“The Squeaky Hamper Hinge” Pt. 01

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I live in major city. (Think major Metro area.) I met this woman who is around my age, who also lives here in the city. She is divorced and has two teenage daughters. Her oldest (19) has sort of already moved out for the most part and lives with her boyfriend. The younger one (16) obviously still lives at home but is hardly ever home. She’s heavily involved in a few after school clubs and is a cheerleader for the H.S. football team. Sometimes her mom and I attend home games because it is something fun to do and it supports her daughter.

Yes, ((Cheerleaders))

The youngest daughter also has a very active social life and often has friends over.

Things are good between me and girlfriend. The sex is OK maybe 7/10. She’s also about a 7/10 and has a good job and is pretty smart.

Fast forward about 5 years…

Things are still good between me and my girlfriend. We both own our own houses and we are happy with this arrangement.


The youngest daughter, now just turned 21, still living at home, is always out clubbing and wears the sluttiest of clothes. Low cut tops, short shorts, etc. You get the picture. She knows she’s hot and flaunts it every chance she gets. She’s also become quite the party girl, always out with her girlfriends until the wee hours of the morning.

One day…

I had done the girlfriends yard work and had washed up there at her house and opened the hamper in the bathroom to throw the towels in and what do I see? A lacy lime green thong inside sitting right on top of the dirty laundry. I stared at it for a moment and knew it wasn’t my girlfriends so it had to be the daughters.

During that night, and the next few, all I could think about was that lime-green thong… and well yes, that little slut.

A few days later I’m at the house, no one else is really around, I’m washing up, and I glance over at the hamper and I decide to go for it. Squeak goes the hamper springs. I proceed to do the panty-snoop, I had to dig a little but sure enough… I find a thong; it’s light pink, and from Victoria Secret.

(((Smells wonderful)))

I scoop them for a later tug when I get home and figure I can put them back in the hamper the next day I’m there. I do this a few times with her different panties making sure to always bring them back the next day I’m there which is almost every day.

Most are thongs, light pink, black, white, and a few are regular Victoria Secret underwear but they are definitely all hers.

My girlfriend wears stuff from regular department stores and well, let’s faces it; she isn’t a hot 21 year-old anymore. Mind you I consider her a MILF but won’t fit into a Victoria Secret size small thong.

Anyways… Back to the daughters unmentionables… Most panties have a illegal bahis distinct odor to them. Some even have a little patch of dried white in the crotch area.

Then one early summer day…

I’m doing some yard work at girlfriend’s house. (Trimming hedges, cleaning pool, etc.) The girlfriend says she’s going to go shopping for a couple of hours. I say I can stay and keep working as I usually do. She says she will pick up some beer on the way back.

About 15 minutes later I hear the youngest daughter pull into the driveway, home from work. She comes around back and says “hi”, asks where her mom is, and goes in the house. I hear the shower running and my mind starts to wander.

45 minutes later she comes out into the backyard and has changes into her … Well, I’ll just call it her “slut-wear”. Today’s outfit consists of this little white body hugging top with sequins, a short black skirt, and heels. She says she’s going out with friends and to tell her mom she won’t be home for dinner. As soon as she leaves I get this urge to see what she had been wearing. No one else is home. Why not take a peek. I head inside to see if she has left anything behind for me to “borrow”.

Like I said, I had been borrowing her dirty panties and occasionally a bra from time to time but always made sure to return them in a day or two not to raise suspicion if something were to go missing like a favorite pair.

Now I had the house to myself for a bit. I open the hamper and there they are; a cute little pair of black panties. Not a G-string but a small little cotton pair.

I find the crotch to take a big whiff and there is a wet spot. It’s not urine and it’s a bit sticky.

**I’m in heaven**

So there I am… Having a great time sniffing and even tasting them; I wrap them around my dick and have a relaxing tug in the bathroom when I hear the front door.

It’s way too early to be the girlfriend. It has to be the daughter and she’s back!? I can hear her in her fuck me heels clacking away on the wooden floor.

I just stay silent in the bathroom with her panties still wrapped around my erection hoping she’s forgotten something and will be quick about it. I hear her come down the hall. Then a knock on the door and she tries the knob.

I didn’t lock the door and the knob turns.

I say real loud. (Probably too loud) “Occupied!”

“Oh sorry.” She calls out my name. “Are you in there???”

I quickly shout back “Yea, Who else would it be?!”

I quickly put her thong in my pocket because the hamper springs make a horrible creak and flush the toilet. I pull up my pants (Still with a raging hard-on) and open the door.

She comes into the bathroom and gives me this weird stare as I go back outside. On my way out I hear the hamper illegal bahis siteleri spring squeak and don’t think anything of it.

