Thinking of You

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Big Tits

Dearest lover,

I just arrived home, and there is no one home. I am very pleased about that. I go into the house and put my belongings on the desk and head to my bedroom. The first thing I have to do is take off my shoes! Mmmmm, wiggle my toes. I wander around the room putting things away, slowly taking off my work clothes, looking for something comfortable to wear for the evening. I have no plans. I will fix dinner and help with homework, so something casual and comfortable is in order.

I am standing in front of a full length mirror in nothing except my white satin bra and matching panties. I do like to look at myself. I have three mirrors strategically placed around my bedroom. Most of them are angled at the bed. I love being home alone, I can play. I love to play. I turn on the CD player, listen to my favorite CD, and peel off my underwear. I trimmed and shaved my cunt a couple days ago, and it is still smooth down below. It looks nice, helps with hygiene, and feels nice, too.

I go to the dresser and take out canlı bahis a small cotton bag with a draw-string. This holds my toys. I have three. A small pearl colored one, about 6 1/2 inches long, narrow, with a curved end, to focus on g-spot. I have a cordless bullet. It is about 3 1/2 inches long but quite wide. It has a remote so that it can be inserted, and then turned on remotely by myself, or whoever has the remote. Makes for a nice surprise during dinner out, or at any of the most unexpected times and places. The third one is a small finger tip vibrator. It has a few small attachments with different sized nubs, for different sensations. It fits perfectly in a change purse, and can be used at work, or just about anywhere. I take out the 6 inch. I don’t need lubricant. I started getting creamy as soon as I got home and realized that I was going to have some private time. By now I am really wet.

I position the pillows behind me on the bed so I can sit up and watch what I am doing. Then, thinking about you, I spread my legs and bahis siteleri turn on the vibrator. I touch it to my clit, and slide it inside my cunt to get it wet. It feels so good. I pinch a nipple with the other hand, wishing it were your hands, your fingers, your cock sliding inside me. Sliding the vibrator in and out, and touching my clit. It takes about 3 1/2 minutes before I am moaning and writhing in my first orgasm. It feels so good. Releases the tension of work.

I turn onto my side and pull my legs up and insert the vibrator from the back, turning it so that it touches my g-spot. Mmmmmmm. Feeling my lips grabbing it, still pulsing from my orgasm. I reach for the fingertip vibe and touch it to my clit. In minutes I am screaming and thoroughly enjoying the second orgasm. I take the vibrator out and take a minute to rest, catch my breath. During this time I am getting the third vibrator. Sliding it deep into my cunt, I lay back into the pile of pillows. Knees up and spread wide so I can see, I slide the narrow, pearl vibe bahis şirketleri into my ass, and grab the fingertip vibe to touch my clit. It feels sooooo fucking good. I have always wanted a double penetration. My preference would be to be sandwiched between you and another man, but until that day, this will have to do. I can feel the two vibrators inside touching each other thru the sensitive skin. I suddenly am thrown into a wonderfully violent orgasm that makes me scream. I can ride it out for a couple of long minutes. It is wonderful!

Spent, but satisfied, I slowly clean up, put away the evidence of my private play time and dress carefully. Touching myself at this point will have me doubled over quite easily. My legs feel like jelly, and don’t want to carry my weight. But by the time my family gets home, I am feeling quite stable and dinner is almost ready. I guess you would never know to look at me that I crave sex. I don’t think I would go as far as to say I am a sex addict. (But maybe a nympho.) I enjoy my time, and don’t do anything that hurts anyone, including myself. And I would love to average about 15-20 orgasms a day! As it is, I think I average about 9-12. So I suppose I have nothing to complain about!

talk soon

hope you enjoy!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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