The Rawhide , the Cowgirl

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I had this idea. I’d decided that I could make a living by buying a dude ranch and turning it into a wedding chapel. You know, a place where the happy couple could go get married with all the cowboy trimmings – trail rides and hay rides in a wagon for the wedding party, cookouts and sing-alongs around the big campfire. We’d have cute little rooms for the guests and a honeymoon suite with a big bed and lots of pillows for the bride and groom. The whole thing would preferably be nestled on the side of a picturesque mountain with gorgeous scenery. Of course the first step was to go find the perfect ranch to buy.

I made the rounds, visiting every dude ranch in the state that I thought might do. Many were just hanging on by a thread and could have been bought cheaply. But I wanted one with just the right combination of seasoned staff, a picturesque location and a cozy atmosphere.

I met her at a ranch outside of Wellington. She was the trail guide for our little party, which consisted of a couple with their two little kids, a couple of teenage girls, and me. She bounced out of the stables, dressed in her official ‘trail guide’ outfit – boots, jeans, a western shirt in white and blue and a big cowboy hat.

“Hi, everybody,” she said brightly. “My name is Butterscotch.” She was obviously quite used to the reaction that she got, because she good-naturedly laughed right along with everybody. “Yep. It’s true. My daddy wanted to name me something sweet,” she said brightly. I remember thinking that she had the sweetest smile I think I’ve ever seen. “I’m your trail guide today.”

Since we were all expected to be paying attention to her, it was easy for me to drink in her good looks. We were in a circle around her as she gave us the rules (stay on the trail, don’t get separated, no galloping – stuff like that). Having heard them all at the other ranches I’d visited, I wasn’t really paying attention to her words. But I couldn’t have taken my eyes off of her if I’d wanted to. She was pretty, a real all-American cowgirl – long dark hair, a shy smile and brown eyes that sparkled brightly in the morning light.

“You there – cowboy,” she said, looking straight into my eyes. What’s your name?”

“Chance,” I said. “Chance Buckman, ma’am.”

Butterscotch laughed and asked me if I had any riding experience. I teased her with a pause, then I looked her straight in the eye and answered slowly, “Yes, ma’am.”

I got a blush out of her as she wondered whether I was making some kind of pass. Then she went back to work. She was comfortable with her role, getting everyone’s names and introducing them to their horses. Mine was a light brown feisty mare named Caramel. It was obvious that the kids had never been on a horse before, and that Dad was pretending to know more than he did. But Butterscotch kept up a stream of cheerful conversation and made them all comfortable and got everybody all mounted up in no time.

My goodness! That cowboy was so good looking that I felt an immediate pleasurable tingle between my legs. Of course, I was halfway there already – the anticipation of a horse ride was usually all it took to get me started. But for a change I’d be riding with someone that I was actually attracted to instead of the usual families and tourists.

He was long and rangy, kind of like Clint Eastwood playing Rowdy Yates. He wore jeans and western style shirt, a blue plaid with pearlized buttons. His boots and hat had enough wear to give me hope that he actually knew his way around horses, and I wasn’t disappointed. Caramel was kind of skittish around kids, but he settled her down and was mounted before she knew what hit her.

I tried not to stare at him. Fortunately I had plenty to do getting all those tenderfeet ready for their ride. I couldn’t believe the libidinous thoughts that were already running through my head. As long as I’d been doing this, I hardly ever came across a real cowboy – somebody who could actually ride a horse. Never mind someone who looked this good in his western clothes. I managed to keep from running over and throwing myself on him by keeping occupied getting the rest of the party mounted up. Mounted? Did I dare hope? My God, where did that thought come from?

I could almost feel him staring at my butt as we began our ride. There’s something very satisfying about having a man check you out. It makes you feel sexy and wanted. It’s even more satisfying when you want him to. The sun was warm, but I was starting to generate my own internal heat, thank you very much.

As we slowly rode off up the mountain path with my little party trailing behind me, Chance maneuvered Caramel up next to me. “That’s a gorgeous animal you have there,” he said. He couldn’t have said anything more endearing, because not only was Cupcake the best horse of the bunch, she was also my pride and joy. Chance didn’t just look the part – he knew his horseflesh. I patted otele gelen escort her on the neck and tried not to blush. I felt almost like he was been complimenting me and not my horse.

“Yeah, she’s my little baby.” I looked at the trail and tried to come up with something witty to say, something sexy and inviting but that didn’t make me sound like a slut. I couldn’t do it. I’m certain that my brain’s failure had something to do with the moist tingling between my legs. Cupcake’s gentle swaying had something to do with that, but I think it was more the lanky guy sitting on Caramel next to me.

The sun was warm as we rode through the woods, shining gently on us through the branches. The trail was just wide enough for two, the little trail party strung out behind us. I asked Butterscotch to tell me more about Cupcake. When she spoke of her horse there was so much affection in her voice that it was like she was a little girl on her first pony ride – a combination of pleasure and awe that tickled me no end. Butterscotch may have been a trail guide for years, but she was a little girl at heart and she still enjoyed her work.

Occasionally she would turn back and ride up and down the line, making sure that everybody was enjoying themselves. She spoke to everyone and took extra time with the kids. Her infectious joy at being outdoors riding Cupcake spread to everyone, and they were all having a grand old time. Butterscotch was simply a great trail guide.

Caramel was a feisty little mare, and she tried to rub me off on a tree. But I tweaked her ear to let her know who the boss was, and she settled into the ride nicely.

