The Transsexual Rapist

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There had been news reports all week of male and female rapes, girls had gotten pregnant, guys cried like women, Alexandria, California, in this small village of 3000 people, it was chaotic, and to the crackhead’s, it was a catastrophe, because they would be raped and have their drugs stolen. His/Her identity is yet to be known; this town was already weird enough, and it just got a hell of a lot weirder.

Let me explain myself, as my mom and I seem to be the only normal people in this god-forsaken town. My name is Nicole, but I usually go by Nyx (you know? The goddess of night), I’m 16, Black hair, half White and half Hispanic, blue-grey eyes. I would say my ass is my best asset, just the right size and firmness, I’m skinny, and according to my (almost obese) physical education teacher, on the verge of anorexic. I have a D-cup breast’s, with pink, velvet like nipples. My mom is a single parent, my dad died of cancer, I am an only child.

It is a Tuesday, just another ‘normal’ school day, I’m sitting outside of the school, drawing, as I normally did before school. The schools popular girls walked past me, laughing; the head girl stopped.

“What’cha doin’?” Krystal asked chewing her redneck gum, Krystal is the head popular girl.

“Drawing you fucking the whole football team” I replied

Krystal laughed

“Whore” I added under my breath.

“What was that, bitch?” Krystal asked

“WHORE!!!” I yelled into her face

She shoved me against the wall, the smell of mint oozing out of her breath. Her fists were balled up, gripping onto my shirt. I stood looking at her with a smile; fucking with her insecurities. I spit in her face.

“Ladies! Break it up” Mr. Ray said, Mr. Ray is our principal.

With that, Krystal and her whore posse walked off, she was giving my honorary self a dirty look. I loved screwing with the whack-job’s in this school, not to mention the people in this hell-hole of a town. Therefore, I was considered an outcast.

I looked into the parking lot of the school, a bright candy green lamborghini had just parked. A girl had gotten out, one I had never seen before. She wore a thigh length black dress, black high-heels, along with her brown hair, and blue eyes. Her tits were a probable C-cup, her ass stuck out like a normal person in this town; it was like a scene in a movie, where a hot girl gets out of a car and the classic rock song about a girl plays, in this case I had AC/DC’s Back In Black in my head; she walked up to me, I was not paying any attention to her anymore at thus point. She sat down next to me.

“What are you drawing?” The girl asked

“A crackhead putting a gun to her skull” I replied

“So, what’s your name?” The girl asked in a Hispanic accent.

“Nicole, but you can call me Nyx, yours?” I replied

“Rachel” she replied

I turned my head to look at her, that’s when her beauty blew me away, her skin was faultless, not one freckle, pimple, scratch, not one single thing was wrong with her face. I was brought back to reality with the snapping of her fingers.

“So, what is a girl like you doing, living here, talking to me, and driving a lamborghini?” I asked

“I actually just moved here, I’m starting school here today. I’m what’s considered daddy’s rich girl, he bought me that car for my birthday, and I honestly just needed a break from that dreadful New York lifestyle” she replied.

“If I were you, I’d dress a little more conservatively, there is a unknown and uncaught rapist in the area” I said

“Umm, ok” Rachel said

“Just a warning” I said

The bell had rung, here goes 6 hours of non-stop blabbering about useless shit, that we will never use in the real world. I took Rachel to her first class, which was the same as mine, as well as the rest of her schedule. It was weird, but what wasn’t in this town, so I just threw it off as nothing.

After school, Rachel and I smoked weed on the football field. It was her first time, she coughed as if she had a cold, which was hilarious. We talked and talked, getting to know one another.

“Hey, Nyx, I’ve never kissed another girl, and I kinda heard you have multiple times” Rachel paused

“I want to try it, can you do it with me?” Rachel asked

“Sure” I replied quickly, to ease the tensed look on her face.

