The Visit

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Tony, Trevor and I were relaxing on the pool deck on a lovely Florida June day. They were visiting just for a week’s break from the UK. Buying a few cars for taking back and re-selling, something they did twice a year. The wife had gone on a four-day cruise with her mother to the Bahamas

I told them that are weekend was going to be interrupted by a visit from my friend Monique, who was flying up from Miami, and staying for the weekend, she wanted some photos taken of herself and my office/studio was ideal. Quickly adding, that they were going to be mainly portraits, and not what was going through their filthy minds. Not bothering to tell them of my previous experience’s with her. Something’s are best kept to oneself.

The following morning we all jumped into the truck arriving at Tampa airport a little later that planned but was pleased to see Monique waiting outside the terminal all dressed in black looking fabulous. The boys just sat and stared and I think I heard a few.

“Oh my God.” coming from them, which made me smile.

I jumped out to get Monique and her case; I settled her in the back seat and asked Tony to drive us back while I got in the back with Monique. I am sure I saw a flash of stocking top as she got in, had to check that out. I made the introductions and we all chatted away as we drove back home. At one point Monique leaned over and whispered in my ear.

“Are you all going to take advantage of me.” I leaned over to her with my hand on her leg and whispered.

“Most probably.” And at the same type stroking her leg to test for the telltale bump of a suspender button, it was there.

We got back to my house we all settled down around the table on the pool deck the boys and I on soft drinks, and of course gave Monique wine, she had a few bourbons on the flight so was feeling quite relaxed. After about an hour I went inside to get fresh coffee made. I came back to find the lads had Monique sitting at the multigym trying to pull weights without much success. Tony suggested she tried it standing up which she did, of course, as there was 350lbs of weight to pull, very little hope, he suggested she used the straps and placed them around her wrist which effectively left her standing there with her arms above her head, legs astride the seat completely ready to be taken advantage of.

The Lads had sat down to enjoy the view while I went over to Monique and whispered in her ear.

“The games have commenced.” We watched as the broad smile came over her face.

Trevor had gone inside the house and retrieved a pair of flight blindfold which I placed over her eyes , I then I undid the ties to her wrap around skirt and removed it, undoing the buttons on her blouse and pulled it open. We all then sat back to admire her standing there in a black see through bra, black silk boy shorts style panties and black suspender/garter belt and stocking. We all agreed a beautiful sexual being to behold. Even at 43, and a mother of three.

After just a few minutes, I held a glass of wine to Monique’s lips and folded the seat away from her legs. I could feel her tremble as I lowered her panties to the floor and slipped them off, a quick glance back at the lads I could see the show was meeting their approval. I sat on the floor leaving my tongue at perfect pussy height to stroke Monique’s thighs, and lightly stroking her pussy lips. Then started to lick her inner thighs, and approaching her honey pot with my tongue until I felt her shudder and her clitoris-craved attention, which I flicked and licked with my tongue until I could hear her breathing getting heavy.

The Lads in the mean time had come either side of her and undone her bra and were each gorging on a breast each, with their hand roaming all over her body. Trevor of course being a bum bandit that he is, had his hand roaming her arse and probably inserting his finger up there. Her first orgasm came with a low moan from Monique and a do not stop plea, as if we would. Tony nodded to me that he was desperate to fuck; I stood up and took over his side position. While I kissed her, neck and stroked her nipples, which by this time were like organ stops. Tony dropped his shorts, Trevor and I supported Monique, while Tony lifted her legs either side of himself, his cock found the path into her well lubricated pussy with no effort, Of course with the blindfold on Monique has no idea who was doing what. It was doubtful if she cared as Tony got a good rhythm going as he pounded into her, the sweat zümrütevler escort bayan was pouring down between Monique’s breasts with all the sexual attention she was getting. After only a few minutes, she kept repeating.

“Do not stop.” to all of us.

Tony speeded up his thrusting until he exploded inside of her, still pumping away as he went soft in her. We put Monique’s legs back on the ground, released her wrists from the straps and took her blindfold off.

“How do you feel?” I asked,

She smiled. “I will let you know when I come down from the high” she replied smiling.

She dashed into her room for a cleanup, came back out in ten minutes with a bikini on after her shower and jumped straight in the pool and swam up and down the pool for fifteen minutes getting her arms and legs back to normal after being virtually hanging in mid air for all that time. We just sat and watched her from the pool deck waiting for her to get out from the pool as I had another surprise in store. The razor and shaving foam at the ready.

Monique came out of the pool and flopped down on the sun lounger to take advantage of the Florida sunshine; I came over to her and said.

“It’s got to go.”

“What!” she replied then noticed the shaving foam can in my hand.

“No way.” she said, we all laughed.

