The story of Peaches and Sweetpea Part 6

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Tanuj Rao :-

I pulled off the messed up sheet and prepared our bed while he arranged the tub.
As I got into the bathroom, I realised that it was not just a bath tub, but a Hamam with aromatic oils, candles and fragrant potions arranged in a neat line. Three steps led to the edge of the circular Hamam. Did Sweetpea plan to spoil me tonight?

The tub was filled with scented water, petals of flowers floating in it. As I stepped into it, warm water touched my feet. Sweetpea was sitting in a corner, as he whistled while I got in. I sat near him, but he grabbed my hips and sat me between his legs, my back facing him. He hugged me from behind and nibbled my ear.

I moaned and whispered “Baby, are you going to kill me tonight?”

I felt his dimple on my left ear; he was grinning. I smiled as well. Sweetpea rested my head on his chest and held my hands.

“So Peaches, you said I was your last crush and you like to masturbate while thinking of your crushes, right?”

I turned red in shame. But my cock jumped to attention. I didn’t say anything.

“So how many times did you jerk off thinking about me?” he asked.

I replied “Thrice.”

I felt his fingers wrap around my shaft as he started jacking me.

“Thrice? Like this?” he asked.

My head fell back and I closed my eyes as pleasure ran down my tiny body. But I wanted to control myself. I held his hand to stop him and said “Baby please! Not now.”

Sweetpea let go of my cock as he chuckled scornfully. He asked “When did you do it?”

“On the first day of my shoot.” I replied.

“One and a half month and you did it three times only?” he asked.

“Yeah, because I broke my heart.” I replied.

Sweetpea held my face and turned me gently towards him. I could see concern in his eyes.

“Tell me.”

I turned back, hugged him and said “Baby, you remember you asked me…no, you ‘told’ me to get to work, after I came to show you my make-up and costume and I rushed into the washroom?”

Sweetpea looked lost. But then suddenly remembered.

“Oh yes! I did. It’s genetic. Ma does it while intimidating her subordinates to get them work properly; I do the same.”

I looked into his eyes and said “I wasn’t intimidated. Those dimples turned me on.”

Sweetpea looked amused. I started drawing random shapes on his chest with my index finger.

“I jacked off in the washroom, looking at my own reflection and imagining it to be you. I kissed the mirror and thought as if you were kissing me. I was thinking about you fucking me in the audition hall and came hard.”

I paused for a while.

“But then I thought, you are straight and Smita is your girlfriend. I didn’t have control on me; I had fallen in love with you the first time I saw you. But I realised only on that day.”

I looked into his eyes, as the painful memories of my heartbreak resurfaced in the form of tears.

“I thought we can never be together, and I was heartbroken due to that.”

Sweetpea bursa escort cupped my face in his hands and kissed my eyes. He gave me a hug to console me.

“Oh Peaches! I am so sorry baby. I didn’t know.”

I looked into his eyes and asked “Had you known my feelings, what would you have done?”

He said “We would have been together a long time ago.”

“But you didn’t know you were gay…..”

I was interrupted as Sweetpea kissed me fondly. As we pulled away, he said “It was never being straight, gay or bi about me. All I wanted was true love, my true soul mate; and believe me baby, our love is beyond sex.”

He looked into my eyes and said “It’s pure and sacred. It’s not about lust, it’s about love.”

I hugged him tight, melting in his embrace. My boner rubbed against his now soft cock. But God, the touch turned him on. He started kissing me passionately as I felt his cock of steel stir back to life against my thigh.

I said “Baby stand up please!”

“What is it Peaches?”

I smirked, winked my left eye and said “I want to try something.”


As he stood up in knee deep water, I prodded him to sit on the edge of the tub. I knelt before him, spread his thighs and got between them. Before me stood the most beautiful cock ever, one that made love to me an hour ago. I wrapped my fingers around his shaft. It was thick and I couldn’t take it in a single fist. I closed my eyes and began to rub my face against it, like a cat rubs itself around its master’s legs.

Sweetpea reached for my head and said “Baby you don’t have to……”

I shushed him and said “It’s okay my love! I am doing this intimate thing to love you back.”

My words had their effect on him. Sweetpea closed his eyes and said “I love you Peaches! I can’t imagine my life without you!”

I kissed his dick head and licked his piss hole. He shuddered a bit. I traced lines over the veins and franellum with the tip of my tongue and shoved it in his intact foreskin.
I lapped his glans and began to lick down his shaft, stopping at his scrotum, between his big balls.

“Ow my love!” moaned Sweetpea as I tongued his scrotum. Then running the tip of little nose from base of his shaft to his precum smeared dick head, I wrapped my tender lips around his glans and sucked on it like a succulent lollipop.
I opened my eyes and saw his face contorted in excitement. But then his eyes shot open and looked back at me. No trace of lust; only pure love. I smiled at him with his cock in my mouth. I pulled-off and pushed Sweetpea gently, laying him on the edge of Hamam. I sat on his chest and leaned on his cock in 69 position. I cleared my throat, puckered my lips into an ‘O’ and dove on his man-steel, ramming it up my little throat. He lurched his back, shoving his hip into my face.

“Peaches! Baby what are you up to?” he asked.

I looked back and said “Now I am punishing you for breaking my heart.”

His face hardened. Jesus! Did I upset him by making him feel bursa escort bayan guilty?

But then he smirked wickedly and said “Oh really?”

