‘Tis The Season Again…Raj Claus

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This is a follow up to ‘Tis the Season. It has all the same characters, just a different storyline. Reading the first part might help bring you up to speed.


“The fuck you say. Sandy Claus. Me? Maxwell, if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times, for a smart guy, you sure are a dumb prick.”

“Come on Raj. I need your help buddy. It’s just for a couple of hours at both parties, and you know that the kids will love it.”

“Love it? Let me tell you something Max, they’re a bunch of snot-nosed, stunned cunts. And do you know how I know? Let me tell you why. Because if you’re a stunned cunt and you marry a stunned cunt, there is very little doubt that your kids will follow in your footsteps.”

“Does that include me and Rebecca?”

“Well yes, and no. Yes, if the two of you were stunned cunts. No, because at worst, you’re just a stupid prick. And that’s what saves your ass boss, sometimes.”

“Thanks for that, I guess.”

“Just because I’m brown doesn’t mean that I don’t celebrate Christmas. Hell, I love it, but tell me how many Indian Sandy Claus’s you’ve seen, and I don’t mean the ones that piss their pants in Time Square.”

“What if I promise you that Trini will sit on your lap and give you her Christmas wish list.”

“Fuck that bitch. She can suck my brown candy cane. I’m still on probation for joking that I was going to sniff her chair when she wore that mini skirt with no panties last summer.”

“It wasn’t what you said. It’s what you did.”

“Fuck you Max.”

“Buddy. You waited until she wasn’t looking, took a picture of her snatch and then showed everyone and claimed that she was flashing you.”

“Yeah, yeah, I remember, and should I forget, there is a little letter on company letterhead that’s in my file to remind me. Cunt.”

“Who, me or her?”

“Both. Now fuck off.”

“I will, as soon as you promise me you’ll be there.”

“Go fuck a goat. I’ll be there, but even brown kids don’t think that “Santa” is brown.” Raj made quotation marks above his head to get his point across when he said Santa. He had always said “Sandy Claus” for as long as I could remember, and it was unlikely to change at this stage. I kissed my buddy on the forehead and thanked him for being a team player.

“Fuck you, you goddamn homo. You better remember your promise about Trini.” I was already walking away from his desk, but I took the opportunity to shoot him the bird anyway.

“You’re a cunt Maxwell. A real fucking cunt. Oh, good morning Vanessa.”

“Good morning Mr. Patel. I see that your anger management classes are helping.”

“Yes. Yes, they are. Only 87 more hours of therapy until I’m cured. I’ll be a new fucking man. Just you wait and see.”

With the exception of my new job, nothing had change. Raj and I still got caught fucking around daily. Raj did have a one small indiscretion on his record, but other than that he was a good worker and much liked by the cliental that he worked with. So, many of the complaints about vulgarities were swept under the proverbial rug.

Rebecca was waiting for me at the door when I got home. In her arms was our little bundle of joy. Emma Rose Cole was born at 4:12am the morning of September 26th. She was expected, and on time. Rebecca’s OB/GYN had picked the day early in August, and she wasn’t wrong.

When spring had hit the city, the trees as well as Rebecca’s belly started to bloom. It was time to find a new place for our growing family. Benjamin had suggested a small reno to his daughter’s apartment, but Rebecca and I both wanted a place of our own.

Between us we had the money for a good apartment, but Beth and Benjamin wouldn’t hear of their youngest child living more than a few blocks away. The Williams personal real estate broker took us apartment hunting and after narrowing it down to five potential places, we went home to make our decision.

The Williams are a tight knit family and spend a lot of time together to celebrate birthdays and holidays alike, but they are private. So, it was very much a surprise to Rebecca and me, when her parents showed up at our apartment unannounced.

I poured some wine, some bourbon and a glass of water for Rebecca and sat to talk. Both Benjamin and Beth had been to my apartment before, and not once did they comment on its size or location. I knew full well that their maid’s quarters were larger than my home, but they refused to look down their noses at it.

Pulling out a portfolio, Benjamin handed both of us a folder filled with a number of property listings.

“Ralph Trucks has been working in real estate for as long as I can remember. He told your mom and I all about the places that you viewed. He took all of your dislikes and likes and threw them all into his magic computer and came up with these five properties. I know that the mortgage is a little more than you are prepared to spend on rent at this point, but Beth has some thoughts on why you should, as an investment opportunity, consider these options.”

