The Storm

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December had been throwing some wild weather their way, thought Abby, and today was no exception. Peering into the mirror by her front door, a tall, willowy woman with deep brown eyes started back at her. She momentarily fiddled with her long black hair to try and sculpt it into some sort of shape but quickly gave it up as a bad job. Instead, grabbing her coat and the dog lead, she led her spaniel Poppy out into the gusty, bracing air. Given her experiences over the past few days, a good, long walk was exactly what she required.

Her friendship with Tom had been so damn confusing recently and although she yearned to see him again and to experience so much more than the devastating kiss they had previously shared, she still didn’t really understand if he felt anything more than friendship for her. His ex-wife seemed to loom large in many of his conversations and Abby, in turn, continued to hide her true feelings from him, in an effort to protect herself. Why was life so damn complicated?

As Abby trudged through the forest several miles from home, the wind became so strong that the rain was driven almost horizontally into her face. She looked down at her poor, cold, drenched dog trying to battle forwards, and felt a flash of guilt. The weather seemed to have come from nowhere and they were still a long way from shelter. Pulling her scarf more firmly around her neck, Abby heard a set of rapidly approaching horses’ hooves as an ominous rumble of thunder began rolling its way around the nearby valley.

‘Abby? Is that you?’ called a deep voice on the horse, the collar of his jacket lifted up to try and offer some protection from the weather.

‘Tom,’ she breathed, spinning around to face him, annoyed that her body was immediately reacting to his presence; her pulse had already increased whilst a warm, excited glow flooded through her body. Tall, blond, ruggedly handsome and fit from all the hours he spent in the saddle, Tom was incredibly kind-hearted, known by those who knew him as a gentle giant.

‘Have you got your car nearby?’ shouted Tom through the rain. He was fighting to control the strong, jumpy Monty; a horse who was somewhat unpredictable on a good day. Monty was slamming his huge feet down and turning sideways against the biting wind.

‘No, I walked here from home.’

‘The weather’s turning nasty,’ stated Tom. ‘Let me give you a lift back? I’m parked just up this track.’

‘No, it’s OK, said Abby shaking her head. ‘Thanks,’ she added, attempting to be polite.

‘Abby,’ said Tom seriously, dropping his head to try and protect his face from the driving rain. ‘It’s dangerous out here and we need to head for shelter quickly. Please don’t argue with me. The horsebox is a five-minute walk up this track. By the time you reach it, I should have boxed up this bugger and we can all get home safely. I’m not leaving without you. OK?’ Abby nodded as thunder bellowed nearby and Poppy yelped in fear. Not wishing to be outdone, Monty reared up into the air.

‘See you in a minute then,’ shouted Tom, as he clattered up the track at speed.


By the time the horsebox came into Abby’s line of sight, the wind felt almost hurricane speed and the tall trees around her were creaking ominously. Running to the passenger door and lifting a shivering Poppy into the foot well, Abby clambered up into the vehicle gratefully and slammed the door. The engine was already running and hot air was starting to pump into the cab. Water was dripping from Tom’s hair and his cheeks were rosy red.

‘Let’s get out of her,’ breathed Tom, releasing the clutch as Monty kicked out noisily in the back of the lorry. Between Monty’s efforts and the strong wind, the lorry swayed precariously, making all the passengers rather nervous.

‘Look, do you mind if I head straight back home and drop you back later?’ asked Tom. ‘Monty’s a bit geed up and the quicker I get him back to his stable, the better.’

‘Of course,’ replied Abby, just grateful to be out of the wind and rain. ‘No problem.’

‘There are some towels and a spare jumper in the back if you need anything for yourself or Poppy,’ explained Tom. Resigned to leaving her wet clothes sticking to her skin, Abby did grab one of the towels and wrapped it around a shaking Poppy.

‘I don’t know if she’s shaking from cold or fear,’ murmured Abby, rubbing her much beloved pet dry. ‘I feel really guilty taking her out now.’

‘It’s just the adrenalin pumping round her body. Fear. Excitement. They’re pretty closely coupled.’

A silence fell over them, as they travelled the remaining few miles back home. Tom pulled up outside the house, the engine still running, and ran to unlock the front door.

‘There’s a fire in the lounge for Poppy,’ instructed Tom. ‘Go and help yourself to a shower upstairs and grab some clothes. I’ll be back in about twenty minutes. I just need to deal with the nags, OK?’

‘Thanks,’ said Abby quietly as Tom left her in the warm, dry house and ran back out to the horsebox through the wild weather.


An canlı bahis şirketleri hour later, Tom and Abby were warm, dressed in dry clothes and huddled around the roaring fire in the lounge. Poppy was snoring contentedly on the thick rug, her feet twitching rapidly as she chased pheasants through her exhilarating dreams.

