The War Continues for Nurse Jenny Ch. 03

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Book Two, Chapter Three

This is a fictional account.


May woke first and returned from showering to find Jenny sitting up in bed. She had a worried look as May finished getting dressed.

“Something else wrong, Jenny?” May asked.

“No, but, May, please don’t tell anyone what I told you last night. I’m not sure Russ expected me to tell anyone. After all, they don’t have the official orders yet.”

“I won’t, Jenny.”

“Won’t what?” Bea groaned sleepily from her bed.

“Oh, darn, you’re supposed to still be asleep,” Jenny said.

“I have to pee,” Bea claimed. “What won’t May do?”

“Okay, I’ll tell you but you must swear to keep it to yourself,” Jenny stated.

“I will,” Bea said, sitting up in bed.

Jenny explained what Russ had told her the night before. That nothing was official yet but that they might be called up for duty on Guadalcanal.

“Who might be called up?” Bea asked.

“Third Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment,” Jenny said. “General Vandergrift is calling them up in anticipation of another Japanese offensive.”

“Oh, shit, really? That means a bunch of my friends will be going too,” Bea claimed, now getting out of bed.

Jenny and Bea walked to the showers together. Bonnie and Jackie were already in the first two showers, so Bea and Jenny took the back two. Jenny hated these back showers with the peephole in the wall and she always glanced up to see if anyone was watching. Fortunately, no one was this day.

As the four women walked back towards the barracks together later, Bea and Jenny got more of a chance to talk. Jackie and Bonnie were a few steps ahead, talking together.

“Those two were sure getting their dance cards punched last night,” Bea stated.

“Yeah, they were, the guys can’t get enough of them. But you were doing just fine from what I saw,” Jenny responded.

Bea laughed, “Yeah, I did alright.”

“What does that mean?” Jenny asked, believing Bea was talking more than dancing.

“Jenny, I’m afraid I’m becoming more like Viv and Dorrie every day. This war is getting to me like it has them,” Bea said, extracting a cigarette from her pack in her robe pocket.

“Why do you say that?” Jenny asked.

“Oh, well, I shouldn’t tell you this, because I don’t what you thinking ill of me, but I was naughty last night,” Bea claimed with a slight giggle as she lit up.

“What do you mean?”

“The five guys I was mostly dancing with last night.”


“Well, two of them got pretty drunk and passed out at the party but the other three and I found a spot in one of the supply tents,” Bea allowed.


“Yeah, I had sex with all three of them,” Bea admitted.

“Bea, you didn’t!” Jenny gasped.

“Actually, I did … and you know what? It was fun. I’m not sorry I did,” Bea stated, taking a drag on her cigarette. She was smoking as much as Viv and Dorrie these days too.

“Oh, god, Bea!”

“Yeah, I know, pretty slutty of me, huh?”

“Did they just take turns on you?” Jenny asked, acting more intrigued than she intended.

“Geez, Jenny, don’t make me tell you all the sordid details, but it was pretty much all three at one time switching off,” Bea related.


“You know … or maybe you don’t … me bent over, one in the front and one behind, while the other plays with your hanging tits or his dick’s in your hand.”

“Oh, god, Bea!” Jenny said, as if shocked, but she could feel more than that as a reaction.

“The worst part is concentrating on everything at once,” Bea bemused.

“My word, Bea!” Jenny exclaimed too loud.

“What?” Jackie said, turning as they approached the barrack. Bonnie did too to see why Jenny was saying that so loud.

“Nothing,” Bea said.

“Jenny, is it normal for those guys to be packing like that?” Bonnie asked pointing to some Marines loading supplies and carrying full packs.

“Oh, geez,” Jenny exclaimed, but to no one in particular.

“What?” Bonnie asked.

Jenny took off in a run for the headquarters building. She forgot all about being in her robe with just underwear on underneath. Jackie and Bonnie looked on in shock.

“Jenny, wait!” Bea shouted but to no avail.

“Where’s she going in her robe?” Jackie asked.

“She’s going to see the good Lieutenant Colonel,” Bea foretold.

“Why?” Bonnie asked.

“I believe what you’re seeing ladies is the 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marine regiment getting ready to deploy to Guadalcanal,” Bea related. “That includes the handsome Colonel.”

“Oh, my!” Bonnie exclaimed. “You mean most of those men we danced with last night are going off to fight the war?”

“That’s exactly what I mean,” Bea said. “Excuse me please. I have to get dressed quickly and see some Marines of my own before they leave.”

