The Valley of Roses Ch. 01

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Chapter 01

Bulgarian escapade for Kyrhan and Mark

Thanks for the help of Cih


Plenty of feedback and suggestions, these days; May Eve W. be patient : I have a long backlog of stories to finish first and I wonder whether I may use directly the names she has given me?


The night was beginning to fall on Kyrhan’s palace. The spotlights were illuminating the façade of the luxury hotel for the enjoyment of the guests. The lights were much less generous on the side wall overhanging the harem part, the private apartments of the Prince and his household. The former Maharajahs in India are now most often broke as they had tried to keep their usual royal life style but had no longer the wealth needed. A few had transformed their palaces into luxury resorts and had been able to maintain them… Kyrhan was one of them.

Kyrhan had been more interested in politics and let his palace fall in ruins for lack of money for the restoration. When Kira had entered his life, she had dedicated her life to giving back this palace its former glory. She had handpicked the staff from the poorest people she had met : the Dalits. Some of them seemed eager to learn new skills and the princess gave much of her time to teach them anything they would need from how to clean a luxury suite, prepare flowers, arrange the bed sheets, and wage a permanent war on all the bugs which tried to find shelter in the cool apartments… Other ones became brick layers, builders and electricians, plumbers, joiners or accountants. They were encouraged to offer their new skills for other employers as Kira wanted to give them an opportunity to build a real career…

Five years later, everything was running safely : everyone now knew his or her duties and just worked hard to gain new abilities. Kira had no more any need to spend time teaching how to arrange a flower bouquet or how to speak to a Dutch or American guest. Kira was still the boss in the hotel but her main occupation was the management of Kyrhan’s harem. He had now sixteen girls, ten of which permanently lived in the palace. She had established a duty roster so that Kyrhan could choose the girl who would spend the night with him or accompany him to an official dinner, although it was the princess’ usual duty.

Most of the girls had live in boyfriends, life mates or husbands and if Kyrhan picked a girl or invited two of them in his suite, Kira just looked for someone to entertain the temporarily single men! If she hadn’t been chosen, the princess was quite eager to visit them or invite them in her own suite. There was no jealousy in Kyrhan’s Eden : every man had fucked any girl and would do so again soon. If there was some shortage of men, Kira would just call for the Dalits’ barracks for sturdy guys’ reinforcements but if the Princess needed a few girls more, all the girls in Kyrhan’s harem were ready to be double or triple teamed during a whole night : nobody would be frustrated!

Just, if all the girls were openly bi, all the men were steadfastly straight! Perhaps it was Kyrhan’s influence but they had a very strong sex drive for the pretty and often scantily clad girls in the harem. Two days before, Kira had organized a candle lit dinner. The men had taken their seats, wearing dhotis, sherwanis, jodhpuris or kurtas. The girls had arrived five minutes later, resplendent in their Ghagra, kameez, kurtis or classical sarees. Just all their garments were made with transparent materials and they had on common agreement, dispensed of wearing any undies. Their tits, asses, tummies and pussies were in plain view, just hidden or, more precisely said, openly displayed by the flimsiest gauzes.

Just the girls wearing kameez, ghagras and sarees had taken care not to sit on their dresses in order to be totally available to their partners. The girls had organized a raffle between them to determine who would be paired with whom. Kira had picked up Mark and was quite content with her draw while Kyrhan had been paired with Nazneen. The different couples had met with open mouth kisses. During the simple dinner, there had been extensive fondling, small talk and tender chat in preparation for the night to come. Kyrhan was the first to leave, walking hand in hand with Nazneen. He was soon followed by Kira who had her hand on Mark’s arm who seemed quite proud of being paired with the Princess…

Jodhaa just wasn’t there : it was her day of duty with Dinu and she had prepared a nice meal for her Indian husband. She nevertheless didn’t want to be left aside by the other girls of the harem! Like her “sisters”, she had put on a very revealing outfit : a fine lace saree with a gauze petticoat and a lace choli that left nothing to imagination. Surely, Dinu would love it! No one would most certainly get much sleep that night!

