Theatre Ch. 02

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Continuation of Theatre Pt. 1

The man I had been stoking removed my hand from his cock, taking over. He grabbed my head with his other hand, pulling me close in to his cock. His cock was bouncing off my face as he pumped away. A short stream that rolled down my chin was just the start.

His cock spewed load after load like a water gun. It covered the side of my face and the neck of Red. It was still twitching a bit when he turned my head and stuck it deep in my mouth. He fucked my cheek as I felt the last bits of cum trail to the back of my tongue. He pulled out and slapped me with his meat. “He told you to only worry about yourself and not her.”

Red then stood up and turned around quickly. She got right in my face and said, “You don’t listen very well do you?”

She grabbed my shirt and pulled me down the row of seats, bent over, until we were in the aisle. She pulled me down to my knees and pushed my head down to the ground. After a few seconds my head was pulled up and in front of me were two semi-hard cocks.

This had taken a much unexpected turn. How did I go from getting a little hand job from my wife to jerking off two men, getting a blowjob then pounding some hottie’s (Red’s) ass? All while my wife had some black guy’s seed leaking out of her pussy and sucking and fucking who knows how many men by now.

I took my que and grabbed each cock putting the left one into my mouth. Not being fully hard, I let go of his cock and pulled his ass towards me as I took him all the way to the base. I rubbed with my tongue, caressing the veiny underside and around his shaft feeling him slowly get harder. He grabbed my head and held me till his cock was hard as a rock. His cock head had entered the entrance of my throat when he started to fuck my mouth.

He pulled out with a loud pop and another cock lined up with my mouth. Each guy grabbed my head with one hand and they both pushed and stretched my lips wide and soon their cocks were side by side inside my mouth. They relaxed for a little bit as they stretched my lips and cheeks. Surprisingly my tongue started circling and caressing both cocks concentrating heavily on their heads where they came together. Slowly they both entered my throat and I felt my face go limp to accommodate them. They starting pumping faster and I felt them getting harder as they rubbed against each other and my tongue. They let go and another set of hands grabbed my head.

The two cocks slid out and the cock on my right, which I was jerking off, was forced into my mouth and he started to buck. My left hand found a wet cock I was just sucking and someone took my right hand to another cock. I couldn’t see details besides body shadows as it seemed that a crowd around me had blocked off the esenyurt escort light from the theatre. I pulled back and leaned to my right to engulf another dick.

Spit trailed down my chin to the floor as my mouth was used by the same 5 cocks while I was passed around and I used my hands to jerk off anyone I could find. I was trapped in a pattern of sucking and jerking each guy as they talked about how hot all of this was.

I felt someone shoot their hot, creamy cum all over the side of my face. My mouth was released from the cock I was sucking so I could clean off the cock that just shot me. Cum dripped down my cheek and I could feel some of the smaller globs starting to dry.

Just then an arm was wrapped around my neck and my head was pulled back from behind. It was Red. “See what happens when you don’t mind your own business?” Her grip on my hair or neck didn’t give at all. All I could do was moan. Two figures from each side of me came forward and stood over me stroking their cocks.

“Is this what you wanted to see?” Red was whispering in my left ear in the sexiest voice. “You wanted to see cocks fucking and now you get to see everything up close.”

It wasn’t long before the first guy shot a massive stream of cum that missed my face and hit the hand of the other guy. He redirected and shot the rest of his load over my face. The other guy pumped faster and the trail of cum from the other guy hung from his hand.

Red tightened her grip on me and asked, “You like this?” More cum landed on my face as the other guy unloaded his balls on me. Cum now trailed down my face and neck.

Red said, “Do you still want to see your girlie have fun?” I mumbled as cum leaked in between my lips. “Or maybe she would like to see you having this much fun.” Red licked some of cum from the side of my face and released me as the guys took my shirt off over my head. She then threw my head and body forward. I caught myself with my hands before my face hit the ground. Cum trailed to my nose.

Red reached around my waist and undid my shorts. In all the action I forgot that my cock had been sticking straight out of my fly this whole time. On all fours, my pants were pulled down to my knees and Red grabbed onto my balls pulling towards the ground. She let go and I felt cold lube being poured over my asshole. Without skipping a beat I was split as a cock was pushed into my ass and I heard the guys cheer.

I looked up from the cum puddle on the ground and saw feet shuffling around. The cock pulled out so just the head was in me. More lube was squeezed on me and the cock violating my ass as it started to fuck my hole. Another load was shot on me, this time on my lower back.

My head was gebze escort lifted up and a cock was shoved deep into my throat. I fought it as I started to gag. Just as his head was removed from my throat his dick started pulsing and filling my mouth. I swallowed quickly after each spurt, not wanting to taste what was happening. His cock was pulled away from my lips and he jerked off the last few drips over my nose and lips.