With that, Rachel smiled, I moved in towards her, my tounge touched her lips. They tasted of blueberries, something I haven’t tasted or smelled in years, her lips opened, my tounge searched her orifice, as if it were looking for the buried gold. Her tounge moved into my mouth, our tounge’s battled for dominance. Rachel laid onto her back, I was on top of her kissing every spot of her mouth, our bodies grinded together; it was starting to get hotter than I would’ve expected, Rachel got up and said she had to go. We said our goodbye’s and headed our separate ways.

I sat inside my dads 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T 440 Magnum 4 Speed (A car I own in real life), my dad was a grease monkey, we built this car together and finished it, he died before we could start it up together. I started it and put the car into reverse, and drove home.

I walked into the house, it was quiet, except for a slight moan from down the hallway. I moved towards the sound, I got to the end of the hallway, it was the bedroom on my right, of the three rooms this was the biggest; the master bedroom. The door was ajar, I peeked in to see my mom with her legs spread, a finger in her ass and a hand fully dedicated to her pussy, she rubbed and rubbed.

Unknowingly, my hand had moved to my pussy, I was on the verge of orgasm, my mom started screaming, with that far to common ‘O’ on her face. My hand was on my tit, and my other hand was vigorously rubbing my panties-clad pussy. My moms back arched, a deafening scream arose, convulsions, the sight of her orgasm drove me over the edge into the strongest orgasm I had ever had in my short life. I fell onto the floor after losing my balance, I squirmed and wiggled, I bit my lip holding in massive screams.

I hurriedly got up, and ran into my room where I fell onto the bed and passed out. It was hours later I silently woke up, naked. My pussy was wet! There was an in and out motion in my pussy, I was being fucked! But by who?

I slyly opened my eyes, there was a girl, pumping in and out of my cunt, it didn’t feel like a strap-on, it was a real cock, it was a tranny! I looked closer, she looked familiar, it was Rachel.

“Having fun, my rapist?” I asked

“Actually, are you having fun, Rachel?” I added questioningly with a smile

She paused her movements, all the way into me, I felt a hot, warm, and thick liquid explode into my pussy, blast after blast, rope after rope of searing hot cum into my freshly fucked pussy.

“So you’re the rapist, eh?” I asked sarcastically

“Ok, here’s the truth, my dad got mad, about me becoming ‘this’ so he kicked me out and bought me a house here” Rachel replied

“Why are you raping people?” I asked

“I don’t know really, I think its fun” Rachel replied with a evil smile

For some reason I was ok with knowing this.

“You need to go, before my mom hears us” I said quietly

With that said, Rachel got dressed and jumped out of the window she came through. I thought a little about Rachel, there was some kind of connection there, as I would later find out. For now though, I just went back to sleep.

The next day, I woke up, with Rachel’s cum still inside of me, as well as on my pussy lips, and on the sheets. I got into the shower not bothering to clean out the cum in my cunt. After dressing and eating breakfast, I was off to school.

I pulled into the parking lot at school, right next to Rachel’s lamborghini, my engine roared, normally you would have to be inside the car to talk to anyone, because if you were outside the car, the engine would be too loud to hear anything. The engine attracted the attention of other people on the school campus.

Rachel was leaning on the tail of my Challenger, wearing a white v-neck, and black.skirt, no bra was visible. She had a punk look to her today, something not seen everyday in this town.

“You won’t tell anyone will you?” Rachel asked

“No, but what is up with the punk look?” I replied

“This is my normal style, on the first day, I dressed like that to be formal, I guess” Rachel said.

The bell rung, we strolled off to class, we had gotten some ‘different’ looks as we walked down the hallway. We reached the first class. Per usual, I failed to pay attention, instead I daydreamed of Rachel and I.


It showed Rachel and I walking hand in hand, down the hallways, returning peoples dirty looks, kicking and denting lockers. “Undead” (by the Rap/Rock group “Hollywood Undead”) was blaring its heavy bass, and melodic rhythms throughout the hallways.

*End Of Daydream*

I was woken from my dream by the shaking of my left shoulder, Rachel’s eyes were blatantly staring at me. I stood bursa escort up to see that the class was empty.

