The Tangled Web Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: September 1998 – Mixed Doubles

The Tangled Web is a story spanning several years and is based on the complicated lives of a brother and sister and those they live with. Set in the English Midlands, the tale is told through a series of interlocking short stories. Although designed to be read in sequence, I have tried to make each chapter stand as a complete and satisfying story in itself.

Sara and her older brother Sam returned from their holiday in Spain determined to continue their new relationship. After careful thought, they eventually found a way to meet in secret whenever they felt the desire – and they felt it often. They simply joined the tennis league in the sports club to which they both belonged. By entering the mixed doubles competitions as a pair, they had a perfectly acceptable reason to be together one or two evenings a week for matches (real or not) and especially for club training on a Thursday night.

Sam’s wife Lynn worked on Thursday evenings as a Personal Trainer at a rival club. Sara’s boyfriend David was not a member of either club, so neither partner was in a position to notice that the training sessions were often only 30 minutes long rather than the 2 or 3 hours that Sara and Sam were away for, or that they were usually lamentably behind in playing their league matches.

It was a Thursday night. Sara, who still lived with her parents while she was at University, was due to visit Sam at his and Lynn’s house. She was getting ready carefully in her bedroom.


Sara stood upright before the full-length bedroom mirror and inspected her preparations. She was, she felt, pleased on the whole with the results. She hoped Sam would be pleased too. Sara had been counting the hours impatiently since his call that morning to confirm their arrangement, and the time for her to go had now finally arrived. She pulled her white sleeveless tennis top firmly down over her small, firm breasts, and straightened the pleats of her short tennis skirt. Her smooth, slender legs, still nicely tanned from their summer holiday in Spain – Sara smiled and blushed when she remembered that magical first night with Sam – were framed top and bottom by her short white skirt and white cotton socks. Her brown, shoulder length hair was shiny, sleek and just a little sun bleached. She leaned forwards to check her lightly applied make-up, and nodded in satisfaction

To outward appearances she looked as she should look to play a serious game of tennis. A perceptive observer might have noticed that her make up was perhaps a little heavier than it would normally have been for sport, that her breasts were surprisingly unsupported for such strenuous exercise – even for small breasts like hers, and that her new g-string panties were hardly the norm for Centre Court. But then, Sara thought happily to herself, she did not expect to be involved in much racquet work that night.

With an excited shiver, Sara smiled broadly at her reflection, turned and grabbed her green Slazenger bag from the bed, then swept from the room and down the stairs.

“Off now?” her mother called from the kitchen.

“Ye-es.” she sang back happily.

“Would you tell Sam we’ll expect him and Lynn at around 12 on Saturday? Oh – and good luck in your match.”

“Okay Mum. Thanks. Bye.” she replied and disappeared through the front door.

In his modern semi detached house, Sara’s brother Sam was feeling anxious. His wife Lynn seemed to be taking an age to get ready and leave for her exercise class. As an Instructor, Lynn always had to really look the part – something for the rest of the class to aim at – but even so, Sam thought, she could have been quicker. The result was, he had to confess, always worth the wait. Lynn was simply stunning and he was a very lucky man, he knew. But Sam had discovered needed more. He wanted and needed Sara very badly. He tried to relax a little. After all, he told himself, it would not be too difficult to explain things away if Sara arrived before Lynn had left. They were supposed to be playing tennis that night, and he could always say she was picking him up on her way to the club.

But tennis was the last thing Sam wanted to play with his beautiful, sexy sister.

To keep up the tennis deception and for his own peace of mind -and to give Sara the opportunity to change her mind and really play tennis – he had changed into his own tennis clothes. Sam could not bear the thought of Sara being anything but a full and willing partner, and on each occasion they had ‘met’ since that first unbelievable night in Spain, he had tried to give her an easy way out if she wanted one. He had tried hard never to take her for granted, and always tried to appear as if anything that happened was a pleasant surprise for him. In fact, had he but known it, Sara desired him even more than he desired her and their sexual compatibility was growing quickly.

Finally, Lynn rose from the dressing table and turned to kiss him lightly on the cheek before gracefully descending the stairs. Sam heard the front door slam and the sound of her pendik escort car engine revving up in the driveway. He looked out of the bedroom window and waved as his wife drove speedily away along the narrow road. Sam turned and sat on the bed, gazing at his reflection in the wardrobe door mirror. He could hear his heart pounding in his chest, and forced himself to take long, slow breaths to calm himself.

