The Taylor Family Affair Ch. 02

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The midday sun shone brightly in the cloudless sky that warmed the air to a comfortable low eighty degrees and there was a slight breeze that was barely able to rustle the leaves of the trees. The large backyard held a pool on one side while an outdoor dining table and bar-b-que station sat on the other side that was connected to an “L” deck on the back side of the house.

Kimberly lay on one of the lounge chairs that sat close to the swimming pool and just lay in the sun, soaking in the warmth. She was going to enjoy the last few weeks of her summer vacation before having to go back to school. She wore a skimpy two piece bathing suit that struggled to contain her ample breasts and round ass. Her sunglasses were so dark you couldn’t see her eyes and her long brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail. Her lightly tanned skin glistened in the sunlight from the sunscreen she had applied earlier. She sighed contentedly as she realized just how good she had it.

Next to Kimberly on the other lounge chair was her best friend Stacy who also wore a skimpy two piece bathing suit, but hers didn’t fit as tightly. Her breasts were a couple of cup sizes smaller as she had a much more slender frame. She often came over to hang out or would often have Kimberly come over to her place. Stacy lifted her sunglasses just enough to take in the sight of Kimberly in her suit, her bright blue eyes staring at her creamy soft skin. She thought about the few times that her and Kimberly had slept together and licked her lips, wanting to taste her again. “You know you get me all excited when you wear such a tiny bikini right?”

Kimberly looked over at Stacy suddenly and had a wicked smile on her face, “Turn around is fair play.”

Stacy giggled and was about to get up when she saw Kyle walk out the back door and go over to the outdoor kitchen that their father had installed. She eyed him and saw that he was wearing a pair of shorts and nothing else, lusting after his lean muscular body and suddenly wanted him as well. The thought was preposterous and she shook it out of her head, after all she was thinking about Kimberly and her brother; there’s no way they would go for it. She whispered just a bit too loud, “It’s so not fair.”

“What’s that,” Kimberly asked, wondering what she was whispering about.

Stacy bit her lip suddenly as she didn’t think she had said it out loud. She decided to be brazen and just tell her the thoughts that were in her head. She had lusted after Kyle for some time now, ever since sophomore year. Now that they were about to go to college she desired him even more for she wasn’t sure if she would see him as often. That and he would suddenly be exposed to a sea of all new women. She took her sunglasses off and looked Kimberly squarely in the eye, “Your brother is so smoking hot, but he’s forbidden fruit.”

Kimberly giggled, thinking about what she had done with him in the last few weeks. “How do you mean?”

“I mean, if he was my brother I don’t think I could keep my hands off of him, and I still can’t touch him because he’s your brother. It would be like doing my own brother anyways, but then again my sister and I have slept together so maybe it’s not as weird as I’m making it seem.”

Kimberly knew that Stacy and her sister had slept together before and often fantasized about joining them. She knew that despite their age difference, they were extremely close and often shared a bed, comforting each other after their father left them several years ago. She heard a banging sound and her thoughts were snapped back to the backyard and looked over at Kyle. He was preparing the kitchen area for their parent’s party in a few days and she watched him move with a grace that almost seemed practiced. She watched his lean muscular body move and flex and she began to think about how nice it felt against her soft body. She watched as he walked back into the house, gently closing the door behind him, a slight grin crossing his lips as he looked at her.

“What’s going on in that head of yours Kimmy?” Stacy asked, noticing how Kimberly was staring at her brother.

Kimberly leaned over onto her side and faced Stacy, “Can you keep a secret? I know you can but this is super secret.”

“Of course I can Kimmy, you should know that.”

“I know but I just have to say it, you know that,” she said, watching Kyle go back inside the house. She watched him turn around and eye them both before closing the sliding glass door. “I swear, you can’t tell Leah or you mom alright? Promise?”

“I promise Kimmy, what is it? Seriously you’re freaking me out.”

“Stacy, listen, I know how you like Kyle and I know for a fact that he likes you too. I’ve paid attention to how you both look at each other.” She looked Stacy in the eyes and saw her face suddenly turned beet red.

“Kimmy, I can’t help it, but don’t worry, I won’t make a move on him, I swear.”

“Stacy, that’s what I’m getting at. I have to tell you something super secret.” Kimberly got up and motioned for Stacy to sit up as well, then sat down next to her, so closely that their thighs touched and she held Stacy’s hand, “You pendik escort know how you said you don’t know how I can keep my hands off of him?”

