The Test

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My daughter wanted to start dating this kid named Kyle. She met him in her Ceramic Arts class, at the community college. Naturally I wanted to meet this Kyle, and make sure that he would be a good choice for my precious little Princess.

After a few weak protestations from my daughter, she agreed to set up a meeting. That Friday afternoon, I met Kyle at the coffee shop near the campus. He looked a little weird, with spiky hair and a gangly body, but these days I suppose that’s considered “normal.”

He saw me wave him over to the table and came over to sit down. “Your Mr. Grant, right?” he asked.

“That’s right,” I said, offering my hand. He shook it and took his seat.

We chatted idly over a couple of cappuccinos for a few minutes. He explained that he had a job, didn’t get into drugs, and was basically and honest kid. Then I turned the conversation toward the topic I was most interested in…

“So, Kyle,” I said, lowering my voice, “have you had sex with my little girl?”

The kid nearly choked on his coffee. “Uh, no,” he said, “not yet.”

“I see,” I said, grunting. “And why not?” I asked, looking him in the eye.

He seemed puzzled. “Sir?”

I glanced around, making a show of checking for eavesdroppers. “Confidentially,” I said in a low voice, “if I were you, I would have fucked the shit out of her, by now.” I took a casual sip of my cappuccino, leaning back in my chair.

Kyle shook visibly, as he considered his response. “This is a test, isn’t it?”

“Hm? A test?” I said, innocently. “Why would I do that?”

Kyle leaned forward, glaring at me. “Don’t jerk me around, Mr. G! Why else would you make such a strange comment?” He sat back. “I haven’t had sex with Marcie,” he stated flatly. “I haven’t had sex with anyone for two months.” He lowered his eyes and sipped his drink.

I leaned forward, resting my elbows on the table. “You poor kid,” I said. “What’s wrong, don’t women find you exciting?” He looked up with a questioning look in his eyes. “Your not gay, are you?”

“Look, Mr. Grant,” said Kyle, “this is getting kind of weird.” He stood up. “If you don’t want me to date your daughter, just say so.”

I stood up and tossed a few bills on the table as the teenager stood fuming. I turned to him and chuckled lightly. “Relax, my boy,” I said. “Come with me. Let’s go for a drive.” I put an arm on his shoulder and led the boy out to my car.

We drove around the campus and the nearby park, as we talked. I told Kyle that, yes, in a way, I had been testing him. “However,” I explained, “there is something I need to know.”

“What’s that, Mr. G?”

“Would you think me a monster, if I told you that I had sexual fantasies about Marcie?”

Kyle hesitated before responding. “Not really,” he said. “She is a really hot girl… I guess that would be natural.” Then he asked, “Have you?”

“Well,” I answered, “as you said, it’s only natural. She is a hot girl.” I turned into the parking lot of the park. We got out and went to sit at the bench by the duck pond. I continued, “Ever since my wife left, I have been having these dreams… About Marcie.”

“Oh, I see,” said Kyle. “So, you haven’t been getting any, since pendik escort your wife left?”

“Put flatly, yes,” I said, frowning at the boy. “I haven’t been ‘getting any’.” I told Kyle about my sexual fantasies regarding Marcie, and he listened carefully. “So, you see, Kyle,” I went on, “what I want to know is; would you mind if I peeked in, when you and Marcie, you know, did it…?”

“Wow,” the boy said. “I’ve never had a father ask that before.” He seemed to consider my request. “I guess that would be okay.”

“Good,” I said, slapping the boy’s leg. I stood up, heading back to the car. “Of course, Marcie must not know about this. It’ll be our little secret.”

Kyle fell in step beside me and asked, “So, when do you want to do this? …and where?”

“Tonight,” I said, opening the car door. “I can come over to your place. Just give me the address, and your cell number.” We drove back to the campus, where I dropped Kyle off at class. “Don’t forget,” I said, putting my finger to the side of my nose, “Mum’s the word.”

