THIS Doesn’t Happen Every Day!

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Big Dicks

“So how’s things?” John asked as he sat my bottle of MGD on the bar in front of me.

“Same old same old. You know how it is John,” was my less than enthusiastic reply. I took the first drink of my beer. It was so good to have a cold beer after the recent heat wave that had strangled the area.

John nodded his head in agreement, glanced down the bar to check on his clients and then leaned over the bar, apparently wishing to tell me something that he didn’t want others to hear.

“That may change,” he said in a voice barely audible to me. “I don’t know, but I think you may have someone checking you out over there,” he said as he glanced behind me to my left.

“Oh, Art, my man! She’s a looker too! Legs all the way up to her ass!!” he added with a grin before he resumed his duties.

I tried to use the mirror behind the liquor ahead of me, but couldn’t see any suspects. I figured I’d look in a moment, but first things first – my beer was getting warm!

Finishing the first bottle quickly, I had another in front of me in an instant, thanks to John knowing me so well. I nodded my thanks to him and as he picked up the empty he glanced over behind me, very nonchalantly, and started grinning.

“Hottie on the move!” he mouthed silently to me and walked away.

Within several seconds there was a person seating themselves on the stool to my left. I glanced to my side and was surprised. A leggy, voluptuous, dark haired angel was sitting down beside me!

Her skirt ‘accidentally’ slid way up her thighs as she squirmed into the bar seat and I took this opportunity to scan the flesh she exposed to me. She didn’t try to pull her skirt down, so I hoped that was a good sign.

“Was this seat taken?” I heard her ask. Looking up from my pleasurable distraction of her legs, I saw she was smiling at me.

“No. It was waiting for you,” I answered, smiling back at her.

“My name is Art. Glad to meet you,” I said as I extended my hand to her.

“Oh my! An old fashioned gentleman!” she exclaimed with a soft chuckle as she took my hand. Her skin was soft and I immediately had thoughts of how it would feel stroking my quickly enlarging erection.

“It’s nice to be making your acquaintance. I’m Jill,” she replied and snapped me back to the reality of the smoke filled bar we were in.

We began talking, and both continued drinking. Our conversation jumped from subject to subject and the drinks flowed down us like water over Niagara Falls.

Jill had ordered another round for us, and when she picked up her beer, she ‘clinked’ it against mine and said, “Over the teeth, onto the tongue. Touch me just right and you’ll make me cum!”

A wide smile immediately appeared on my face. “I like the concept behind your toast!” I said as my hand began sliding slowly up her thigh from her knee.

We continued talking and I was watching her as my hand rubbed her bare leg from just above the knee to just a half inch or so below her crotch. She seemed not to be bothered by it, so I didn’t stop.

As we talked and drank, I continued to enjoy her leg, noticing that she was ever so slowly parting her legs further and further apart. She had also slid a bit closer to the edge of the bar stool so since my hormones were fighting to take control of me, I surrendered and allowed them to do so.

I slid my hand up her leg with my fingers lightly caressing her inner thigh. I went far enough up her leg that I felt the light touch of her bush against the side of my little finger.

With that simple act, any doubt that she enjoyed my attention was eliminated. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri “Hmmm,” she sighed. “I like your touch. So gentle and sensuous.”

“And that’s just one hand!” I said with a grin. “Wanna see how both would feel?”

Our conversation continued, now leaning more heavily toward the sexual side of life.

“You drink MGD?” she queried at one point, grinning devilishly at me. “I though you’d want a Bush.”

I chuckled before responding. I leaned close to her and said, “I like warm Bush and cold MGD.”

She began laughing as hard as I was and when she lowered her hands from pretending to try to hide her face, her right hand landed on my leg with two of her fingers pressing against my fly. I could tell when she noticed the throbbing erection I had. She just sat there looking at me, seemingly surprised when she felt the rapid pulsations of my desire for her.

“So,” she began as her hand slid directly over the rock hard bulge she had encountered. “Is this because of me?” she asked as she rubbed the throbbing area of my jeans.

In my somewhat intoxicated state, my humor was let loose. “Well, if you’re the cause, you should be the cure as well.”