Beth started, “It’s güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri just that the places that you looked at are only 2 bedrooms. These others are 4. That way if you decide down the road that you might want a second child, you have the room. Plus, you will have a guest room.”

Rebecca and I looked through the pages. We had seen these listing before, while we were in Ralph’s office, but if I recalled they were not rental options, and they were way out of our price range. But currently, there wasn’t a listing price to be seen anywhere.

“Mom, Max and I appreciate the generous offer that you and Dad are making, but we want to try and do this on our own. If we have to rent for a few more years and save up for a better place, we will.”

Ben spoke up immediately.

“It’s not a generous offer. It’s a business deal. I will hold the mortgage. Max will pay it back in weekly increments. It will add up to 10% of his yearly salary.”

“Dad, that would have to be the worst business deal that you ever…”

Benjamin interjected, “Rebecca, please do not upset your mother. Ralph is waiting in the car downstairs. It’s going to be a long afternoon, so get your coats and let’s go find a house for my new grandchild.”

And that is exactly what happened. 2 months later we moved into our new home. We don’t quite have the view of the park that my in-laws do, but when I look out the window, I can see trees.

“Look Em, daddy finally came home. He was probably causing trouble with Uncle Raj or chasing that mean old Vanessa around his office.”

I kissed both of my women. One on the top of her 8-week old head and the other on her cherry red lips.

“Uncle Raj. Me. Trouble? Come on. You know that we never get into trouble. And Vanessa? She hates me. But that cute little number up in Human Resources, that’s a different story. Maybe I can visit her until you get healed up and are ready to perform again.”

Becky punched my gut and smiled. “Ready to perform? Asshole. You make me sound like a racehorse or a stripper. And you’d like that wouldn’t you? Me giving you the greenlight for one of the little tramps running around the office.”

“It wouldn’t be permanent. Just until you get back to doing your wifely duties.” I was smiling when I said it, but I knew the second punch was coming before I even finished what I was saying.

“That’s it, Emma. You and I are going to burn daddy’s dinner.” Rebecca walked halfway down the hall and turned. “And just for the record bucko, I’m not your wife. So, you’re free to go to H.R. as much as you want.”

Wrapping my arms around my red-haired beauty, I softly kissed and bit her neck. “Why would I go for a beaten-up New York City cab when I have a brand-new beautiful Bentley parked in my garage at home?”

Rebecca shook her sweat pant covered ass as she walked down the hall away from me. She was a tease, and she wanted to be able to have sex again just as much as I did.

“Hey Bec, were you able to get a sitter for Friday night?” Rebecca was a little bit protective of our bundle of joy and she didn’t really want anyone watching her for more than a couple of minutes.

Her answer of “Yes” surprised me, not only because of Emma, but because Rebecca wasn’t all that interested in attending a staff Christmas party where everyone in attendance knew that her father was the biggest boss in the place.

“Really? Baby you’re the best. Who did you get?”

“Abigail. The girl from the fourth floor.”

“What, doesn’t she need a babysitter herself.” Ouch. I may have fucked things up without even trying, but that little girl looked like she was 10-years old.

“She’s 15 and will be 16 in a few weeks. She took a sitting course, but if you’d rather go to your drunken Christmas soiree alone, I’d be more than happy to stay home.”

“Wow, sensitive much? I just asked a question.” She didn’t turn around from the sink, nor did she respond.

We hadn’t been out on a date in just over 5 months. Rebecca preferred staying in during her last three months of pregnancy and for the 2 months after giving birth, we just stayed home. So, tonight was a big step for us.

A low dirty wolf whistle let my date know how good she looked in her little black dress. The black heels, lacy nylons and her wild red hair brought the whole package together.

“Is that a new dress?”

“Em and I picked it up yesterday, you like.”

“It looks so good on you, that I want you to take it off right now.” Rebecca somehow was able to resist my childish advances and minutes later, we headed out the door.

The office party was held in a cool little bistro in the village. The restaurant was trendy and well known, and it was owned by a friend of a friend on the party planning committee, and our group of just short of 100 from my department would be the only ones there.

Even though we were still a little over a month away from Christmas the place was well decorated and Christmas tunes filled the air.

Rebecca and I made the rounds. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri She knew just as many people at the party as I did. I left her talking with Vanessa and Trini while I went looking for Raj.

