The Specialist

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Sometimes crazy ideas just might work.

I had just turned 18 and was going into my senior year. I know, I should have graduated, but I had a bad case of dyslexia and was basically forced to take fourth grade twice! But lucky for me, my mom took me to a specialist who immediately recognized my problem and provided help. I suffer from dyslexia to this very day!

But back to that summer. My father was not one to mince words. “Get a job.”

I said, “What should I do?”

“I don’t care. But you are sure as shit NOT LOITERING AROUND THIS SUMMER.”

My father could speak in all caps when he chose to. I figured I better get to it. I applied everywhere. The wally world, the gas station, the cement factory. The grocery, the hospital, the pharmacy, the two diners, the bus company, the police precinct, the post office. I applied to be a life guard. They said sure. Do you have your life saving certificate? Ah no. Too bad.

I even tried the waste treatment plant. It wasn’t that they didn’t have jobs. The smart kids applied in April and got the jobs first! I wasn’t one of them.

I was sitting at the computer thinking about dyslexia. How much money the specialist made helping young people.

He made $30 an hour. What could I specialize in? The only thing I really knew well was sex. Light bulb went on in my head. I would be a sex therapist.

First check and see if there were any bona fide sex therapists anywhere around here. The computer made short work of that. Nearest sex therapist was about two hundred and fifty miles away. I I wasn’t taking anyone’s livelihood.

I just needed a summer job. Or in this case, a summer scam.

How much do therapists charge? Look on the internet.

Cheapest was $90 an hour session. Wow. I could charge $50 an hour and still make money.

I could do ‘personal service contracts’ and say it was to keep everything confidential.

I would print in fine print the way corporations do. Sign here first! Make it legal.

I could find hippa rules paperwork on line too.

I had to print business cards. I needed a suit. I had some money from my grandmother.

I could do this. I could DO THIS!

I read everything about sex therapy, goals and techniques.

If i was going to walk the walk,

I had to talk the talk.

I needed a haircut. And a car. But now I had a plan! A fake ID would help. I was eighteen, but if I could convince folks I was twenty-three, or twenty-five then things would go easier.

I needed a p.o. box. And a binder. My aunt got me a leather attach case for my birthday. I would need to get some sex toys, rubbers and lube. Back to the internet.

I’d need references. And a fake diploma. My printer and imagination were getting a work out.

How about a German school? I spoke some. Done!

Rhinehart Polytec it was. In Susseldorf.

I needed advertising. I printed up flyers:

‘Are You Having the Best Sex Ever? No? How about a hands on sex therapist to help you get YOUR BEST SEX EVER

Completely confidential.

First consult is free.

Call for appointment.

Singles, couples in the privacy of your own home!

Call today’

I got a prepaid cell phone.

It wouldn’t do to have sex clients calling on my regular phone.

I set everything up and put the flyers in neighboring towns, far enough so nobody knew me, but not too far. I didn’t want to kill my profits in gas and car costs.

I put some ads on the internet, just small ads.

I finally sat down to wait.

I thought well its gonna take a few days to get the word out, it might even be a week or two, i shouldn’t- RING. RING. RING.- on the therapy phone. It took two minutes.

“Therapy line. How may I direct your call?” I tried to sound professional.

“My name is Lisa, I’m eighteen and I need to talk to someone about sex.”

“My name is Robert. You don’t have to give your last name if-“

“Stevens, Lisa Stevens. I just broke up with my boyfriend, because I didn’t know how to do things. I…I want to learn how to give, uh, you know… give head. That and other things too. He was always bugging me about…anal sex.” She whispered the last part. “Can you help me? I can pay cash. I don’t want any damn paperwork.” She seemed adamant about that.

“Certainly. There is some paperwork required by law. But I can make sure its buried deep in the files. It gets destroyed after 3 years, they just shred it all up, boxes and all.” I stopped. Let her sweat.

“I need to ask you several questions. Have you had a recent physical examination?

Is there any medical conditions that I need to be aware of?

Do you have a sexually transmitted disease of any kind? I’m very sorry, but we have to ask everyone for our protection.” I sounded contrite.

“Yes, I just started a new job and I had to get a physical. I don’t have any sex diseases. Oh and I’m on the pill.”

“Do you have any allergies or sensitivities, especially to latex as in latex condoms?” I asked.

“No, I’m good.”

“Do you have any objections to the use avrupa yakası escort of a sex surrogate to demonstrate various sexual activity?” now it was my turn to sweat.

“No, that’s great. I thought it was only gonna be toys,” she said.

“We utilize both methods. It’s what you are comfortable with.

It’s the hands on approach.”

“Ooh, I like the sound of that.” She giggled.