After only a few minutes, another car engine sounded outside and Sam jumped to his feet. Dashing to the window, he saw Sara’s small car turning into the driveway. He rose slowly, and descended the stairs just as a soft knock sounded on the front door. Sam opened it wide.

Sara stood outside the door, her bag over her shoulder, feeling the slight coldness of the evening air on her bare legs and arms. She knocked and waited, goose bumps beginning to appear on her soft brown skin, and was pleased when Sam opened the door promptly. He looked good; very good, she thought, in his white shorts and polo shirt.

“Hi Sam. Sorry I’m a bit late.” she said, a shiver of excitement joining the shiver the cool air had brought and with a broad smile she squeezed past him into the warm house.

Dropping her sports bag in the hallway, Sara walked through to the kitchen. Sam followed, admiring his sister’s slim, athletic body. Why had he never noticed her attractiveness over the many years they had lived in the same house? Why had it taken so long for them to discover each other’s bodies? Sam shook his head at the wasted opportunities and entered the brightly-lit kitchen close behind her.

“Did you book a court, Midge?” he asked hesitatingly, as always allowing her to signal whether she really wanted to play tennis or……

“Oh no! I forgot!” Sara grinned back. Sam felt a warm glow of excitement inside him. It would be all right tonight.

“So did I. Funny isn’t it?” He crossed to the fridge. “In that case, how about a drink?” he asked. “A glass of wine?”

“Mmmm. Yes please.”

Sam opened the fridge door and poured two large glasses from an open bottle. He passed one to Sara who clinked it against his.

“Cheers!” She said, and sat down on a tall wooden stool at the kitchen table. She took a large sip of the cool, dry wine and let it wash around her mouth. She watched as Sam sat on the stool next to her, their bare knees almost, but not quite touching. Sara looked at Sam’s fit, Muscular body and positively ached with desire. She had quickly realized that Sam felt insecure in their sexual relationship and was leaving her to set the pace and in principle she respected that. But there were times – and tonight was one of them – when she wanted him to forget the sensitive New Man act and, yes she would use the word – fuck her passionately. She turned slightly on the stool until their thighs touched.

Sam’s early tension had evaporated now that he knew that they had come with the same end in mind, but he talked slightly awkwardly of their parents, of Lynn and David, and of Sara’s forthcoming exams. Sara reluctantly joined in the chat, knowing that Sam needed it, but all the time her body was silently screaming “Touch me!”

Suddenly a car engine sounded close by in the street outside. Sara jumped up and went to the window to investigate.

“It can’t be Lynn this early.” Insisted Sam in a hoarse whisper.

“It isn’t. Whose car is that?”

Sam crossed to stand close behind her and followed her finger with his eyes.

“It’s just Mr. Jackson next door in his new car. He’s not very good at parking it yet. It looks like he needs both driveways.”

Sara felt the warmth of Sam’s body close behind her and knew she couldn’t wait any longer. She reached back with her hands until they rested slightly clumsily on Sam’s hips. She leaned back against his chest.

“Lynn will be back soon, I suppose.” She said aloud, giving Sam a meaningful look.

Sam took his cue. “I reckon so.” He replied and placed his palms on Sara’s upper arms. He bent his lips to her ear and whispered “We’ve not got much time, Midge.”

Sara nodded silently and Sam buried his nose in her hair as he pulled her into his chest, her firm buttocks pressing against his groin. His hands slid down over her hips to caress her firm taut buttocks and thighs through her skirt, before sliding under her tight white top where his fingertips danced on her flat stomach. He felt Sara shiver against him, and she turned her head to one side, her chin tilted upwards, her soft lips offered to his. He kissed her lightly, their lips barely touching, then more passionately, as their tongues entwined. Sam’s hands slid further up his sister’s tight top until his fingers found at last her small, firm breasts. Her erect nipples slid between his fingers and he nipped them lightly. Sara giggled and, grasping the hem of her top with both hands, slowly rolled it up her body and over her head before casting it aside. Sam felt the warmth of her naked brown back against his chest and the strain of his hardening cock within his pants. His hands cupped her small, naked breasts, the maltepe escort coolness of his fingers exciting her. Sara ground her buttocks into Sam’s groin, his cock now a firm, growing pressure in her lower back.

