The Topless Tango Club Pt. 01

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Part 1 The Milonga

Author’s Note: This story is based on ideas provided by a Literotica reader. As the title suggests, this story has a tango theme although I have avoided the use of tango terms in this story with two exceptions.

Milonga: a place where social Argentine tango is danced. It also describes a tango-inspired dance danced to a quickstep rhythm.

Tanda: A grouping of tango tunes separated by a brief interlude of non-tango music. The interludes between tandas allow dancers to get on or off the dance floor and/or change dance partners.

This story is about how one couple seduces another couple into swinging. Part 1 is the build-up for Part 2.

* * *

Tom and Terri were sitting at a table with their close friends Alan and Cindy. They had met them several years earlier when Alan and Cindy answered an ad in a local newspaper offering to teach Argentine tango to whoever might be interested for a nominal fee. Alan and Cindy answered the ad and took lessons with Tom and Terry, who ran a milonga, a place where Argentine salon tango was danced, for several years.

For Tom and Terri, this was not unexpected. Dancing, they knew, took time, persistence, dedication and practice. It was no activity for the fickle and the fly-by-nighters. Very few who started to learn how to dance stuck with it or worked hard enough to become accomplished dancers.

Terri was the daughter of parents who had emigrated from southern Europe. She had an olive complexion and jet-black hair. Her friend Cindy’s ancestors came from northern Europe. The bronze tone of her skin, however, was the result of tanning rather than genes. Terry was significantly shorter than Cindy, making her friend look almost statuesque in comparison. Both women had very curvy figures. Cindy’s breasts were significantly larger than Terri’s and her legs looked longer. Terri’s facial features were rounder than Cindy’s. Her full sensual lips stood in contrast to Cindy’s relatively thin ones.

Tom and Alan both worked for the same accountancy firm. At first they were colleagues. But when Alan discovered that Tom and his wife were expert tango dancers, he wanted to learn too. He was convinced, correctly as it turned out, that his wife would also want to learn. Another incentive for learning was the knowledge that another pair of friends, Ed and Susan, also knew how to dance the tango.

Terri was a department store manager while Cindy worked at a municipal health clinic.

Because of her petite frame, most men considered Terri to be ‘cute’ whereas they considered the taller Cindy to be beautiful. Terry had to admit to herself that she was envious of Cindy’s beauty. It upset her that Tom stared at her while she openly flaunted her admittedly gorgeous physical attributes. Tom had to assure her that ‘cute’ was a different kind of beauty that was no less important than a woman who was just plain beautiful. Men’s logic and their perception of women didn’t always make sense to Terri.

Their husbands, Tom and Alan, belonged to old British and Irish stock. Both had brown hair but Tom’s had a red tinge that pointed to his Irish ancestry whereas Alan’s hair had been blonde when he was young but it turned into mousy-brown as he grew older manhood. Both men sported streaks of gray and neither of them, unlike their wives, made attempts to conceal the signs of early middle-age.

Alan and Cindy were only two or three years younger than Tom and Terri.

Both couples loved the passion of Argentine tango. They loved the dance’s interplay of attraction and disdain. Men danced to overpower their female partner with macho masculinity. While the woman danced with interested reserve and apparent disdain as if the say: ‘You may be dancing with me, you handsome man,’ the woman seems to express in her dancing, ‘but you have no chance of getting me into your bed.’

Terri played this role particularly well when she danced the tango. In fact, it could be argued that she played her role too well. Being a naturally reserved person, it was not difficult for Terri to maintain an air of disdain on the rare occasions she danced with someone other than her husband. Indeed, even when she danced with Tom she maintained an air of studied haughtiness that would have convinced a casual observer that Tom was just another would-be lover doomed to failure in any attempt to seduce her.

The truth was more complicated. While Tom and Terri loved each other, they yearned for the passion they enjoyed when they first met but which had faded over time. Their sex life had become an uninteresting routine. It had also become infrequent, something they did to relieve the inevitable and natural build-up of sexual tension. They were even conscious of the fact that long intervals between lovemaking make them irritable.

On those infrequent occasions when they made love, they enjoyed it immensely. For a few days at least their mood improved. So they wondered why they didn’t make love more often. But they both knew why. They bakırköy escort were inhibited by their own fears and insecurities.

