The Secret Sessions Ch. 04

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Big Tits

: Ria’s Ruin

After our sex filled Friday and Ria admitting to wanting to be a slut, I though long and hard as to how this was going to happen, after all she had goaded me to figure it out. However I didn’t want to ruin Ria, I didn’t want to be the one who arranged for her to have group sex with say 5 or 6 men etc, I wanted to her to keep some dignity and not be tarnished by her fantasy, she would have to return to Lee undamaged I had to find some way of balancing her need to be wanton with preservation.

A few days passed as I wondered how to make Ria’s wish come true, I had no idea how I was going to go about it until I visited one of my businesses. While having coffee with one of my managers he told me that one of our section heads was leaving the next day to prepare to move to Australia, Huw went onto explain that Sean was entertainment in his own right as he openly discussed how him & his wife like to swing.

I knew then that this could be my opportunity. Via Huw I asked to meet Sean at the end of the day. Sean was about 5’10” muscular build with fair hair and when I explained my proposition he was keen, he explained that he would have to run it by his wife Ginny first but saw no problem, for my part I booked two rooms at a nice discreet hotel I knew for the following Friday where we would meet for dinner at 7:30.

On arriving back at the beach house a few hours later, I found Ria in her garden reading in the early summer sun. I told her that we were going for dinner the following Friday and that this would be her chance to live out her Slut fantasy. Almost leaping off her sun bed she said

“Great, start up the Internet, let’s shop!”

Ria and I checked into the hotel around 6pm on the Friday and upon getting to the suite Ria declared that she was going to get ready, it was my intention to get into her knickers first but clearly that was going to have to wait. After showering and drying her hair Ria ordered me to go to the bar or something and not to return until 7pm, doing as I was told I set off to find out if Sean & Ginny had checked in. I knocked on the door of room 11 and after a few seconds was it opened by a petit woman who’s blonde hair was cut in sharp bob around her very pretty face.

This was obviously Ginny, so I introduced myself, she asked me in and explained that Sean had taken the car to fill it up but that they were both looking forward to the evening. As we sat talking I began to appreciate Ginny and my mind wandered into how I might be enjoying pleasuring her later. Ginny was about 5’4″ of slim but not skinny build, she was wearing a loose linen skirt and wedged sandals, her legs shapely and smooth, and the strappy top she wore allowed for tantalising peeks at her chest, which was pert, firm and around 34B. We talked for a bit until Sean arrived back, confirmed that we were all still ok for the evening and I left to return to the suite, very excited about what lay ahead.

I pushed the card key into the lock and when the light blinked green, opened the door. The room was filled with the smell of perfume, the bedroom door opened and Ria emerged asking,

“Well, what do you think?”

Ria had done the slut look alright, her hair was curled, her lips smeared in bright red lipstick, fingernails painted to match, she was wearing a sheer black body which barely covered her breasts, which in turn had suspenders on each corner which stretched down to hold up a pair of seamed stockings with red roses in the lace tops, over the straps was a matching sheer thong with an open front. In seconds my manhood was standing to attention, as I walked towards her Ria stopped me by saying,

“Not ’til later, but I have a little surprise for you.”

She motioned for me to sit on the bed and stood in front of me, I could clearly see the pout of her pussy through the open panties, but I was amazed as Ria slid them down a little to reveal the word Heaven tattooed in an arch over the top of her bare mound, then gently pulling herself open with both hands, she revealed what looked like a small wire dangling from her pussy, handing me what looked like a key fob, she said

“It’s remote!”

Ria had inserted a remote control vibrator into herself and she was giving me the controls!

Giggling as she went, Ria returned to the bedroom, when she returned she had slipped on the tiniest & tightest figure hugging black dress, which barely covered her stocking tops, the plunge in the front stopped just short of the body and the 5″ heels she wore accentuated her legs beautifully. We met Sean & Ginny in the bar & I introduced Ria, Sean was immediately excited by Ria’s appearance, but Ginny was eager to get the evening underway. Ginny was wearing a light blue cotton summer dress, which was loose around her thighs allowing for plenty of opportunity for it to offer glimpses of her arse as she moved, the aircon illustrating the fact that she was braless. We ordered drinks and sat in a quiet corner, as I walked behind the group to our seats, took the fob from my pocket and pressed the button, kadıköy escort immediately Ria stopped for second wiggled her hips slightly and continued, it was working from 20 feet. When we sat down Ria’s dress rode high up her thigh exposing her stocking tops, making no effort to pull it down again she crossed her legs forcing it even higher.