‘Look, Abby…’ began Tom.

‘Yes,’ she replied. Turning to look at him, she noticed his blues eyes glittering from the light of the fire.

‘I’m sorry. I’ve been…really crap recently. My emotions have been all over the place and it’s taken me a while to get my head straight.’

‘Is it straight now?’

‘As straight as a die.’

‘I’ve never understood that phrase,’ smiled Abby.

‘Me neither,’ agreed Tom. ‘You wouldn’t…’


‘You wouldn’t stay here with me for a bit, would you? Have some dinner?’ asked Tom. ‘Or do you need to get back home soon?’

‘No,’ said Abby shaking her long, dark locks. ‘I don’t have anywhere I need to be.’

‘It’s just the weather sounds really bleak outside and I’d love to stoke up the fire and just snuggle up here with you and talk.’

‘That sounds…really nice,’ murmured Abby.

‘I’ll just go and put the oven on,’ said Tom, standing up.

‘Can I help?’ asked Abby, following him through to the kitchen.

‘Definitely not! You relax,’ smiled Tom, grabbing some ingredients out of the fridge.

‘Do you normally eat so well when you’re on your own?’ asked Abby, observing the large steak, luxury chunky chips, triple cooked in goose fat plus a tray of roasted vegetables.

‘Not usually, no,’ said Tom quietly.

‘So, why today?’ pressed Abby.

‘Well…it’s my birthday,’ Tom admitted begrudgingly.

‘Oh! Tom! Happy birthday!’ she said. ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t realise.’

‘It’s no big deal. I said I’d celebrate it with everybody when they’re all around next week. Besides, when you’re as old and decrepit as me, you don’t want too much of a fuss made.’

‘How old are you then?’


‘Ancient, then?’ giggled Abby.

‘Hey!’ said Tom, playfully nudging her shoulder with his large hand. ‘Enough of your cheek!’


A couple of hours later and Tom and Abby were replete, as was Poppy, whose new favourite treat was rump steak. They had enjoyed a delicious meal, followed by a luxury chocolate mousse, all washed down with a very fine bottle of red wine. Back in front of a recently stoked fire, Tom looked across at Abby, drinking in her features and trying to commit them to memory.

‘Abby,’ he said shyly a short while later. ‘Is there any chance I could ask you for a birthday present?’

‘You can ask,’ laughed Abby, her heart starting to race. ‘Would you like me to do the washing up?’

‘No,’ smiled Tom, laying his arm along the back of the sofa. ‘I’d really love a cuddle.’ She looked up slowly into his eyes and felt a pulse of electricity shoot down to her core.

‘Sure,’ she said quietly, shuffling her body across the sofa until her head naturally rested on Tom’s chest and her body was pressed up against his side.

‘Mmmm,’ sighed Tom with pleasure, wrapping his arm protectively around her. They both sat in silence, gazing intently at the fire and a still-sleeping Poppy, not knowing what to say.

Over time, Tom’s fingers began to play randomly with a lock of Abby’s hair. As Tom clamped various handfuls of Abby’s hair between his fingers and gently pulled against her scalp, she sighed as delicious sensations began to shoot around her body. Later, Tom’s fingers walked their way towards the back of her neck, where he gently stroked her delicate skin.

‘Hmmm,’ she groaned, unable to prevent herself from doing so.

‘Is that nice?’ murmured Tom.

‘Yeah,’ breathed Abby, her hand migrating across Tom’s body to stroke his broad, firm chest. Just as Abby was summoning up the courage to turn her head and look directly at Tom, which would have put their lips just inches apart, they heard an almighty crash outside and the lights went off.

‘Shit,’ groaned Tom, leaping up and looking out of the window. ‘I think one of the big oak trees has come down.’ In the warm firelight which bathed the room, Tom opened a nearby chest of drawers and pulled out various candles, matches and torches. ‘I’d better go and check outside and make sure the horses haven’t been spooked,’ explained Tom. ‘Can you light some candles? I’ll be back in a few minutes.’

‘Sure,’ said Abby, comforting a shocked Poppy, who had been rudely awoken from her dreams by the noise.

‘See you in a minute,’ smiled Tom, as he grabbed his jacket and went out of the door.

‘Please be careful,’ pleaded Abby.


Quarter of an hour had passed and Abby was starting to get concerned about Tom. Grabbing one of the jackets from the coat hooks, she threw it around herself, grabbed a torch and headed out into the driving rain. With her head down and shoulders bent forwards, Abby struggled through canlı kaçak iddaa the winds which buffeted her across the driveway and down to the stables. She found Tom bolting the top stable doors of each of the horses.