On the next morning, the couples parted and walked alone to the dining room to meet their usual partners. Kira had been waiting for ten minutes güvenilir bahis when Kyrhan arrived. When he spent the night with Nazneen, Kira or Jodhaa, he always arrived late for breakfast…

Kyrhan kissed his wife a good morning. They chatted about the news from their friends who were abroad or lived far from the harem… Preeti was about to deliver Gwanendra’s first baby and had reminded the Prince that she wanted him to sire the next one…

– Would you like to breed me and Preeti at the same time?

– Are you planning a new trip in Shimla, Kira?

– No! Just wondering about you : you haven’t organized anything kinky for us for a long time! Are you getting tired of me or have I lost my sex appeal?

– Certainly not, Darling! Just too busy for pleasure but you offer me a nice introduction for a proposal : what would you think about a travel abroad with me? Would you consider it?

– I don’t know where you want to go but my answer is already an absolute YES!

– I am going to discuss with Bulgarian officials about a quarrel at the WTO : they offer outsourcing for European and American computer companies and they are in direct competition with India for that axis. We would prefer to have an agreement with them that could be endorsed by the WTO. That would defuse the risk of litigation for illegal price fixing!

– And where would I intervene?

– You would just attend official dinners, representing India with me. You would be otherwise free to visit the country. I was thinking also to offer Mark and Jodhaa to accompany us. Mark is a good photographer (see Mark and Jodhaa series from Lobo70 in ) and he is a wise adviser for me… Jodhaa may be a nice companion for you in such a foreign country. I have seen that they have found interesting Roman ruins in the south of Bulgaria. Perhaps you could offer Dan to travel there with us : he would be the perfect guide for you and I am quite sure that you and Jodhaa will just completely exhaust Mark in a matter of days. A spare partner would be really in high demand!

– Dan will love it : I never went into vacations with him for a long time!

– Fine : just it won’t be vacations : just plain hard work, at least for me!

Kira emailed immediately the proposal to her French husband. She didn’t need to wait for the answer. Dan would surely agree. She hadn’t been able to come to France for three months, after a hurricane which had caused floods in the region of Kyrhan’s palace… Then it had been Dan who had to have a small surgery done… He didn’t need a nurse and he disliked to have anyone harassing him, especially his wife, when he wasn’t in top form. Managing two separate lives under different names had always been a problem for Kira…

One month later, they arrived by separate planes at Sofia airport. Dan was waiting for them at the gate. Kyrhan and Mark shook hands with him. Dan was 6′ high, shorter than Kyrhan by a few inches but their build was similar. The two men towered above the smaller frames of the girls who followed the Prince and Mark. The two women had tried to travel unnoticed and they had replaced their usual sarees with quite elegant kameez, a tunic with slim trousers. Their attempt at discretion had been a major failure as, even with these dull clothes, they were soon the centre of attention of the other passengers : the kameez were closely body hugging and highlighted the voluptuous forms of the two women. Their high heels just enhanced the shape of their legs evidenced by their shuridars (tight pants) and the roundness of their curvy bottoms! Anyone who wouldn’t stare at them by pure reflex would have been either a eunuch or desperately gay!

The two girls hugged Dan, kissing and embracing him as if he hadn’t met them for years. When Kira kissed him on the mouth, there could be no doubt in any spectators’ mind about the nature of their relations but they would have been dumbfounded when Kyrhan took the wallets and Kira helped him to put them on the trolley… She put her arm under the Prince’s like most married people do… There were less hesitation about Mark and Jodhaa : they were clearly a couple! Dan was just surprised when he noticed the red hue of Jodhaa’s hair :

– My! What a beautiful Venetian blond colour you have, Jodhaa! Is it for Kyrhan or Mark’s benefit?

– No, just a whimsy from Kumar. He has decided to mark me as his own! I have found it suited me perfectly and I might consider keeping it permanently! That isn’t the only souvenir from my Birmingham stay : Look at the collar he has forced me to wear! He even made me and Mark pledge not to remove it at any time!

Dan read the words inscribed on the gold medallion hanging from the collar : “Jodhaa, slut, totally owned by Master Kumar” :

– You should feel happy this bastard has still not decided to brand you with some hot irons!

– If the brand is just a K in bold letters, I’ll let him apply it on me! Just the K would stand for türkçe bahis Kyrhan and not Kumar, of course! I would prefer a K and M intertwined but Kumar would be sure to object!