Kyle waved and walked away, slinging his book bag over his shoulder. I drove home feeling a sense of exhilaration. I could feel my dick getting hard, just anticipating the upcoming event. When I got home, I changed into my bathrobe and sat in my big comfy chair with a beer. My mind wandered into another sexual fantasy.

I imagined Marcie, coming home from school and finding me sitting in my favorite chair. She came to me and sat in my lap. As she gave me a big, wet kiss, I ran my hand up her thigh, only to discover that she wore no panties under her short skirt.

I stroked myself as I imagined fingering Marcie’s wet little hole. She stopped kissing me long enough to remove her T-shirt, exposing her pert little breasts. I sucked a tiny nipple into my mouth as I continued to explore her shaved mound. My daughter moaned, “Oh, Daddy… I wish you would put that big tool of yours in my…”

The doorbell rang, jerking me out of the fantasy. Cursing and tying my bathrobe, I went to the door. “What is it?” I barked at the young man standing outside.

Startled, the delivery boy held out a brown sack with dark stains around the bottom. “You order Chinese food?” he said, cautiously.

“No,” I said curtly, slamming the door. I opened the door and yelled, “Boy!” When he returned, looking scared, I asked, “What have you got there?”

He looked at the delivery slip and said, “Kung Pao Chicken and a side of Egg Rolls.”

“Screw whoever ordered it,” I said, turning to grab my wallet. “I’ll take it.” I shoved a wad of bills in the boy’s hand, and took the bag. I closed the door as he began to protest.

Later that evening, I got a call from Kyle. He told me that he and Marcie were at a club and that I should go to his apartment. He had hidden a spare key so I could go inside and find a good hiding place from which to watch as he and Marcie consummated their relationship.

I arrived and found the key under a potted geranium. My heart raced as I poked around Kyle’s apartment looking for a hiding place. Kyle said he planned on taking Marcie into his bedroom for a little standard action, so I found a spot in his closet where, with maltepe escort the door cracked slightly, I had a good view of the bed.

I heard the door open and Kyle and Marcie laughing and chatting. From the sounds, they were making coffee and poking around in the kitchen. I settled in, listening to the idle chatter and waiting for Kyle to get around to suggesting they move to the bedroom. There were footsteps coming near the closet door, then Kyle’s face appeared.

“Mr. G.,” he whispered, “I wondered if you’d be here…”

“What’s the holdup?” I whispered back.

“Nothing,” he replied, “I just wanted to check you out before I…” He jerked a thumb toward the bed.

“Well, get on with it,” I urged, waving a hand. “I’m starting to get a cramp.” I reached into my pocket and pulled out a scarf that I’d brought. “Take this. Put it over Marcie’s eyes. Tell her it’s a sex game, or whatever…”

Kyle looked at the scarf with a puzzled expression, which changed to a sly smile. “Right,” he said. “Add a little excitement…”

“Yes, yes,” I said impatiently, “now get to it!”

After that, it got pretty quiet. The sounds I could make out indicated that the young couple was “necking” on the couch. When I heard my little girl moaning, I knew Kyle was making his move. My cock started to throb as the moaning increased and I heard them grappling at each other. Then they moved into the bedroom.

I saw glimpses of the pair as they passed in front of the closet door. At one point, Marcie pushed the door, almost closing it. I silently cursed and pushed carefully at the door to restore my view. They were naked and had just climbed into bed. Marcie started to pull the covers up, but Kyle insisted they “do it” in the open.

The boy wasted no time in getting his face into Marcie’s crotch. She moaned as his head bobbed up and down over her pussy. I could imagine my own tongue lapping at her young pink lips, tickling her nubbin of a clit… Oh, how my cock throbbed! I unzipped my pants and began stroking myself, as Kyle worked his way up Marcie’s torso, kissing her stomach, then her perky little breasts.

I thought maybe he had forgotten about the blindfold, but before they got any further, he talked my daughter into allowing him to put it on her. This was the part of my plan I had not discussed with Kyle. I pushed the door further open and pulled down my pants, standing in the open doorway, naked from the waist down.