“Yes,” Stacy answered, her thoughts drifting before quickly putting one and one together in her head. “Oh my goodness, you didn’t!”

“I did,” Kimberly said giggling. “It happened a week after our eighteenth birthday party and I walked in on him masturbating and just had to have him.”

“Oh my goodness, please tell me everything! Please tell me his cock is as big as I think it is.”

Kimberly held her hands about seven inches apart, “It’s nice and thick too, it completely filled me up. It took him forever to fit it inside me for the first time. He knows how to use it too and boy does he know how to eat pussy.”

“Ever since sophomore year when I saw him in gym class I’ve thought about him, but never said anything because I thought you would be mad. I’ve had a thing for him for so long and now that I know about you and him together I want to see for myself. Fuck, you have me all hot and bothered and I wish I could feel that cock of his inside me.” Stacy grabbed one of Kimberly’s hand’s and pushed it between her legs, pushing her fingers between her lips. At this point she didn’t care if Kyle saw them together and actually reveled in the thought of being caught.

“Damn Stacy, pretty excited there!”

“Fuck Kimmy, the picture in my head of you two fucking is just so hot. I love coming over and making love to you and just the thought of him with us is too much.”

Kimberly leaned in and kissed Stacy hard, their passion so much more heated now that she had shared her secret and it had been accepted with such happiness. She pulled back and said in a soft tone, “I bet I can get him to beg us to join us. I know he wouldn’t pass up a chance to be with you.”

“You think so? Wait, do your parents know about you two?”

“Oh no, but I do know that Kyle has a thing for mom.”

Stacy looked at her with a mischievous grin, “Well your mom is pretty hot, I mean shit, I’d fuck her! Hell I’d fuck your dad as well! Kyle really does look like a younger version of him.”

Kimberly laughed hard, causing Stacy to laugh as well. “Daddy really is good looking. I bet his cock is just as big as Kyle’s. You’re still on the pill right? We can’t have either of us getting pregnant.”

“Oh definitely, though I haven’t been fucked in months and I’m crazy horny. Still can’t believe that fucker cheated on me with what’s her name!”

“Well I know Kyle will take good care of you. He’s fucked me quite often and is becoming very good at knowing how to use that big cock of his. I bet you I could get him to join us right now.”

“You’re joking,” Stacy said in disbelief.

“I am so serious! I’ll only get him if you want though. Either way you and I are fucking just because you have me so turned on that I need to cum, either by his cock or your mouth I don’t care!”

Stacy bit her lip and nodded her head in excitement. Her eyes twinkled with a mischievousness that told Kimberly that she was serious.

“Alright, go wait in my room on the bed, I’ll meet you there and I promise I’ll have that big cock in tow,” Kimberly said, getting up to go back in the house. She waited until she saw Stacy go around the corner to go to her room before going into the living room to talk to her brother. She could feel her own pussy juices begin to flow at the thought of finally having Stacy and her brother at the same time. She walked down the hall and into the living room and saw that he was on the couch watching a movie. She quickly tried to figure out the best way to get him to go to her room; at first thinking she should fake a spider problem, but instead decided to get straight to the point. She walked up behind her brother and wrapped her arms around him as she leaned over the back of the couch, her hands rubbing the front of his shorts as she kissed the back of his head.

“Damn Kimmy, that feels so good,” Kyle said in surprise. “Though you probably shouldn’t do that since Stacy is here and we don’t want to get caught.”

Kimberly sighed before pushing one hand into his shorts, feeling his cock jump at her touch, realizing that he wasn’t wearing any boxers, “Going commando when we have company makes you a very bad boy so I think I need to punish you by making you eat my pussy.”

“Fuck sis, you know I can’t deny you and that fantastic pussy of yours, but it’ll have to wait until she leaves.”

“No it won’t, I have a surprise for you but you have to come inside with me.” Kimberly walked around the couch and stood directly in front of him and reached back into his shorts, lightly stroking his cock before gripping it tightly, using her grip on him to get him to stand up and follow her lead.

Kyle willingly followed, not only because of the grip she had on him, but also because he wanted to know what surprise she had for him. She had surprised him a few weeks ago when she threw open his door and caught him masturbating which had been the best thing ever happen to him, so he was curious about this surprise.

Kimberly suddenly maltepe escort stopped when they got to the hallway and turned around to face her brother. She leaned in to kiss him but didn’t, her lips millimeters from his. She could tell he was excited, and extremely curious. She loved how his shorts were tight around his hard cock and how his hard body stood there, ready to do her bidding. “Dearest Kyle, do you trust me?”