– Your obnoxious boyfriend had no such elaborate fantasies! I think I will tell Kyrhan to confront Kumar and tell him to get lost…

– Then he won’t agree to make other films for Peter!

– Peter and Leena may look out for another porn star! This one is just completely crazy!

They took a taxi to the hotel. The receptionist told Kyrhan that a delegation was waiting for him and his group. The Prince was a bit surprised : he expected a translator but not a full delegation! The reception clerk added that a porter would deliver their luggage in the suites 312 and 313 on the third floor. Both had a king size bed as requested but there was an additional bed in suite 313… Kyrhan smiled, thinking that the additional bed would be unoccupied, he was sure of it. The persons in a given bed would surely vary often…

Kyrhan decided to meet immediately the Bulgarian delegation. The group waiting in the lobby was another surprise for him : a very pretty blonde girl with high cheeks, statuesque with proud pert breasts. She was wearing a long flowing foulard dress with plateau shoes that made her legs even longer and slender Kyrhan went straight toward her when she smiled encouragingly to him. She curtsied before him before he had time to shake her hand.

– Prince Kyrhan! It’s an honour to meet you! My name is Petya and I was chosen to be your interpret if I meet your expectations…

– I am quite sure you’ll suit me perfectly!

– Fine, Prince! For your wife and the accompanying lady, we didn’t know whether you preferred men or women as guides… We had picked two men but we can replace them quite easily!

– I don’t mind : Kira is a hotel manager in India and is used to deal with men and women in any circumstances!

– Then may I present you Georgi and Ivan… They are certified guides and they know nearly everything in Bulgaria and especially here in Sofia!

Georgi and Ivan bowed down in front of Kira and Jodhaa. The two women looked inquiringly to one another. They nodded in a very conniving way. At that moment, they really felt they were sisters and ready for any mischievous feats : these two men were really gorgeous, well built and bright looking. Georgi had an impish smile that appealed to Kira. She was quite aware of the kind of men Jodhaa was fond of and her own tastes were quite similar. They just needed men with stamina and staying power! Certainly, Georgi, Ivan and Dan would be just sufficient to fulfil their sexual needs. If Mark joined later into the fun, that is if Kyrhan didn’t require urgently his services, they would have a nice stay in Bulgaria!

Georgi and Ivan seemed quite pleased when they assessed the two girls they were asked to escort. They were slender and curvy, the type of women you would like to pick up in a dance hall. Their outfits were a bit exotic to Ivan’s taste but if he managed things properly, they would soon let him and Georgi watch them in their full naked glory. Ivan was a womanizer but Georgi was a bit shier than his friend! The only problem was the presence of the two men with them : a husband was likely to object if Ivan was trying to seduce his wife in front of him… Maybe they could have them drunk. Then they would be free to enjoy the pretty girls! From their hungry look when they had considered him and Georgi, they would both be a quite easy prey for them!

Kyrhan had already an appointment at the foreign Ministry. A car came to fetch him and he left with Mark and Petya. The girl had expected to be offered the front seat next to the driver but Mark told her to sit next to Kyrhan. As the front seat was occupied by Kyrhan’s laptop; Mark squeezed himself on the bench and Petya found herself properly sandwiched between the two men. Kyrhan was the main guest, so she pressed herself against Mark to leave the Prince as much space as she could. She could smell the exotic fragrances of their body lotion but she could also feel the bulging muscles of Mark’s body. He was certainly exercising regularly. Petya noticed that Kyrhan’s body was also well toned like a sport coach. He was older than Mark but she couldn’t see any ounce of fat on his body! Both were quite handsome male specimens!

Petya looked down at her knees and tried to pull back her skirt. She shouldn’t have chosen such a tight one : it kept riding up her thighs, uncovering too much skin for such important visitors! She then realized that Mark and the Prince were sporting impressive hard ons under their trousers. It seemed they were really enjoying her contact! Some girls would have been frozen in fear of being alone with two men in full erection but her boyfriend Yordan had just left her two weeks before for a pretty brown haired Ukrainian girl… She felt relieved of having enough sex appeal to make the cocks of these güvenilir bahis siteleri handsome men that hard! She lifted her chin and smiled to Mark. She even was bold enough to cross the small gap between the Prince and her! God! His thigh was as hard as rock! Yordan had bulging thighs and a flabby stomach! He wasn’t very good in bed. Perhaps these two men would reconcile her with manhood!