He put his cock away and I followed him with my eyes as he walked away. But, to my surprise, I came eye to eye with Maria. She was right there on my right watching me suck cock. Her face probably looked similar to mine; cum soaked. Maria’s eyes were fixed on the figure behind me as I was stretched and probed into inch by inch. I looked back at Maria who was moved directly in front me now and her attention was still on the figure behind me.

Once again I felt someone cumming on my back. I looked past Maria and saw that she too was being fucked from behind. That’s when I felt the man behind me bottom out as his pelvis bone dug into my ass cheeks. He bucked deep then grabbed my hips and slowly pumped my ass. Maria was now being drilled hardcore. She bucked back and forth with his movements, her face only a few inches from mine, as I rocked slowly with my fucker. Maria eyes were still fixed on my fucker as she now was moaning and I could tell she was cumming.

My fucker picked up pace and was fucking me like a true champ. I tried my best to ignore the burning sensation by watching my wife and not thinking about the cock or balls slapping me. Maria’s fucker stopped and I knew that he was cumming deep inside her. He pulled out his long 11″ cock and someone else filled her with another cock and proceeded to fuck her. The eleven incher walked around her and put his cock in-between us.

“Clean me up.” Maria leaned forward and started to clean up the one side of his cock. I followed and a mixture of pussy and cum filled my taste buds as we each cleaned up a side of his massive tool.

I felt a hot, slippery wetness inside me and I knew that I was being filled with cum. I paid more attention to the cock in me and I could feel it pulse and throb as it pumped more cum in my ass. The cock was removed, but quickly replaced with another one. This one felt larger as I stretched open more. All I knew was that I had to just go with it to stay relaxed.

This time the hard fucking started immediately. The cock in front of us had now disappeared and a new shaven one was put in front of Maria and I. “Suck your ass off my cock.” It sounded like Red. I glanced up and saw the tits and body of Red. Was Red a he?! I opened up and sucked HER cock clean. Was this is why Maria couldn’t take kartal escort her eyes of my fucker while I was being fucked-or maybe just loved the idea of me being fucked? The turn-on was incredible. It almost put a new spin on everything that was going on. I sucked her cock like there was no tomorrow.

My ass felt great and I started to really enjoy being fucked and tried to match each cocks rhythm. Maria had to have seen the change in my face as she now smiled at me with a wicked smirk. From the right side another cock came into view. It was being stroked and started cumming all over Maria’s face, my face, and Red’s cock. Maria grabbed Red’s cock from me and licked the cum off of it as I cleaned off the other cock.

Red’s cock disappeared and again another one was in front of us smelling like pussy and cum. Once again, together, we cleaned off another cock. The grip on my hips tightened and again I was being filled with cum. Then like a repeating record I was filled with another cock and was cleaning my ass off the one that just used me. This pattern continued and I counted 8 loads dumped in my ass and a few more on my back and face. It was unbelievable. My fuck hole was spread wide open and cum was dripping down my balls and cock; mixing with my own pre-cum before falling to the ground. Maria had this glazed over look in her eyes and I’m sure I had the same.

Thinking things had slowed down, maybe the gangbang was over, we were moved. Both of us now were on our backs side by side. Someone kneeled down between our thighs and grabbed our ankles, lifting them over their head. The emptiness in my bowels was filled as I was stretched beyond anything I had felt earlier. As the cock pushed deeper and deeper into me I watched my cock bounce up and down on my stomach and leak it’s sticky cream.

Red kneeled down next to me and said, “Is this the fun you were trying to see? Do you like what you see now? Red got up and a guy kneeled over Maria’s head and one over my head. They both stuck their cocks deep in our throats and bounced their balls off our noses. My mouth was locked open as my throat expanded to new limits. Almost simultaneously all four guys bottomed out and shot their cum deep inside us. As always, each spent cock was pulled out and another filled our gaping holes. Maria and I were fucked simultaneously like two puppets in their control.

It seemed like everyone had their fun and left when I saw Red walking back towards us. She pulled me up, knelt down and started sucking my hard on. God did I need to get off. Maria got up and crawled over to me and kneaded my cum soaked balls. It didn’t take much from Red’s hot mouth until I had to cum. I held back but I could feel my pre-cum oozing out of my prick. Red pulled my cock out of her mouth and jerked me off in Maria’s direction. Maria opened her mouth just as I had a huge, gushing orgasm.

Maria swallowed every last drop and Red disappeared again. Maria and I pulled our clothes on with what strength we had left and took a seat to catch our breaths and let reality settle back in.

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