After about 10 minutes or so she comes out back, stands there, and just stares at me. The type of stare that says “I know you have been up to no good, and I know that you know I know.” I’m busy doing yard work and try not to notice her just standing there with that look. She walks over to me never wavering from that stare.

I ask her: “Is there something you need?”

She says: “As a matter of fact there is.”

“I want $50 for me and my friends to enjoy the first round on you tonight and I won’t ask you what you did with my underwear. Just as long as they make it back to the hamper when you are done with them.”

I’ve got to be beet red at this point not knowing what to say.

So I give her $40 and explain: “That’s all I have on me and I don’t know what you’re talking about but sure, you and your friends enjoy a round on me.”

She snaps up the money and just gives me this smirk and says: “Well, you’ll never get to have the pair I’m wearing tonight and do you know why that is?”

I say nothing.

She says as she starts walking to her car… “It’s because I’m not wearing any tonight.”

As soon as she left I raced back inside and put them back in the hamper thinking to myself holy shit! Mind you she’s a slut and all. Sometimes her outfits are these little one piece dresses barely covering her ass. Bringing home different guys at night. I can hear them in the bedroom down the hall most of the time. Mostly her. The guys seem to usually be pretty quiet but I can hear her moans of what I can only describe as a delightful sound.

My girlfriend is a pretty sound sleeper but I hear everything and I’m especially listening for that.

So I lay low for a while and don’t snatch anything for a couple of weeks. I can’t risk her telling her mother and me denying it and calling her daughter a liar would just put me in a no-win situation. In fact I purposely don’t use that bathroom at all and instead use the one upstairs.

Then one day I’m at the house and we are all eating dinner (My girlfriend, her daughter, and I). We are all in a good mood and on our second bottle of wine. The conversation seems to be light and we are all laughing and having a good old time. Out of the blue the daughter asks her mom if she can borrow me to help her move some heavy furniture around in her bedroom after we finish eating.

The kid had bought a new box spring and mattress and it had been sitting in the back hallway for weeks. I had actually complained to my girlfriend earlier that day because I normally park my bicycle back there when I ride over and the furniture was taking up that space.

So her mom canlı bahis siteleri is laughing and saying sure!! He was just saying how it’s been getting in the way of where i park my bike.


The two of us go down the hall and carry the furniture up into the bedroom while the mother is clearing the table and starts doing dishes.

As soon as we get it into the bedroom the daughter asks me why I stopped. I tell her I don’t know what she’s talking about and start assembling the frame for the box-spring and bed.

She then opens her top dresser drawer and pulls out this white lacy thong and asks me what I think?

I say nothing.

She then says “Well If you’re not going to say anything then you won’t mind if I try them on?”

She closes the door to the bedroom, pushes the old mattress up against the door and starts unbuttoning her jeans and kicking off her boots.

I’m just standing there like a statue frozen. My eyes fixed on her. This chick’s body is toned. I’ve seen her in a bikini and she’s nice. Flat abs, B, possibly C cups, and a nice ass!

She turns around so her back is facing me and proceeds to take her jeans off. She then bends down even more giving me a beautiful view of her ass and starts sliding this black thong off. She turns to look at me and I immediately make like I’m trying to look out the window or anywhere but in her general direction and thinking wtf is going on here?

She then turns around holds the black thong out to me and says: “I’ve been wearing these all day.”

I’m just standing there dumbfounded.

She waves her hand and says “Here, Take them.”

I take them from her not knowing what else to do and just stare at her. She’s just standing there in a half shirt and has now put the white pair on.

I’m so hard I can’t even say anything.

Finally… It hits me… I’m like: “Woah… Your mom is like right in the Kitchen. Downstairs!”

She says: “I know… So you better hurry up and move this furniture.” Then shrugs and starts directing me on where to move the bed and dresser which is heavy as all hell. All the while she’s standing there in her half shirt and white thong.

She’s moving stuff in her room and twisting her body in all sorts of directions letting her half shirt ride up so I can see so much under-boob. She’s not wearing a bra either. She’s also bending over and showing me her ass all the while that thong has all but disappeared into her ass crack.

I finish getting everything where she wants and she tells me again to keep the black pair and do whatever I do with them with a slight smirk on her face, (Like she doesn’t know.) and leisurely puts on a pair of shorts.

On my way out she points at the bulge in my pants, smirks, and says: “Oh, you better do something about that before my mom sees it.”

On my way down the stairs, I yelled back to my girlfriend and said I had to go and skipped out the front door and drove home to release quite the load onto those black panties.

End of Part 1

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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