Three At Last

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Several Sundays ago my girlfriend and I were in bed making love to each other. We were pretending that we were another couple that we know, trying to imagine how they act when they fuck. We both had two intense orgasms that afternoon. The first time we came together. She was on top, fucking me with my cock up inside her as far as it would go and when I started spraying cum inside her pussy it triggered her orgasm and she came with me. The second time she was on her knees with her bare chest on the bed and I pounded into her from behind. As I slid my cock in and out of her tight hole I reached in between her legs and played with her clit. When she started cumming she squeezed my cock with her pussy and it wasn’t long before I started to feel my cock swell up and the sperm start its trip from my balls. As I ejaculated I pulled out of her and shot my load all over her bottom. When I had squeezed the last drops of sperm out of my dick she rubbed some of it on her skin and into her wet slit and pushed her fingers coated with my cum into her love hole.

Afterwards, as we were resting on the bed, we started talking about having sex with other people. She told me that she and a guy at work, Rob, were talking about sex and he had asked her if she would ever have sex with a group of men. She told him that she thought that it would be fun getting fucked by several different men, having them all cum on her and in her, filling her pussy with their sperm, but that she probably wouldn’t because she didn’t like the idea that she might get pregnant from someone and not know who.

Then he asked her if she would ever have sex with another woman. She said that she never had but that she would if it was the right one, like his wife who is a gorgeous blond with huge breasts and a skinny waist.

He told her that he had just asked his wife Kelly the same thing and she said that she would like to as well but it also had to be with the right person.

Well, that weekend Rob told his wife that there was a girl at work who would be interested in getting together with her for some fun and he asked her if she wanted him to set it up.

She said, “I’m not sure if I would like it or not. I would like to somehow find out what this girls pussy tasted like before we got together”.

“How would you manage that?” Rob asked.

“Let me think about it” Kelly said.

Later that evening Kelly said that she had a plan.

“What is it?” Rob asked.

“See if this girl would let you fuck her one day after work and then come home and I’ll suck your cock and taste her pussy on it”.

Well, Jenny and I had discussed her fucking Rob even before this came up because he had been asking her to get together for some fun. She told me that she had heard that he had a soda can hanging between his legs that was almost a foot long when it was hard and that she would love to feel him working something that big in and out of her body, and depositing his sperm deep into her waiting baby making hole. So after talking about it for awhile we decided that if she wanted to fuck him it would be up to her.

The next morning at work, Rob told her about his wife’s plan. Jenny thought it over for a couple of minutes before she agreed to let him push his penis deep into her pussy to get it wet.

After work they got into their cars and drove down a secluded road and pulled off under some trees and got into the back seat of Jenny’s car. After they got settled they started taking each other’s clothes off. Rob pulled Jenny’s shirt off and was surprised to find that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She had taken it off on the way there because he had made comments about wanting to play with her breasts and she didn’t want to slow him down by having to take it off after they got started.

He started massaging her breasts and pinching her nipples until they were hard. Then he put his mouth over one of them and sucked on it and bit softly with his teeth. Jenny started getting very wet. She loves the feeling of someone sucking her tits. Soon she needed some attention between her legs so she lifted her bottom off of the seat and slid her skirt and thong bikini off. Rob took the panties from her and noticed that they were soaked all the way through. Her pussy had been running all day since they had decided that they were going to fuck that afternoon. He rubbed the panties all over her nipples, getting them wet, and then licked them clean. He kissed his way down her stomach to her pussy and found her hard clit and sucked it into his mouth.

After a few minutes of oral pleasure she reached down and unbuttoned his pants and he slid them down, freeing his cock. It was as big as she had heard it was and as hard as steel. He was leaking big drops of precum and she rubbed them all over his cockhead and got it wet. She got some of it on her fingers and rubbed it on her clit as he fucked her hole with his tongue.

