Tired Lover Gets Full Massage

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This is a real story that happened recently.

On a Saturday, Tara rings up and informed that her Dad has to be dropped into the nearby health check center and that she would like to drop in on Sunday afternoon.

So, I naturally planned to pass my Sunday in holy abstinence from my sex encounter with Tara for the Sunday.

As the day passed by, I used the time to clean up the house and to get all the rooms into some order. I cleaned the bathrooms and got my dressing table into a semblance of cleanliness.

I sprayed the entire house with household anti mosquito sprays, had a leisurely bath and made myself a light lunch and ate it alone.

At about 3 in the afternoon, my bell rang. I was perhaps half asleep. I woke up with start and cursed my luck and stumbled to the door. I opened the door, preparing to fire the chap who bothers me during my Sunday snooze, I saw Tara standing there, looking very tired.

She was rearing a light blue printed saree (which I liked very much) and a light blue matching saree and had her hair in a very India carelessly careful loose bun. She was looking very vulnerable and pretty. I think she had her ‘Opium’ perfume on her.

I asked, “What happened? Any problem?”

Tara stumbled in and said, “My Sunday is ruined. My Dad asked me to hang on while he met his doctors and then chatted with his friends etc. And then, he tells me after about three hours that I should go home, since he would meet up with his friends and then go to his home himself.”

I asked, “So what?”

Tara answered irritated, “I have a terrible back ache and a head ache, waiting in the heat and with nothing to do.”

Tara added, “I need some rest. I need to get my steam out.”

I told her, “Go straight into my bedroom, since the air conditioner is on and the bed is fresh.”

Tara walked right in and flopped onto the bed, with her legs hanging out with the slippers on her feet and said, “God, am I tired.”

I helped her take off the slippers and put her feet onto the bed. I fluffed up her pillow and said, “I suggest you catch some sleep. I will get you a cool drink.”

Tara said, “Thanks. That is very sweet of you.”

I went to the fridge and poured out a cool Coke and put some ice cubes in it and brought it to her. She propped up and sipped the drink.

Soon she finished the drink and said, “My shoulders are tense, my back is aching, I have such a terrible headache. I can’t tell you, how much I could do with a light massage.”

I told her, “Just relax. I will give you a massage. Any way, how is your Dad?”

She answered, “He is fine.”

Tara sank into the bed and started relax.

I then sat next to her on the bed and started to massage her temples and slowly ran the fingers massaging her eyebrows.

Tara purred and said, “That is really great.”

I pressed the ridge of her nose and then right down her temples into her hairs.

Since her hairs were getting ruffled, I lifted her head and loosened her bun. The hairs tumbled out and fell. The fragrance of her hairs wafted up.

I then changed my position, so that I could massage her head with both my hands.

I said, “Tara, relax. Just place your hands in the most relaxed position you can find. I will relax you of all your stress and thus your irritation.”

Tara opened her eyes, looked at me and said, “That is really sweet of you.”

I started to massage her shoulder muscles and then went up her head. I ran my fingers through her hairs slowly massaging each line on her head.

Tara said, “Where did you learn this massage?”

I answered, “I will tell you later. You just relax now. And let us talk.”

After about ten minutes of massage on the head, Tara said, “My neck.”

I kneaded the muscles on the neck sides and ran down the fingertips right down till the base of her neck.

I told her softly, “Turn over, let me get the back of your shoulders and neck.”

Tara said, “Okay.”

She turned over and said, “Aaaah. That really feels good.”

I massaged her neck from the back, while turning her hairs over her head.

I started to massage her shoulders from the back and ran down till her spine.

Placing two thumbs on two sides of her spine I pressed down hard right below her neck. Tara let out a small. “Ouch.”

I asked her, “Did it hurt?”

“No,” she said.

I continued with the massaging over her back.

The problem that I as facing was that her blouse had many hooks on her back and each time I pressed on the hook, it would hurt her.

I realized that this was no good. I asked her, “Let me un-hook the blouse. This is hurting you.”

Tara said, “Okay.”

Agonizingly slowly I un-hooked each of those hooks and removed the back of the blouse to two sides.

Then I started to press down on each square inch of her back with two thumbs and Tara went on saying, “Ah. I love it. This is really relaxing.”

Soon I unhooked the bra hook and took it aside.

Tara was lying there with her hands up position and had her head turned to one side. Her ruffled hair canlı bahis was looking really sexy. I was getting a real hard on, but told myself, “Every day can not be torrid sex day.”