“The first half hour is free. Its sort of getting to know each other. After that, each hour is $50 with a minimum of two hours. So its about two and a half hours. Is that acceptable to you?” here it is… I thought.

“Yes, that is good.” I yelled ‘yeah!’ mentally of course.

“You mentioned oral and anal sex, but you haven’t mentioned vaginal sex. Why?” I asked.

“I’m saving that for my wedding night. I have heard that anal sex can be painful. True?” She did get to the point.

“Sometimes yes, if you don’t know what to do. Done correctly, pain is minimal and pleasure is maximized. Anal sex might not be for you. These are very, very personal decisions. We should discuss this in session. Now, do you live at home?” I zeroed in.

“No, I’m in my own apartment. I do have a roommate, but she’s hardly ever home. I’m very sure she wants a session as well. We both want to learn to suck cock. Can you help her?” Now I was getting a little flustered.

“This is a one-on-one consult, not an orgy. She would still have to pay for a session. How about we give one hour free discount? How you split that would be up to you girls. Does she only want oral and anal training?” I got right to it as well.

“No, no. She WANTS to lose her cherry. She thinks it might be less painful, being that you are a professional and all that. Maybe even a bit pleasurable.” She giggled.

“She is eighteen, correct?”


“You don’t mind doing stuff in front of each other?” I was very curious.

“Uh, we… Well, we do it now!”

“You two have been experimenting with each other?” I asked.

“Um, yes.”

“Scheduling, when do you wish to get together?”

“Is evening ok? How about six pm tomorrow evening?”

“Ok. Wear loose fitting clothing, something you are comfortable in.”

“How about lingerie? I want to feel sexy,” she asked

“Fine as long as it’s loose fitting. Text me your address.”

“Why don’t I just tell you?”

“Don’t want typos for that info. Imagine showing up at the wrong house.” I tried to remain professional.

“Yeah, that could be bad!”

“Don’t forget we need one hundred and fifty dollars cash tomorrow ok? We’ll see you then.” I tried to sound businesslike.

“See you, Bye”


The next day was so maddening. I was very excited, but I was trying not to show it. I wondered what they looked like. The time seemed to drag on FOREVER.

I got dressed in suit and tie.

I wanted to look sharp for the first meeting. I had all my materials, was going over my little speech in my mind. I was still 15 minutes early. I gathered himself up, and found their front door.

The front door opened as if by magic, and there stood a goddess. Tall, like five-ten, and curvaceous, she was dressed in a semi-transparent black lace peignoir. She looked magnificent. She looked hot.

She looked fuckable, in the extreme. Her face was gorgeous, her hair was long and down her back. Her boobs were fuckin humongous. Her large hard nipples and dark bumpy areolas betrayed her lust. The wonderful fragrance from her cleft left little doubt as to her excitement. She was dripping with love juices.

“Wow! You are drop dead gorgeous! I’m sorry! Let me introduce myself. I’m Robert Jamison. I’m here to help.”

“Well you’re a nice guy aren’t you. You are here thirty seconds and you’re trying to help. I’m Lisa. Come on in.”

“Did I say or do something wrong? If I did, I apologize.”

“No, I should apologize. I was just being snarky. You look like a perfect gentleman, and your manners are flawless so far. I guess I’m just a bit nervous and I’m…taking out my nervous apprehension on you. Would you like a drink?”

“May I have a glass of water?”

“Sure. I’ll be right back. Why don’t you sit on the sofa. Dawn will be out in a minute. She’s getting changed. Oh, we had another add on. A friend named Kelly wanted to be here too. I hope you don’t mind. It’s more money for you! She’s in the living room.”

Lisa turned around to go get the water, her big beautiful ass clearly showing. When she walked, her hips swayed hypnotically. I wasn’t here a minute and my dick was rock hard.


I went into the living room to another surprise. There on the love seat sat an olive skinned beautiful girl. She had dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. She was in a black lace bra and panty set. Her tits were big, and her nipples poked right through. Her areolas were about two inches wide, and hers were wrinkled in anticipation. He could smell her arousal.

“Hi, I’m Kelly, you must be Robert. You look so young. My pleasure,” she extended her hand. I shook it.

“Yeah, bahçelievler escort bayan I get that a lot. My father is in his forties, and everyone thinks he looks thirty.

Ah, you know this is a paying session? The first half hour is free, each hour after that is fifty dollars. Since I can’t spend as much time individually, I offered Lisa’s friend an hour free, I’ll make you the same offer. So that would be fifty dollars for the session.”

“Ok. I appreciate a discount! I’m just a college student, so money is hard to come by.”

She got fifty from her purse.