“Is class over?” I asked

“Yeah, but you slept the whole school day” Rachel replied

“What? Why did no one wake me up?!” I replied

“You looked so peaceful sleeping” Rachel said.

We walked outside to our cars.

“Nyx, there’s a party later tonight at Mile Creek, you wanna go?” Rachel asked

“It’s a date” I replied with a smile

I got into my Challenger, and started it. I tapped the gas pedal, letting the engine roar, I could feel the vibrations in my seat, I looked over to Rachel, she gave me a middle finger with a smile. She lit up her tires, causing smoke to go everywhere; she sped off.

I drove home, my mom was not home this time, I went straight to my room, I stripped myself of my clothes, and masturbated to the naked image of Rachel. This wasn’t a crush anymore, it was slowly, but surely turning into a small obsession.

I had changed to a new set of clothes, a black pair of skinny jeans, and a low cut black v-neck. I went commando, as I usually did for parties, for easy access. I styled my hair straight in the back, and to the right at eyebrow level in the front. when I walked into the living room, my mom was home; watching T.V.

“Hey, honey, what are you all dressed up for?” Mom asked

“Just a party at Mile Creek” I replied putting some make- up on

“Anyone special going to be there?” My mom asked with a knowing wink

“Well, yes, but not in the way you think” I said

“Oh, honey” my mom paused

“It’s ok, baby, I know your going to experiment, and hell, maybe even stay that way, but all you need to know is that I’m fine with whatever you choose.” Mom added

“Thank you, mom” I replied

“Gotta go” I added running out of the door

I jumped into my Challenger and hauled ass to the party, I made it there, it was already crowded. I rev’d my engine, roaring for people to move out of the way, I burned some rubber and drove through an opening, almost hitting a jock; I pulled into a parking space.

“Hey, your late” Rachel said catching up to my side

“I heard your engine a mile away” Rachel added with a smile

We walked to the middle of the party, they had a drag strip set up, they had a sign up above the DJ that read; “Win FREE beer for you and a friend”. I walked up to the DJ, who happened to be on break.

“Hey! Challenger lady!” the Asian DJ said

“Haha, funny; anyway’s, how do I win the free beer?” I asked

“You have to beat or tie last years champ, Dylan” the DJ replied

“Ok” I said

I walked over to Dylan and his car, A 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda 4 Speed, and a small decal that said 550 HP (Horsepower). I walked up to him, all his whores’ ran off.

“Hey, nice car” I said

“Yeah, I know, what are you driving?” Dylan replied

“You’ll see in a few” I replied walking off, and throwing him a middle finger.

I walked back to my Challenger and got in, Rachel followed me, on the way to the strip, Rachel stared at me, probably thinking I was as crazy the people who lived in this town

“Something isn’t right with his car, I can feel it” I said

“Shouldn’t we stop the race?” Rachel replied

“Nah, let’s see what happens” I said

I pulled up to the starting line, and turned off the engine, and got out. I walked over to Dylan again, and handed him a wad of cash, he looked at me weirdly.

“There is 5K there, you put down the same, and I know you have it; you didn’t hand build that car either” I said

“What do you mean?” Dylan replied

“What I mean is that you are putting your own life at risk by having someone else build your car; you just don’t know the quality and labor that was put into it” I replied

“Just be careful” I added walking off

We both got into our cars, started our engines, and heated up the motors, we were ready to go, we were just letting the DJ do his pre-race rap.

“Here we go, ladies and gentlemen, 25 big G’s has been put down for the winner, as well as free beer!; Ready, Burnout, GO!!!!” the DJ yelled

We both flew off the line spontaneously, shifting to full power within seconds, we were head to head, and then his engine overheated and blew. I flew past the finish line and then turned around and drove back to Dylan

“MINDFUCK!!” I lipped silently to Dylan

I drove back to the starting line, stopped the motor and got out, there was a cheer from the crowd, Rachel came over and hugged me, which caught me off guard, but I threw it off as nothing.

