The Tableau That is Lisa Ch. 04

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Chapter Four

Our House


All persons engaging in sexual activity in this true story were 18 years of age or older when the events in the story transpired. But you already knew that. Didn’t you.


For God gave us a spirit not of fear, but of power, of love and of self-control. -Second Timothy 1.7

A friend loves for all times and a brother is born for adversity. -Proverbs 12.17


Together we, George, Jamie and I played ‘Brady Bunch’ and ‘Mom and Dad’ a slightly kinkier version using the sex toys we found hidden in our parent’s bedroom. We invented a new game. ‘OB-GYN Clinic’ where George was the Uber Pervvy Herr Doktor Georg Merkwuerdeglibe, famed Gynecologist extraordinaire.

Jamie and I took turns playing the parts of nurse and patient. This game played itself out to the end of the school year, Doctor Georg explored the darkest, moistest, depths of Jamie’s and my vaginas using a host of tools that he himself invented keeping the ones that felt nice and yummy, and discarding the rest. We tried out those little stainless steel urethral sounds we found in the little leather case.

Once we figured out the workings of the Kleister bag and its array of attachments, patients were routinely douched and given enemas before their exams. We invented the ‘vaginoscope’ an amazing new medical device that bears an uncanny resemblance to a small diameter heavy lead crystal bud vase. It was lubricated and inserted into the patient’s vagina to obtain heretofore unobtainable visual confirmation of diagnosis, as well as frequent updates on treatment. A truly useful device.

Dr. George treated various and sundry heretofore unknown and often bizarre vaginal maladies. His success rate was one hundred percent. Then being faithful ‘Mormon sister-wives’, our fourth game, the patient and nurse returned home to their loving husband. We made love together and slept a most wonderful sleep, the three of us in the big bed. Except for the four or five days a month it was occupied by its rightful owners.

We would all walk to school together or ride in the crappy little orange pickup truck that George used to deliver stuff from the Farm Supply in. All of the grades attended school together on a single campus. pendik escort A hodge-podge of a dozen or so buildings built over the past eighty years or so. Even the Junior College classes George, Punch and Eva took were given on this campus. In the same fieldhouse the boys studied their athletic playbooks in when they were in high school. Where my cross-county coach taught us about endorphins.

With our help George also runs the business end of Mom and Dad’s trucking enterprise. Keeping the business records and the federally mandated log books, keeping everything legal. Did I say books, oops meant book. We took orders and dispatched loads. In this day before commoners had cell phones we became skilled at interrupting anything including sex to answer a ringing phone. A call was a customer, or Mom and Dad checking in from a truck stop to say hi, and to get their dispatch.

“Hey honey, how’s it going?”

“Just great, Mom, Jamie’s tongue is working on giving me a second orgasm. George had to pull his dick out of my mouth so I could talk, but its all good, in fact I think I’d like him to put back in my ass instead right now.”

“That’s nice dear, use plenty of lube. Did your brother spank you until your pussy gushed.”

“Of course, Mom, a girl needs a little foreplay…”

That conversation obviously did not, but it certainly could have, taken place.

Even though she was one year ahead of me in school I made friends with Eva long ago. We shared a mutual love of books. My friend the Pastor also loves books, the classics as well as ecclesiastical works, he prefers Jean Racine to Mark. But then Mark always was the most problematic of the Gospels. His degree is in textual criticism, needless to say, I learned a lot from him. His daughters Eva, Lillian, who was in my class at school, and Claire were encouraged to come over to our house.

Punch graduated from high school with George and then went away to Austin for one semester. He sorta halfway moved into our house after a big falling out with his father. Eva pretty much saved him from himself. That is Eva’s thing. God works through Eva. So, Punch is here, he doesn’t want to go to Lubbock where his fuck-up of a brother goes to college. Everybody is pretty much in love maltepe escort with Eva, but nobody more so than Punch.