“Of course I do Kimmy, with my whole being. Why?”

“Just come with me then,” she said, slowly opening the door to her bedroom.

Kyle stood there, enchanted at what the opening door revealed to him. He wasn’t prepared for what he saw, but he was suddenly very turned on. He let his eyes roam up and down the half naked body of his sister’s best friend who lay on the bed, her fingers pushed under her bikini bottom, stroking her soaking wet pussy for him.

“I’ve always known how much you think about her, and I already told her about us. The next logical step was for you to have the both of us at the same time. Would you like that dear brother? Would you want to fuck your sister and her best friend at the same time?”

Kyle didn’t speak; he simply leaned down and kissed his sister passionately, his hands groping her ass cheeks as he walked her into her own bedroom. He pulled back and almost threw her onto the bed next to Stacy. He looked at them lying next to each other on the bed, enjoying the view in front of him. His sister’s dark hair and slightly darker complexion contrasted nicely against Stacy’s blonde hair and lighter skin tone. He was just about to jump on the bed between them but stopped when he saw his sister wink at him.

Kimberly turned to face Stacy and kissed her passionately, her hands groping her best friend’s small breasts underneath the fabric of the bikini. As Kimberly worked her hands down Stacy’s body, her mouth followed, moving her kisses down to her neck, then between her round tits. She helped Stacy undo the top of her bikini before tossing it at Kyle who stood there in rapt fascination. “Look Stacy, he’s nice and hard for us!”

Stacy looked at Kyle and saw that he was stroking himself through his shorts and saw the noticeable bulge. She saw that her bikini top was lying on his head and started to laugh, “Nice shot Kimmy!”

Kyle laughed as he pulled it off of his head and dropped it on the floor before walking to the bed. He didn’t say a word before he dropped onto the bed between his sister’s legs and spread them apart, kissing his sister’s pussy through her bikini. He could taste her juices and it drove him crazy with lust.

“Fuck Kyle, oh that feels so good,” Kimberly said breathlessly. She reached down and untied the strings that held small patch of cloth over her nether region, giving her brother full access to her wet pussy. Her body began to shudder as she felt Kyle lap at her clit while he pushed a finger inside her. She felt Stacy untie the top of her own bikini and begin to lick and suck on her nipples. She loved the feeling of making love to Stacy and her brother individually, but having them go down on her at the same time was almost too much for her mind to comprehend and she could feel her orgasm building up already. She tightly grasped the blankets underneath her as her body went tense, her legs wrapping themselves around her brothers head. She screamed out in pleasure as her orgasm swept over her, her back arched as she reached down and pressed Kyle’s face hard against her pussy, flooding his mouth with her juices.

Kyle moaned as he lapped at her rush of juices, finally feeling her legs loosen their grip on his head. He pulled back and smiled at the sight of his sister writhing in ecstasy as Stacy pulled her own body back. He pulled himself up and stood over his sister, leaning over her and looked deep into Stacy’s bright blue eyes. He loved how she was looking at him, full of lust yet so innocent looking as she bit her lower lip. He had lusted after her for some time now, and here she was in the flesh, ready to be taken by him. He decided he would make the first move and leaned in to kiss her, pressing his lips against hers.

Stacy was unsure of what to expect and let Kyle take charge. She was so turned on after watching him go down on Kimberly that she was almost frozen in pure bliss. She returned Kyle’s kiss and could taste her best friend’s juices on his lips. Stacy let out a sudden yelp as she felt him stroke her clit through the thin veil of fabric that still covered her pussy. With a sudden tug of his fingers she suddenly felt her pussy free of any constraints, allowing his fingers direct access to her clit, causing her to suddenly yelp and throw herself back onto the bed. She loved feeling his mouth kiss her skin as he worked his way down, kissing each of her large nipples and belly button before landing on her soaking wet pussy. “Oh my God Kyle,” she said as she felt him expertly lick her clit as he pressed a finger inside of her.

Kimberly knew Stacy wouldn’t last long with her brother going down on her. She knew that her ex-boyfriend never went down on her, and when he did, kartal escort he would never get her off. She loved seeing him between Stacy’s legs and decided to make her own move, getting down on the floor and pulling her brother’s shorts off, his hard cock almost slapping her in the face. She grabbed the shaft with both hands and began to suck on his head.