When their lovemaking started dropping off, Tom made attempts to spice up their love life but Terri rebuffed his suggestions by saying “that’s disgusting” or “what kind of girl do you think I am?”

Little did Tom know that she feared he was testing her in some way. If she went along with some of his suggestions, he might hypocritically conclude that she was some kind of slut. She once overheard a woman complain to her friend that her husband distrusted her precisely because she enjoyed sex too much! Men seemed to want a wife who behaved both a virgin and a slut! Go figure! Did it ever occur to some of these guys that their wives might neither virgin or slut but something different a woman who enjoyed sex!

Tom eventually abandoned his attempts to spice up their love life. So each became more reserved because they thought that it was what their spouse wanted and preferred.

Unknown to Tom and Terri, Alan and Cindy had gone through a similar crisis, but their solution was totally different. They had become swingers!

* * *

On the surface, the two couples seemed to be a study in contrasts. There were, apparently, huge differences in their characters and attitudes. Nevertheless, they were genuinely fond of each other. Over time, they had become close friends.

Alan and Cindy liked Tom and Terri because, underneath their cool reserve, they found two warm steadfast personalities who were generous, selfless and fiercely loyal to their family and their friends. When they were totally relaxed, enjoying a barbecue, sipping wine, swimming in the pool, spending time in the sauna or just playing cards, they would come of their shells and were actually a lot of fun. They only wished that their dancing mentors would let loose more often and be happier.

Every so often Alan or Cindy would say to one of both of them, “Come on, you guys, lighten up!” or something else in a similar vein.

For their part, Tom and Terri acknowledged in their own minds that their friends had a good point. They even wanted to be more like them because they secretly envied their friends’ carefree and relaxed attitude. Yet neither Tom nor Terri would say anything to the other for fear of a negative reaction.

Tom and Terri noticed that their Alan and Cindy sometimes skirted the limits of social convention, particularly when, about once every two months or so, their out-of town friends, Ed and Susan, came to dance at their milonga.

This couple was about the same age as Alan and Cindy. In fact, they had been friends since their college days. Ed and Susan were the ones who encouraged Alan and Cindy to take up Argentine tango.

Of average height, Susan was blonde and full-figured. With wide hips, large breasts and meaty but firm thighs, she could be described as luscious or voluptuous. Her equally blond husband was trim, almost thin, no doubt because he seemed to have an energetic personality. They had two children who they left behind with their grandparents when they came to visit their friends. Ed was a hospital administrator while Susan worked as a paralegal specializing in helping motorists deal with traffic tickets.

When Ed and Susan came to town to attend Tom and Terri’s milonga, they spent the night at Alan and Cindy’s before returning home the following afternoon. Through Alan and Cindy, Ed and Susan became friends with Tom and Terri.

Tom and Terri always made sure that a table for six of them was reserved. They also made a point of dancing at least one tanda with the other two couples. Other than that, Tom and Terri withdrew into the background to allow Alan and Cindy to focus on their out-of-town friends on the nights when they showed up at their milonga.

Early on, Tom and Terri noticed that there was something very different about relationship between these two couples, but neither of them could put a finger on it.

Normally, when Alan and Cindy danced with other regulars of Tom and Terri’s milonga, there was nothing unusual about the way they behaved toward their dance partners. They adhered to the milonga’s etiquette. They were always polite, friendly and considerate.

Alan and Cindy seemed to become more risqué when they danced with each. They openly flirted with each other when they were on the dance floor. Their flirtatiousness had the advantage of distracting observers from noticing small deficiencies and mistakes in their steps and dance technique.

Seeing a married couple flirt on the dance floor was no big deal; it made dancing tango seem more romantic. What unsettled Tom and Terri was the fact that, when they switched partners with their out-of-town friends, they seemed to flirt just as much with the other’s spouse as they did with their own.

Tom and Terri were willing enough to concede that tango is an intimate dance, but they also recognized a distinction başakşehir escort between an intimate dance and dancing intimately, This line seemed to be crossed when these two couples danced with their own spouse.