Petya relaxed between the two foreigners : they really looked cool, asking her numerous questions about the capital, whenever the car passed by something interesting. Mark risked a compliment, speaking of their gorgeous interpret and she laughed freely. The ice had been broken. When they arrived at destination, she pulled out of the car to follow Kyrhan, but she didn’t push down her skirt to get more decent. She knew she was pretty and she wanted the two men to know it. She swirled on her toes to turn toward Mark. Her skirt ran even higher, discovering a good half of her thighs but she seemed not to mind… If either of these men intended to pick her up, she would be game for it!

The next discussion session was a turn off for her :the Bulgarian minister presiding the meeting spoke quite well English and had no real need of her except for a few colloquialisms he was not familiar with… Petya almost screamed in surprise when she felt a hand reaching for her knee. She looked down and saw it was Mark. He was probably as bored as she was! She turned toward him and smiled invitingly. She wanted to let him know that such trivial gestures didn’t trouble her. Another official, less fluent in English, requested her help and she did her best to satisfy him while Mark was finding his way up her thigh. Fortunately, the desk was fully covering her legs.

The weather had been warm that day and she had her legs bare, knowing that Mark would have total leeway with her. When someone requested to switch off the lights for a PowerPoint slideshow, Petya guessed that Mark would take advantage of the darkness! He hastily grabbed the waist band of her knickers and pulled them down gently. He soon was blocked by the weight of Petya. She turned toward him after a few seconds of teasing him. Then she lifted her bottom from the chair, allowing Mark to remove completely her string. He let it fall down as she slid back on her seat. An unusual contact on her ass told her that Mark had pushed aside her skirt to prevent her from sitting down on it. The only risk would be that she would leave a wet spot on her seat as she hadn’t been unmoved by Mark’s dexterity!

Mark pushed aside her string with his foot and bent down to pick it up from the floor. To Petya’s horror, he put the knickers to his nose and breathed in deeply. God : he would know that she was dripping wet as she was enjoying the situation : none of the men for whom she had been an interpret had been that bold : Mark was a real daredevil! What would he have done if she had screamed or just complained? But she had teased him repeatedly, so she may be as guilty as he was! When Mark was done with sniffing at her intimate juices, he just shoved the string in his breast pocket! She would return to the hotel naked under her skirt! Petya found it quite normal : they were legitimate war spoils! Mark resumed his frigging of Petya’s pussy under the table. If he continued to play with her pussy, prince Kyrhan would surely notice the odour of a pussy in heat! He may get angry against her! What would she do then?

Petya almost screamed when Mark’s finger reached for her clit. She could just bite her thumb to prevent herself from screaming her climax… Yordan had never been so clever with his fingers! He sometimes frigged her pussy but it was just starters for her! She had never thought she could cum with just a finger on her clit! Was she becoming a wanton slut as she had read in some novels, a girl able to cum with several men during a single night, receiving cocks in her pussy, in her mouth or even in her ass. Her tight hole was still virgin and she had just kissed once the head of Yordan’s cock, on a day she was completely drunk!

The lights were switched back on and Mark sat back properly at his place. Petya was just sad not to have a finger in her pussy any more. She had discovered she could enjoy being caressed in such a lewd fashion! She would do it again with Mark if he wanted but, when he would have left, she would do it with Yordan’s most talkative friends. So her former boyfriend would surely learn what he had missed and would never have!

After the end of the afternoon session, they returned to the hotel. Mark and Kyrhan found a note from Kira telling them the two girls had left for a tour in the valley of roses. They would return on the next evening. Kira had added that they could enjoy their stay, that Jodhaa and she had three quite handsome guys at their disposal and they intended to make complete use of the opportunity… Kyrhan laughed and showed the note to Mark. He then offered Petya to have dinner with both of them… She hesitated and Mark asked her why… She blushed and finally whispered to him :

– I am sorry, Sir but, there is Prince Kyrhan with us! I wouldn’t want to disgrace myself in front of him!

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