The Retreat at Sharon’s Ch. 01

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The sunlight bounced off the rear view mirror and struck Max in the right eye as he rounded the bend. He wasn’t used to approaching his father’s ex-girlfriend’s home, partially his home according to the trust left to him by his father, at this hour.

Years earlier, when he visited during the long hours of school summer vacation, he rarely drove himself, and certainly had no need to drive through the small town’s mini-rush hour. Today, however, the March sun was punishing him for leaving his sunglasses in his apartment in Atlanta.

He counted mailboxes until they reached the third plain black mailbox on the left and then he slowed the car to make the turn through the wooded approach. As the car hit the gravel path that led to the front of the house, he bounced his left leg incessantly under the steering wheel.

In spite of the couple years they’d dated, tonight marked the first meeting between his girlfriend, Carla, senior in college, and his dead father’s ex-girlfriend, Sharon. The older woman, now thirty-eight years old if Max remembered correctly, was a free spirit but very much queen of her castle. Carla, on the other hand, was the queen of instigating trouble.

Many times Max had watched her tease crowds full college bros at bars just to get a rise out of them. She’d find a way to draw attention to her round firm butt or just a little glimpse at her soft tan cleavage and then she’d get them talking just to feel them out and see what made them uncomfortable. Then, she’d start pressing on their insecurities, slowly at first but then with less and less regard for her target’s squirming until she left them cowering or making pitiful excuses to leave the room.

Max tried not to think about the very real possibility that he might have to intervene, possibly physically, before the weekend ended. He had to admit to himself that he kind of liked the idea of being sandwiched between his athletic girlfriend and Sharon’s curves, though.

Ahead of this meeting, he’d tried to introduce the idea of Sharon to Carla to build some sense of respect for the wild but matronly woman. Unfortunately, Max was never quite sure what to make of her for himself. When Max was sixteen, his father’s car was struck by a semi-truck on a snowy road in upstate New York when the truck driver decided he didn’t have time to stop for a red light. His father was heading to the airport to fly home to South Georgia for Christmas, one of three extended times during the year he spent time with Max. Their other time together consisted of the occasional campus visits during the year: sometimes a weekend, but many times just a lunch or a dinner when his father was passing through Boston.

That was their routine ever since Max entered boarding school in sixth grade, following his mother’s death after a long battle with cancer. When it came time to choose a college, Max chose to move to Atlanta to be closer to his roots, whatever those were at this point. He liked being close to the last home his father lived in and beylikdüzü escort he liked spending time with Sharon. She had a way of raising the stakes in any give situation.

Max was thankful Sharon never tried to replace his mother but it always left their relationship in an awkward phase. Sharon moved in with Max’s father about two years after his mother died but, as far as Max was concerned, she’d never really left the “dad’s special friend” phase. With only sixteen years separating Max and Sharon, she wasn’t really a parental authority to him and, the older he grew, the more she treated him like a peer. He liked clowning around with Sharon when she found time to interact with him but he felt obligated to treat her with respect, even if she didn’t tell him what to do.

That’s why he used the trust fund his father had left him to rent his own place near his college year-round. He didn’t really feel like this house that Sharon and his father had lived in was ever his home but at least Atlanta kept him close to someone familiar.

Max parked in the gravel roundabout in front of the house and helped Carla grab her backpack and suitcase out of the back seat. As he was reaching to grab the knocker on one of the giant hand-carved front doors, it suddenly pulled open, sending him stumbling to a knee in the precipice.

As Max pulled himself back up, his eyes couldn’t help but rise up and over the tanned and curvy frame of the always stunning Sharon. She was wearing a white skirt with a blue floral pattern that revealed her short tan legs below the knees and a blue polo shirt with open buttons at the top that teased his eyes with her ample cleavage. As Max made it back to full posture, he made sure to look her in the eye and said a small prayer that the ladies had not noticed him checking out Sharon’s curvy form. Sharon burst into laughter as he recovered.

“Come on in, slick! Well, well, this must be Carla. Welcome!” Sharon loved company and Max knew that she would go out of her way to roll out the red carpet for Carla. It was after they finally settled in that he worried things would get real.

The three proceeded through the house entry and under the catwalk that arched over it and formed a bridge between the ends of the upper floor. They moved to the sitting room that looked out through a wall of windows to the back of the house. After some small talk, Carla urged them to finish unloading the car so they could spend some quality time together.

“So do we need to…” Max trailed off. Never ever having brought a girlfriend to Sharon’s house, he wasn’t sure what the rules would be for sleeping arrangements.

“Oh, you guys just take the big guest room in the North end. Your old room. You all are adults and you can do whatever you want. Feel free to take your time and clean up if you want, I’m going to make some of my lemonade,” she said, putting the lemonade in air quotes since her recipe consisted of lemonade matched to equal parts of various bostancı escort liquors.