Sean could not take his eyes off her and when she leaned forward giving them both a full view of her breasts she really had me, & them hooked, I pressed the fob again and Ria purred at the sensations, giggling she uncrossed her legs, opened them slightly, giving Ginny a view right to her crotch and said

“Look what he made me wear!” I’m not sure if she meant the thong or the vibrator, but Ginny’s eyes lit up and said,

“I want a closer look.”

She took Ria by the hand and led her toward the toilet as she passed I pressed the fob into Ginny’s hand. Sean was desperate to get stuck into Ria by now so we agreed that upon the girls return it was time to get started. Several minutes passed before the girls made their way back, we stood as they approached, Ginny extended her hand, pushing two of her fingers into Sean’s mouth said

“Doesn’t she taste good?”

Ria walked around to Sean pressed herself up against him and whispered just loud enough for us all to hear

“Your wife has wonderful fingers.”

Ria was playing her version of a slut to the limit, but the time had come to find out if she had what it would take to be one.

In the lift Ginny toyed with the fob as Ria felt at her crotch, so by the time we reached the door of the suit all three of us we gagging to get into Ria, once inside Sean was down to his boxers in no time, but I could not help but notice the guy was huge, easily 10 inches, and he had every intention of using this weapon on Ria & Ginny. As he sat himself on the sofa Ria wriggled out of her dress revealing the full extent of her outfit (or lack of it) to our guests for the first time.

Ria knelt with her legs slightly apart in front of Sean and pulled at his boxers, freeing his member, taking hold of it in both hands she began to slowly giving him a hand job, I was rock hard and Ginny was stood watching with both hands clasped between her legs, just as she pulled back Sean’s foreskin, exposing a massive purple head covered in pre cum, Ria turned to Ginny and asked

“Why don’t you carry on where you left off?”

In an instant Ginny was on her back and shuffling her way between Ria’s legs, once in position she raised her head and began gently nibbling at Ria’s quim, with one hand she held Ria open while the other kept pressing the fob which began the small vibrators work high up inside Ria, in almost not time at all I could see Ginny’s mouth beginning to get covered in Ria’s juices.

I could take no more, I tore off my clothes and knelt at Ginny’s feet, I began to stroke the inside of her shins, up passed her knees and thighs towards her honey pot, Ginny moaned appreciatively as I did so, I looked up to see Ria attempting to get Sean’s huge helmet into her mouth, my impatience got the better of me, I withdrew my hands, grabbed the hem of Ginny’s dress with both hands and pulled in opposite directions, the thin cotton dress split right up the middle exposing her nakedness. Ginny’s nipples were standing to attention, a deep red colour to them while her pussy was bare apart from a small blonde triangle at the top, I forced apart her knees as I leant forward spreading her legs and as her legs spread wider her pussy opened revealing a ring right through her clit, her lips smaller and thinner than Ria’s but with the same deep red tinge as her nipples. I pressed closer and with one stroke licked the whole length of her grotto. Gently pulling at the ring with my lips at the top, I alternated between licking and playing, she orgasmed but there was no out pouring of juice like Ria only small beads which I devoured quickly.

After only a short time our pleasure was interrupted by Sean, he wanted into Ria, so he broke off her licking, and motioned her onto the sofa, he positioned her with her back to him, squatting over his giant cock, he instructed Ginny to get the vibrator out of Ria, Ginny slipped from beneath me and crawled up to Ria’s quim she gently tugged at the small wire and the small egg shaped vibrator popped out, trailing the trademark flow of lady cum with it as Ria’s brown inner lips gave up their secret. Ria was sopping wet as Sean positioned his cock at her entrance, as he did so I said


Even though Ria’s pussy was fully accessible through the open thong, I leaned over and snapped the elastic at the front, the thong gave way revealing the heaven tattoo to the watching Ginny.

Holding Ria in place Sean guided his helmet into Ria, she gasped as the thick intruder spread her pussy, then he began to lower Ria further on, Ria yelped as inch after inch filled her up, finally stopping with about three inches to spare, he began to lift Ria off goading her to do better kartal escort than that as he did so, he was determined to make her take all of him.