I started to hold her lattice muscles and almost lifted her off the bed while pressing them.

Tara said, “Aaaah. That is really nice.”

When pressed the small of her back, Tara said, “Why don’t you massage my whole body?”

I said, “That is what I will do any way darling. I am just starting. I will take you to the moon and back today. Just co-operate with me.”

Tara said, “Just do what you need to. Just make me relax.”

I answered, “Yes, Maam.”

I nudged Tara to turn over and be on her back. Tara turned over.

When Tara turned over, Tara suggested, “Why don’t you take off my blouse and bra?”

I said, “No. Not now.”

Tara hissed, “I want to get taken, badly.”

I asked, “Why? I have done nothing so far to make you ache for a mighty fuck.”

Tara responded, “You don’t understand what I want.”

I answered, “I don’t care what you want. I know what I want and when I want it. So if your cunt is leaking already, so be it. I will take you when every bone in your body is aching for getting fucked. When your pussy juices are dripping down your leg!!!!”

I simply continued with my plan. I caught Tara’s hands and started to press hard onto the forearm and then her upper arm, assiduously avoiding her breasts.

Tara lifted her arms and discretely tried to uncover her boobs. In the process one of her nipples was exposed.

I disregarded this attempt and during the course of one movement, covered her nipple with the crumpled blouse.

I then started to run my fingers over her neck. Tara moaned and said, “Aaah. That is nice. Why don’t you go a little lower?”

I caught her shoulder muscles and pressed them hard between my palm and my fingers. Tara moaned out, “Wow that is really relaxing.”

Then suddenly, I changed my position and moved down the bed. I ran my fingers over her stomach and then slowly came near her saree diadem.

I said, “I will pull out the saree now. Suck your breath in.”

Tara said, “Okay.”

As she sucked her breath in, I slowly pulled the diadem out. And then un wound the saree from her torso.

Her Indian petticoat was fully visible and the six-inch slit in the petticoat front exposed some of her pubic hair.

Tara expected that I would plunge my hand at the prize of her pussy immediately through the slit. How wrong she was.

I then told her, “Tara, I will now loosen your petticoat.”

I pulled the drawstring out and pulled at one end. The knot opened out.

I put my fingers under her now loose waistband and loosed the petticoat and lowered it a little.

Tara said, “Why don’t you take it off?”

I said, “Darling, you really want to be made naked now is it?”

Tara said, “No, I want that fat dick of your throbbing inside me, as son as possible.”

I told her, “Darling, that dick is mine. This cunt is mine. I will take it when I like and the way I like and at a time of my choice.”

While I said that I ran my fingers over her pussy slit. Tara jumped up and said, “Aaaah. That is really nice.”

That did not provoke me into feeling the cunt again immediately.

I ran my fingers over her waist, which had the cord marks on it.

I kneaded the cord mark between my fingers and said, “Why do you wear something that marks your body like this?”

Tara said, “The petticoat leaves that mark.”

I said, “Just don’t wear the petticoat.”

Slowly I ran my hand under her petticoat and ran it towards one of her thighs.

I felt the panty.

I said, “Tara, take off that panty.”

“You take it off,” Tara answered.

I changed my position and put both my hands under the petticoat and held the panty sides with both hands and pulled it down. I got stuck on her swollen thighs. I gave one hard tug and it got free and came out from under the petticoat.

I left the panty at her ankles.

Tara tried to use her feet to set the panty free.

I stopped her and said, “Leave it there.”

Tara asked, “Why?”

“Just leave it there, I said!!!!” I barked back.

Then I returned to feeling her thighs from under the petticoat and squeezing them one by one.

I pulled my hands out and started to massage her thighs one by one from above the thin petticoat cloth.

I went down till her knees and then I stopped.

Tara asked, “Over?”

I said, “No. I will now lift your petticoat and massage your legs till your knees.”

Tara was surprised and said, “You want to tease me, is it?”

I did not answer. I slowly lifted her petticoat till her knees and ran my fingertips over her shin.

Then suddenly I caught her panty at her ankles and pulled then up towards her cunt.

Her legs opened up like a bow till the petticoat became tight across her thighs.

I slowly inserted my hands under the petticoat and started to feel her inner thighs, missing her pussy every time.

Tara moaned, “That is bahis siteleri exciting me too much. Please take me. Please.”

I started to massage her inner thighs.