I undid the ties at the sides of her bikini bottom and they were whisked away. I sat down astride the sun lounger and lifted her legs, putting then over mine giving me wide open access to her pussy and with the Lads holding her arms, I trimmed away as much as possible with scissors. Then warming the skin with water, applying a big shot of shaving foam and of course, you have to rub it in well, using a nice old-fashioned soft shaving badger brush. This has the desired effect, her struggle stopped, and she lay back enjoying the feeling. The razor came out and shaving started, very carefully, I might add, and for the technical reader I recommend the manual Gillette Fusion, never going over the same area more than twice and keep brushing the foam in. Monique certainly enjoyed the Badger haired brush whisking around. In ten minutes, we had finished. Rubbing in some baby oil to keep the skin lubricated afterward helps as well, the lads all stood back to admire my handiwork. Three pairs of hands applied a liberal coating of sunscreen all over her body to her much enjoyment; we left her soaking up the Sun for a while.

An hour later Tony and Trevor had to go out on a bit of business, and would be eating out that evening, so I turned on the hot tub to heat the water up for a soak; Monique was still enjoying the sunshine on the pool deck, as I jumped in the hot tub. She must have dozed off; I saw her wake with a start.

“Perfect.” She said, “Just what I need.” She ambled towards me.

Of course, my eyes were fixed on her smooth new look, as she got to the spa and jumped in, I had a raging hard on going on under the water just looking at her nakedness,

“How’s the weekend so far?” I asked.

“Active” she replied and added. “I did like your shaving brush.”We both laughed.

We chatted about the photographs I was to take the next day, and Monique who was sitting opposite me, noticed my hand under the water playing with my hard on and said.

“I think he needs to come home.”

She stood up and settle herself astride me and with her hand guided me inside her honey pot, her nipples were at perfect mouth level and I gorged on those beauties at she did all the work. Her internal muscles squeezed my cock inside of her. I did not take that long to reach the inevitable as she swallowed up my load, she kept up the strokes until she came herself. After, we both sat back in the tub, and relaxed.

“I need a nap, I am exhausted!” she said.

“Me too,” I said. We both went into her room and within five minutes were both asleep.

Just over an hour later I woke, I was getting hungry and guessed Monique was as well, I woke her with a bit of stroking that made her purr as she slowly woke up, I pulled on my shorts and a T-shirt. She just wore a large T-shirt, as we went to eat, drink, and watch a bit of TV.

Some two hours later, the Lads arrived back and as we all sat around chatting, I could see that Trevor was getting antsy, he had yet to partake in much activity. Monique has stood up and was standing at the back of the sofa ,which I was sitting on, leaned over to kiss aydınlı escort bayan me goodnight and of course her T-shirt rode up to display her beautiful arse. Without missing a beat Trevor lifted her T-shirt and started to stroke her arse, he dropped his shorts and his cock delved between her legs.

“Hold that thought,” he said, as he rushed into his bedroom.

Leaving Tony to stroke her clit and keep her on the boil. In the meantime, I am playing with her nipples as she leaned over, and kissing her. Trevor returned with his cock well lubed with his Astroglide lubricant tube in his hand. Monique expecting just a pussy fuck opens her legs wider, then felt Trevor’s finger going into her arse to lubricate it for entry. She stared into my eyes and mouthed something I could not understand, her eyes suddenly lit up as she realized what was happening as Trevor slowly eased his cock into her arse.

“Just relax.” I said to her.

“I might just tell you the same, when you have a cock up your arse she said in mock indignation.”

That brought smiles all round as Trevor continued to slowly fuck her arse as Monique held onto my shoulders for support, as she got more into it she started to push back to slowly get it deeper inside of her. Trevor was holding onto the side of her body as his action increased in speed, both their breathing rate became more rapid, Trevor reached his climax and spurted his cum deep inside her, he let out a wild whoop and slapped Monique hard on the arse as his victory salute. I got up, helped Monique stand up from her bent over the sofa position, and helped her to her room. She sat on the bed while I ran a bath for her and we talked.

“Been a very interesting day, will tomorrow be similar?” She asked.

“Probably, If you’re feeling up to it.” I replied.

“Let’s go for it then, but I must get some sleep. Wake me at 10am.”

“No problem.” I said.

I kissed her goodnight and returned to the living room. The lads were already heading for bed. I did the same. A most satisfying day for all.


The Lad and I were all up by nine am and in the pool after our breakfast, obviously making too much noise, as just after nine am Monique appeared at the door shouting at the door in a mocking tone telling us to be quiet, which of course we totally ignored. A few moments later she ran out and jumped in the pool laughing with us. We all raced a few lengths and being gentlemen, we did let her win.

“Time to get ready for your photo session.” I told her.

We discussed various outfits she had brought, and while I changed the office into a studio, she got herself ready. Appearing before me fifteen minutes later, wearing a short skirt with stockings, a tank top with no underwear at all. The Lads were still in the pool while we went through about 100 pics in various outfits, and out of various outfits. About an hour later, the Lads appeared at the door to see what progress was being made.