After getting her pussy sucked and licked for a few minutes izmir escort bayan Jenny was very hot and needed his cock in her so she begged him to put in. He pushed her legs wide open and mounted her, placing the tip of his penis in her slit and rubbing it up and down to get it slick so that it would go in easier. Finally he started pushing it in. He went slowly at first so that he wouldn’t hurt her. Jenny has not had any children so her pussy is very tight and he was stretching her open farther than she had ever been. When he got the head of his huge cock past her tight opening she was in heaven. He pushed into her until he felt his cock hit the back of her vagina and knew that he was all the way in. He still had three or four inches of his cock left outside of her pussy that he wanted to try and work into her so he started stroking it in and out of her, slowly at first, until she got used to his size. Then he picked up the pace, pushing into her deeper and deeper with each thrust until he had it all buried inside her.

Jenny has strong muscles in her pussy and after her vagina stretched out to accommodate his size she started fucking him back, squeezing his cock. With her pussy clamping down on him he could only fuck her for a few minutes before his balls tightened up and he could feel his orgasm start. He pushed into her as far as he could and held his cock tight against her cervix as he let loose a huge load of semen deep into her potentially fertile womb. After he came, his cock remained hard so he kept it inside of her as she fucked herself on it until her orgasm hit. As she came he could feel her pussy spasming around his cock trying to milk more cum out of it. When she had settled down he pulled his softening cock out of her and quickly got dressed and headed for home. Jenny laid there on the back seat of her car resting and letting his sperm run out of her stretched out hole. His cock was so big that it left her pussy opened up and his cum flowed out of it and down through her slit, over her other hole and onto the seat. Jenny loved the feeling of a man cumming inside of her, filling her up with his sperm, but she wanted as much of it as possible to come out of her because she practiced natural birth control. While she felt certain that she had picked a safe day to let Rob fuck her she knew there was still a risk of getting pregnant. After a few minutes she reached down to the floor and got the roll of toilet paper that she kept there and started to clean their cum off of her and the seat. Then she put her clothes back on and drove over to my place.

As soon as she came in she started telling me about what had just happened. As she described what they did in her car my cock started getting hard. I took her into the bedroom leaned her over the edge of my bed and pulled her skirt off. I wanted to see her pussy after it had been ravaged by a big dick. She looked back over her shoulder at me and told me to pull her panties down. As soon as I did, more of his cum started flowing out of her and down her legs. I got out of my clothes as quickly as possible and grabbed

a hold of my dick and rubbed it up and down her slit coating it with his sperm and pushed it back into her vagina. Her pussy was very red and swollen from getting fucked by his huge cock and I was able to easily slide into her with no resistance. I was so hot from hearing about her and Rob that it wasn’t long before she got another big load of cum deep inside of her. When I was done she pulled herself off of my cock and laid down on her stomach and spread her legs, so that I could see our cum running out of her, and as it ran down over her clit she used it to masturbate with as I watched. As she came I could see her pussy opening and closing, pushing more cum out of it.

When Rob got home he told his wife what had just happened in the back seat of Jenny’s car. They hurried into their bedroom and she got his clothes off as fast as she could. His cock started getting hard as she began sucking on it and playing with his big balls. Kelly could taste Jenny’s cum on it and decided that she would like her pussy. She could also taste his cum mixed with Jenny’s and she knew that he hadn’t just put his cock into her to get it wet but that he had fucked her until he shot his load into her cunt. Knowing that Jenny was walking around with her husbands cum inside of her made Kelly very hot and she sucked harder on Rob, taking his whole length down her throat while squeezing his balls. She stuck her tongue into the little hole on the end of his cock and opened it up and then sucked hard, milking his dick with her mouth and hands. She soon felt his cock start to enlarge in her mouth and knew that he was ready to shoot. She pulled most of his cock out, keeping just the head in her mouth so that when he came there would be enough room to hold it all. Rob’s orgasm exploded into her. Shooting stream after stream of hot cum into her waiting mouth. She had to start swallowing because it was too escort izmir much for her to hold in her mouth and she didn’t want any of it to spill out.

The next day, at work, Rob told her what had happened when he got home the day before. He said that his wife liked the taste of her pussy and asked Jenny if she wanted to come over after work to play with her.