Tara shouted, “Please take my clothes off and tear my cunt with that dick.”

I left her legs and stopped.

Tara yelled, “What happened?”

I slapped her hard on her face.

Tara shouted, “Ouchch. Why are you beating me?”

I said, “Shut up or else I will pierce your clit and put a ring on it and put an ear ring on it for ever!!!!!!!”

Tara said, “You are threatening me?”

I shouted back, “Yes, that I will torture your pussy and not fuck you, if you tell me what to do.”

Tara kept quiet and then softly said, “Just do what you want to do with me.”

I caught her panty and pulled it upwards and pushed the legs back towards her stomach.

Her petticoat slid all the way up.

Her pussy was fully exposed and the cunt hairs were glistening with juices.

I massaged the bottom of her things and then slowly lowered her panty hold and made her legs straight.

“Now, I will give you a full body Butter Massage.” And walked to the fridge.

I took out the butter tray and put it into the microwave cooker and put it on defrost.

When the butter was liquid and nearly hot, I returned and asked her to move over, while I prepared the area. I placed an oilcloth on the bed and moved her onto the oil cloth.

I said, “Tara. Ring your Dad and tell him that you are not free and that he should take cab and go home.”

Tara looked at me and said, “Pass the phone.”

Tara told her Dad. I am tied up somewhere. Dad, please take a cab and go to your home. I will come and see you when I am free or I will call.”

I asked Tara, “You are not tied up as yet!!”

Tara said, “Do I have to be tied up and the massaged?”

I said, “I don’t know. Depends on what I feel like doing with your body. If your leg muscles need to be stressed in a wide open position to relax them may be you will have to be tied up in a frog position!!!”

Tara gasped and said, “Is that what you plan to do?”

I said, “Tara, I don’t know. I want to relax you. Let me see where it reaches.”

I told Tara, “Lie down, face up. I will massage your entire body now with a new technique.”

Tara lay down, naked except for the crumpled but open petticoat and the crumpled blouse covering her boobs..

I placed a soft pillow below her neck and bent her head backwards.

I caught her wrists and placed her hands in hands-up position.

Then I said, “I will now kiss and lick every inch of your body. This is called tongue massage.”

Tara said, “I am sweaty.”

I said, “I like you salty.”

I kissed her on her eyes and then on her forehead repeatedly.

As I came down I told her, “Tara tell me if I have missed anything.”

Tara said, “Okay. Let me see what you miss!!!!”

I came down the whole shoulder and came near her breasts and missed them for kissing or massaging.

Tara asked, “No licking the boobs?”

I said, “You will see what I do with them.”

Then I went down to her navel and started to run my tongue into it.

Tara jumped up and said. “Aaaah. That is sooooo exciting. Stop, please stop. Don’t!! Please that is too much!!!!”

She tried to push my head away with her hands.

I caught her hands and put them up and said menacingly, “Any more attempt will be met with stern punishment.”

Tara said, “Please don’t lick the navel.”

“In that case, I will,” I said strongly.

I caught her by the midriff and started to lick her entire belly and the navel was being attacked with my tongue.

Then I flipped her over and ran my tongue over her backbone all the way down till her waist.

I decided that it was time for her thighs and said, “Tara spread your legs wide. I want to now lick the inner thighs.”

Tara tried to open her legs. I complained, “They are not open wide enough for me.”

Tara said, “You make them wider. But please touch that cunt. It is aching for the touch.”

I caught her legs and opened them as wide as I could. Then I crooked one knee and opened it wide up.

I slowly lowered my self between her thighs and stared to lick the inner thighs.

Tara cried out, “Aaaaah. Please, on the pussy!!!!”

I said, “Darling the pussy will be licked. But in good time.”

I informed Tara, “You will now get the butter massage. Get your cunt off from the bed. Get up!”

Tara exclaimed, “What is that?”

I tugged at Tara’s hand, and she staggered up and stood. She was a bit woozy with the pussy so hot, it appeared.

I flung an oilcloth on the bed. Then I motioned to her to lie down on the bed.

I took a large amount of liquid hot butter and applied it my palms and then started to apply it on her face.

I took it down to her neck and then on the nape of her neck.

Then I caught her hands and pulled them straight up and slowly pulled the blouse and bra off her.

Her proud breasts came out. The nipples erect.

I took some butter and applied bahis şirketleri it all over the breasts with rotating motion.

Tara hissed, “That is soooooo nice. Squeeze them. Pinch my nipples please!!”

