The Slippery Slope of Denial Ch. 02

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Missy and Amanda met up before school at their usual spot under the trees in the grassy area next to the Administration Building. But today was far usual. Missy was dazed, still trying to recover from the confusion that had started with her conversation with Amanda yesterday. Amanda could tell Missy was not herself.

“Somebody looks a bit off her game today,” Amanda said to Missy.

“Thanks. Good morning to you too,” Missy grumped. “You have no idea what just happened to me.”

“But you are about to tell me, right?” Amanda smirked.

Missy shot a silent glare at Amanda. She was in no mood for being teased or mocked. She was more than a bit touchy. “I am not joking around, Amanda.”

Amanda felt Missy’s intensity. She backed off as she tried to comfort her. “Okay, I am sorry. Seriously, what’s wrong baby?”

“You know what’s wrong. You have me so confused about my dad.”

Amanda tried to keep her smile hidden as she tried to show as much understanding as possible. “Right. Your dad.”

Missy tersely interjected, “You know … what we talked about yesterday.” Missy did not want to play games in the least bit. Amanda scrambled to gain her balance, trying to figure out exactly what Missy wanted from her at the moment.

“Missy. Honestly. I think your dad is hot. And I know you get edgy when I make comments about him. But I never meant to make you upset.”

“No, no. That’s not it Amanda. Before we talked yesterday, I thought my biggest problem was you having feelings for my dad. I was feeling jealous. I told you that.”

“M-hm,” Amanda nodded, doing her best to follow along.

“But then you turned things around on me. Saying it wasn’t you, but ME that had those feelings.”

Amanda kept quiet, not wanting to say anything that would further complicate the situation.

“I am so confused. I mean, no way have I ever, EVER thought that way about him.” Amanda raised her eyebrows and cocked her head at Missy, unspoken but clearly questioning her. Missy felt the silent challenge and glared at Missy. “What?!”

Amanda shook her head, not wanting to say anything. But Missy demanded an answer. “Well sweetie, let me say that denial can be a bitch. Just because we say it ain’t so and try to convince ourselves it ain’t so doesn’t mean it ain’t so.”

An awkward pause filled the air. Missy stared down at the ground. Amanda gently brushed her hand over Missy’s shoulder and said, “Missy. You know that I am not upset about this, right? I mean, I totally understand. In fact, I figured you would have admitted this to me a long time ago.”

Missy’s eyes shot up and looked straight into Amanda’s eyes as she blurted, “Admit what?!”

Amanda tried to ease the tension with a casual shrug of her shoulders as she said, “Really baby, it’s fine with me. If you would rather not talk about it, no problem with me.”

“What do you think I would have admitted by now?”

Amanda did not want to upset Missy. She tried to back up and retreat. “You know what? I think maybe I made a mistake. Maybe I read you all wrong. Maybe you are right. Maybe it is really ME and not you.”

Missy firmly shook her head and muttered, “Nuh-uh. You said it and you meant it. And I know what you meant.”

Frustrated at Missy, Amanda was a bit snippy now. “So you are saying that I don’t know what I am talking about, but wait ~ YOU do. Are you serious?! What the hell is wrong with you?”

Missy began to crack, tears welling up in her eyes, her voice quivering as she slumped against Amanda and whimpered, “I am so sorry. I am so confused.”

At that moment, Missy was not the only one struggling under the weight of immense conflict. Daddy’s hands trembled as he read Missy’s diary. His mind was grappling with a secret world unfolding before him as he read Missy’s private thoughts. An odd mix of anger and arousal flooded over him as he read Missy’s unmistakable canlı bahis declarations of having a lesbian relationship with Amanda. He was shocked.

But then, that last entry. If the date was correct, scribbled sometime earlier that morning. Whether he had to or not, he read that last entry several times over. Slowly. Analytically. Stunned. His cock was taunted by those final words…

…Now I am thinking about how I enjoy listening to him with mom in bed, how I hear her moans,, how I sometimes think about,,, think about it being ME. OMG!

He finally gathered his senses and carefully placed the diary back exactly as he had found it tucked under the corner of the pillow on her bed. He stood up and stumbled to the doorway of Missy’s bedroom, dazed and confused.

Mom was off at her morning workout class. Dressed in her yoga pants and tight tee hugging her sports bra like a magnet, one would have figured her to be the one most likely to be sexually conflicted at that moment. But one would have been wrong. It was a tie. Missy and Daddy were in a dead heat. Both equally confused. Both deep in denial. Both conflicted by forbidden desires.

