Their First Encounter

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It was the way she danced that first attracted him to her: the way she moved to the music – sensual, fluid, provocative – captured his eye and he couldn’t look away. He found himself aroused as he watched her. She seemed to be dancing for him, for his pleasure, swaying her beautiful body, moving in a way that gave him a glimpse of soft thigh and firm full breast through short partings of her wrap. He was amazed that her dance partner wasn’t attentive to her sexy display.

He suddenly realized that she was looking at him! Eye contact led to a small smile on her face, and he drained his drink and walked to her, cutting in politely. He gazed into her eyes as he came close and set his hands on her waist, not wanting to restrict her from her erotic dance, but she moved to him and wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing herself to him. The feel of her firm body against him gave him an erection which he was sure she could feel against her soft belly. Suddenly she rose on tiptoes and whispered, close to his ear “Do you want me?”

The ride to his house was a sexual joyride; she sat close, kissing his ear and neck, gripping and massaging his now fully-erect illegal bahis cock through his jeans. He drove with one hand, the other slowly caressing her velvety inner thighs and feeling the contour of her pussy through damp satin panties. He felt her fingers unbutton his jeans and gasped involuntarily as her warm fingers wrapped around his cock. She stroked him lovingly for a moment and then bent over and took him into her mouth. She kissed, licked and fondled him for what seemed like hours, until he finally turned in to his driveway.

They were to aroused for words as they made their way to his bedroom. He left her there for a moment, to put on some music – a dark sultry blues record – and pour some wine. When he returned, he found the lights lowered and she was lying, completely nude, on his bed, playing with a silk tie. She accepted his wine and took a sip, then set it aside and lay back as he undressed. He saw her smile as he sat beside her. “Are you mine?” he asked her quietly. “Yes, I’m yours for tonight.” she whispered.

He took the tie from her and lightly tied her wrists together and then to the bed. He then took a strip of lace and illegal bahis siteleri placed it over her eyes. She raised her head to let him tie it. He paused to gaze at her fine body and then knelt to kiss her. Her tongue flicked out urgently to meet his. He broke their hot kiss and lightly ran his hands over her flesh, cupping her breasts, lightly playing.. pinching.. rolling her hard nipples. and then down over her soft belly to her carefully-trimmed pubic hair. She opened her legs as he touched her, caressing her and opening her lips to slide a finger through her wetness. She squirmed longingly at his touch.

He moved to the foot of the bed and again took in the exquisite vision lying before him. Then he ran his hands up her legs, feeling the softness of her inner thighs. Reaching her sweet pussy again, he gently spread her and stroked her hard little clit with his thumb and knelt down and flicked his tongue into her wet slit. He bathed her with his tongue and then moved up to take her clit into his mouth, licking her little bud until she moaned loudly, raising her hips to invite him. He licked and stroked her with his tongue until he felt canlı bahis siteleri the rise of an orgasm. Just as her breath stopped and her body shook with the strength of her orgasm, he positioned his hard cock against her hot vagina and pushed inside her. She moaned loudly again as he entered her and she again brought her hips up to take him. He pulled out and rubbed her clit with his rigid cock before sliding inside her again and beginning to fuck her.

He stretched over her body and watched her face as he moved in and out of her, removing the lace blindfold so he could gaze into her eyes while he fucked her. Their lips again met and she kissed him wildly. He increased the tempo and she responded by meeting his fast hard thrusts. Feeling her passion begin to swell again, he fucked her incredibly hard, giving her the full length of his cock again and again. Finally he could hold off no more and buried his throbbing cock deep inside her sweet wanting pussy, groaning as he exploded inside her.

His orgasm seemed to trigger another strong one from her as well and they lay motionless for a moment, letting the wave of pleasure wash over them. Then he fell to her side, exhausted. She slipped her hands from the play restraints and moved to him, caressing his glistening body. Her hand again found his still-hard but spent cock and she stroked him lovingly, waiting for round two of her little adventure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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