What disconcerted Tom and Terri was that the same flirtatiousness occurred when they switched partners. They appeared to deliberately make an effort tease their partners through lingering caresses, usually with their arms but sometimes with their legs, or coming close to each other as if moving in for a kiss without actually doing so, or embracing each other more tightly than was either needed or appropriate in tango. Yet, there were no signs of jealousy or recriminations among them.

So Alan and Cindy tried to convince themselves that they were just reading too much into what they saw.

Still, the couple knew enough about life and human nature to think that flirting was a sign that the person initiating the flirting was attracted to the person who he or she was flirting with. What was odd about these two couples was that the flirting was mutual and constant.

So Tom and Terri convinced themselves that they had misinterpreted, what their senses were telling them about other two couples’ interaction and behaviour. They concluded that it was just another manifestation of the Alan and Cindy’s ever-present and delightfully open effervescence, an effervescence that Ed and Susan apparently shared with them.

However, once the other two couples were off the dance floor, they behaved as if nothing had happened. It was all very confusing.

Adding to the confusion was Alan and Cindy’s behaviour toward them when they switched partners. Tom and Terri recalled occasions when they switched partners with them. During the tanda, which usually lasted about 10 to 15 minutes, they were almost convinced that Alan and Cindy were trying to flirt with them too!

Now Tom and Terri, as reserved as they appeared to be, were not immune to sexual suggestion or sexual attraction. After all, they were human beings with normal human sex drives.

So when Cindy danced with Tom, her flirtations evoked a stirring in his loins that was a sure sign of an approaching erection. The more she flirted the larger the swelling. On more than one occasion, he had valiantly, and often vainly, tried to think about something totally different to distract himself from Cindy’s sensual femininity but the warmth of her body, her scent, the way she embraced him, and the sound of her breathing (was she panting?) crowded out his attempt to suppress his natural libidinous interest in the woman in his arms. He had to remind himself that Cindy was his close friend’s wife, his wife’s close friend.

Sometimes his swelling cock made him physically uncomfortable because it got stuck in his underwear. On more than one occasion, he had to make a quick surreptitious adjustment to his pants during the brief break from one song to the next, hoping that no one, especially Cindy, noticed his discomfort.

Cindy noticed but pretended not to in order to spare him embarrassment. Cindy only smiled him.

Tom saw her smiles, but then again, she always smiled. Tom hoped it was because she enjoyed dancing with him, not because she had seen the unforgiving bulge in his pants.

Little did Tom know that his wife, Terri, was suffering erotic reactions when she danced with Alan. Whenever he could, Alan drew her closer to him. He sometimes brought his arm lower and further around her back, his fingers extending beyond her waistline as if it wanted to reach out for and touch the curve of her butt cheeks. He pretended inexperience and clumsiness to press himself closer and more intimately against her body.

Alan’s goal was to evoke sexual arousal from Terri. Knowing that close contact with her would arouse him, he adjusted his male equipment before getting up from the to table to dance with her. He thereby avoided Tom’s painful problem, the one that occurs when a man’s swelling organ gets stuck in the fly of his underwear.

When Alan had something to say to Terri, and he always did, he brought his mouth close to her lips or ear, almost as if he intended to kiss her or nibble on her ear.

The sound of his voice, the heat of his breath and the contact of his strong muscular body, lit her fire and stirred her honey pot.

Terri told herself that she was thinking ridiculous thoughts, that she should be ashamed of herself for being attracted to a handsome man. Alan was turning her one. Surely he wasn’t doing it deliberately, she told herself. It had to be her imagination.

Imagination or not, the tingling and seeping moisture between her legs attested to her attraction to Alan, her best friend’s husband, and her husband’s best friend. She admitted to herself that Alan was handsome and charming and, damn it, he was a hunk too!

Both Tom and Terri felt guilty about the covetous nature of their thoughts. They had to acknowledge the undeniable; they felt beşiktaş escort sexual attraction to someone else’s spouse. They felt even guiltier with the realization that the naughtiness of this secret arousal thrilled them too. It fed their egos by reminding them they were still attractive to other people. It also made them yearn for lost passion.