Drinks appeared to be flowing well and everyone looked like they were having somewhat of a good time. Everyone but Raj.

My buddy was standing off in the shadows of the corner. He may have been the saddest looking Santa that I’d ever seen. His oversized white beard looked out of place with his mane of jet-black hair and 5 o’clock shadow sticking out from behind it. In one hand was a bags of Christmas bonus checks and in the other was what appeared to be at least a triple shot of whiskey.

“Hey buddy. You look good.”

“You’re a piss poor liar Maxwell, always have been.” I chuckled and looked him up and down. The suit was a little tattered, but it should serve its purpose for the adult party. Eyeing the condition, perhaps another would be needed for the children’s party.

“What’s that buddy?” I pointed at the front of the pants, there was something white just under the over exaggerated black leather belt with its big brass buckle.

“Well Max, my guess is that it’s a cum stain. It’s a rented suit you asshole. You know how I know? Because it looks and smells like some prick shit in the fucking thing, that’s how I know.” My chuckle was now a full out laugh. I couldn’t smell the suit, but then again, I wasn’t in it.

“Yep, I plan on having 2 or 3 more drinks, then I’m going to kill to cocksucker that begged me to play Sandy Claus. “It’ll be fun he said.” “You’ll have hot bitches sitting on your lap all night he said.” Let me tell you this for free Max, that cunt’s gonna have one of Rudolph’s antlers stuck up his ass very soon.”

I was going to laugh, but I was beaten to it. Rebecca, Vanessa and Trini stood behind us, and by the way they were covering their mouths and were checking out Raj’s costume, they had heard the important parts of the conversation.

“Hi Raj. Nice to see you again.”

“Rebecca, the pleasure is mine, but I see that you are not overly choosey about with whom you associate.”

“I guess the same could be said for you as well Raj.” Rebecca poked the bear just a little.

“Hard not to, the prick signs my checks now, you know.”

Vanessa showed a little control and walked away, but Trini threw in a shot of her own.

“A little overly excited with the prospects of the ladies sitting on your lap Quick Draw?” and pointed at the stain on the front of his suit. Raj looked like he was going to blow a gasket, but Trini left.

“Oh, Maxwell you stunned prick. What were you thinking, asking me to be Sandy? You know that we’re both going to be in the H.R. office first thing Monday morning.”

“What? Why me?”

“Because it was your idea, and now that that bitch made the Quick Draw comment, I’m wiping my ass with both hers and Judith’s envelopes.”

Rebecca laughed out loud and said, “Oh my god, that’s too funny.”

“Really? Don’t fucking encourage him. It only makes things worse.” Rebecca hugged Raj and told him that they would talk later, because she was committed to assisting Vanessa put out some trays of snacks.

The next two hours did nothing top improve Raj’s frame of mind. The joyous Christmas music playing loudly in the bar, might be pushing him over the edge. He drank as much or more than the others, only he refused to mingle.

When the time came for the bonus checks to be handed out, Raj took his seat on the stage, Santa’s gift bag in hand. I called out the names and one by one and everyone made their way up to the stage. Raj’s buddy Smith was the first and thank god for him, because he set the pace. Smith sat down on Raj’s lap and whispered his Christmas list into Santa’s ear Smith was hamming it up for the crowd, and when he was done, he kissed Raj on the forehead.

The hoots and hollers could be heard throughout the restaurant. Raj’s usually refers to Smith as “that little fucker”, but he should have thanked him for starting things rolling.

Even Raj was smiling as the line-up of fellow employee’s made their way across his lap. He flirted and quipped with each and every one of those on his Nice and Naughty list. After the first fifty or so, the only people paying attention were Raj, those waiting in line, and me.

I purposely held on to Trini’s card until it was the last one to hand out. I wanted to tell him to play it cool. Although we weren’t in the office, it was still a work function and we could still get in shit for misbehaving.

His voice gave a little crackle when he called Trini Adams up to the stage. She gave the slightest little stumble and wiggled her ass as she made her way toward Santa.

Rebecca would tell me later that Trini had enjoyed a beverage or two herself that night, and just like Raj, her inhibitions may have been a little lower than normal.

I looked out over the room and nobody except Vanessa and Rebecca were even looking at the stage.

Trini güvenilir bahis şirketleri more or less flopped her ass down onto Raj’s lap and held out her hand for her envelope, but Raj was in heaven and he wasn’t going to let her off so easy.