“Wow”, Carla whispered to Max as they pulled their luggage into the upstairs guest room. It was just one of five bedrooms on this floor of the house. “And it’s got a huge bathroom with a huge tub…” she said, excitement running through her voice, as she skipped through the closet that led to the bathroom. “I know where you can find me later.”

“I might just take a quick shower,” Max told his girlfriend as he followed her into the bathroom.

“Want to get cleaned up for, Sharon, huh?” Carla teased him, grabbing a towel off the rack next to her and snapping it at Max as he pulled off his shorts.

“No. I just don’t want to sweat all over the nice furniture. This house is kind of half mine, too, you know.” Max knew he was a terrible liar. “You going to stand there and watch me undress?” He asked, as he pulled down his black work slacks, stripped off his fitted dress shirt and then reached for his socks.

“Maybe. Maybe I want to make sure you’re not in there jerking off to thoughts of your bombshell stepmom.”

“She’s my dead dad’s ex-girlfriend,” he corrected her with a little dark humor. Max flicked his boxers shorts to the floor and stood on the cool white marble bathroom tiles completely naked facing her for a moment before turning around to step into the shower stall. The shower in the guest bathroom was just as impressive as the large claw foot tub. It had a rainfall head at one end and a large bench built into the side wall so you could sit down and sauna while hot water fell. Max flipped on the water and looked down at the white marble tile in the shower as the water began to fall on his head. The details in this house were incredible. As he looked down at his partial erection, he realized the flirty exchange with his girlfriend had excited more than just his frontal lobes. Then, he noticed that his girlfriend was no longer standing in the middle of the bathroom. As he turned around, she was standing naked behind him. He took a moment to take in her full naked form, her long pale legs that extended up into her high hips and the way her straight blonde hair framed her face from behind. Her arms crossed across her chest but her young perky breasts were framed in her hands. Her thumbs fiddled in the air in front of small pink nipples. That was the other great thing about the shower: it easily fit two people. Maybe more.

Carla lunged forward and reached her left hand around his waist to grab his ass and pull him toward her. “You’re all mine,” she said as she reached up with her right hand to his face and pulled it down so she could kiss him softly on the lips. Max felt his penis start to fill out a little more and it pressed into Carla’s leg.

She laughed and pulled her hand away from his ass and used her fingers to rotate around the tip of his penis. He used his hands to gently massage her breasts and erect nipples. He let his fingers slide çapa escort down her flat stomach until it found the thin folds of her labia and then slid it between folds and found the wetness inside.

“MMM. I guess we can be quick,” Carla sighed.

Max bent down to one knee and tilted his head back to give his tongue access to Carla’s lower lips. He parted the folds with his tongue and used his fingers to press the fleshy hood back. His tongue pressed forward until it was tickling her bulbous clit with its tip. Water from the shower head rushed over both of them, down Carla’s naked body and past his lips. Carla dropped her head back, held there for a moment as she let out a sigh.

“OK, come here,” she said, lifting her head back up and pressing Max’s face away from her opening that dripped from her own creamy fluids mixing with the shower water. She turned to the built-in bench and bent over, grabbing it with her hands and offering Max a full view of her fit ass cheeks. He rotated the shower head so that some of the water could continue to splash on them and then grabbed his cock and slipped it carefully between her thighs and into the welcoming tunnel of her vagina.

Her heard Carla moan and felt the wetness of her opening and immediately his cock hardened up. He steadily pumped his hips back and forth, his pelvis smacking up against her ass cheeks as he penetrated her. She opened her mouth in a wordless wail as he gripped her asscheeks and spread them so he could watch himself penetrate her.

“Oh, fuck. I want you to fuck me as hard as you can until you cum,” she urged him on into his ear as she leaned her head back and he pumped his hips harder and faster, feeling the length of his erection penetrating in and out of Carla’s tight pussy until he couldn’t take it anymore. He gripped the base of his penis to quickly pull it out of Carla’s twitching hole and let it erupt its milky white cum between her but cheeks. Max watched the semen dribble down her ass crack for a moment and then she backed into the stream of the shower and let it wash away the residue from his orgasm. Once sh’ed rinsed herself, she turned around and sat down on the bench, eyes closed and lips parted in a smile. She reached out her right hand and gave Max’s softened but still engorged penis a few strokes, almost like a congratulatory handshake. They got cleaned up quickly after their impromptu fuck and hopped out to towel off.

“Glad the thought of your stepmom gets you off so quick,” Carla teased. Max responded by dropping his towel and winding it up tightly for a flirty strike but Carla was running out the bathroom door with a towel tied around her mid-section and she was gone before he could snap it at her. “Love you,” she called back playfully.

The truth was that Max allowed himself the occasional glance at Sharon, he just hoped he never let her catch his eyes wandering. Besides, Carla was everything he wanted for the moment. That quickie was exactly the kind of wild side that had attracted him to her in the first place. Having sex in his family’s house, any of his family’s houses, had always been an out of touch desire for a kid that spent so little time at home and now he’d crossed that fantasy off within thirty minutes of walking in the door. He couldn’t wait to see what else awaited him this weekend.

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