“We have a new champ!” The DJ yelled putting on another song

I was drinking a beer, when a tow truck drove in and picked up Dylan’s car. I honestly felt bad for him, but I guess that’s what you get for letting someone else build your car.

“When did parties start charging for beer?” I asked

“They always did in New York, its easy profit” Rachel replied

Krystal walked up to Rachel and I, again, chewing her gum like a redneck, her clothing left little to the imagination, which was common for her, she had a smile.

“I always knew you were a lesbo, Nicole” Krystal said

“That’s the only way you could get someone that looks halfway decent” she added

“Have your parents seen your gangbang porn yet? It’s all over the internet” I replied

“I’m sure your dad jacks off to it all the time, because your mom is never home, she’s fucking everything and anything with a cock” I added

Krystal oozed of white trash, her teeth were all kinds of fucked up, the common hick accent, that I hear every day around here. She shoved me.

“Bitch! Dey’ ain’t no principal to help ya’ ass now” Krystal yelled in trashy slang’s

Krystal threw a fist at me, it hit me on the right side of my mouth. Blood started to run down the side of my mouth, I smiled.

“I love pain, but you hit like a child” I said

Then it turned into a full fledged cat-fight, slapping, hair pulling, screaming, it kind of sounded like a rough lesbian porn. There was a crowd roaring with cheers. My elbow hit her in the side of her neck; she passed out.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, a drag race, and a fight! What a party!” The DJ yelled

Rachel handed me a napkin or something to clean my face, Rachel looked at me with a smile, and then stared at the whore on the floor, I knew what Rachel wanted at that point, I replied with a knowing smile.

Rachel and I decided to ditch the party and we headed to a nearby park, our two cars were the only ones there. We sat at a bench, and then Rachel pulled out a laptop, and opened a map type thing.

“This is a tracker, I type in a name of a person and it will give the location of their home” Rachel said typing something

“It’s what I used to find your house” she added

After she finished typing, the computer went onto a black screen and automatically typed out white text, I think it was a type of CMD Scripting or something.

After it was done, a picture of Krystal popped up, along with directions to her house, a picture of it, all of her information, and a fingerprint. It was a type of FBI software.

“Come on let’s go, her parents aren’t home” Rachel said

We drove in Rachel’s Lamborghini, and left my Challenger at the park as it was way to loud, and could be heard easily from far away. We got there in about 15 minutes, Rachel gave me a ski mask.

“Do whatever you want to her, just don’t touch anything” Rachel said

We went in through the window, the light was still on, Krystal was sleeping under the covers, Rachel and I both stripped, this was the first time I had seen Rachel asked in the light.

Everything about her body was perfect, her tits were round and looked to be firm. Her body was toned, her ass had a peculiar heart shape to it, Rachel’s legs seemed to go on forever. Her nipples stuck out like mount everest, and had a dark brown color.

Rachel held out a gun and ripped the covers off of Krystal, she slept naked, her body was as fucked as her face, her tits were uneven in size, her pussy was like a jungle with hair (and probably crabs), and was as big as a black hole in outer space.

“Hey! Cunt! Wake the fuck up” Rachel yelled

“Oh my god, please dont! I’ll give you anything you need!” Krystal pleaded

“Nah I’m good, I just want your ass and pussy” Rachel said with a laugh

With that, Rachel jumped on top of Krystal and plunged her huge cock into Krystal’s pussy, she hammered into Krystal like there was no tomorrow, Krystal was trying to push her rapist off of her, Rachel hit her in the gut.

I jumped onto the bed, and rested my pussy onto her face and started rubbing back and forth, my wet pussy slid back and forth, side to side on her ugly face. She would not lick my pussy or even open her mouth, I plugged her nose and slapped her a few times, after Krystal ran out of breath, her mouth opened, and I forced my pussy inside.

“Lick it bitch!” I said bursa escort bayan in a fake voice.