“Bye the way, I think you are quite handsome. If you are wondering about me, I’m half Irish American and half Sicilian.

My last name is Donahue.”

“You are very beautiful Kelly.

What do you wish to achieve today?”

“Well, this is embarrassing. I.. I want to not be a virgin anymore! I want you to take me and ravish me. Oh, and I want to learn how to suck cock.”

“Wait, shouldn’t you have someone special be helping you with that? I mean your first time and all? I’m a complete stranger. You sure you don’t want to change your mind? If you do change your mind, just say ‘chicken’ or ‘stop’ and we stop, ok?”

“No, I want you to do it. You’re a professional right? So you can try to minimize the pain, and maybe ill even get some pleasure. I’ve heard it hurts.”

“Yes, there is a bit of pain the first time. Usually not a lot of pleasure, however I can assure you, it does get a whole lot better! I will do my best!”

It just occurred to me, I’ll have three virgins in the same room! “Dawn also wants to be de-virginized. Lisa is concentrating on oral and anal sex, saving her hymen for marriage.” I said.

“Hymen? What is that?” asked Kelly.

“It’s like a protective cover for the vagina. It gets torn during a womans first sexual penetration. Frequently, women who participate in sports activities can lose this tissue by trauma, or by accident; getting kicked in the groin or car accidents, or even falling off a horse can destroy a hymen. More commonly it’s just called ‘losing one’s cherry’ probably because there’s a little bit of blood.”

“I’m not on birth control. We will have to use rubbers. Is that okay?”

“Certainly. I’ll try to make this a pleasant experience as possible.” She smiled wickedly.

Lisa came back in. She had a glass of water, and four shots of something alcoholic.

“Here is your water Robert. I also brought you a shot, in case you change your mind.”

“Thanks. How about you girls get started doing the required paperwork, and I’ll step in the bathroom and get changed.”

“I told you I don’t want any paperwork!” Lisa said.

“I understand. Nobody likes paperwork. But no paperwork, no session. It all gets buried in the files. In three years, the files get shredded. I do apologize, but I must insist.”

“Ok, I don’t want any of this getting around.” Lisa looked concerned.

“The hippa rules are very strict and the penalties are huge, so everything that takes place here is covered. I’m specifically not allowed to discuss your session with anyone, period.” I said

A stunning red haired woman walked in. She was black as coal. She had long legs and a huge chest. She was wearing a white bustier and white stockings that contrasted with her very dark skin. She had perfect teeth, very white and dark haunting eyes. She was absolutely a knockout.

Rob got up to shake her hand.

“Hi, I’m Robert. My goodness you are stunning. In fact, I think all three of you are extremely beautiful.”

“I’m dawn. Both my parents are Haitian. I was born here in the U.S. It’s my pleasure sir. Aren’t you a bit young for this?”

“Yeah, I get carded all the time. I suppose I should be grateful to look younger than one’s age, right? I have a painting at home that’s getting older, while I stay young.” I grinned.

The girls were looking at his crotch. Dawn reached out and touched him on my pants front.

“Robert, is this really you?” She unzipped my fly and her hand went into my pants. She brought out my cock, standing proud and getting harder by the second. She stroked me.

“I can’t get my hand all the way around it!” The girls giggled. Their eyes were fixed on my dick. Dawn looked like she was concentrating on something. She lifted my cock and examined my testicles.

“Those are my testicles, also known as my balls. The tip of my penis is the head or the glans. I’m circumcised, so my glans is exposed all the time.

Why don’t you try licking my cock, Dawn?” Dawn seemed hypnotized by my manhood.

“Just pretend it’s an ice cream cone, and lick it. Be careful, just below the head in front of my cock is the most sensitive area.

It’s called the frenum. There’s also two frenums in the mouth. It’s like a connective tissue. But on a dick, the frenum is the very sensitive part in front of and below the dick head.”

“You mean here?” Dawn touched it, I jumped.

“Yes, there. Go ahead lick my dick. Unless one of you other girls wants bakırköy escort to be first?” Dawn was on her knees in a shot, licking my cock up and down. I was in heaven. I was removing clothes as quickly as I could.

“Lisa, why don’t you try it as well. Feel my balls too. But be gentle with them.” Lisa was playing with my testicles. The two girls took turns sucking my cock. They both seemed to enjoy my balls.

“Kelly come here.” He motioned with my arms. She came to him, I kissed her straight away, hugged and cuddled her. I kissed and sucked her nipples. He grabbed and squeezed her ass.

“Lisa, if you wish to try anal, there’s a few preparations we need to attend to. Here’s a list, and the necessary stuff to get it done. Do you need my help?” he said.