“I can cure that spasm for you,” she whispered in my ear as her tongue ran lightly over my earlobe. Her hand gently squeezed the thickness under her hand. “What would you do if I told you that you caused my pussy to get wet?” she asked softly.

Moving in my chair, not only to get more comfortable but also to give Jill easier access to the flesh her hand was coaxing into insanity from the lust she was bring out in it. Her touch was incredible, even through my jeans!

“Before I can do anything,” I began, “I’d need to examine it. Closely examine it.”

She slid to the very edge of the stool, turned to face me and parted her legs widely so her left knee was touching mine and her right knee was behind the bar stool I was on. She took my hand and discretely placed it against her private heat.

The back of my fingers rubbed over her soft hair and my index finger, seemingly without my control, slid between the puffy lips of her pussy. She was incredibly wet and I thought she was going to cum with just that one touch!

“Ahh!” she gasped as she inhaled quickly. “Oh, Art!” she said softly. “I think we better go,” she said as she pressed my hand tighter against her pussy.

“You need to get this taken care of!” she said as her hand rubbed over my hardness. I motioned John to get my tab and I squared up with him, and of course, included a generous tip for him.

“Have a good night, Sir!” I said as I handed him the completed credit slip.

“You too, Art!” he replied with a rare, happy tone to his voice. “See you tomorrow?” he asked with a ‘you old hound dog’ wink.

Jill and I walked to my apartment which was only a block away and when I unlocked the door, we went inside. As soon as the door was closed, she turned and gave me one of the most exciting kisses of my life!

“Now,” she said as her hands began fumbling with my belt. “I wanna see what you’ve been teasing me with!”

In almost no time, she had my jeans to the floor and was gently rubbing her hand over my swollen rod. “My God! You’re big,” she said as she wrapped her fingers around me. “I don’t think I’ve seen a man with one as big around as yours!” she giggled while still softly stroking it.

I had nothing to say and any thought that might have crept into my brain was erased as her cool, soft lips slid agonizingly slowly over the tip. I could feel her tongue wiggling against güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the underside as she slowly pushed me further into her mouth.

The desire to experience her taste grew so strong I soon pulled back and lifted her.

“Come with me,” I said as I lead her to my bedroom after I stepped out of my jeans, leaving them in a crumpled mess st the door.

I lead her to the side of my California King bed and removed her blouse and placed it on the nearby chair. Her bra quickly joined it on the chair. As I squatted in front of her, I gradually pulled her skirt down, kissing the newly exposed skin of her body. With each kiss nearing her hairline, her body quivered. Once her skirt was to the floor, I turned her and laid her gently on the bed.

Slowly moving in between her slowly parting legs, my kisses continued on the soft skin of her inner thighs as I progressed slowly toward her sweetness. My hands were savoring the contours of her body and she was softly moaning as her breathing became short, hot gasps of desire. Her hands were soon pulling me to her pussy, which I introduced myself to with a few flicks of my tongue.

I kissed her on the narrow strip of skin between her pubic hair and her upper thigh. She moaned loudly and lifted her hips. My tongue slid quickly into her opening as my fingers found her hard clit.

“Oh Jesus!” she moaned as my tongue slid up to where my fingers were massaging the evidence of her arousal. I took my time, savoring her body as if it was the most exquisite coffee I had ever tasted.

My quest to coax several orgasms from her had been successful and her body was limp from them. The thin veil of perspiration that coated her entire body glistened in the dim light filtering through the window.

“Come here you,” she whispered as she strained to reach me in an attempt to pull me on top of her. As I covered her body with mine, my raging erection centered itself in her saturated clit.

I lifted my hips and moved down slightly, giving me perfect alignment to her awaiting reward. As I moved up again, the thick head of my cock squeezed through the opening of her temple. Her hips lifted and I slid into her warm sanctuary.

Still taking my time to savor every sensation she offered unto me, I slowly stroked the full length of my cock back and forth within her as I fondled and kissed her breasts, neck, and cheeks.