Kyle had Marcie by the knees, holding them up as he plowed his young cock into her pussy. With the blindfold in place, I no longer needed to hide in the closet. And Marcie would not notice if someone took Kyle’s place…

I took off my shirt and stood behind Kyle, watching as his big, young cock slid in and out of Marcie’s vagina. I knelt down to get a better view, stroking my own cock in time with Kyle’s thrusts. Marcie squealed with delight as he pumped vigorously on. Then I stood and moved around to where he could see me.

He gave me a questioning look, pausing in his attention to duty. I made a shushing gesture, then pointed at Marcie. He didn’t understand, so I pointed back and forth between her and myself. Kyle’s expression kartal escort turned to astonishment. I was afraid he would blow everything, right then.

Marcie groaned, “Kyle, what’s wrong? Why did you stop?”

I made another gesture, and Kyle said, “Nothing’s wrong. I just want to try something else. Turn over, and let’s do it doggie-style, okay?”

“Sure,” said Marcie, turning over on the bed.

As she was turning over, I pulled Kyle back, once more admonishing him to be silent. I then climbed up on the bed, right behind Marcie’s sweet little ass. I felt my heart pounding rapidly in my chest as I grabbed her firm cheeks. Knowing she was expecting her boyfriend, I quickly inserted my dick and began pumping my daughter’s pussy.

“Oh! Kyle,” said Marcie, “you’ve gotten bigger! Oh! Aah!”

I held Marcie’s hips as I pumped away at her sweet, tight vagina. I was so hard, I thought I might cum right away. Fortunately, I was able to hold off my orgasm. I was finally living out one of my incestuous fantasies, fucking my own daughter! It didn’t matter that she thought I was Kyle, as long as I got into her sweet pussy!

After a few minutes, I started fingering her anus, which made her squeal again. I gave Kyle, who stood on the side stroking himself, a meaningful look. His eyes widened in disbelief, but he said, “Marcie, honey… Can I… do it in your ass?”

Marcie gasped, then said, “Sure… yeah. Let’s try it!”

I took my cock out of her pussy and spit into her little brown hole. Then I started to work the head of my cock into her anus. This brought about more squealing, as Marcie grabbed the sheets in her fists and pressed her face into the pillow. I pressed slowly forward, savoring the feel of her sphincter sliding up my cock and the warmth of her rectum.

Kyle stared, wide-eyed as I began pumping Marcie’s ass. “Oh, shit!” he said aloud. He slapped his hand over his mouth, but it was too late.

Marcie heard Kyle’s remark coming from the wrong direction. She pulled at the scarf, which covered her eyes and stared at Kyle. She craned her neck to see me, cock still pumping her ass, and she screamed, “Daddy!? Oh, my GOD!”

I felt an overpowering surge of energy as I dumped my huge load of cum in Marcie’s ass. She screamed again, realizing that her father had just filled her ass with jism. Then I felt a different shuddering, as my daughter moaned loudly and gasped for air. I pulled my cock out of her soggy ass, and ran my fingers over her pussy.

Marcie’d had an orgasm just as I creamed her ass. I turned her over and crawled up to her face, which she had covered with a pillow. I pulled the pillow away, expecting her to be crying, or fuming with anger. She surprised me. When I pulled away the pillow, she was smiling broadly.

“Marcie, honey, I’m so sorry,” I began. She put a finger on my lips.

“It’s okay, Daddy,” she whispered. She kissed me on the mouth, just as she had in my fantasy. “I’ve always dreamed of being fucked by my Daddy. I never thought it would actually come true.” She kissed me again and reached a hand down to my cock. “It still feels hard, Daddy… Do you want to do it again?”

My heart jumped. I gave Marcie a kiss and said, “I think we should invite Kyle to join us. He looks a little… anxious.”

Kyle sighed and sat on the bed. “Does this mean I’ve passed the test, Mr. G.?”

I laughed and smacked him on the shoulder. “It sure does, son. It sure does.”

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