Sam let his hands slide down Sara’s slim body as he bent his knees and gently lowered himself to the ground behind her. He looked up at her long slender legs, loving the contrast between her brown tanned skin and the fresh clean whiteness of her skirt and socks. He ran his hands over her ankles and saw her grasp the edge of the kitchen table in front of her. She said nothing, but Sam thought he felt her brace herself. He lowered his head and, as his fingertips began to stroke the outside of her ankles, he drew his tongue in a long straight line up the inside of her right calf, to rest momentarily behind her knee. Sara held her breath, her body’s sensitivity heightened to an almost unbearable degree.

Sam lowered his head again, and gently licked the back of her left calf, again his fingers stroking her soft flesh as his tongue drew a cool wet line across her skin. Sara held the table more tightly still. Pausing only to adjust his position, Sam now gently slid his palms up the outside of Sara’s thighs, up to the hem of her skirt, then back to her knees. He waited for her response and found it in a distinct hesitation in the rhythm of her breathing above him. Sam felt bolder now, and began to draw his firm, moist tongue up the inside of her thighs as his hands once again began their journey up their outsides. He paused as his face met the hem of her skirt and his tongue moved to her other leg, descending to her knees once again. After a moment’s pause, he began to ascend her thighs again, his tongue now flattened, reaching far between her thighs to touch the soft flesh within. He was rewarded by Sara opening her legs the merest fraction and he tongued further between her inviting thighs, as she so clearly desired. His head once again touched the hem of her skirt, but this time when he paused, Sara opened her legs yet further and bent over from the waist over the table. Sam’s face was merely inches from her vulva, covered as it was by her fresh white g-string panties. He opened his eyes to see her cheeks opening further as she bent over the table, and her moisture beginning to darken the narrow strip of cloth of her g-string as it passed between her cheeks in front of his face.

Sam placed one hand gently on each cheek and spread them further apart, at the same time boldly drawing his tongue between them, over the strap of her panties, and between her buttocks. Sara gasped with delight at the unfamiliar feeling and gripped the tabletop firmly. She opened her legs an inch wider in anticipation. Sam recognized this silent invitation and sliding both hands up under her skirt, gripped the sides of her panties in his fingers and drew them down over her buttocks to her ankles. Sara tried to kick them off, but her left tennis shoe caught in the elastic. Sam helped her free herself and placed the moist panties on the table before her before returning to his knees behind her. Her vulva now naked, Sara could clearly see the damp patch on her panties and bent yet further over the table. Now with her legs open wide just inches from his face, Sam could barely control himself. Holding Sara’s buttocks apart, his lithe, active tongue darted forward to find between her short, tightly curled pubic hair, the soft, moist, warm entrance to her most private place. He licked the full length of her exposed slit, beginning near her hardening clitoris, and then moving upwards between her swelling outer lips to dive deeply into her vagina. Sam moved his firm pointed tongue briefly in and out of her slit, before moving again upwards and across her perineum. With the barest touch of his tongue on her anus, he drew back a little and looked for further encouragement.

Sara closed her eyes to heighten her sensitivity. She felt wonderfully exposed, dangerously vulnerable, unbearably excited. She could feel Sam’s tongue as it explored her body. She felt it soft against her buttocks, then firm against the underside of her clitoris. She felt Sam’s tongue, now firm and pointed, enter her vagina and her legs trembled, knees involuntarily bending as they lowered her precious passage further onto Sam’s waiting face. She could feel herself moistening even more, and with one hand, began to stroke her own naked breasts as they hung over the table. Sam licked her again, at first in long, firm strokes the length of her vulva, then in short sharp stabbing movements in and out of her vagina. Sara’s breath came in gasps. She tried to imagine what Sam was doing, what he looked like, what he could see. She felt herself getting hotter.

Sam opened his eyes in wonder. He could see Sara’s hot, sweet body before him, he could smell her mounting excitement in his nostrils, he could taste her honey on his tongue, he could feel the bitter sweetness of her juices contrasting with the roughness of her pubic hair in his mouth. He could hear her beginning to pant and felt her knees trembling at kartal escort his touch. He needed her now.