‘Abby! What are you doing out here?’ Tom was amazed to see her out in the awful weather; no other woman he’d know would have stepped foot outside on such an evil night.

‘I wanted to be sure you were OK,’ explained Abby, her teeth chattering from the sudden drop in temperate after the lovely warm house.

‘All the horses are fine. Surprisingly calm, in fact. But that oak tree might make it difficult to get you home tonight,’ explained Tom, his voice raised to enable Abby to hear him over the torrential, driving rain. ‘It’s dropped straight across the driveway.’


‘Come on. Let’s get back inside,’ groaned Tom. ‘There’s nothing more we can do out here tonight.’

Running back into the house, giggling at the extreme madness of being blown and battered by the wind, Abby and Tom erupted into the kitchen and stood dripping heavily on the doormat.

‘Fuck!’ grinned Tom, his teeth chattering like castanets. ‘This weather’s going to be the death of me. I’ve got to have a bath to warm up. I’m chilled to the bone.’

‘Do you want me to run it for you?’

‘I’d much rather you ran it for us,’ said Tom, looking down into Abby’s eyes and holding her eye contact for way longer than necessary.

‘How do you mean?’ she stuttered.

‘I mean. I need a bath. You need a bath. And, rather than be in two separate rooms, I’d love to be with you where I can talk with you. There’s a huge double bath next to my room.’


‘Is that OK?’ said Tom softly.

‘Um. I guess.’

‘So, grab a candle and join me upstairs then.’


Abby leaned awkwardly against the bathroom wall, as Tom filled the bath with steaming water and an obscene amount of bubble bath.

‘I don’t think you can ever have enough bubbles,’ grinned Tom, still shivering.

‘You’re easily satisfied,’ smiled Abby.

‘I don’t think I am,’ replied Tom, a teasing look in his eyes. Abby flushed and looked down at the floor. ‘Right. Why don’t you get yourself in, whilst I go and grab some more towels and a couple of dressing gowns?’

The moment Tom had left the room, Abby closed the door, quickly peeled her wet clothes from her body and sank down into the gloriously hot, soapy waters, completely submerging herself. A couple of minutes later, Tom returned with just a towel wrapped around his waist, his gloriously sculpted abs rippling as he moved. Standing next to the bath, he smiled down at a wide-eyed Abby.


‘Lovely,’ she sighed both at the sight before her and the effect of the warm, soothing waters beginning to work their magic. ‘Would you like me to avert my eyes?’ she added, realising Tom was just about to join her.

‘Would you like to avert your eyes?’ he teased.

‘Honestly? Not really,’ she replied. What she had seen and felt of Tom’s body so far had been magnificent. She was just about to add that she probably should avert her eyes anyway, when Tom’s hands reached out to unwrap the towel and she found she couldn’t look anywhere but at him.

‘Don’t then,’ he grinned, placing his towel on the side. As he dropped down into the warm, steamy water, Abby caught a glimpse of a cock that, despite being at rest, was the largest she had ever seen in her life. Her internal muscles automatically clenched as her neck flushed and her mouth opened slightly in surprise.

‘Mmmm,’ groaned Tom, sinking into the warm, frothy waters, his eyes closed in pleasure. ‘That’s fantastic.’

They both lay there in silence for some time, enjoying the warmth and their close companionship.

‘Can I soap your back for you?’ offered Tom eventually.

‘Sure,’ breathed Abby. With the proximity of his wonderful, naked body, her sensible brain had temporarily vacated the room. The desire she had held inside for months was crashing through any remaining barriers, her body operating on pure impulse. As Tom’s hand reached out for her arm, the first touch of his slippery, wet skin on hers sent a flood of anticipation coursing through her body. Tom manoeuvred Abby between his legs and then tenderly began to rotate a soapy sponge across her neck, shoulders and down each of the bumpy vertebrae on her back. She sighed deeply, resting her face on her drawn-up knees, allowing herself to drown in the indescribable feeling of pleasure at being caressed by this wonderful man.

After some time, Tom put down the sponge and ran some additional warm water into the bath. When he had finished, he gently ran his hand down Abby’s arm.

‘Why don’t you lay back on me?’ he murmured, easing her against his chest. Abby was glad Tom couldn’t see her face at this point because her desire would have been so blatantly written there, she would have had no chance of hiding it. However, she couldn’t help but gasp slightly when her back made contact with his chest canlı kaçak bahis and stomach and she relaxed against his delicious body.