Dad decided that he was stuck. He had read his daughter’s diary. Definitely not something he could afford to reveal. He would have to keep his shock and bewildered emotions to himself, no matter how difficult. He felt that he could deal with the revelation of Missy’s love for ‘pink’. But, the raw thoughts she exposed regarding these ‘feelings’ she had for him. That was the shocker. That was the one that he had no idea how to handle.

Somehow, Missy made it through the day. Amanda had proven to be a great source of support once the two of them were able to get past the confusing foreground. Once Missy accepted that she needed to talk about HER feelings for her dad (and not Amanda), and once Amanda accepted that Missy did NOT want to talk about her feelings for her dad, they actually found some comfortable ground to settle upon.

As soon as school ended, they hopped in Missy’s new car and drove to a park on the other side of town. It was their safe spot where they could be together without fear of being seen by their parents or anyone they knew. They grabbed a blanket from the car and then walked hand in hand along a trail that snaked through the thick brush along side a creek until they came to their favorite spot. They spread the blanket out on the soft slope next to the creek and sat down next to each other.

For a long while they sat quiet, simply enjoying each other’s company, listening to the babbling of the creek at their feet. Amanda crawled behind Missy and sat on her ass, extending her spread legs on either side of Missy. She reached up and began to give her a shoulder massage.

“Mmmm, that feels so good,” Missy murmured as she let her head dangle forward, relaxing and presenting herself to Amanda as much as possible.

“You are so tense, girl. This really has you upset, doesn’t it?” Missy stayed silent, choosing to ignore Amanda’s question for the moment. With each squeeze and massaging probe, Missy felt less and less stressed.

Amanda curled a finger under the collar of Missy’s tee, flicking playfully at the thin bra strap arching over her shoulder. Each flick of Amanda’s finger inched the strap closer and closer to the edge of Missy’s shoulder.

Both of their breathing got deeper as their desires began to kindle hotter. As Amanda expertly alternated between firm massage strokes and playful flicks, Missy’s hands ran up and down over Amanda’s jeans hugging both her thighs and calves.

Missy felt Amanda’s hot breath in her ear just before she heard Amanda’s hot words softly seducing her, “I love you baby.” Missy felt her body go limp and fall back against Amanda as she leaned her head back and turned to look over her shoulder, her lips seeking Amanda’s.

As Missy leaned bahis siteleri back against her, Amanda’s hands slid down the front of her neck and shoulders and comfortably glided over those amazing breasts. Although Amanda loved Missy’s pink pussy the best, she was also very aroused at Missy’s nipples that were so different than her own.

Amanda was a full-breasted d-cup, sporting large, light, pink nipples. Missy was a perky, firm c-cup with small, dark nipples that when aroused hardened and became erect like pencil erasers. She circled her fingers around the obvious ridge of Missy’s nipple that neither tee nor bra had come close to concealing. She leaned forward and softly connected her lips with Missy’s, enjoying the warmth and wetness of that first kiss that young love eagerly chases.

Dad was at his office, finishing up a few things before heading home. His mind was made up. He was going to keep these newfound secrets to himself. Although he wanted to confront Missy about this ‘pink’ stuff regarding Amanda, he knew it was a nonstarter. It would get him nowhere but in trouble with Missy. That was the last thing he wanted. So he had decided to just move on and do his best to just forget about what he had read, what he now knew. As he mused over the situation and his weenie plan for dealing with it, he shook his head to himself and muttered, “Denial can be a bitch, but what choice do I have?”

On the drive home, dad decided that he needed to work off some pent up sexual energy. to try and get his mind off of Missy’s words in that diary. He would walk in the door and in no uncertain terms let his wife know that his cock needed her pussy ~ immediately.

The girls were lying side by side on the blanket, kisses merging with fingers wormed inside each other’s jeans, when Missy’s phone buzzed with a text from her mom. Her phone was laying on the blanket. Both she and Amanda read the message at that same time.

–where are you? dinner ready soon–

Before Missy could reach for her phone, Amanda pulled her hand out from inside Missy’s jeans and panties and grabbed it. “Allow me,” she said with a wink.

–finishing a project … be home soon–

“How’s that?” Amanda asked, seeking Missy’s approval before sending the message.

Missy moaned as she arched her back and pressed her mound against Amanda’s hip, “oh that is really good.”

Amanda giggled in playful protest. “No silly, I mean the text.”