I slowly took each nipple between my fingers and twirled them with oil.

Tara said, “Squeeze both of them. They deserve to be punished.”

I caught them both and started to really rough treat them.

Tara squealed, “Aaaaah. That is nice.”

I came down her torso applying the butter.

When I had finished applying butter all over her torso, I slowly lowered her petticoat down and took it off her legs with the panty still at her ankles.

I took a lot of butter and started to apply it over her thighs and then right down to her feet. I took each toe and applied the butter.

Every time the hand came near the pulsating pussy, she would tense up expecting to be touched on the cunt. But, I had decided that she has to be hot enough. Only then.

Then, I ordered, “Tara, turn over. Your ass has to be buttered.”

Tara was going slow. I caught her by her waist and flipped her over like a fish.

I took more butter over my palm and applied it liberally on the nape of her neck and quickly down her back. I sped up he operation, since I felt that the heart of her pussy might get lost and I will have to start over again.

I applied butter on the back of her thighs.

And then finally, I applied butter to the sides of my palm and slowly ran the edge of my palm through her crack between her bums.

Tara cried out, “Aaaah. That feels good. Put some oil into the ass. Please. It will be more fun when you take that hole.”

I said, “Okay. Part your legs a little. Let me finger your ass with some butter.”

Tara tried to part the legs. But the panty was stuck at the ankles. I told her, “Lift your bottom and then part the knees. I want the panty stuck ay your ankles.

She did as asked. I poured a little liquid butter into her ass. And with one sharp push inserted my fore finger in and applied the oil.

Tara hissed, “Please apply the butter on my cunt lips also. Why aren’t you touching that??”

I simply said, “You have to wait till I am ready.”

When I completed the operation, I made her lie down face down.

Then with one flip, I turned her over. She was slippery and the turning was easy.

She now lay face up. Her cunt was giving out a fine pussy juices odor and she was truly in heat.

Tara pleaded, “Ravi, please take off your pants and take out that fat long dick of your and fuck me, till I cry with pleasure and pain. Please Ravi. Open that pant. Take off all your clothes. Please. I want to see that dick”

I agreed with her and quickly peeled off my clothes. My dick sprung out and was throbbing. Actually, while teasing her pussy, I was really getting more and more tensed and wanted very much to fuck her. My dick wanted that pussy very badly. So I did not argue and took off my clothes.

Then I caught her panty and raised the ankles up parting her legs wide.

I asked her, “Do you like to co-operate or would you like to be beaten and only then get the pussy felt?”

Tara said, “I will co-operate. Tell me what I have to do. But just feel my pussy. I need your hand over it now.”

I took off the panty from her ankles and said, “Part your legs and relax the muscles. I want the pussy lips wide open on their own.”

Tara suggested, “Why down you tie my wrists with each leg? That way, my hands will be out of action and my cunt will be wide open for you!!”

I liked the idea. I asked, “Who has done that to you before?”

Tara said, “No one. I saw a blue film with you once and you had said that one day you would like to take me that way.”

I took some cord and tied her ankles with her wrist one by one.

Tara assisted and said, “Pull harder. More. Open the cunt more.”

When it was done, Tara said, “Push the knees down on both sides. Now. I want my cunt wide open for you!!!!”

I held the knees and pushed them down. The slit opened and an angry looking clit peeked out from behind the thick and wet cunt lips.

As I came down, I said, “Tara, time for your pussy to get some attention that it deserves.”

Tara said, “Please do it. I would love it.”

I placed myself between her legs and started to massage her boobs, while my erect dick ran right over her wide-open slit.

I picked up some butter and applied it on my throbbing dick.

Tara suddenly said, “Put that fat dick in my mouth. Let me suck it and get it want more. Please.”

She managed to say, “Fuck my mouth. Hard. Put it deep in and fuck it.”

I raised myself and went around and held the dick near her mouth. She raised her mouth and puckered and took in the tip of my dick.

She was sucking and licking the dick.

I started to pump the dick in and out of her mouth.

Tara was making some noise like, “Hmmmmm. Hmmm. Hnnn. Hmm. NNNN.”

She was sooo good at it, I was about to come.

I pulled it out.

Tara said, “Please give it in my mouth. Then give me the spunk in my cunt.”

I said, “No. Cunt only.”

I returned to my earlier position and started to play with her boobs.

I said, “Tara, let your cunt capture the dick as it runs over the slit.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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