I flashed a naughty smile and said “Yup!” and wiggled my bubble-butt.

Sweetpea grabbed my ass and said “No one punishes Neiladri Sinha.”

“I know ba…Ah! Ow!” I moaned as he pulled my ass apart and lapped up my ass hole.

“Whoever cums last, wins.” he said and started drawing circles around my boy-pussy.

I got down to his dick, working my throat around it. Although I was choking, I took all of his meat pipe till my nose was buried in his scrotum. Drool ran down my lips, smearing my chin and his crotch. To relieve my fantasy, I shut my nostrils and started bobbing my head up and down along his flag post.
On the other side, Sweetpea kept tonging my butt-hole, tracing a line up to my tailbone and then back. I moaned on his cock as shivers ran up my spine. Gosh! He was overpowering me once again. So I rolled, this time Sweetpea on top of me. I grabbed his ass cheeks, fucking my face with his steel. But he didn’t react. He started fingering my butt-hole, this time deeper than the previous rounds. This time, he was stimulating my boy-clit with his bare hands. Using his cum as lube, Sweetpea finger-fucked me. I couldn’t take it anymore. Uttering a muffled growl, I came on his chest while he continued to prod my boy-clit.
Looking down at me, he smiled victoriously.

“I win.”

Oh really? I flexed my throat, squeezing his glans.

“Oh Peaches baby! I am going to……, no, no, no, no, no!”

He started pulling out as he realised what he was doing, but shot ropes after ropes of cum mid way, coating my throat, mouth and face with his virile seed. He looked at me and started laughing.

“What?” I asked.

Sweetpea led me to a mirror and I felt so dirty seeing myself like this. I looked like a dirty cum slut. I mopped my cum from his abs and licked my fingers clean. Then I proceeded with his cum that plastered my face. I wasn’t sure whether to swallow it or not; but then Sweetpea took me in his arms and kissed me. We shared the mixture of both our cum as we tongue-wrestled. But to my surprise, I felt his steel dick spring up again.

I walked to the bathtub and bent in it, with my head and arms on the edge. I wanted him to fuck me like a dog. But instead of shoving his dick into my ass, he held me by my waist and lifted me off my feet. He seated himself on the edge of Hamam and plonked me on his lap, with my legs straddling him on either side. He hugged me and whispered into my ear “You’re my princess. I can’t treat you like an impure dog.”

“Why don’t you fuck me? Why do you respect me so much?” I asked.

He said “Because I love you, and I will never hurt you.”

God is kind on me. Sweetpea held my hips and lifted me a little. I took the cue and positioned his cock as I descended on it. Once again I felt so full. But as he let go of me, I got impaled by his monster cock at once and my escort bursa eyes shot open in pain and I groaned “Aghhh!”

Sweetpea quickly started pulling out. I stopped him and said “It’s okay baby!” as I adjusted to his girth.

“Are you sure?” he asked with concern.

I nodded my head. Sweetpea now started rubbing his face on my chest, sucking on my nipples, kissing, licking and nibbling them. I was on cloud nine. He started moving his hips gently, giving me pleasure with his cute cock. My head shot back as his humping my ass, kneading my buttocks and stimulating my prostrate and I moaned in pleasure. My eyes were flooded with tears of ecstasy. I held his head to my bosom and whispered between my moans “Oh Sweetpea! I love you so much! Please baby love me always!”

He moaned “Umhmm!” and then grabbing my ass in his vice like grip he started ramming his cock into my puckered hole harder and faster, tearing me apart. His thighs slapped against my butt and lubrication cause by my drool and his cum from the previous session made sloshing sounds as his man steel hammered my boy-clit.

“Aw my fucking God! You’re teari……” he kissed me into silence. Our tongues wrestled for dominance as we sucked on each other’s lips. I started to black out as my body went limp and I shuddered as I came a little amount of semen on Sweetpea’s torso. He let out a muffled moan through our passionate kiss and slammed his cock deep, shooting his white lava into the depths of my bubble butt.
As our orgasm washed away, he sensed that I wasn’t kissing him back and had gone limp. He patted my cheek and asked “Baby, are you alright?”

I was totally worn off with too many orgasms and could only manage “I am fine.”

That night we made love a couple of times more by the Hamam and I had dry orgasms both the time. My butt was overflowing with cum, but Sweetpea was still hard. So I made him fuck my face thrice and let him cum in my throat each time. My lust was dead, now that I was filled up with his love.

Sweetpea anointed me with fragrant oils and aromatic potions after having anointed himself with the same. We sat in the warm scented water as we made love once again. As after-sex, we rubbed our bodies against each other, making out with each other. We dried off and gosh, Sweetpea looked hot as hell just in his towel, droplets of water dripping from his side parted straight hair. But I was too worn out tonight for another love making session. I felt wobbly on my feet and leaned on him. He must have sensed it all and carried me in his arms. His towel came off as he walked to the bed, laying me down gently. He yanked off my towel and jumped into bed. As he lied by my left, he asked “So, how was my gift?”
I grinned gleefully as I rested my tired head on his right arm.

“Words are insufficient to describe how much I loved it.”

Sweetpea wrapped his right arm on my diminutive shoulder as he looked at me with a lovely smile. I locked my eyes with him and smiled.

“Baby I’ll always remember this night, when you taught me the real definition of love.” I said.

He hugged me as he said “Me too!”

I laughed. That night we cuddled together and fell asleep.

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