With the second stroke Ria cried aloud as he filled her again this time eight inches went in, another stroke made it nine and finally on the fourth all ten, Ria again cried aloud as this time an orgasm ripped through her, the usual torrent out juices pouring out of her gaping stretched pussy like water from a tap. Now with Sean’s rod fully homed Ria began to move herself up and down, each downward stroke getting harder forcing her to yelp as the air was driven from her lungs, she spread he legs wider and we were treated to the magnificent sight of Ria ‘s smooth dark lipped love cup sliding up and down, spreading & contracting on Sean’s monster, the word “heaven” clearly visible.

As the juices from Ria’s next orgasm flowed freely down over Sean’s balls Ginny leaned forward and began to lick at them, now on all fours she wiggled her pert arse inviting me to take her from behind, kneeling behind her I held onto her hips guided my knob to her entrance and slowly pushed all the way home. Ginny’s hole was soaking but tighter that I had imagined given that she was regularly getting a ten incher, she murmured approval as I did so, I moved slightly to get closer so my thrust would be more powerful and began to give her a steady but firm fucking, reaching around with my right hand I began to play with her piercing and she responded by climaxing immediately.

I had the best seat in the house, I could watch Ria getting reamed while Ginny slurped at the love juice and could look down to see my own shaft pumping in an out of Ginny, Ria’s tattoo said it all, heaven. Ria then changed position, she slipped off Sean turned around the face him and once more impaled herself, now Sean had full view of Ria’s naked splendour, he grabbed at the flimsy material of the body tearing it to free her tits, as she placed her hands around his neck for support he grabbed and squeezed her breasts as she bounced, her speed and ferocity increasing with each movement. Ginny free of her lapping duties began to moan louder as she concentrated on being hammered from behind.

Seconds later with Ria wanton with lust Sean began to whimper, he was close to coming, suddenly with a gasp Ria electrified by a massive orgasm and at it’s peak Sean pumped his load deep inside Ria’s sopping hole, she dropped to her knees resting her head on his shoulder to catch her breath, the she eased herself off his softening staff and slid downwards, until her knees hit the floor both Ginny could see her stretched pussy oozing a sticky mess of juices and cum, Ginny slipped herself off my cock turned over and began to lick and drink Ria’s overflowing cup.

Ria moaning lowly began to lick Sean clean as Ginny tenderly cleaned her. Now was my chance to really make Ria’s slut dream come true, standing up I moved forward straddling Ginny, I reached down wiping my hand over Ria’s tender slot, after wiping the moisture over Ria’s brown starfish, I held her hips and forced my member deep into her arse. Ria yelped with pleasure as I began to slowly fuck her, she came time and time again as Ginny licked her honey pot clean occasionally slipping her fingers into her scrape out the remaining seed of her husband. It wasn’t long before I was ready to shoot my load and my pace picked up; with one final powerful thrust I buried myself deep inside Ria’s rear end and shot a hot jet into it.

Gasping for breath as my knees weakened I withdrew from Ria’s arse with my member still twitching I flopped on the sofa alongside Sean, Ginny moved and began to lap at Ria’s ring, slurping up every drop of my cum from it, when she’d finished she looked over at Sean and I and said,

“So who’s gonna come in my arse?”

On her knees still she moved over to me and began to lick my staff clean, as Ria had done to Sean. Ria had done her work well, Sean was almost back to full hardness, as he gently moved Ria aside he said,

“I will!”

Ginny extended herself backwards almost to a doggie style with her head in my lap and Sean prepared to enter his wife as Ginny widened her legs, Ria quickly moved and positioned herself under Ginny’s pussy, much the same as Ginny had done to her only moments earlier. As Ria began to nibble at her Sean slipped his cock deep into her pussy causing her eyes to roll back into her head with pleasure as she gently sucked on my rod, he then withdrew, placed his massive tool at her sphincter, held her hips firmly and with one massive thrust drove all ten inches deep into his wife’s arse, I thought his massive member was either going to split the petit Ginny in two or come out of her mouth, but she purred with pleasure.

Ria had found the piercing hidden in Ginny’s secret garden and was ensuring that Ginny’s clit got the attention it deserved at the same time her left hand gently stroking her own tender quim, the attention my own cock was getting plus the sight of the dainty Ginny taking a massive maltepe escort cock up her arse got me fully hard in no time at all, but the motion of Sean fucking her arse made it difficult for Ginny to make sustained contact, suddenly Sean picked up the pace he was almost withdrawing all the way and then simultaneously pulling Ginny backwards while driving forwards, her moaning seemed pitiful until the word

“Harder!!!” escaped her lips, her tiny frame being treated like a rag doll.