* * *

Independently of each other, Tom and Terri reflected on their life together. The couple enjoyed the sex on the rare occasions they made love together. Yet they were dissatisfied. If they enjoyed lovemaking as much as they thought they did, why not do it more often as they in the first years of their relationship? Both wondered why this was so. Both were afraid to raise their concerns with each other for fear of hurting each other’s feelings. Their default position always seemed to choose safe over sorry. The problem was that being safe made them sorry.

At one point in the evening, while Tom and Terri and Ed and Susan were dancing, Alan and Cindy decided to take a break. For the length of a tanda, they had the table to themselves.

“What a couple of stiff necks they are!” Cindy blurted out.

“Well, that’s what it’s all about in a milonga,” Alan replied. “The code of conduct is part of the ritual of salon tango,” her reminded her.

“I wasn’t referring to the milonga,” Cindy retorted. “I was referring to Tom and Terri. They need to loosen up, you know. Their tango technique is of course excellent, but I don’t see any real passion in their dance. I don’t see sparks flying.”

“Well, they’re not stiff,” he remarked.

“I see what you mean,” Alan had remarked. “They dance with the passion of an old married couple even though they’re only in their late thirties. That’s not old enough to be an really old married couple.”

“I think they’re too used to each other,” Cindy observed.

“Not like us,” Alan chuckled.

His wife smiled. She knew he was referring to. Every three of four weeks, they, meaning Tom, Terri, Ed and Susan, exchanged visits to their homes. On these visits, they also exchanged partners. She laughed as she imagined their friends’ reaction if they were to find out about their swinging lifestyle.

“I know what you’re thinking,” Alan told her interrupting her thought. “Just keep yourself under control.”

Cindy harrumphed. “I really like them but in some ways they’ve turned themselves into bores. I bet they’re in a sexual rut too. They need to shake up their sex lives with a little variety.”

Alan raised an eyebrow. “Okay sweetheart, are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

Cindy giggled. “They’ve been teaching us tango for the last few years,” she said. “I think it’s time for us to return the favour by teaching them that there’s passion and excitement outside tango too.”

“Good for you too, I imagined, Alan replied. “Now I know for sure you’ve got the hots for Tom.”

“And you don’t have the hots for Terri!” she smiled again knowing her husband.

“I think we should seduce them,” Cindy added.

“Impossible!” Alan retorted. “You yourself said they were a couple of stiff necks. I flirt with her on the dance floor. She seems impervious to my charms.”

“No woman is impervious to your charms,” Cindy smiling sweetly, “including Terri. I’ve seen that sparkle in her eyes when you dance with her that tells me you’re charms working just fine.”

“Why, thank you dear. I also think no man is impervious to your femaleness, not even Tom.” Then he added, “I’ve seen you tease Tom when you dance with him. I’m betting you’re turning him on although he hides it well.”

“I’ve already won that bet, Alan. I’ve caught him a couple of times making a quick adjustment to hide the lump in his pants. I don’t want to embarrass him, so I pretend I don’t notice.”

“Alan laughed. “We’ve done the best we can on the dance floor without actually crossing the line into openly outrageous behaviour. If we want to seduce them, we have to find some other way of breaking down their barriers.”

“We’ll find a way,” Cindy promised. “For now, let’s dance another tanda with Ed and Susan. Then the four of us can leave to do some dirty dancing back home.”

Alan heartily agreed with that suggestion.

* * *

“Have you noticed,” Tom said to Terri, “they tend to leave earlier when Ed and Susan come to town?”

When he didn’t get an answer, he noticed that Terri seemed to be deep into her own thoughts. He followed her gaze. She was watching Alan dance with Susan.

They both saw Alan say something to Susan. When they were beside Ed and Cindy on the dance floor, they exchanged words again. It was impossible to hear what they were saying while the music played and people chatted at their tables. At the end of the tanda, the two couples returned to their table, obviously preparing to leave.

Just as they were out the door, Tom noticed that Susan had left her Jacket behind. He grabbed the jacket and quickly left the milonga in the hope of catching them before they drove off.

Just as he turned the corner of the building, he stopped in his tracks. Alan was passionately kissing Susan.

“Can’t you guys wait a few minutes,” he heard Cindy say. She was laughing and holding hands with Ed watching Alan and Susan kiss! It was no sisterly kiss. They were kissing like lovers!

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