The Silver Lounge

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I spotted him from far away. Tall and Italian. The room seemed to throb with his presence. I could feel it in my being. We were at a local disco in my small mid-western town. The pounding of the music heightened my senses making me feel unusually sexy. I wore a tight leather skirt with a low cut blouse that sensually showed off my breasts. My friend said something which made me laugh. Then I turned and caught his eye. Somehow everyone else in the room seemed to fade. He smiled, his smile extending to his dark eyes. And then he was gone.

My friends and I stayed until they kicked us out. But as we made our way to the car, I realized that I had left my purse. Sending my friends home, I went back inside. The place was deserted except for the staff that was wearily cleaning up. I quickly retrieved my bag and returned to my car. Only one other car remained in the lot. For a moment, I hesitated. Unsure. Finding my keys, I walked swiftly to my Toyota and punched the button to unlock the door.

“Can I follow you home?” a voice asked in my ear.

I gasped, suddenly afraid. The man must’ve sensed my unease.

“I mean, it’s late and I wouldn’t want you to get lost.”

I swung around to find the tall Italian from the bar standing beside me. My pulse began to race. Sexuality seemed to exude from his pores. I wanted to say ‘no’ but … “I would appreciate that. I just live across town.” Why did I say that? Fear and anticipation made me nervous as I turned my back on him.

He held the door for me and waited until my engine roared to life. ‘Was I CRAZY?’ A sudden sense of excitement pulsed through my body. Unaccustomed to picking up men, I had a feeling that this was going to be a night to remember. The trip across town was short to my little bungalow where I lived alone. He pulled in behind me then quickly came to my door and opened it as I stepped onto the driveway.

I noticed that his eyes seemed riveted to my breasts. I could feel my nipples harden under the thin material of my blouse. “I’m Peter, by the way. Do you go to the Silver Lounge often?” His eyes rose to meet mine with a smile that took my breath away.

“Not always. My girlfriends and I make the rounds. We follow the bands.” My words seemed to stumble over each other as he took my hand and walked me to the door.

All the bells seemed to go off in my head. What if this man was a serial killer? I didn’t want him to go – but illegal bahis I didn’t want him to stay. I began to fan myself. It was a warm summer night. “Would you like to sit outside?” I asked despite myself.

We sat on my porch swing enjoying the cool summer breeze and spoke for hours drinking the beer that I found hidden in my fridge.

“You’re very beautiful” he whispered in my ear. His arm found its way around my shoulders as his fingers gently stroked the skin above my breasts. His lips found mine and I couldn’t help but return the kiss.

Feeling his eyes on my breasts once more, I reached down pulling the top button of my blouse to reveal the deep pink bra that cupped my breasts nearly causing them to spill over the top of the lacy material. “Do you like?” I asked, feeling suddenly sexy.

Reaching over, he grabbed my nearest hand and brought it to his crotch. The stiff bulge of his penis was straining against the buttons of his jeans demanded immediate release. “I like very much.” He said in my ear, nibbling it provocatively.

I sucked in my breath closing my fingers around the bulge in his pants. He leaned forward to undo the buttons. His penis exploded from his pants. “Oh my!” I could feel my pussy clench with desire. He was HUGE!

His lips came down over mine as his hands closed over my breasts. Resting his other hand on my leg, he pushed it higher up my skirt. My pussy was wet through my panties as his fingers stroked my clit through the silky material. I reached out with my tongue to suck his as his fingers pushed aside my knickers to rub between the folds of my sex. His penis pulsed growing larger. Fumbling with my blouse, he quickly undid the buttons as his free hand removed my breasts from the confines of my bra.

“Bite me!” I begged as his lips moved down to the points of my large breasts. Somehow his shirt came open. I ran my hands over his chest.

His teeth clamped down on my right nipple. “Like this?” he said devilishly.