I continued to rub my pussy everywhere on her face, and every once in a while I would force her to lick my cunt until she couldn’t use her tounge. Rachel was now fucking her ass, in the same repetitive motions never slowing down or speeding up, I have cum multiple times and was sensitive in all the right places

“Hey, piss in the slut’s mouth, I’m sure she’ll fucking love it” Rachel said as she moved back into Krystal’s pussy

“God damn, she is loose, in both holes; what a fucking skank” Rachel added

I started to pee in her mouth, while holding her nose shut, seeing her in this position and her eyes starting to water, it made me cum again, I tipped backwards a little, and piss went all over her face, pillow, wall, and sheets. Rachel pushed in a few more strong thrusts, and pulled out.

“Lemme’ cum on her face” Rachel said

Rachel straddled Krystal’s neck and jerked her cock over her face, cum splattered everywhere, her face was covered in it. Krystal was now crying.

We raped her three more times that night as her parents weren’t expected home until tomorrow afternoon, cum was in her pussy, ass, face and mouth.

“Bitch I’ll be watching you, you better not take a shower at all tomorrow, and you go to school like this, if not I’ll come back and rape your parents, and I WILL get your mom pregnant”

“Got it?” Rachel asked

Krystal nodded furiously in agreement, Rachel and I left, she drove me back to the park to pick up my car, we looked at eachother.

“Hey, do you want to come to my house?” I asked

“Yeah, sure” Rachel replied with a smile

“No raping my mom, at least not yet” I said with a smirk

“Fiiiinnnnneee” Rachel said

We both took our separate cars, and drove to my house. We walked inside, my mom was on the couch drinking a glass of wine.

“You must be Rachel, and yeah I read your texts Nyx” my mom said

“You left your phone here” my mom added

“Seriously mom?” I asked

She ignored my question…

“Wow, Rachel you are quite the looker, I can see why my daughter has a thing for you” my mom said

“Thank you Mrs. Richardson” Rachel replied

They both looked at me, my body was as red as a tomato, I hated my mom when she was like this, wine was her truth serum.

“Oh, Rachel, no need to be formal, just call me May” my mom said

“Ok” Rachel replied

“Mom, were going to my room” I said

Just before I entered the hallway, I snatched my moms phone, and continued to my room, Rachel quickly followed me into my room.

“Keep it quiet if your going to fuck ladies!”

“I don’t want to hear any screaming” my mom yelled

“OK MOM!!” I replied yelling

I pulled out my moms phone, and looked through everything, there were pictures of her in latex, or bras and panties, and complete nudes of her, as well as close ups of her pussy, breast and asshole. There were also some with cum dripping out of her pussy and ass, all over her face, and a puddle of it in her mouth.

“Wow, I didn’t think she was this kinky” I said to myself

“Your mom runs a double life, a office worker in one, and a complete whore in the other” Rachel replied sarcastically

Me and Rachel fucked all night, at some points I was purposely screaming at the top of my lungs to annoy my mom as payback, she pounded on the wall to tell us to quiet down.

I woke up to Rachel’s morning-wood between my asscheeks, I slipped out of bed only to have Rachel wake up too, we both took a shower together, fucked in the shower, and then showered again. We walked into the living room to find my mom already made breakfast for the both of us.

“It sounded like you girls were having some fun all night” my mom said with a wink.

“Mom…really?” I said smashing my head onto the table

“Honey, don’t do that, you’ll end up hurting yourself”

“Anyways, what’s wrong with anyone having sex? It’s not like you’re fucking your father” my mom added

“Come on mom, do you really have to be so crude?” I asked

“Nyx, calm down, your mom has a point, people should be open with their sex, its not like your murdering someone” Rachel said

“For example, I love the feeling of cum in all my holes, being pumped into my holes, and all over me” my mom paused, chewing on her food and swallowing it like a huge load of cum.