“Well Trini baby, you have a wish list for Sandy Claus?” Trini wanted to see who could hear, and when she knew that the coast was clear, she started in on Raj.

“Oh, I have a wish list alright Quick Draw, but there’s no way that you could ever fill it.”

“You never know Trini, once you’ve been to Brown town, you may never want to go back.” Raj moved his hand up and placed it in the center of Trini’s back, and if I wasn’t mistaken, she squirmed just a little on his lap.

“Tell you what Santa. If you can promise me that you have a big old 8″ toy hidden away in your magic bag, I might just take that ride to Brown town.”

“Sorry baby. I wouldn’t want to disappoint a hot little minx like you, so I’ll tell you up front, I’m not cutting two inches of my dick off for nobody. Even if they are as hot as you.”

I looked over at Rebecca and Vanessa who had a shocked looks on their faces. When they gave me a questioning look, I was sorry to disappoint, but I shook my head no. Trini on the other hand, decided to check it out for herself.

Moving forward, Trini pressed her hard rack into Raj’s chest and ran her hand down to his groin. I watched Raj spread his legs to give Trini full access to his package and then in what could become a H.R. nightmare, he reached up and filled his hand with one of Trini’s boobs.

The sound of a slap never came. I waited for it. I expected it. But it never came. Instead, Trini who may have had one glass too much of the Christmas punch, said, “kiss me, you fuckin sewer rat”, and crammed her lips on Raj’s face.

Vanessa and Rebecca moved closer to the action. No, they didn’t want to join in or get a better view. Instead they were trying to block anyone else from seeing what was happening up on stage.

After a few minutes of a full on make out session., Trini stood, straightened her blouse and walked off the stage. Sandy Claus’s beard was comically caked to the saliva on his face and it had traces of bright red lipstick around the edges of the mouth opening.

That in itself would have been bad enough, but to top it off, he had a boner that was pointing the material up in exactly the same spot that he had earlier said, was a cum spot.

With my duties out of the way, it was time to enjoy my evening. Rebecca and I danced around the room like no one was watching. Rebecca had another drink and I had some water, because part of my plea bargain for going out tonight was promising to do the after midnight feeding for Em.

The night was almost over. Eighty percent or more of the people in attendance had left, and those still mingling were waiting for cabs.

I thought that the night was a success until I heard “that little fucker” Smith snickering like a kid. A group of 5 or 6 men and women were standing by door to the women’s washroom.

With most of them having had too much to drink, they weren’t putting the pieces of the puzzle together, but from where I was standing, the red pants and big leather belt gave away at least 1 of the participants in the bathroom stall.

Vanessa shooed every one of the on lookers away and chased them out of the building.

Unless Trini had left the party without her coat and unless Suraj had given his suit to another employee at the Christmas party, then the two people that I least expected to be having sex, were doing exactly that in the men’s room.

Normally it would have been Vanessa that would have had to pull me away, but today it was the other way around.

From the doorway, Vanessa, Rebecca and I watched the backs of Trini’s stocking clad legs and black pump heels as she rode Raj like a rented mule. Her grunts and groans, along with the slapping of her hands on the metal barricade of the stall was loud enough the gather up the attention of the restaurant employees. Luckily, I was able to ward them off with some lame excuse.

The sounds of either one or both of them cumming was enough to send us scurrying like rats. Vanessa ran over to the bar, while Rebecca and I hid in the coat room.

Trini appeared first. She had adjusted herself enough that she seemed to be somewhat presentable, and two minutes later, Raj came out looking like he had just been in a fight and had come out on the losing end of it, but he was smiling like he had won the lottery. Rebecca poked me in the ribs and pointed at the front of the “Sandy Claus” suit. If there wasn’t a cum stain on there before, there surely was one now.

With the world’s biggest shit-eating grin, Raj called out, “Holy fuck balls. Where did everyone go? I thought this was a Christmas party.”

No one chuckled, laughed or spoke. I just gathered up our stuff and headed out be catch a cab.

Rebecca couldn’t pay the babysitter and get her down to the fourth floor fast enough. As quickly as she left, she returned.

In a flash her top was off, and she had my pants around my ankles. Inside the kitchen, leaning back against the cold granite counter, looking out over a million lights that filled the New York City skyline, the mother of my child gave me what was probably the best oral pleasure of my life.

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