The Seduction of Caoimhe Ch. 05

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Big Tits

Chapter 5 – Tara

I can still taste my daughter’s sweet release on my tongue and lips, which I find to be even better than anything I ever dreamed to be possible. I’m staring at her slumbering body, with one leg slightly crossed over the other, and a strong part of me wants to wake her. There’s plenty of time to explore Caoimhe’s body and I remind myself the reason we are here. I fight the urge to reach out for her body and concentrate on the impossible task ahead of me.

Getting Caoimhe to the point of allowing me to go down on her was the easiest part by far and the wine was tremendous help to set the mood. It’s what comes next that I worry about, for the moment, since I need her to want to do the same for me. There’s nothing I can do to make anything like that happen.

All I can do is wait and gage her thoughts as best I can. Mother’s intuition will serve me well up to this point, but I don’t know if it will be enough for what must follow. It isn’t just myself that I’m working her towards, but the three of us and I must act with a great deal of caution. One mistake on my part and the entire plan will be lost to us forever.

I decide to let her continue sleeping for the moment and head out the only door to the outside world. The sun’s hanging low in the sky and I need to get something for us to eat. There’s no need to cover my body as I step outside and feel the warm air touch my body, since every building is perfectly secluded. I open the call box, which is the closest to a phone that we have, and order our meal. It won’t be long and then I’ll wake her.

I close the door behind me as I return to watching her sleep and this time my fingers do find her cheeks. Considering just how deeply she sleeps, not to mention what I just did to her body, I’m not worried about waking her. There’s need to be careful, of course, but I can be careful and caress her body at the same time.

Her cheeks feel wonderful on my fingers as I find the firmness to be something very close to what my sister use to have. Kayleigh’s are still firm in their own way, but not like this. This can only be found in youth and I smile as I squeeze gently.

She doesn’t stir at all and find myself tempted to press my luck a little further, but will need to be content with what I’m doing right now. If I go any further, there will be no holding back and that’s the last thing in the world that I want. I enjoy the feeling of that tightness as I squeeze just a little harder and she murmurs out something, which causes me to soften my touch.

There’s a soft knock on the door and there will be none to follow. I pull myself away from the wonder of her body and open the door to find a tray waiting. There’s no drinks and it’s nothing fancy, but burgers and wine will work just as well as burgers and soda. Well, not quite as well as wine, which is why I didn’t bother with drinks when I placed the order.

I pick up the tray and close the door behind me with my foot. There’s no need to lock something that does it on its own. The heat of the day leaves me and my nipples harden to the coolness of the room. There’s a part of me that just wants to set the burgers and fries to the side to continue to taste her, but there’s a stronger part of me that wants to wake her.

I carefully set the tray on the bed and reach for her cheeks, but pull back at the last minute. My hands gently grab her shoulder and I start to shake her a little. There’s a mumble as she slowly turns and her breasts give the appearance of not being there at all, but her dark nipples more than make up for it.

My eyes move down her narrow body to her trimmed bush and I love the way that it looks. It’s as if a red carpet has been thrown haphazardly onto a white floor and hope she doesn’t decide to shape it like Kayleigh. It’s not that I miss the bush, or the pubic hairs on my tongue, but wish she would just shave it already. She spends more time on trimming and shaving than anything else, which means less time to have fun.

Her legs part as she starts to get up and I catch a glimpse of her hard clit, before she closes them again. I pull my eyes up to hers and see she’s still very groggy. I wonder how much she’ll remember, since there was the wine, but never gave her enough to impact memory loss. Caoimhe blinks her green eyes as she looks around and settles on the tray.

She lets out a yawn as she says, “Thanks, mommy. I’m really hungry.”

I smile as I reach for one of the fries. “So am I, Caoimhe. Do you want to eat in bed?”

She reaches for the burger and her eyes glance across my nipples. “Yes, mommy. I need to wake up.”

I set the fry down as I go for the wine and pour us both a small amount of red. It’s just enough to help us eat the food, but not enough to impact her. I want her sober after dinner to test her a little. My hand caresses hers as I give her one of the glasses and I sit with my legs crossed as I eat.