I moaned as a wave of heat shot down to my cunt. “Oh YES!” I gasped. Pushing him back, I found his own nipple and worked it over with my tongue. Then I kissed my way down to his cock as I slid off the swing to rest between his legs. I took his cock between my lips taking his length deep into my mouth. He tasted delicious as I ran my tongue over the tip then down the length of his shaft to his balls causing an instant reaction. He stood illegal bahis siteleri up and pushed me back. Reaching up, I pulled the jeans off his legs. His hands curled into my hair as he brought his penis to my lips once again. Gripping his balls with my fingers, I held his weigh in my hands as he began to fuck my face. Over and over he slammed his cock deep into my mouth. I used my tongue to work him over as I stroked my hand up and down his length. His cock was huge filling my mouth and making me gag. I could feel his excitement build as his penis grew rock hard. Then he exploded! I drank in his cum as fast as I could. “Oh you BITCH!” he gasped. As his orgasm rocked his body. His cum filling my mouth and spilling down my lips to drip down my chin and onto my breasts. I swallowed as fast as I could. When he was finished, he picked me up as I rubbed his cum deep into my flesh as his lips covered mine.

My pussy was now dripping with anticipation. I sucked his tongue, moving to nibble his ears. “Your turn,” he whispered. Picking me up, he carried me inside. Dropping me on the sofa, he pushed the blouse off my arms releasing my breasts as his teeth bit down firmly.

“Harder!” I gasped as he moved from one nipple to another. His hands pushed up my skirt to peel my panties off my legs. Breathing deeply, he licked the juices from the crotch as if he were eating an oyster. This excited me more than anything. Reaching for him, I kissed him passionately before he pulled back to nibble down my body while his hands perched on my knees pulling my legs farther apart. His tongue found my secret places. Reaching down, I cupped my breasts squeezing the nipples; rubbing my palms over their peaks. Never had I been with a man who knew how to please a woman. His tongue lapped my pussy, teasing my clit which was standing at attention. Sucking hard, he took it in, which sent me into hysterics. Then he slipped a finger followed by another deep inside me. It was more than I could take. An orgasm ripped though my body. His tongue continued to work my clit as I screamed telling him not to stop! Then he licked me dry bringing his tongue to mine so I could taste the honey of my cum on his face.

“Fuck me!” I demanded grabbing his cock which was stiff again. “I need you to fuck me now!”

Holding onto his cock, I pulled him into my bedroom. “Like this?” he asked. He turned me around and pushed his penis deep inside canlı bahis siteleri me from behind. “You’re ass is perfect!” he panted as he teased me with his cock. He pushed it in slowly. I could feel the tip of his penis as it ground against my womb. “You like?”

“Oh yes!” I moaned. I rolled my hips and pushed back to meet him.

Reaching around, her gripped my breasts squeezing my nipples. I bucked, squeezing him tightly. Then he pulled away and picked me up. Wrapping my arms around him, our tongues met in a passionate kiss. He plunged his fingers deep into my pussy then brought them to my lips. Sucking my own juices seemed to excite him as his penis thrust deep inside me once again. Arching my back, I tried to find the best position to keep him from sliding out. Placing me on top of the dresser, this put me at a perfect height for him to drive deep inside me. Taking advantage of the position, he licked my nipples drawing them deep in his mouth. This made me hot.

“Not so fast!” I pushed him away tackling him to the floor. Then using my tongue, I teased his nipples as his fingers found my pussy. I turned so I could lick my juices off his cock as he lapped hungrily at the folds of my cunt. Then I rose up and straddled him. Now it was my turn. I slid him deep inside me and began to ride him. “Do you like?” I asked clenching hard on his penis with my cunt. Using the walls of my pussy, I began to stroke him, then slowly I ground my hips down onto his, rolling them this way and that. I could feel my clit rubbing against his skin. It felt so good as I stroked again and again. His hands kneaded my breasts pinching my nipples exciting me.

Before I could cum, he flipped me over. “Oh no you don’t!” he teased. Then he held his stiff penis poised over my pussy and plunged it deep inside.

“FUCK ME!” I demanded, gripping the muscles of his ass as I wrapped my legs around his waist. This seemed to excite him as he plunged deep inside again and again. His thick cock filled me delightfully. I reached down to rub my clit in rhyme with him as he fucked me harder.

“You’re a horny one arent’ you?” he whispered in my ear.

“Oh yes! FUCK ME!” His body seemed to take on a life of his own as he pounded deep into my pussy.

I could feel it building … “I’m going to CUM!” I scream in his ear. He pulled out as an orgasm rocked my body shooting my juices across the room. Then he sunk his cock back inside me. This time, he pounded me furiously as his own orgasm began to build. With a jerk, he stiffened and groaned as his penis pumped hot cum deep inside my pussy until he collapsed in my arms.

Needless to say, we didn’t sleep that night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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