“Did I have any problem saying it whatsoever?” My mom finished

Rachel laughed and laughed, as well as my mom; they just didn’t stop, I went to the bathroom and put make-up on, when I walked back out, mom and Rachel were sharing a joint; Rachel passed it to me.

“Well that shower was almost a waste” I said winking at Rachel; I blew out the smoke.

“Maybe I should go lesbian, but then there’s no cum for me to intake” my mom said

“Alright were going” I said grabbing my backpack and walking out of the door.

Rachel came out a minute later, we decided on taking my car to school together, we shared another joint on the way to school, I sprayed perfume in the car and let it float around for our bodies to suck it in.

We stood outside of the school, talking and blabbering on and on about pointless shit, the bell soon rung, and we were off to biology.

“Today we are watching a movie as I have papers and tests to grade” the teacher said

The class boomed with cheers, the lights went off, and the movie started playing, some went to sleep, some watched, and some couples were making out.

“Nyx, pull your pants down and take them off, as well as your panties if your wearing any” Rachel said

“Here? Why?” I asked

“I’m bored” Rachel said as an answer

“Please?” She said with puppy dog eyes, she broke me.

I slowly unbuttoned my jeans, and then took off my shoes, my panties and jeans came off one after the other, I was soon bottomless in the back of the class, it was the darkest part of the room. I was bottomless with a class full of students in the dark.

“Spread your legs” Rachel whispered.

I spread my legs, my nude leg was out of the right side of the desk, Rachel rubbed her hand along my thigh, her hand slid down into my inner thigh and then rubbed the length of my pussy. I shuddered to her touch, the cold air touching my bare skin.; the familiar sensations of tingling and wetness came.

“Getting wet already? Is this turning you on, baby?” Rachel whispered

“Yes..” I whispered

Rachel shoved two fingers into my pussy…

“eek!” I yelped in surprise.

Some people looked around but never directly at me or my legs, Rachel continued to move in and out, my wetness leaking all over the chair. My hips matched her fingers thrusts.

“Class, the bell is going to ring soon, so be ready to go” the teacher said

Rachel thrusted faster and faster, her speed soon sent me into one of the strongest orgasms I have ever had; ever. I squirmed and flapped around like a crazy person in a tiny box. My juices all over the chair, and now dripping off like a waterfall. I hurriedly put my jeans on, the bell rang just as I zipped them up.
When I got up there was a puddle of my cum and wetness, sitting there in plain visible sight to anyone and everyone, I left the class hurriedly, to avoid being caught; I soon realized I forgot my panties

“Rachel, I forgot my panties” I said frantically

“Don’t worry you aren’t going to need them” Rachel paused pulling a bag out of her backpack.

“Go put this on” she added

I walked into a stall, a poured out the innards of the bag. There was a small black shirt, extremely low-cut, and a short black skirt. I stripped my current clothes, until I was naked, in a public bathroom stall, I was naked in public for the second time today.

I put the shirt on, it went down to just above my belly button, my breasts were squashed, you could see more than half of them, but they looked fan-fucking-tastic! The skirt was next, it was just above mid-thigh; my ass stuck out, making it obvious I wasn’t wearing any panties. I looked like a total slut, but it gave me an awesome feeling. I put all of my other clothes into the bag and walked out of the bathroom; I walked back out and gave the bag to Rachel.

“Perfect!” Rachel exclaimed

“Thanks” I replied a little self-conscious, of my clothing and surroundings.

People looked, mostly guys taking a second look, and girls giving me dirty looks because I was stealing all their boyfriends attention away from them.

Rachel and I walked to our math class, we were late, so when we walked in, I got a stare from absolutely everyone, I turned red; knowing people were thinking about how slutty I looked.

“Sit down ladies” the teacher said

Rachel and I sat down, it was a 2 person desk-type-table, he just went on and on with random calculus shit that I already knew. I looked over to my left to see Rachel jerking her cock. She took my hand and put it on her escort bursa cock, I wrapped my fingers around it, and pumped up and down. I was jerking as fast as I could, I could feel her cock growing, giving me a signal she was about to cum.