Her legs are still closed as we make quick work of the meal, but her green eyes keeps looking canlı bahis between my legs and it isn’t my smooth spot that she’s focusing on. The last of the fries is eaten and the last of the wine ends up in our mouths. I wish I could still taste her, but at least I feel the remnant on my chin and cheeks.

I look deep into her green eyes as I say, “I know you’re a little confused right now. How about I put the tray away and we’ll talk?”

She struggles to find any words at all, but does manage to get out, “Alright.”

I take the tray and feel her eyes on my cheeks as I walk and bend over slowly to set it down in front of the door. It won’t be picked up until morning, so there’s no rush to get it outside. I’m tempted to spread my legs a little to show her a little of my dark hole to gage her reaction, but it’s too early for anything like that.

I return to the bed and sit with my legs crossed once again and she glances down before pulling her eyes back up and say with a warm smile, “It’s alright to look at my body, Caoimhe. I don’t mind.”

She rolls her green eyes beneath the waves of red that are crusted on her face and her pale cheeks redden. “I know you don’t, mommy, but I should. What’s wrong with me?”

I reach out for her soft hands and hold them gently as I say, “Nothings wrong with you.”

She shakes her head and tries to pull back from my grip, but I won’t let go. “Yes, mommy, there is. I shouldn’t have let you do that.”

I smile softly in an attempt to console her. “I know there’s so many things going through your mind right now and it’s alright, Caoimhe.”

Her head stops moving and there’s a touch of anger in her eyes, but it’s not directed at me. “How would you know? You’re the one that wanted this, not me. Why didn’t you ask?”

My smile stays warm and my voice shows only love. “I did, Caoimhe.”

She scowls as she says, “After you started. Don’t act like you know what I’m feeling right now.”

My hands move to her chin and I hold her head in place. This is the next step and it’s crucial that I get this right. She isn’t pulling away from me, not really, since I didn’t have a tight grip. She’s still sitting there and I have to press on, since I know if she were really upset that there’s no way she’d still be sitting in bed with me.

I drop my smile as I say, “I know, because I’ve been there with Aunt Kayleigh.”

Her jaw drops and the red softens a little. “You and Aunt Kayleigh? I don’t believe it.”

I return my warm smile. “Yes, Caoimhe, me and Aunt Kayleigh have been lovers for many years and I still remember how it felt after that first time.”

She shakes her head a little in my hand. “That explains a lot.”

I turn my smile up a hair. “What does?”

The red returns to her cheeks, perhaps a little brighter than before. “How you got so good at eating…”

She can’t bring herself to finish as I say, “That’s right. It’s taken a long time, but we’re both pretty good with our tongues. Listen to me, Caoimhe. There’s nothing wrong with you for enjoying what I did. I’m happy I was able to make you feel those things.”

The redness starts to soften and it’s not from shock, but from a level of growing comfort. “Yes, mommy, there is. I shouldn’t want you to do that again, but I do.”

It’s so cute that she can’t bring herself to say what it is that I did. “If there is, then there’s something wrong with me and your Aunt. Those thoughts your having, I have the same ones. If it makes you feel better, just think of it as genetic. You can blame me for everything.”

She shakes her head in my hand once again. “I know your trying to make me feel better, but I can’t blame you for what I feel. Shit, mommy, I feel… I don’t know. It’s as if something’s been opened up that was supposed to stay closed and now I’m stuck with it. I can’t put it back.”

Normally I wouldn’t take kindly to that language from her, but I’ll let it pass. “Since you can’t put it back, Caoimhe, what do you want to do?”

Her face reddens, but not as much as before. “I want to eat your pussy, mommy. I want to pay you back for eating mine. I just wish I was going to be as good as you.”

Another word that I’ll allow to pass. There’s something about my daughter using that word that causes me to moisten even more than I already am. I want to tell her it’s all going to work out with practice, but instead press my lips to hers and feel a slight tingle cross my body.

Her lips open as we pull each other close and her hands start to explore my body. Caoimhe’s tongue accepts mine as the dominant and she starts to breathe hard as her hands find my hard nipples. I’m carefully moving onto my back in order to prevent our lips from parting. I love the eagerness she’s showing to accept my kiss and her fingers feel wonderful as they start to play with my hard nipples.