Bea felt the first raindrops as she ran inside. May was waiting for them to go to breakfast but Bea quickly related what they had seen and where Jenny was. May rushed out to find Phil, even as the drizzle turned to a steady rain. She güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri was soaked and getting her feet muddy before she was fifty yards from the barracks.

Jenny reached the headquarters wet, dirty, and out of breath. She rushed into the Colonel’s outer offices and asked his adjutant to see the Colonel right away. Everyone on the base knew of their relationship, so the adjutant didn’t even bother to ask why. With a glance to her robe and a grin, he asked her to take a seat while he informed the Colonel and left.

Jenny sat and it gave her time to catch her breath. She tried to make herself look more presentable but that was not really possible given her wet hair, muddy shoes, and lack of even a brush. The adjutant came out of Russ’ office and greeted her warmly.

“The Colonel will see you now,” the adjutant said, as several of the officers Jenny knew from the base filed out of the Colonel’s office and gave her passing grins and nods hello.

Jenny returned the smiles and nods but rushed into the Colonel’s office and closed the door. Russ had been sitting at the desk but he was standing now and came around one side to meet her.

“Jenny, what the hell are you doing here dressed … “

“Russ, I saw the men packing! Is it true? Is it happening already?”

“Yes, Jenny. We depart this evening at 2100 hours.

“No, that isn’t fair! Can’t they give you more time?”

“Actually, I couldn’t tell you for sure last night, because of orders, but I’ve known for sure we were going since the 14th,” Russ said.

“You knew and didn’t tell me?” Jenny shouted.

“Jenny, please,” Russ said, trying to calm her down, “I couldn’t tell anyone under orders. It had to be that way.”

“But last night … you let me … you could have told me before …” Jenny shouted.

“Jenny, please keep your voice lower. I couldn’t tell you for sure. I really wasn’t even supposed to tell you what I did, but I knew it would be obvious to all in the morning as we prepared,” Russ asserted. “Besides, I wouldn’t have changed a thing, would you?”

“I ahh … I might have … I mean I could have … oh, I not sure of anything right now. All I know is I don’t want you to go. Can’t you get out of it somehow?” Jenny pleaded.

“Jenny, I told you last night this was inevitable and you wouldn’t respect me if I didn’t answer the call of duty.”

“I would too! You don’t need to prove anything to me,” Jenny expounded.

“Would you have done anything differently if I’d told you earlier?” Russ asked taking her hands in his.

“Ahh … I umm … Yes … No … Yes,” Jenny said, and then hugging him and kissing him as tears filled her eyes.

“Which is it?” Russ asked with a chuckle, kissing her back.

“Shut up and kiss me, Colonel,” Jenny allowed, tears running down her beautiful face.

They kissed for several minutes until Russ held her back, “Now why are you dressed like this?”

“We were walking back from the showers when we saw the troops preparing,” Jenny stated, a smile now brightening her cute face. “I must look a sight.”

“You look beautiful to me,” Russ claimed jokingly.

“You like this, do you?” Jenny said, laughing and untying the belt of her robe.

It fell open, revealing her matching white cotton bra and panties underneath. She opened it further with her hands. Russ drank in her beauty and body with his eyes and smiled.

“I might have planned a better send off if you’d given me more time,” Jenny mused.

“This is wonderful as you are,” Russ claimed, with a laugh.

“Will there be time later?” Jenny asked.

“I doubt it. I have a lot to do before we leave tonight,” Russ stated.

“Does that door lock, Colonel?” Jenny asked with a mischievous grin.

“No, but are you serious?”

“Yes,” Jenny proclaimed.

“Wait a second,” Russ said.

He walked to the door, opened it a crack, and told his adjutant not to disturb him. When he shut it and turned to Jenny, she dropped the robe on a chair and beckoned him to her. Russ laughed as he walked back to where she stood by the desk.

“This is quite against regulations, PO2,” Russ said smiling.

“Does this PO2 not please you, Colonel?”

“Oh, yes, very much,” Russ said.

“Then shut up and come here,” Jenny commanded, holding her arms out to him.

They kissed for a while but Jenny knew he couldn’t dally long. She backed up onto his desk and pulled him with her. Her hands unfastened his belt and buttons as they kissed. Russ’ hands palmed her bra covered breasts and teased the nipples to stiffness through the material. When his pants dropped to his ankles, she pushed his underwear down too. His semi-hard cock bounced free of its confines and into her hand. They kissed until she had him hard with her hand.