Jenny called me to ask if it would be ok with me and I said “sure, as long as you come over and tell me all about it when you are finished”. Then she said, “You know that Rob will be there too and he will probably fuck me several times and shoot his sperm into my pussy. Is it ok if I let him do that?” I said that it was up to her. If she was hot and wanted to let him fuck her then go for it.

On her way there she stopped by her house and changed into shorts and a tee shirt. When she arrived at Kelly and Rob’s house they were waiting for her in the living room. They sat and talked for a few minutes and then Rob told Jenny to come over and sit next to his wife on the sofa. As soon as she moved Kelly put her arms around Jenny and they started kissing. This was the first time for both of them so they were a little timid at first but when Kelly slid her tongue into Jenny’s mouth things started to heat up. As they were kissing Rob unbuttoned his wife’s shorts and slid them down her legs and tossed them to the floor. Then he pulled her shirt off so that she was completely naked. Jenny started to play with Kelly’s huge tits as they continued to kiss. Soon she got brave enough to lean down and take one of her nipples into her mouth and started sucking and gently biting on it. When the first one was hard and red she moved to the next one and did the same thing. As she was working on Kelly’s boobs Rob reached around her and unbuttoned her shorts and slid them down her long legs and took them off. He was surprised to see that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Then he slid her tee shirt off and discovered that she was bra less as well. As Jenny was working on her breasts, Kelly reached down between her legs and put her fingers into her pussy. Jenny had been turned on all day and her pussy juice was overflowing. Kelly got off of the sofa and knelt in front of Jenny spreading her legs wide. She kissed her way up Jenny’s legs until she could feel the heat coming from her pussy and proceeded to push her tongue in as far as it would go. She loved the taste of Jenny’s pussy and licked it clean. With her own juices running down her legs she grabbed Jenny’s hands and pulled her off of the sofa and laid back on the floor. She told Jenny to come and get on top of her. Jenny laid down on her and pushed her pussy against Kelly’s mixing their juices together. She rubbed her smaller tits on Kelly’s larger ones and felt her nipples get hard as they started kissing again. Then Kelly asked her to get up and turn around on her so that she could taste Jenny’s pussy some more. When Jenny lowered herself onto Kelly’s face she almost came when she felt Kelly start to lick her pussy again. This was the first time that she had ever felt another woman’s tongue licking her slit and Kelly knew right where to go. It was also the first time that Jenny had a pussy in front of her face but as soon as she tasted Kelly’s wet slit she knew that she was going to enjoy this.

As they laid on the floor working on each other Rob was on the sofa naked, stroking his big cock. After a few minutes of watching he got up and moved behind Jenny straddling his wife’s face. Kelly knew what he wanted to do so she took his big cock into her mouth and sucked on it, getting it all wet and then guided it to Jenny’s tight hole. When he pushed it in it surprised Jenny because she thought that she had come over to have sex with Kelly but she was so hot that she didn’t mind Rob fucking her because she needed something hard inside of her. It also surprised her because she had her face buried in Kelly’s pussy and didn’t see Rob get up and move behind her. He pushed it in as far as he could and then started fucking her slowly as Kelly continued to suck on her clit. He fucked her for several minutes until he couldn’t hold back any longer. He grabbed a hold of her hips and plunged into her as far as he could and filled her cunt with his hot semen. After he had pushed all his cum into her he continued fucking her until she came. As she was cumming her bottom was bucking up and down so much that Kelly had a hard time keeping her mouth on Jenny’s clit. Jenny sucked Kelly’s hard clit and pussy into her mouth and bit down on it sending Kelly into orgasm at the same time. After the girls had settled down, Rob pulled his cock out of Jenny’s hole leaving it wide open. His sperm came rolling out of her pussy, down over her clit and onto Kelly’s chin. Kelly went back to work on Jenny’s pussy licking her husbands cum off of her clit and sucking it out of her hole. Jenny continued sucking and licking Kelly’s pussy as well making her juices flow out of her and onto the floor. izmir escort Rob saw how turned on his wife was and decided to pump a load of sperm into her as well. He got between her spread legs and as Jenny guided his big cock to Kelly’s waiting hole she noticed that it was still very wet from when it was inside her vagina. As he pushed himself into his wife, Jenny sat up so that he could go deep into her. When she did more of his cum flowed out of her and into Kelly’s mouth. As Rob was fucking his wife he and Jenny started kissing making Jenny hotter and more juice came out of her and ran into Kelly’s waiting mouth. After a few minutes of kissing and fucking, Rob started to cum in his wife’s vagina. Kelly was in ecstasy. She had Rob’s cum shooting into her pussy from his cock and flowing into her mouth out of Jenny’s pussy. She sucked hard on Jenny’s pussy pushing her tongue as far as it would go up into Jenny making her cum again as she was kissing Rob.