“No, this stuff looks easy enough. Anal for dummies. I’ll be back in a bit guys,” Lisa said.

She headed for the bathroom.

Kelly was on her knees in a flash, taking Lisa’s place.

Dawn’s super dark skin and Kelly’s olive complexion contrasted with my lily white look. They were happy taking turns sucking my cock.

“Ok, who wants to go first?” I said. Kelly was on her back in a New York minute, with her legs spread. She was shaking.

“I’m ready!” she said.

“No, you’re not.”

I was on my back, lifting her and flipping Kelly around until her tight little snatch was above my mouth.

“Dawn, would you please suck on her nipples while I prepare her for fucking? I appreciate it.

Dawn did as she was asked, and I licked Kelly from backdoor to front. She sighed and said, “Ohmygod, Ohmygod, Robert, you are really good at this!” She was shuddering as I switched to sucking on her clitoris. She screamed and exploded. She squirted on my face. Acting quickly I turned her around, I had already put on my raincoat, flipped her over and pushed into her, into her tight, hot pussy, “Oh sweet mother…

I’m COMING AGAIN!” As she writes beneath me, her virginity a memory now, I motioned Dawn to swing around, put her sex above Kelly’s face.

“Kelly, lick Dawn’s cunt and make her cum. I’m going to give you a big orgasm. Do a good job and I’ll give you a nice spanking.

I was fucking Kelly really hard as I kissed and fondled Dawn, twisting and pulling on her magnificent nipples, she was shuddering, I knew she had just come.

“Dawn, did you come good?”

“Oh yes, it was nice.”

“Let’s switch positions”

I put Dawn on her back and told Kelly, “Suck her big tits hard. I’m going to penetrate her now.” I had taken the time to switch prophylactics. I checked Dawn’s cunt, she was wet as a waterfall. I plunged into her pussy. I put about half my cock into her tight little cunt. She was so quiet though she was writhing and squirting, she was holding her breath, then she cried out, “Holy shit Robert! Oh fuck YEAH. Ohmygod, I’m…I’m..


nodded off.

I quickly pulled out and had Kelly on her back, I pulled her legs high up on my shoulders so I could pile drive her. I slammed into her tight pussy, pushing all the way to her cervix again and again, she wailed, “AAAAIIIEEEYY, HERE I GO AGAIN, OHMYGOD ROB YOU ARE SO DAMN… COMING AGAIN!! YES, OH fuck yes.”

She squirted, and I heard a little pussy fart.

“Stop, I can’t come anymore.”

I pulled out, flipped her over and said, “You have been so, so, very bad. You are getting a good spanking. I spanked her was moderately hard and she squealed every smack. She was loving it.

“Oh daddy, don’t beat my ass!

Fuck it. Shove your meat in me.

Mark me. Make me yours.”

“You sure?”

“Fuck yes. YES. Do it! DO IT!”

I lubed her sphincter, put a bit on my bare cock, and pushed.

She was tight, very tight. “Do you want me to stop?”

“Hell no, don’t you dare. I’m almost there again!” She was panting. Then she shuddered, really hard. She screamed, “I’m COMING. ROB YOU Fucker, I’m FUCKIN COMING on your dick!”

“I’m going to come too!” I was pulling out of her asshole, when there was a lovely wet mouth on my dick. Lisa wanted my cum in her mouth. She got it all, spurt after heavy spurt, until her cheeks bulged, and she choked a bit and snorted some of my cum out her nostrils. She looked at me and swallowed.

“Rob, you are worth every penny! But, right now I want you to eat me!” Lisa really liked oral sex.

She laid back. I noticed Kelly was out of it. “You fucked those two unconscious. Now it’s my turn. Got anything left in those balls for me? What a huge load I swallowed!” Lisa was very excited.

I said,”Turn over on your stomach, you were so bad, sucking my cum down your throat, so now you must be punished.” I was rubbing her ass, then I started spanking her. “Harder.” I slapped her ass harder. I slapped a couple of times each cheek.

“Come on spank me HARDER. I WANT YOU TO GIVE IT TO ME GOOD.” I spanked her a lot harder, about twenty smacks on each red cheek…

I stopped, I rubbed her ass. I put a bit of lube on two fingers and pushed them into her tight asshole. She sucked in her breath. She was loving this. I got behind her and aimed my now very hard cock into her brown eye. I asked her, “Are you ready?” She said, “Do it. DO IT. FUCK MY ASS. NOW!!”

I pushed forward into her anus. It resisted at first, then I was inside her rectum. She yelped, so I stopped. “Why are you stopping, come on, buttfuck me. Stretch my asshole out with your dick. It feels very good.”

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