She had several more small orgasms as I slowly climbed the mountain to the pinnacle of pleasure I sought for myself. When the peak was within sight, my tempo slowly increased. The hug her body gave my shaft as I stroked back and forth within her felt as if she had been measured and fitted for me.

Her legs were now wrapped around my waist and my balls slapped the firmness of her ass with each inward thrust I made. As my thrusts continued, I felt her squeezing my shaft, her body quivered, and a yell erupted from her that was so loud I was sure the cops would come running.

Her release was nothing short of amazing. I felt her cum squirting against me as I continued on my own journey to the bliss she was experiencing. It took only a few moments before I was filling her with the confirmation of my satisfaction.

Having both been drained of all strength, we lay in the relative darkness as we recuperated, the silence only broken by our breathing.

Eventually we had the strength to shower, after which I prepared each of us a grilled chicken salad, sprinkled with diced, honey glazed fried almonds and peanuts, a generous sprinkling of grated Jalapeno cheese, güvenilir bahis şirketleri all topped with a dollop of sour cream.

“Damn! This is fabulous!” Jill exclaimed as she paused from consuming her salad. “You can fuck like a dream, cook like this, and you’re still single?”

I chuckled and nodded my head.

We soon returned to the bedroom, cuddled close together and drifted off to sleep with my arm around her shoulders and her arm and leg resting on me.

Hours later, after answering a very persistent nature call, I returned to bedroom and found her laying on her stomach, totally uncovered and luring me to enjoy her again. My cock was already up for the task as I straddled her hips.

Giving my shaft a thick coat of oil, I pressed the tip downward. It slid smoothly between the firm cheeks of her ass and in no time, I was pressing through the orifice of her back door.

“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned softly. “I was hoping you liked anal,” she said as she slowly awakened.

“I especially like it with a lady that an ass like you do!” I whispered back as my thickness slowly went deeper.

We spent the following week together, both enjoying the sexual freedom to satisfy ourselves virtually anytime and any way we desired. In the evenings, after we returned from our jobs, we’d strip and not get dressed until we had to leave the apartment again.

One night, after deciding to go to a local restaurant for our dinner, as we sat at a dimly lit table in the one corner of the establishment she suggested we have some sex for dessert. I, being the idiot I am most of the time, thought she meant back at my apartment.

I soon discovered my error when, upon her return from the ladies room, she pushed the table back a bit and as she faced me, straddled my body. She positioned herself on my lap, facing me. Her firm and tastefully exposed breasts were dead in front of me as her hands quickly released my erection. Her hand positioned me at the opening of her pussy and she slid toward me, forcing my anxious flesh into her wet, warm cavity of delight.

Her discrete movements were amazing. I’m certain that to look at us, someone would have thought she and I were just having a very intimate, nonchalant, lovers conversation. In reality, she was working me into ecstasy with her hip movements and gentle, pulsating squeezes of her pussy.

What added to the excitement, other than the fact we screwing each other just a few feet from other diners, was the fact the we had to refrain from any vocalization of our pleasure.

I soon felt her cum flowing down my shaft and working it’s way into my pants. It slowly trickled down around my ready to explode sac and into my ass crack. I was certain I’d have a huge wet spot on the ass of my slacks, but I didn’t care at this point for my own release was looming precariously over me.

A few more of her hip gyrations and a couple squeezes from her pussy was all it took. I involuntarily began pumping my thick satisfaction into her while she continued her conquering of my resistance.

Having completed our mutually enjoyable desserts, after she carefully tucked my shiny, limp cock back into my slacks, we headed to the door and I paid the check.

Two days later, she had to return to her hometown and we said our farewells.

The following night, I decided to stop back at the bar and touch bases with ‘the gang’.

I walked in and sat down at the bar. John turned, saw it was me that had entered, and grinned.

“So how’s things? I’ve not seen you in over a week!” John said as he sat a bottle of MGD on the bar in front of me.

“Not the same any more! You know what I mean, John,” was my reply as I sipped my beer, trying hard not to allow the smirk inside my face to expose itself.

“You old hound dawg!” he chuckled, shaking his head in disbelief as he turned to greet the newest customer to the bar.

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