Jenny leaned back on the desk and pulled Russ between her legs. She pulled her panties to the side, exposing her sex to his gaze. Russ got his first look at her blonde pubes and the pink gash below. Her hand had not left his cock and güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri she guided him into her. She was not totally ready but he managed to enter her slowly. They fucked and kissed with a passion neither had felt before. They went slowly at first, until her pussy moistened, and then she pulled him tighter.

Russ brought her along, until her first orgasm arrived and peaked, and she hugged him to her, quivering through the bliss. They kissed feverishly for several minutes and then he started again with some urgency. Jenny wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him deeper as they fucked. Russ managed to get her off once more but it was all of her body his pleasured cock could take. At the last second he pulled back, his cock popped free of her cunt, and bounced above her belly. They both watched as he erotically and forcefully shot ropes of white thick sperm onto her tummy. When it was over, they hugged and kissed again.

Russ looked around the room for something to wipe her off with but Jenny just smiled and grabbed her robe. She put it back on and tied it around her waist. She smiled at him the whole time and he laughed at her as he pulled his clothes back on.

“You walking back like that?” he asked.

“Yes! It will give you an image to think about while you’re away from me. Me walking back to the barracks with your sperm on my tummy,” Jenny exclaimed with a naughty giggle.

“I didn’t know you were such a bad girl,” Russ said.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me yet, Marine. So come back to me so you can find out,” Jenny pleaded with a smile, but a serious edge to her tone.

They kissed for several more moments before he walked her to the door, “Promise me, you’ll come back to me, Russ,” Jenny begged.

“I will, my love,” Russ avowed.

They kissed one more time before he opened the door and she left. She hadn’t replied to him that she loved him too. It made her cry. ‘I’m not ready,’ she told herself, but the truth was she was scared. I’m too scared of losing him and being crushed. “I should have said it,” Jenny told herself.

As she walked back in the rain, she cried softly. It was somewhat hidden from all the passing and busy Marines and sailors by the dampness of the rain on her cheeks. Quite a few whistled at her but, she just walked, ‘If they only knew what I had under this robe they’d really be whistling,’ she thought and managed a slight smile.

The Tokyo Express completed runs to Guadalcanal on September 14th, 20th, 21st, and 24th. They succeeded in bringing in much need supplies and a small force of about 280 men from the 1st Battalion to Kamimbo on Guadalcanal. General Kawaguchi had plans to add 17,500 more men and equipment to Guadalcanal in anticipation of another attack against Henderson Field on October 20, 1942. For this, the Japanese 2nd Infantry Division and the 38th Division were both moved from the Dutch West Indies to Rabaul for plans to be taken by Tokyo Express runs to Guadalcanal.

With the break in the air battles over Henderson Field, because of bad weather between September 14th and the 27th, the Allies copied the Japanese in adding reinforcements to the Lunga perimeter. Vandergrift called up, between September 14th and the 18th, the 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment from Tulagi, 4,157 men of the 3rd Provisional Brigade that were part of the 7th and 11th Marine Regiments, as well as a convoy loaded with vehicles, supplies, and equipment. These additional forces allowed Vandergrift to secure a solid line of defense around Henderson Field.

During the resupply of Guadalcanal, and herself carrying troops to be delivered, the U.S. carrier Wasp was torpedoed and sunk by a Japanese submarine. This left only one U.S. carrier, the Hornet, operational in the area at the time.

Both sides took the time with the break in the air war to resupply planes. The Japanese added 85 fighter and bomber aircraft to Rabaul, while the U.S. brought in 23 fighters and attack aircraft to Henderson Field. The Japanese outnumbered the Allies in land-based planes 117 to 71. The air war started again on September 27th, with planes from Rabaul attacking, which were answered by those from Henderson Field.

Starting September 24th, and until early October, Vandergrift had his men conduct a series of raids upon Japanese positions. Vandergrift knew that Kawaguchi’s forces were amassed to the west of the Matanikau River, with other smaller elements scattered outside his defensive positions at Lunga.

To keep the Japanese from establishing positions right up to his Lunga perimeter and back, west of the Matanikau River, Vandergrift attacked the Japanese forces with several raids. One was a disaster and required three companies of Marines to be evacuated by destroyer and the U. S. Coast Guard after heavy losses. A second, larger raiding party, caught the newly unloaded Japanese 2nd Infantry unprepared and inflicted heavy casualties. Both actions served Vandergrift’s plan of keeping the Japanese back from his lines and güvenilir bahis şirketleri hindered their efforts to regroup for the planned attack late in October.