I can feel her fingers brush my flesh as she moves her hands down and my legs spread for her. They clumsily reach my lips, but I don’t mind as I give a soft moan bahis siteleri of encouragement into her mouth. Her lips pull away as she moves her body into position and watch her eyes stare with wonder.

My fingers move down to my hard clit and gently rub it as her tongue starts to explore between the folds. There’s no hesitation from her at all as her tongue presses a little too deep. She’ll learn over time and my fingers are helping me to enjoy this greatly.

I let out a louder moan as I watch her eyes and they pull up to mind. Her tongue is sticking out of her mouth and she’s doing her best to get me to that point. It will happen, but it won’t be from her tongue alone, since I’m an expert when it comes to working my own clit. My sister’s a little too interested in my ass and sometimes I need a little encouragement beyond what she can give me.

I feel her fingers part my clit and her tongue presses into my pink hole, which is very wet and love that she doesn’t pull back at all. There’s only the sign of enjoyment from her as my fingers bring me closer to the pleasure she wants to give me.

My fingers tighten around my hard clit and my head falls back. I feel myself tighten in that familiar way and let myself go in her mouth. The first wave crashes out of my pink hole and still she keeps her tongue in as deep as she can get it. It’s the idea of her mouth filling that causes me to moan out with another wave of pleasure.

It doesn’t last as long as hers did, but at least I got there. My eyes open as she pulls her tongue away from my pink hole and I smile at just how coated her face is. I’m feeling a little reckless after that and more than willing to test my luck.

I grin widely as I look into her eager eyes. “It’s OK to kiss me, Caoimhe.”

She gets the hint as she moves her head to mine and our lips meet. I can feel and taste that familiarity of my pink hole and happy she’s a little more daring than I thought. The real test will begin tomorrow, but for now I allow myself to enjoy the victory as my tongue presses a little deeper into her mouth.

* * *

19 Years Ago

We’re lying there in bed together and both a little out of breath. I can taste Kayleigh on my lips and tongue and happy at the result. I wasn’t expecting it to taste quite this good, but I have no idea why I thought that at all. I’ve never even bothered to research it and never kissed Dillon after he went down on me. It’s not anything I ever thought I’d be interested in, until now.

I know what I promised Dillon, but I had no idea how to make it happen. It was just a lucky break that my breasts were sore and I used it as an opportunity. Maybe I played the roll a little too well, since she probably believes I was really going to kick her out if she didn’t do what I wanted. Then again, I hardly made her cry at all, which is far different than what she did to me. You know what, fuck that bitch.

He’s going to be late, because of that project, which means he’ll be eating at work. That means I don’t have to get out of bed and neither does she. Dillon won’t believe this until it actually happens, but he’ll never doubt me again. I wonder if he’ll notice the new scent that fills the bedroom.

I’m too tired to even think about food and if Kayleigh gets hungry, she can fend for herself. It’s not easy to come up with an idea, while still trying to recover. What the hell am I going to do? We can either stay in bed until he gets home, which is preferable to anything else right now, or we can greet him at the door.

For now, I’m not moving at all, but she is. Her hands are caressing my breasts and it does feel really good. There’s no other part of her moving, but I don’t need any other part right now. They’re still sore, even after that, which means I might as well let her continue on until I get tired of it.

Neither of us were particularly good when we sixty-nined, but that will change in time. It was good enough for an orgasm, but that was more from me grinding the hell out of her face than what her tongue was doing. As for her, my finger worked her up plenty and I want to put it back inside of her. As much as I used it to get her right where I wanted her, I did enjoy the sensation of being inside of her pink hole.

I can still feel a little bit of a remnant from that wonderful pressure and the moisture. It may have started with my saliva, but it was almost all from her. If I had the energy, I know what I’d be doing right now.

The front door opens and I’ve almost got my energy back. Her fingers are searching for one of my nipples and I pull her hand away. I know exactly what we’re going to do and need to get her in position before he enters the bedroom.

I quietly whisper into her ear. “Let your ass hang off the edge of the bed and spread your legs. It’ll give him one hell of a view.”

She grins as she asks, “What are you planning?”

I move my finger to her lips and whisper, “Don’t worry about it.”