‘This is so nice,’ breathed Tom, reflecting her thoughts exactly. ‘My best birthday ever.’ Picking up the sponge once more, he began to gently soap Abby’s arms. Looking down, she could see that her breasts were hidden by the bubbles on the surface of the water. She wasn’t sure how she’d react, though, when the bubbles started to clear and her body became more visible to him.

Abby realised that Tom had discarded the sponge, when his large, soft hand slid slowly across her stomach, the feeling of his fingers on her sensitive abdomen almost too much for her to bear. With Tom’s hand coming to rest over her tummy button, he then pulled her body towards him, cuddling her tightly. Abby’s eyes rolled back in her head at the extreme pleasure of the situation she found herself in and she dropped her head back to rest on Tom’s chest. Slowly, she lifted her own hand and placed it onto Tom’s.

‘Are you cold?’ murmured Tom. Not trusting herself to speak, Abby simply shook her head. ‘But you’re shaking.’

‘Yeah,’ groaned Abby. ‘It isn’t cold or fear though.’


‘Sorry,’ she murmured, concentrating hard on the flickering flame of a nearby candle.

‘Don’t be,’ smiled Tom, gently starting to rotate his fingers softly around her tummy.

‘Tom,’ said Abby in a warning tone, holding his hand still.

‘What is it?’ said Tom gently, entwining his fingers with hers.

‘I’m not sure my heart can take this. I’m not the kind of person who falls in and out of love easily.’

‘I’m not that kind of person either, Abby. That’s what my problem has been.’

‘How do you mean?’ she asked, twisting her body slightly so she could face him. She found herself gazing into his honest blue eyes, their lips adjacent.

‘I know we’ve had a few false starts and that I’ve messed you about, Abby. I’ve been so confused. But I’m not anymore,’ said Tom solemnly. ‘I know exactly what I want.’

‘And what’s that?’ croaked Abby, barely daring to ask.

‘You,’ sighed Tom simply.

‘You might change your mind,’ said Abby, sadly shaking her head.

‘I won’t change my mind,’ said Tom determinedly. For a long while his eyes burnt into hers as the wind howled outside. ‘Abby?’ said Tom quietly. ‘Please may I kiss you?’

Way beyond words by now, Abby slowly nodded. Tom gently raised his hand to cup her cheek and then dropped his soft lips tenderly down to hers. The emotions racing through Abby’s mind were overwhelming and she prayed that her memory was recording each and every second so that she could replay it later at her leisure; the slippery feel of Tom’s solid body, the warm soapy water encompassing her, the sensation of Tom’s fingers sliding loving down her neck and the indescribable joy of being pressed against the naked body of the man she desired more than any other.

With infinite care, Tom began to introduce his tongue, slipping it slowly against Abby’s lips, teasing her, tasting her, encouraging her. Automatically opening up her mouth to him, Abby was rocked by the sensation of their tongues gliding against each other; very cautiously at first but their burning passion quickly overriding any restraint. Tom pulled Abby further against his body and she became aware of his erection, growing steadily between them. Panting heavily, they eventually pulled apart.

‘Mmmm, that was so nice,’ sighed Tom, his cheeks flushed and a wide grin across his face. ‘Do you mind if we do it again?’ With his eyes fluttering closed, he dropped his generous mouth back down to Abby’s and kissed her on and on, a low rumble occasionally sounding from the base of his throat, which sent surges of excitement through her body in response. All the while, Tom’s hands never stopped stroking her body, making her feel like the most adored women in the world. His fingers started circling her neck and shoulders, but as their kiss deepened, Tom’s fingers began to migrate down her side and under the water, to rotate around her lower back and beautifully rounded ass.

‘Tom,’ groaned Abby, eventually breaking their kiss, her core pulsing heavily with a desperate, yearning need. ‘Can we continue this in your bedroom?’

‘Seriously?’ asked Tom.

‘Deadly,’ nodded Abby, shuffling away from him and standing up. As she rose up from the water, rivulets coursed down her body. Tom gazed up in wonder at seeing her naked for the first time; tall, slender, perfectly proportioned with soft, rounded breasts which seemed to be calling out for his touch.

‘Fucking hell, Abby,’ he sighed. ‘You are utterly gorgeous.’ Smiling shyly, she stepped out of the bath and wrapped a large, fluffy towel around her body, patting herself dry. Tom quickly followed suit, pulling out the plug and standing up himself. With wide-eyed wonder, Abby drank in the delicious sight of his beautifully muscled body and a now massive erection, standing proudly between them.

‘You’re not so bad yourself,’ grinned Abby, aware of how much of a complete understatement that was. As Tom wrapped a towel around his hips, Abby glanced down one last time and then up into his eyes. He obviously read the disbelief in her expression and dropped his gaze to ground.

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