In October, both sides continued adding forces to Guadalcanal. The Japanese Navy had promised to support the Army in whatever they needed to win the battle for Guadalcanal. In addition to the air attacks planned from Rabaul, the Japanese Navy planned to attack Henderson Field by ship and destroy the planes and airstrip with special high explosive rounds. The night of the 11th, the Japanese planned another Tokyo Express run to deliver 728 men and equipment, while simultaneously planning in a completely separate action, a naval attack on Henderson Field.

Ironically, the Americans had resupply plans of their own that night, which called for elements of the Army’s 164th Infantry Regiment to be delivering 2,837 men, to aid the Marines on Guadalcanal. Task Force 64, consisting of four cruisers and five destroyers was sent into the Slot to interdict any attempts by the Japanese to destroy the transports.

The U.S Naval force, commanded by Rear Admiral Norman Scott, surprised the Japanese force of ships, commanded by Rear Admiral Goto, which was headed for Henderson Field. The Americans fired first and destroyed one heavy cruiser, one destroyer, and heavily damaged another heavy cruiser. The Japanese force retreated but managed to sink one U.S cruiser, one destroyer, and damaged another cruiser. Goto died in the exchanges between the ships, and his force retreated without completing their mission against Henderson Field. In the morning, the CAF once again took to the air from Henderson Field, and sank two more Japanese destroyers. Both opposing forces managed to make their landings of troops unmolested.

When the 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment left Tulagi that night for Guadalcanal, an eerie silence fell over the camp. With bad weather affectively grounding everything, the nurse’s extremely strenuous activities came to an abrupt halt. The lull in the war gave all the nurses more time to catch up on many of the neglected things.

To keep from thinking about Russ, Jenny had time to respond to letters from Jerry and Brad. May also wrote to Ben, and more new mail arrived from the States just as they were finally mailing responses to old letters. Now, they had those to read and answer too. The only good news for Jenny was a letter from home that said her brother had yet to be deployed to either Europe or Africa. At least that was good news, and she didn’t have to worry too much about him yet.

Russ had smoked cigarettes, as most GIs did, and somehow Jenny had indulged occasionally. She had, in the past, given her weekly supply of cigarettes, which in those days the military furnished without question, to her friends. Now, like practically everyone else, she had a pack with her constantly. She only smoked a few a day, not like Viv, Dorrie, and Bea who went through a pack a day easy. May had tried it along with Jenny but had not liked it enough to continue. Of the new nurses, Rose, Thelma, and Darla all smoked but Bonnie and Jackie didn’t yet.

With the reduced activity, the nurses got fewer hours per shift, more breaks, and time to take better care of the wounded still to be transferred out. Kindnesses that were not possible, time not permitting before, could now be done. Nurses even spent hours of their free time tending to the wounded. Sometimes it was just someone for them to talk with. A pretty face, soft caring voice, and someone to light a cigarette for those too wounded to be able to do it themselves.

With the temporary reduction in forces on Tulagi, even the parties dropped in frequency. Most of the Marines and sailors the nurses had partied with were gone. Viv and Dorrie still had enough left to stay busy, and Bea had two of her five best men still around, but May and Jenny had plenty of time to worry about Phil and Russ on Guadalcanal.

Sure there were still parties, and all the nurses attended but, the size and numbers were down. The phonograph was still available for music and dancing but, the supply of alcoholic beverages was dramatically down. Also, the heat, rain, and mosquitoes made any outside activity a chore. Other than walks along the beach, which was still constantly patrolled, and where it was more pleasant, life was boring and miserable.

Jenny had gotten to know one boy in particular on her off hour rounds in the infirmary. She spent a lot of time there and knew everyone by name. They knew her too and always looked forward to when the pretty nurse showed up.

The guy Jenny felt the most sorry for, and maybe it was because he had hand wounds like Jerry, was a smart but sort of awkward acting Jewish boy from Queens, New York. Jenny liked his accent and he said he liked hers too. He was young, barely nineteen, and couldn’t even light his own cigarettes with his burnt and bandaged hands. She would make her rounds of all the wounded but usually stop and talk with him for a while.

His name was David Shuler. His family had relatives in Poland and France. He told Jenny they had lost contact with the families in Poland. He hated the Germans and decided to enlist. He was disappointed when he was sent to the Pacific. He had wanted to go fight the Germans, but now it looked like his fighting days were over.

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