Sean produced two more huge thrusts the second spewing cum deep inside her. Ria benefited too Ginny’s pussy oozing lady cum out onto the grateful lips of Ria’s mouth. Sean fell backwards exhausted beside Ria, I reached down placing my hands under Ginny’s armpits I lifted her forwards, in no time she was straddling me, still recovering from her climax I drove my manhood upwards into her. Ria moved also and began to lick at her gaping anus. I wrapped my hand around the small of her back pulling her close and began to suck hard on those deep red nipples.

Ginny held onto my shoulders as I continued to take full advantage of her arousal, looking down briefly I could see the small blonde triangle and further down her clit ring Ginny’s juices were coating me, suddenly she screamed and went rigid, Ria had placed the vibrator into her arse and had activated the fob, she held me tight to her breasts, her scream quickened, it’s pitch getting higher until she could no longer resist her climax, she let go her clench as she travelled down the full length of my shaft her body wracked with a massive wave of pleasure, with one more thrust of my hips I came adding to the moisture in her tunnel.

Exhausted she rolled away from me onto the floor and onto her back her arms outstretched trying to recover, Ria who had been busy on Ginny now placed her head in my lap and began to lick me clean, savouring every droplet. Sean who had recovered his composure had been watching as his wife was subjected to a wholly indecent stuffing, picked up Ginny and carried her over to the bed, laying her down not far from the edge, he stroked his rod back to hardness in a few strokes, he nudged his wife’s legs open, making sure his helmet was in the right place he grabbed Ginny’s ankles and splayed her legs wide, at the moment they reached full width he drove his cock deep into his still recovering wife. Ginny’s back arched high as the giant rod filled her to bursting point and Ria and I watched as her pussy swallowed it easily, her pussy at his mercy Sean began to pound away at his wife, this wasn’t lovemaking it was a fucking of the fiercest severity, his balls slapping against her arse with a loud slap as she begged for release.

Ria clearly wanted this sort of pounding, so she lay next to the delirious Ginny on the bed she looked Sean and said,

“Want to try me out?”

She then quickly the splayed her legs with her ankles held in the same way she had when we first has sex. Sean disengaged from his exhausted wife and moved in front of Ria, examined her smooth dark pussy gaping wide and as he shoved himself forcefully into her he uttered

“Heaven, we’ll see!”

There was no gradual inching of his cock into Ria this time, he buried his full length into with the first stroke, I moved from the sofa to get a better view. Ria’s legs held in a wide V by her own hands, the seams of her stockings clearly visible, I could see the ring of cum forming around Sean’s cock, the same way it did around the rabbit. Ria’s breasts, chocolate brown nipples bullet hard exposed through her torn body, bounced in time to Sean’s building pace. Ria began to wince each time Sean hit her hilt, her head began to move from side to side, the force of his thrusts forcing the air from her lungs each time, by now Sean had built up the same head of steam he had previously with his wife, the slap of his balls against Ria’s arse made the same noise, still she held herself wide, coming with nearly every stroke, white ring after white ring of juice foamed around Sean’s cock, running downwards to arse and dripping onto the bed.

Ria’s previously tight love cup was being stretched to it’s limits, her dark lips were swollen to almost three time their normal size, her hood the same, Ria was taking the fucking of a lifetime and enjoying every second. Her climax was building, gone were the mini orgasms, she was going to explode any second, she cried allowed, her body went rigid, Sean withdrew his monster and stood aside and a jet of lady cum sprayed from Ria’s quim like a juice being squeezed from an orange, not satisfied with this display he leaned forward pinched Ria’s clitoris between his thumb and forefinger and twisted it gently, immediately Ria dropped her ankles and another spray of juice erupted from her sopping and gaping cleft.

Now Ria was only one step away from slut-hood, Sean immediately rolled her over roughly grabbing her hips and pinning her to the bed he positioned his giant cock at the entrance to her arse and with out mercy, drove all the way to it’s hilt, Ria yelped and tried to wriggle away but he held her firm, one stroke, then another and another, then with a grunt his massive member filled her arse with his seed. Ria lay motionless and panting for breath for a time, cum oozing from her anus while her pussy now empty dripped her nectar onto the bed.

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