“Can we join in yet?” asked Tony

“Nearly finished, take a seat and watch.” I said

Monique was sitting on the floor now wearing the wrap around skirt she arrived in, pulled back and open to show her all, her stockings still on and an open blouse. The lads sat and watched; within seconds, both of adjusting their shorts as their erection came upon them. I finished up with a last few shots, put the camera down, and moved the lights to one side.

“Time for play.” I announced.

“Any requests? ” Tony asked.

“Just fuck, suck and lick me to death.” She replied

We pulled her to her feet, removed her blouse and skirt, but let the stockings on. I kneeled in front of her and licked her pussy, pulling her lips apart and getting my tongue right inside her; Trevor was doing the same with her arse, pulling her cheeks wide and getting his tongue, together with a finger inside her arse. Tony in the meantime was handling her breast while licking her ears and neck and slowly licking down to her nipples, then sucking and twisting them. Monique was getting close to a climax with all the attention and her whole body started shaking.

“I cannot stand any longer.” she called out.

“Lay me down quick, my legs are going.”

Trevor and I jumped up to support her, as Tony laid down first. We moved her legs astride Tony and slowly let her sink down. Tony’s cock was standing upright; Monique grabbed it and fed it inside of herself as we lowered her down until she was completed gebze escort impaled on it.

“Oh! That is good, keep still Tony, I want to feel it pulsing inside me.

She leaned forward after a few moments and started to move slowly up and down on Tony savoring the feelings as Tony reached up to pull and play with her nipples, then pulled her down to suck her nipples. I was taking a few photos of the action as Trevor approached from the rear for his favorite position. He had already lubricated his cock and as he kneeled down behind Monique, he wasted no time in adding lubricant to her arse. He pushed her further forward, down on to Tony’s chest to raise her arse in the air and pushed his cock straight in.

“My first double.” she called out with a sigh.

She adjusted her position slightly, and by rocking back and forth, she was able to keep both cocks working their magic on her body.

“Are you ready for the triple?” I asked, as I waved my cock in her face.

She lifted her head up and started sucking eagerly on my cock, while still keeping the rocking motion going with her hips to ensure satisfaction to her nether regions. She was doing a great job on me and I came, with full load into her mouth quite quickly, which she swallowed most if not all with just a little dribbling from her mouth, I grabbed some tissues from the table and wiped her mouth to clean her up. She tried to say thanks but the effort of the pounding was getting to her, just guttural sound came from her throat.

Moments later Tony groaned as he came, followed a few seconds later by Trevor. All three stayed in position as they came to rest.

“I have never been, or felt so full in my life!” Monique said, still getting her breath back.

Trevor stood up first, Giving Monique space to stand up, she then ran for the bathroom .Tony just lay on the floor exhausted.

“I need a shower, I am dripping everywhere.” she called out, laughing.

Tony got up from the floor, and together with Trevor, went out and jumped in the pool to cool down, while I cleaned up all the clothes dumped on the floor, and then put all the camera equipment away. By the time I had got everything sorted and had a shower myself it was getting near the time to take Monique back to the airport I found her on the pool deck all dressed ready for the trip, drinking coffee with the boys and telling them how much she enjoyed the visit. The Lads were not coming to the airport with me, they had plans for that afternoon, and were just leaving as I sat down, and they said their farewells with hugs and kisses with Monique.

“So overall, was the trip worthwhile?” I asked when we were alone.

“It’s something I have wanted all my life!” she replied.

We finished our coffee and discussed another possible visit in the future, I told her the Lads would be back in about six months and we agreed that would be great timing. As we sat talking, my eyes were going all over her again and a flash of stocking stop got me hard again, but time was against us. We went through the house to the garage, opening the back door of the truck she threw her case inside and leaned forward pushing it to the far side., The view was just too much for me, I gently pushed her upper body down into the seat and standing behind lifted her skirt to her waist.

Her beautiful arse was frame by the black stockings, suspenders and G-string, it was just too much to resist.

“You want it again.” she called out.

“Hell yes, I only got a blow job today so far.”

“Then make it a nice slow one.” she said

I dropped my short to the ground and stepped out of them. Pulling her G-string to one side my cock was slapping her pussy as it impatiently searched for her entrance, Monique opened her legs slightly more and my hardness found its way into the wetness.

“Dear God, that feels so good.” She called out.

I slowly pumped in and out for what seemed ages; I felt my legs getting weak and grabbed her hips even harder as my thrusting got more urgent as my climax was nearing its crescendo. Monique’s internal muscles started to squeeze my cock inside of her, I could hold back no longer, and my sperm shot inside of her, my cock was pulsing to empty itself as I felt her shudder with her own orgasm. I lay over her back with my cock still inside of her for a few moments to get my breath back.

“Wow that was a nice going away gift, I did not expect that that.” She said laughing.

Monique dashed back in the house to the bathroom for a cleanup, not wanting to travel with cum running out of her. She returned after a few minutes and we headed off down to the airport for her flight back to her real life of homemaker and mother. We said our farewells at the entrance to Departure with a hug and a kiss.

I watched her enter the terminal and knew that in six months she would return.

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