Kyle loved feeling his sister’s mouth on his hard cock, and with her help had learned how to last longer before shooting his load, though he knew this would be the ultimate test of his endurance. He pushed his finger deep inside of Stacy’s pussy and stroked her from the inside, grazing her inner wall with his finger tip. He suddenly knew he found his mark when Stacy suddenly tensed up, her back arched and she yelled out in pleasure. He felt her hands on the back of his head suddenly and push him deeper into her pussy as she ground it against his face.

“Oh fuck Kyle I’m cumming,” Stacy screamed as she felt wave after wave of pure pleasure wash over. She barely felt Kimberly suddenly lying next to her, cuddling her and holding her close. She turned and buried her face into the crook of Kimberly’s neck and lay there, letting the waves of pleasure wash over as they slowly subsided. Her legs and hands released their hold of Kyle and she felt him climb onto the bed and lay next to her. The feelings of not only lust but of love and safety washed over her and she felt at peace here on Kimberly’s bed.

“I told you he was good,” Kimberly said, giggling.

“Oh my goodness you weren’t kidding,” Stacy said, giggling as well.

The giggling was infectious and Kyle joined in, giggling softly at first but soon was roaring with laughter, causing both Stacy and Kimberly to begin laughing out loud. After a few seconds he caught his breathe and began to lightly kiss Stacy’s cheek and neck, lightly nipping at her ear. He loved how her laughter faded to light sounds of moaning. He reached down with his hand and lightly began to stroke her bare skin.

Kimberly sat up and pulled herself up to the head of her bed and sat up, watching her brother caress Stacy’s smooth skin. She had slept with Stacy before numerous times, telling her mom that they were having simple sleep over’s to talk about school and boys, but they were enjoying each other’s bodies. She felt a twinge of jealousy at watching her brother kiss her skin, but she was also excited to watch him have his way with her.

Stacy was enjoying the feeling of being caressed by his soft touch, loving the feelings coursing through her that she had never felt before. She looked up at Kyle, “I need you inside me Kyle, please!”

“Do it Kyle, fuck her pussy good and hard,” Kimberly said. She had a hand between her legs and was stroking her clit.

Kyle was more than happy to oblige and jumped off of the bed and grasped Stacy by the hips and pulled her to the foot of the bed, her ass right on the edge.

Stacy willingly spread her legs and looked down at him as he stroked his hard cock right at her pussy lips. Her eyes widened when she realized this was the first time she had seen him, “Fuck that is a beautiful cock!”

Kyle smiled simply and rubbed the tip of his cock against her lips, feeling her wetness coat him. Her lips spread and invited him inside, coaxing him in, as he pushed forward slowly, allowing her pussy time to stretch to accommodate his dick. He loved her tight feeling pussy around his cock, and was extremely turned on due to the fact that he was pushing his cock into someone he had lusted after for some time. When he was all the way in he just stood there, letting her get used to his cock being in her all the way before taking hold of her hips.

Stacy lay there, her breathing was coming in sharp shallow breathes. She had never felt so full before and was thrilled by it. She felt him begin to pull out before slamming back into her wet pussy, causing her to yelp. “Fuck Kimmy, his cock feels so nice, no wonder you had to have him!”

Kimberly smiled as she continued to stroke her clit, enjoying the sight of her brother fucking her best friend. “That’s it Kyle, give it to her good and hard! Don’t cum in her pussy though; I want you to cum all over those little tits of hers!”

“You got it sis,” Kyle grunted as he fucked Stacy. His pace was quickening and his thrusts were getting harder. His hands moved her thighs and he pushed her legs against her, spreading her legs wide. He loved watching his cock move in and out of her pussy, seeing her juices coat his length. She wasn’t as tight as his sister, but the way she felt on his cock was different and intoxicating. He reached up with one hand and groped one of her bouncing tits, “You like my cock Stacy? You like fucking me?”

Stacy could only nod her head in reply as she was biting her lip; her hands grasped the blanket underneath her, trying to steady herself. Her breathing was coming in short gasps as she began to scream from the pleasure washing over, she could feel the oncoming waves of another orgasm building up. She had never cum from being fucked and it was almost too much for her mind to comprehend. Stacy’s back arched as she screamed, the walls of her pussy clamping down around Kyle’s cock, begging him to empty his seed inside of her. The waves of her orgasm were relentless as she felt his cock continue its onslaught, plowing her soaking wet pussy.

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