“Swallow my cum” Rachel said

I purposely dropped my pencil and let it fall under the desk, I went under and grabbed it; her penis was at eye level with me, I wrapped my lips just under the head of her cock, and I started bobbing my head up and down on her cock; the borders around the desk-table blocked anyone to be able to view what I was doing. Her cock grew a little in my mouth, and cum started pumping; it caught me unexpectedly, and started hitting the back of my throat, I started rubbing her balls, and bigger globs of cum just kept cumming, after she finished, I came back up from under the desk.

Again, literally everyone was looking at me; I then noticed a little cum running from the right side of my mouth, I ran my tounge over it, it tasted fantastic, I really hoped no one noticed it.

*CRACK* the teacher slammed down a thick book onto a empty desk, scaring and gaining the attention of all the students again, taking the stares away from me; thank god.

“Ok, class, let’s continue” the math teacher said.

My pussy was soaked, it was running down my thighs and legs, I dozed out of the real world again, until the teacher called my name…

“What?” I asked

“Come solve this problem, Richardson” the teacher said

“Why must you call me by my last name?” I replied as I got up, obviously some guys got a good view of my wet pussy.

“It’s a formality” he said

I walked up and did the problem like it was addition, I reached up and my skirt lifted, there was a few whistles, and remarks, and I swear my teacher was eyeing the close up of my pussy and ass; I finished.

“See, you have so much talent and smarts, but you just don’t use them correctly” he said

“Its useless shit that people will never use in the real world, especially the hicks that live in this hell-hole” I said

“Watch your mouth, Richardson” he replied

“Whatever” I replied back

I went back to my desk and faded out of reality again, still tasting the cum from Rachel beautiful 7-inch dick, I loved this feeling.

The bell rang soon after, I got look after look in the hallway, Rachel and I were holding hands on our way to Physical Education; the only class I had with Krystal.

We walked into the gym, where we sat waiting for the teacher to come in; she finally came in. She did the attendance, and told us to do our daily laps around the gym; Rachel and I walked. Krystal came in late, and talked to the PE teacher.

“Rachel, Nicole, come here!” The PE teacher yelled.

Rachel and I looked at eachother, then walked over to the PE teacher and Krystal. The teacher explained that Krystal wasn’t feeling well and that we needed to sit with her to make sure she was ok; we agreed.

Krystal looked like absolute crap, the dried cum was obvious on her face, she smelled horrid, her hair was matted, and black had formed under her eyes.

“Hey Krystal, is that cum on your face?” I asked sarcastically, knowing damn well that it was

“…” She didn’t say a word, or even move for that matter.

“is it?” I asked again, moving myself into a cross-legged sitting position.

“Shut up” Krystal said

With that, I slapped Krystal as hard as I could, it could be heard across the whole gym; everyone looked, and the teacher looked at us and walked over.

“Cool it now! Otherwise I’ll send all three of you to Mr. Ray” she said

Rumor has it that, when you are sent to Mr. Ray’s office, he strips you of your clothes, and then he bends you over his lap and spanks you relatively, depending on the punishment. He then plays with your asshole and pussy lips, then sends you back to class, or home, with a threat of expulsion if they snitch.

“Ok” Rachel and I said in unison

Rachel and I had been making out all of class, we were getting closer than fuckbuddies now, I was hoping this was turning into something more. On our way to the next class, Rachel stopped me.

“Hey, let’s ditch today” Rachel said

“Fine, let’s go” I replied

We ran out to my car, my skirt flying up every time I moved, and my tits were bouncing all over the place, I started the car and sped off of campus. We pulled over at the park, where we sat at the same bench and talked.

“Hey, Nyx, I was wondering if you like, wanted to go out tonight?” Rachel asked

“To rape someone?” I replied

“No, like a date” Rachel said

“Umm, sure” I replied with a smile, knowing that we were getting closer and closer

Our conversation was put on stop when a cop pulled onto the grass in front of the bench, I hated the cops around here, always on some kind of fucking power trip.