When Rob pulled out of Kelly, Jenny went back to work on her pussy licking up Rob’s sperm as it came out of her gaping pussy. Even though she had sucked on my cock many times she never let me cum in her mouth so this was the first time that she had tasted sperm. She liked it so much that she decided that the next time we were together that she would let me shoot a load into her mouth.

When she was ready to leave later that evening her tits and pussy were sore from being sucked and fucked for three or four hours. Rob had his way with her body two more times that evening, pumping big loads of thick white sperm into her stretched out womb. The first time she was lying on her back and he fucked her missionary style while her head rested in his wife’s lap. Kelly had a hold of Jenny’s legs pulling her knees back onto her chest tilting her pussy up so that Rob would go deeper into her. When she felt his hot sperm flooding into her pussy she started to cum as well, squeezing his cock dry. The second time she was feasting on Kelly’s pussy when Rob got behind her, spread her legs open and started playing with her pussy. She knew what he wanted to do to her so she got up onto her knees so he could fuck her doggie style. She waited with anticipation for him to penetrate her again with his huge cock. He fucked her as she licked and sucked on Kelly’s pussy. She reached through her legs and gently squeezed his balls as he fucked her. She looked back at him and told him that she wanted him to fuck her as many times as he could and pump her pussy full of his sperm. When she said that she felt his cock twitch with anticipation inside her. He pulled out of her and flipped her over onto her back and immediately pushed his hard cock back into her. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him into her until she felt his cock bang against the deepest part of her vagina. He continued with long slow strokes pulling almost all the way out of her and then slamming back in. As they fucked Kelly got over Jenny’s face and lowered her pussy onto her waiting mouth. She sucked on Kelly’s clit pulling it into her mouth and biting it softly and licking her cunt from front to back pushing her tongue up inside her as far as she could. Rob was pinching his wife’s tits and kissing her while he fucked Jenny. She stopped licking Kelly for a minute when she felt Rob’s cock swell up, in preparation to shoot his seed into her, and pushed up on his cock bucking up and down until he couldn’t hold back any longer and filled her cunt to overflowing with his cum. When he pulled his softening cock out of her she went back to work on Kelly making her cum again after a few minutes of getting her pussy fucked by Jenny’s tongue.

When she left their house they agreed to do it again soon as long as Jenny could bring me along.

She came over to my house and started telling me all about Kelly and Rob. I was so hot that I stripped her clothes off so that I could fuck her but she said that she was too sore to take another cock into her pussy. I spread her legs wide and moved close to her pussy. I wanted to see what it looked like after it had been ravaged for hours by Rob’s big cock. She was still very red and quite swollen and there was sperm oozing out of her. After I was done looking between her legs she moved down to my cock and took it in her mouth. As she sucked on it she played with my balls and soon felt my cock get stiffer. I exploded into her mouth and shot spurt after spurt down her throat. She swallowed all of it not letting any spill.

The next morning when we woke up we talked some more about what had happened the night before. As we talked I pushed my fingers into her slit and was surprised at how wet she was. She said that it was Rob’s cum still running out of her. She said that his powerful ejaculations had forced semen so deep into her that she would probably be wet for a week as it ran out. Feeling her wet cunt made me get hard and I asked her if she was still too sore to get a good fucking before work. She didn’t answer me but instead got on top of me and carefully slid my cock into her wet pussy. She was still a little sore from getting stretched out by Rob’s big cock but she managed to take all of me inside her and fucked me until we both came.

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