The Skirt

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It was the most fucking ugly skirt Regina had ever seen. The colors were loud and obnoxious, the material some sort of weird polyester mix that just felt… strange. Plus there was extraneous netting forming a layer on the outside.

Of course she bought it. It was $5, and needed to be shown to other people to prove its ugliness.

Regina brought the skirt home, stuffed in a brown paper bag with some other odds and ends from the Goodwill. She dropped the bag on the couch next to her boyfriend, Keith. He turned from watching Star Trek reruns to look at Regina, mildly interested.

“Find anything good?” he asked.

Regina smiled, and whipped the skirt out of the bag. She held it up in front of her face.

Keith started at it. His mouth dropped open. “That thing’s hideous,” he said, awed. Regina peeked from behind the skirt.

“Isn’t it just?” she said. She brought the skirt down, holding it against her waist. “I was thinking of wearing it next time we went out on a date.” She twisted her hips back and forth in an attempt to make the skirt swirl. canlı bahis şirketleri The netting prevented the skirt from moving much.

Keith had the good sense to look horrified. He reached out and touched the scarlet netting. He crunched it in his hand, and it made a faint crackling sound. He pulled the netting upwards to look at the material underneath. It was a riot of reds and oranges, all swirling together into some sort of Pucci-inspired bastard child. He slid his hand along the under skirt. It was silky, and smooth.

“Put it on,” Keith whispered hoarsely.

“Huh?” Regina said, confused.

Keith cleared his throat. “Put it on,” he said a little louder. He looked at Regina hungrily. She gave him a puzzled look, and shrugged. She pulled the skirt on over her jeans, then took them off, kicking them to the side. She stood in front of Keith with her hands on her hips.

Keith kneeled on the floor in front of Regina. His hands slowly glided up her bare legs, starting at her ankles, up under the skirt, caressing her knees, up her thighs. canlı kaçak iddaa His fingers stopped at the elastic border of her cotton underwear. They pushed under the elastic, tangling in the curly hair covering Regina’s mons. She sucked her breath in. Keith looked up at her, the ridiculous netting smashed between their bodies underneath his chin. Regina would have laughed, had Keith not chosen that moment to slip a finger between her lips, across her clit. Her knees buckled, and her hands gripped Keith’s shoulders to keep from falling. He rolled her clit back and forth with his fingertip, still gazing up at Regina’s flushed face.

Keith continued the back and forth motion, while Regina’s fingers dug into his shoulders, bunching the worn blue t-shirt. She breathed hard, felt wetness seeping between her legs. Keith used it to slide his index finger inside her, rubbing his thumb lightly against her clit. He used his free hand to push up Regina’s white shirt, and pressed his lips to her stomach, just above her belly button. Regina’s abdomen muscles jumped. Keith canlı kaçak bahis kissed and licked her skin along the waistband of the skirt. His fingers continued to slide in and out of her slowly. He rubbed the pad of his finger across her g-spot each time. Regina groaned. She started shaking, unable to control her body from moving against Keith’s fingers stroking her. She thrust her body against him, her eyes closed. Keith’s index finger began moving more quickly, while his thumb stayed gently firm on her clit. She thrust her pelvis against Keith’s body. He stopped kissing her stomach, and tipped his head back to look at Regina. Her eyes were shut tight, and her mouth opened and closed with small gasps. At that moment, Regina was at her most beautiful to Keith.

Regina felt the pressure building in her lower abdomen, until she couldn’t hold it in anymore. The orgasm hit her hard, bending her body in half over Keith. Her hands formed fists on his shoulders, bunching the t-shirt material. She cried out, her vagina clenching around Keith’s finger. She slowly stopped moving against him. He slipped his fingers out, and placed a small kiss on Regina’s stomach. Regina melted onto the floor onto her back.

Keith stretched out next to Regina. He kissed her mouth. “You should buy ugly skirts more often,” he said.

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