breast as it rests immobilized. I suck the whole nipple into my mouth once more, liberating it from my clenched teeth, and press the broad side of my tongue against it. I pull the tongue back and tap it with the tip creating an erotic dance on your soft flesh, enveloped in my warm mouth.

By now my fingers have marched from your thigh to your velvety entrance. My thumb is plucking at your clit like a string on a cello, sending vibrations through your body. I can feel the warmth between your legs, the sweet juices illegal bahis flowing, your hips thrusting against me. And I turn my palm so it rests on your clit, and you begin grinding away forcefully while my fingertip still sits inside you. I release the nipple, now wet with my saliva, and blow some air across it. I kiss your lips again, and then work my way down to the other nipple. I run my tongue ring along the edge of your areola with large circles. I begin working my way in slowly, teasing never quite brushing against the nipple itself. You watch carefully as I hold my lips over the nipple, and place my tongue a hair’s width away from your nipple. You can feel the heat of my mouth on it and arch your back, trying to bring about the contact you so deeply crave. I pull back and depart from that nipple, still erect, still unsatisfied, and sit up.

I pull my hand from behind your head, the arm you were resting on, and you fall back further on the mattress. I bring the first nipple between my thumb and forefinger. My other hand continues to play, but I slow it down every time you seem to be near an orgasm. I begin twisting and pulling the nipple while the second nipple remains unsatisfied. You beg me to touch it, even for a moment. You move your hand to pinch your lonely nipple, to relieve the growing pressure, the compulsion, but this cannot be allowed. Before you can reach your target, I grab your wrist and force it back. Your breathing quickens, your hips begin to buck, eyes shut, your head rolls back. Parting your lips unconsciously, ever so slightly, your two front teeth barely illegal bahis siteleri visible as you feel the first wave of orgasm. I bring my mouth to your desperate nipple and suck it deep into my mouth almost to the brink of pain. Wave after wave of intense orgasm passes over you. You lose yourself for a moment, a minute, forever. You slowly come back, come to remember where you are, that you’re in my bed, in my arms, face flush, heart pounding, head swimming. I kiss you on the cheek, a huge smile on my face, touch my nose to yours, and then whisper in your ear.

‘I hope you don’t imagine we’re done yet…’

I roll over on top of you, my knees parting yours. You immediately wrap your legs around my hips, but I push them off. And slowly slide down your body.

‘Patience, my love, patience…’

I come to rest with my head between your legs, inches from your hot, wet, exposed pussy. I place my hands on either side of your inner thighs; pull your outer labia aside, exposing your clitoris and your open vagina. I drive my tongue inside you, then pull out and slide it upwards, along your slit, until it brushes against the clit. I close my eyes, pull back, and enjoy the flavor, savoring your juices. You feel my hot breath on your soft skin. I pull your clit inside my mouth, developing a strong suction action and begin humming in the lowest pitch I can. Sliding a finger inside you, and begin curling it in a ‘come here’ motion, drawing the tip along the front wall. I read your reactions. I feel your hips move. Determining the location of your g-spot, I begin to sharply canlı bahis siteleri tap it with my finger. You cum again, almost squirting, my face is dripping wet now. I press the index finger of my free hand against your anus, and you feel yet another solid, powerful orgasm.

I remove my finger, release your clit, lick my lips, and decide it’s my turn. Sliding up your now limp body, I kiss you behind our ear, bite your ear lob, and whisper: ‘now you can wrap your legs around me.’ Not hesitating a moment, and lustily, forcefully pull me against you with your legs begging me to enter you. After all this teasing, I decide not to keep you waiting any further. I drive deep inside you, and hold it there. Starting off shallow at first, then deeper. Quick and short, then deep and slow.

Moving my hands over your body. I hold your head up by the back of the neck and kiss you deeply on the lips, our tongues entangled in a loving dance. I slide my hands down to your hips, and pull you against me for five deep thrust, penetrating you, and pressing against your cervix. You let out a gasp, then a moan. I bring one hand between us, and allow a finger to rest on your clit. I rub it gently, gingerly, lovingly while pounding away inside you. You feel yourself approaching orgasm once more, the intense pleasure welling up inside. You see my eyes squint. I place my hands on your shoulders and press downward while I thrust as deep as I can go and hold it there. You feel me shudder slightly, and a moment later feel the hot cum, squirting with intense pressure, flooding your insides, load after load. The feeling overwhelms you, sending you into a convulsing orgasm, your muscles squeezing, milking me. We cum in unison, with unmatched intensity. Collapsing together, we kiss and hold each other. I look into your eyes, yours into mine, and we rest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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