Kayleigh moves into position and I see her legs spread bahis şirketleri wide from my position above her body. Her hard clit stands out wonderfully against her pale flesh, once I press the pubic hair back. I have one of them on my tongue and quickly remove it. She’s going to trim that shit, but it’s too late to do anything right now. My hands move back to her bush and once again pull it back and wait.

My fingers move to her lips as a new idea comes to mind and spreads them apart. He stumbles into the bedroom after a hard day at work and misses the site at first. His green eyes widen and his jaw drops as I smile seductively up at him.

Whatever he thought was going to happen, clearly this was the last thing he expected to walk in on. I can see the bulge in his pants start to grow and his voice is lost to him. His eyes move across her body and I know he’s making sure it’s really her. How many questions are running through his mind right now? I have no idea, but judging by that look on his face, it’s a hell of a lot.

I’d offer to help Dillon get undressed, but I don’t want him to lose sight of her pink hole that’s now dripping in anticipation. The shock wares off as he starts to remove his clothing and he doesn’t care where it lands. I grin as his full seven inches becomes visible to both of us and he’s stammering as he closes in.

He holds back at the last second and I encourage him on. “Go ahead, Dillon. It’s alright. Kayleigh’s pussy is waiting to be filled by your big dick.”

His head presses against her open hole and slowly enters as he continues to stammer out words that make no sense. I watch his shaft slowly sink inside of her and she moans out her pleasure. My fingers release her lips and her bush presses up, which I absolutely hate. The damn thing blocks part of my view, but it won’t for long.

I look up at him with a serious expression on my face. “Stay right there, Dillon. Don’t start fucking her yet. And remember what I said about cumming in her. You do and this all ends.”

He nods as he mutters something that sounds like an affirmative and I pull back from him. My legs cross over her head and her tongue goes to work as I pull her pubic hair back. I look down as I spread her lips apart and give a soft moan as her tongue finds my clit.

Without pulling away from his buried shaft, I say, “Now you can fuck her. But you’d better let me know when your close to cumming.”

Her tongue starts to explore with a little more precision as his shaft slowly pulls back and I can see my sister left behind. I moan softly from her work as I grin down, since it’s so much hotter than I thought it was going to be. She lets out a moan of her own into my spread lips and it feels amazing.

His pace is starting to pick up and I love the way he looks as he slams his shaft hard into her pussy. My hips start to grind gently on her face and I moan a little louder. The smells that reach my nose are something I do love almost as much as seeing him slam her hard.

He’s starting to grunt out as he manages, “I’m going to fucking cum.”

I let out another moan of my own. “Pull out and cum in my fucking mouth.”

I watch as his entire manhood slips out of her pink hole and wish I had a better view. My fingers press against her clit as his head presses into my lips. The taste is an intoxicating mixture of salty sweetness and I want more, but his cum shoots into my mouth before I have a chance to explore these newfound flavors.

My mouth is quickly filling with his white and I can no longer taste my sister. Her hips start to buck as my fingers make her reach the same point he has reached and wish I were a little closer. Her face presses hard between my lips as she screams into my body.

The saltiness of his release is continuing to fill my mouth and I have no more room. I can feel him pressing around my lips and falling to my chin. He’s never cum this hard before and still there’s no end in sight. Hers continues on and she’s bringing me closer, but it won’t be enough.

The head of his dick withdraws from my full mouth and I press my lips together, which causes me to loose some of his release. I feel her body soften beneath mine and her breaths send shivers through my body. Her orgasm has run its course as I pull my body off of hers with only minimal loss of his white. Her face shows the extent of just how wet I am and her green eyes are slowly opening as she breathes very hard in an attempt to recover.

I hold her mouth open with my fingers and dribble out his release. Her eyes start to glow a little as his white reaches her waiting tongue and I press my lips to hers. She gags a little, but doesn’t pull back as we share him between us and she presses her lips a little harder to mine. We both swallow and I feel that strange sensation of his release flow freely down my throat.

Our tongues are at war with one another as we both fight for dominance, but I’m going to win. It should feel strange kissing her like this, but it’s more exhilarating than anything. Her fingers reach for my nipples as mine reach for hers and we’re both looking for the advantage. Our fingers squeeze together and I can feel her hardened nipples press hard as I turn them a little.

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