Everyone is usually over at our house those five or six days out of seven that Mom and Dad are on the road. Since Jamie and I moved into the big bed with George, there is a vacancy. Punch and Eva hang out in my bedroom, which Punch has kin da taken over. Lillian is usually with them. Eva will sit or lie on my bed and read or make preparations for her weekly youth service, naked.

“This is the way God made me.” Eva would say “What better way to read his words.”

What better way to entice Punch to try to distract her from her work, to slowly build up her level of sexual anticipation until she was in need of release. Then to give her that release. Lillian did not know what to think at first. She was accustomed to Eva’s idiosyncrasies. But, to be preparing a sermon while laying naked on a bed, the door open. Almost inviting people to watch.

Having Punch playing with, nibbling on her butt cheeks. Playing with her pussy with his fingers. Kissing her asshole, pushing one, then two fingers well lubricated from her pussy into her ass. It wasn’t… was… was… Well, actually, it kinda looked nice. Her soft moans showed that she was enjoying Punch’s efforts at distracting her.

“If God didn’t want me to have Punch inside of me, he easily could have put stamens and pistils on top of our heads. Then fathers would make sure their daughters always wore their hats, and bees would be given as wedding gifts.” That was Eva.

Eva, who shared her Punch with Lillian. Eva, our spiritual leader. Punch our artist, architech. Lillian our strategist. Eva knew what she was doing. She was Leah, secretly in love with Jacob. Jacob who licked her asshole, while seeing how many patriarchal fingers he could get into his first cousin’s sweet wetness. Punch was Jacob, his hard on glistening from Leah’s saliva kissing a shy Rachel at the well. Her sister undressing her for Jacob to see, Leah kissing her as well. Leah guiding Jacobs head to Rachel’s vagina.

Jamie and I were sisters, as were Bilhah and Zilpah. We were given to Jacob as well. George played himself, the Angel. An angel with a talented tongue and beautiful kartal escort penis. Interactive Bible study, all the girls had the opportunity to be the spot where Jacob wrestled the Angel. Patriarch’s penis in her mouth, Angel’s in her butt. Angel in her mouth. Patriarch in her butt. Sisters taking care of the needs of sisters.

Eva and Lillian and Punch were going to be together forever. Leah knew Jacob could not ask Laban for her and then ask for Rachel. Jacob had to ask for Rachel and then be required to take Leah. Punch could marry Lillian and everyone would be happy. Nobody would be surprised at anything Eva did. Including have a child by her sister’s husband.

We formulated a plan. Mom and Dad had a plan. Ours was better. I was the optimist, the business brain. Jamie was the pessimist, the checker of facts, often the voice of reason. George was the builder, the engineer. We could make this work. We would pool our resources and go into business together. Grow Mom and Dad’s business and then diversify. The six of us could stay together and do it on our own.

There was only one issue. Right now we were ‘The Lost Boys’ we needed a ‘Mother’. I could not bear George’s child although I desperately wanted to. Jamie was not ready. She did not think she ever would be. We were almost complete. Our first ‘Wendy’ was a bad Wendy. Unsuitable to be ‘Mother’. I had to find a good ‘Mother’ for George’s progeny. Kristin was perfect.

So the ‘Mormon sister-wives’ game morphed into the ‘Old time traditionalist branch of the Church of Latter Day Saints of Erehwon, Texas’ game. Brother Samuel and Brother Butler and their four wives, but like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern they keep forgetting who is who. Their wives are equally confused.

The obvious solution was that the brothers regularly take each of the sisters. Making certain that each sister’s pussy is licked, slurped, fingered, that each clitoris is enticed to leave its little home, to come out and play, that each sister’s asshole be kissed, fingered, lubricated and penetrated. That each penis gets a chance in each sister’s butt, and each sister’s mouth

Once the weather got warm, which was before school let out in western Texas. We filled up the above ground pool the boys had scrounged and jury rigged into operation. They built a wood deck between it and the back of the garage and we had our own little spa. A few strategically placed viewblocks and it was a skinny dippers dream.

Where everybody gets to come. Before they go.

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