“Hella’ ladies’, ya’ mind me askin’ why ya’ll are here and not at school?” The officer asked

“Because we wanted a break, so we took ourselves a half-day” I said

“Do you have to talk like your a wannabe Texan?” I added

“C’Mon girl’s, ya’ know ya’ll can’t do that, and I am from the good ol’ Texas!” Officer Brady said, he has arrested me multiple times for weed, ditching, and open containers.

“Gal’s I’m afraid I’m goin’ to have to arrest ya’ll, unless…” Brady said

“Unless what?” I asked

“Ya’ give some oral to ya’ girlfriend” Brady replied

“Why?” I asked

“I love bein’ a voyeur, I does’ it all tha’ time” he replied

“Fine!” I said

I unbuttoned Rachel’s jean’s, then I pulled out her cock and balls in one go. I gave a few jerks to her cock and her cock became fully hard within seconds.

“Oh! I didn’t expec’ that!” Brady said with his cock already out; Rachel snapped a picture of him with cock in hand.

“You don’t tell anyone about this or me, otherwise, this picture will be everywhere within hours, then you lose your job, got it?” Rachel said

“Yes ma’am, just keep goin'” Brady replied

I went full boar onto Rachel’s cock, bobbing my head as fast as I could, I squeezed her cock to get more of her sweet precum, I played with her balls roughly, I licked the bottom of her cock while bobbing my head up and down her cock, Rachel came down my throat for the second time that day, cum just kept cumming and it soon started leaking out of my mouth; I then felt Brady drop a load of cum on my bare ass; I sat up with cum in my stomach, all over my chin and on my ass.

“That was fantastic girls!”

“I gotta go” Brady added as he hopped into his car andd left.

“Let me help you with that” Rachel said

I was still laying down on the table, Rachel moved down to my pantie-less ass and slowly slid her tounge along the spot where Brady came on my ass.

“His cum tastes good” Rachel said

“It’s hot out here, let’s go to my place” I said

“Ok, let’s go” Rachel replied

I shared another joint with Rachel on the way back to my house, I pulled into the garage, my mom was home, today was her day off, I think.

“Hey mom, were home!” I yelled

“Why are you home so early?” Mom replied

“It’s a half-day” I lied

My mom came walking into the living room, in a pair of sweatpants, and a plain white t-shirt; her laziness look was normal on her days off.

“You two have gotta’ be dating, you two are around eachother all the time” my mom said

“Funny that you say that, May, I just asked Nyx out for a date tonight” Rachel said

“Awe, that’s sweet, and Nyx, I know you ditched, but I really don’t give a fuck” my mom said

“So, how about I take us out for lunch?” May added

“What’s the occasion?” I asked

“Our case won!” My mom exclaimed

When my dad died, it was found that there was malpractice, and a lawyer recommended that we sue the hospital that my dad was kept in.

So the three of us left and went out to dinner, we ate at a Italian restaurant near us, one of the more, let’s say, ‘upper class’ places. When we were getting out of the car, my mom noticed the outfit I was wearing.

“Where did you get that?” May asked

“Rachel bought it for me” I replied

“She sure has great style, it looks fantastic on you” May said

We ate lunch, which was fantastic, we went home…

“I’m stuffed” I said plopping onto the couch.

“Im’ma go take a nap, you two keep it down” my mom said winking and walking off

I guess Rachel and I passed out too, because I woke up with my arms wrapped tightly around her, it was 6:30 pm, and my moms phone went off…

“Hey, you want me to rape that ass again?”

It was a text from Mark, moms boss; I read some more of his texts…

“God! How many guys?!”

“Is my cum still in that tight pussy that I raped earlier?”

There were about 30 other texts, with the same theme of rape, was he raping my mom? Was she into this?…

I didn’t know the answers to these questions, but I would later find out….


I Should I continue this? thoughts?

Constructive Critique Only


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