Almost reluctantly, Sam drew his mouth back from Sara’s vulva, and rose slowly to his feet. The bulge in his shorts was now painfully tight and with relief, he untied the drawstring and slipped them to the ground. His cock, almost painfully erect, burst ridiculously from his pants, strong and determined. Sam lifted Sara’s skirt up and over her back to expose her buttocks and their precious secret to his gaze. The brownness of her tanned skin contrasted with the white folds of her skirt and the paleness of her exposed buttocks. Sam took his cock in his right hand and, with his left upon Sara’s left buttock, positioned himself with its swollen head poised at her gaping entrance.

Sara felt Sam’s tongue leave her body, and waited in anticipation for what she hoped would quickly follow. Her body, inflamed with passion, desired him inside her. She felt him standing, heard the rustle of clothes, and shuddered as she felt something firm and large push apart her puffy outer lips, pausing at the entrance to her weeping channel. She reached forward to grasp the edges of the table in front of her, and waited.

Sam saw Sara brace herself and in one smooth movement, grasped her hips and drove himself full length into her moist opening. He heard her gasp out loud as he buried himself within her, her hot wetness surrounding his firmness, gripping him tightly. He felt the coolness of her buttocks pressing against his lower stomach and hips in sharp contrast to the heat now surrounding his cock. He drew himself back slowly and paused, before driving himself into her again and again, each time drawing right back so that only the head of his cock was still within her.

Sara felt her body open for Sam as he repeatedly penetrated her. She tightened herself around him and was gratified to hear him moan. Her body was on fire, she could feel herself losing control, but wanted more. Without thinking, Sara crossed her ankles, closing herself tightly around Sam as he thrust in and out of her. The sensations, already powerful, increased tenfold. Through the new tightness she could feel the ridges on his cock as they rubbed along her passage, and the pressure of the base of his swelling head as it reamed up and down inside her. She knew what would happen next, and happen it did.

Sam could barely believe the sensations passing through his body. Sara’s tightness was burning him as he drove into her body, but he loved the burning. He felt the head of his cock begin to swell and familiar warmth begin to appear high up between his legs. He could hear the loud slapping sounds of his body against Sara’s and could smell their juices as his pounding churned them into white foam around his cock. Suddenly he heard Sara’s orgasm beginning. Her panting became grunting, her grunting became moaning and as her orgasm intensified, her moaning became repeated screams of ecstasy. The volume increased as her passion increased and, even above his own approaching climax, Sam was aware enough to croak “Midge! Noisy! Noisy!”

Through the deep cloud of the orgasm now racking her body, Sara understood and grabbed the nearest thing she could find, stuffed it in her mouth and bit hard upon it as Sam finally lost control of his thrusting. She heard him grunt loudly as the warm wetness of his orgasm burned through his thighs, his spine and into his cock, and the animal within him in took over, slamming his cock hard into Sara’s body with the full force of his thighs, loud slapping noises accompanying his thrusts as he pumped his seed into her.

The power of his passion was frightening as Sam’s final thrusts lifted her bodily from the ground, literally impaled on his manhood. Sara bit hard onto the gag to stifle the cries escaping her throat as Sam came within her. Suddenly her mouth filled with musk and she realized that her gag was in fact the moist g-string Sam had so recently torn form her, soaked in her own juices. She felt unable to breathe as the final waves of passion flowed through her, tightening her throat and Sam’s wildling pulsing cock filling her with his precious seed. She screamed into the gag, her features screwed up, her eyes tightly closed as her legs turned to jelly and a tidal wave of pleasure washed over her body.

Sara’s toes once again touched the ground, her legs unsteady as Sam’s climax faded, and she felt the warmth of his chest as he collapsed across her back, his cock slowly beginning to soften within her.

They stood locked together for what seemed like an age; Sam’s hot, sweating body moulded smoothly to Sara’s. His hardness softened further. Sara listened to his heavy breathing in her ear, his sweat mingling with hers as it dripped onto the table top beneath them. Sam kissed her on the shoulder, and ran his fingers through her hair, then very slowly began to stand up, gently sliding his cock out of Sara’s hot, sore body. As his body left hers, Sara felt light headed and as the cool air in the room caught the wetness of her vulva, she felt a shiver pass through her. Slowly, carefully, she pushed herself upright, and then turned to face her brother. He stood in his shirt alone, his strong hairy legs firm and attractive beneath its loose hem, his cock, red and wet with their juices, hanging down below.

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