Missy pulled her fingers from under Amanda’s panties and slowly lowered her pussy-nectar glazed forefinger to her own lips and licked it clean. Then, she reached over and hit SEND. “Like I said, that is really good.”

The more he thought about it, the more his cock was aching to fuck his wife. He was driving faster than usual, his fuck-lust driven less by his desire for his wife and more by the thoughts and desires he was working overtime to deny. His mind was alternating between the images he had stored up of Amanda laying out by the pool, Missy stepping out of the pool, and his wife bent over naked on the kitchen table as he filled her with his load. All three were recent. Two he worked to deny. The third he prepared to embrace.

After they finished their “project,” a study of pink pleasure, the girls returned to the car. Both were spent, emotionally and physically. Missy dropped Amanda off at her house and then headed for home. No delays. No worries.

Daddy sped into the driveway and quickly parked the car in the garage. He did not even bother collecting his briefcase from the backseat as he hopped out of the car and stepped inside the house. He felt his cock throbbing as he walked through the kitchen and towards the living room where he heard the sound of the TV. As he turned the corner, his eyes took immediately delight in the vision of his wife, relaxing on the couch.

He wasted no time at all as she looked up and smiled at bahis şirketleri him entering the room. “Hello sweetie. How was your day?” She had no idea how clear of an answer she was about to get.

Denial requires lies. Sometimes little ones, sometimes big ones. At that moment, he sold his conscience on a little one that would help make his wife feel so good.

Without a word, he reached down and unfastened his belt, unbuttoned and pealed open his slacks. His fully erect cock was not only fully outlined by his tight jockey shorts, but his long shaft was pushing his cockhead out the waistband. He shot her a naughty, lusty smile as he framed his erection with his hands and said, “Does THIS answer your question?”

“Oh my,” she blurted out, “somebody is awfully happy to see me!”

His mind fought off the forbidden thoughts of who he would be even more happy to see. He was committed to denial. He simply nodded and stepped toward her, tugging his shorts down so his cock was pointed right at her face as she sat up on the couch.

She reached out to grip his cock as she nervously said, “honey, Missy will be home any minute.”

Just the sound of Missy’s name pumped even more arousal into his cock. He felt it twitch so hard that he thought that surely she had to feel the sudden surge too. But his secret was safe as she was repositioning herself for better access, just missing that clue.

“Perhaps a quickie sucky is in order,” she quipped, using one of her favorite pet phrases for when she wanted to get just a quick taste of his manhood.

He tried to blot out the increasingly overpowering images of Amanda and Missy as he looked down at his wife’s mouth opening up and accepting his cock. He rocked his hips, feeling her mouth sucking him, even as his mind dared to wonder if this is how a tight, young pussy might feel.

His drifting mind was snapped back to reality as he heard her gagging, realizing he was a bit too enthusiastic for her tastes. She did not like to gag, he knew that. The same restraint he was using to fight of those forbidden fantasies extended to his attempt to ease up on her.

She wasn’t sure what had him so worked up, but she definitely knew this was not the typical “honey I’m home and horny” hardon that she had witnessed in her husband many times before. She felt a level of lusty vibes that were unfamiliar to her, almost animalistic. She had never felt his balls slap her chin so hard. She had never felt like his cock was fucking her mouth quite like this. She wasn’t sure if she liked it or was a bit frightened by it ~

Then, before he had time to release his pent up load or she had time to question his forceful actions, they heard the sound of Missy’s car pulling up in the front driveway. Like two teen lovers discovered making out on the front porch, mom and dad scrambled to pull themselves together! She pulled back hard, making a loud plop sound as his cock popped out of her mouth. He fumbled to stuff his stiff dick back in his shorts as he tried to pull his pants up that were caught around his ankles. Mom brushed her hands over her dripping chin and rubbed her hands on her jeans. Dad hopped to the kitchen, giving him a bit more time and space to finish collecting himself before Missy walked through that front door.

Missy’s pussy was still dripping wet as she stepped through the front door and saw her mom sitting on the couch. She was nervous that mom might sense something, she just waved and said “Gotta pee! Be right back!”

Mom heaved a sigh of relief. So did dad. In fact, so did Missy. The three of them, all in various stages of pre, mid, and post arousal. The three of them putting on the best face as possible while trying to deny their secrets from others.

Mom’s secret might have been inappropriate, but certainly fell within the boundaries of marital love.

Dad’s secret was far from appropriate and dared to flirt with thoughts of taboo that had no place in a marriage.

Missy’s secrets were complicated… one was pink… and others bordering on something even more naughty… more taboo… more forbidden…

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