Butterscotch rode back to the front of the line as the trail narrowed, tipping her hat to me as she squeezed by and we were forced to ride single file. Caramel and I were second in line, and I spent some time with a fine view of our guide’s ass swaying sensually with Cupcake’s motion. She filled out those jeans so nicely – her butt was so taut and firm, gently rocking back and forth. I began to harden, and I had to laugh at myself as I realized that I was becoming jealous of a horse!

There was some sexual tension between us, wasn’t there? I was sure of it. God she was cute. It was hard to even think about the beauty of the trail when I had Butterscotch’s ass to watch. But what to do about it? I pondered the possibilities as we rode along, enjoying the enticing motion of her undulating bottom way more than the other scenery.

After a while of rambling gently through the woods we came to a small clearing. Butterscotch called a halt to the ride, and had everyone dismount.

“Lunchtime!” she said brightly. “If you look in your saddlebags you’ll find the lunch that we packed, and we’ll rest here awhile before we head back.”

Everyone was pretty glad to get down. If you’re not used to horse riding, even a short ride like this one can get pretty tiring. The kids ran to the little stream and began throwing rocks while the teenage girls helped Butterscotch make sure the horses each got a drink. Mom and dad took out a picnic blanket and settled onto a rock near the stream and began setting up lunch.

It was obvious that I was going to have to get him alone with me. I wasn’t about to wait and see if I could get him to call me later, and he could hardly take me in front of a family and a couple of teenage girls, no matter how much I wanted him to. I felt like an absolute tart, but I didn’t care. How would it feel to have those rough hands holding tightly onto my breasts? Please?

After everybody began eating their sandwiches I beckoned him over a little deeper into the woods, away from the others. He came willingly enough, which I took to be a good sign. When he got to me I put my head down so that he couldn’t see me blushing under the brim of my hat. I was slick between my legs, but of course he couldn’t see that. But my nipples were really perky through my shirt. Did he see? Was he looking at them? Gosh, what in heavens’ name was happening to me?

“Chance?” I whispered. I couldn’t help myself. This close to him I just had to touch him, even if it was only my fingertip. I drew a little line on his chest as I spoke. “I was wondering if you’d like to ride a little further up the trail with me while the others are eating. They’re kind of beat, but I know that you’re still ready for more.”

He waited to reply, and I was sure I’d overstepped my boundaries.

“Yeah, I know how to go on a long ride,” he said with a twinkle in his eyes. Yes! We were definitely communicating here. I stood up on my tiptoes and gave him a quick kiss on the corner of his mouth. “You get Cupcake and Caramel and I’ll tell the others that we’ll be back in a little bit.”

I walked away from him feeling quite happy and pleased with myself. I hadn’t had a good cowboy ride in so long that I couldn’t even remember it. rus escort I gave my walk a little extra wiggle, and my moist nether lips sluiced pleasantly against each other.

As we mounted up (why were those words suddenly so special to me?) I discovered that I could actually feel the wetness between my legs as Cupcake’s saddle rocked me back and forth. I enjoyed having my legs spread, but I was definitely going to need something other than a saddle between them, and soon!

She was a pistol, all right. Butterscotch pretended that there wasn’t something else going on – that we were just a trail guide and her customer off on a trail ride. We’d ridden for a little while when I realized that I’d been doing nothing but staring at this pretty girl.

Her cute face was flushed, and she spent a lot of time looking at anything but me. Her nipples were erect and pressing against her shirt and I thought that I could detect a little extra push, a little extraneous motion against her saddle as she rode Cupcake up the mountain beside me.

“So, are you a real cowboy,” she asked shyly.

“Yes, Ma’am. I used to ride the rodeo circuit. I was pretty good at calf roping.” I was looking over at Butterscotch when I said it, and the effect on her was electric.

Cupcake kept right on walking, but Butterscotch seemed to freeze right there in the saddle. She stopped breathing and her eyes actually lost their focus. She blushed and looked for all the world like a girl about to cum. Her pretty pink lips were parted just a little, and I had to shift in Caramel’s saddle a little to relieve the growing pressure there. I’d hit on something, I was sure of it.

“Yep. I used to throw those little calves down and tie ’em up quicker than a wink.” There was no mistaking it this time. Butterscotch began rocking back and forth in her saddle, sliding herself against the leather as she held on to the horn. She didn’t even try to hide it! She looked over at me and kind of breathlessly said, “So you’re good with a rope?”

That did it – I couldn’t wait it any longer. I reached down and took Cupcake’s reigns and slowed both horses to a halt. I jumped down as Butterscotch dismounted. I began looking through my saddlebags.

“Whatcha looking for?” Butterscotch said, standing next to Cupcake.

I didn’t tell her, because I didn’t want to get her hopes up. She might not have packed any. There sure wasn’t any in my bags. I went all the way round Cupcake, putting her between me and Butterscotch. I and began looking in her saddlebags, hoping madly that it was there. I found it in the bottom under the first aid kit and the red plaid blanket.

“Put your hands up here,” I said, patting the horn on Cupcake’s saddle.

If I was reading Butterscotch’s eyes right, there was a lust and anticipation there, mixed with just a hint of fear. Her lips were parted, and she was breathing rather quickly. After a moment’s hesitation she did as I asked.

Before she knew what I was doing I wrapped the length of rawhide around her hands and the horn of Cupcake’s saddle. I finished it off with a flourish, quickly making a secure knot and tying Butterscotch securely next to her horse.

Her eyes lost their focus again, and I could see her blush crimson as she realized how vulnerable she was. I walked around behind Butterscotch and put my hands on her hips. I leaned down and kissed her gently on the cheek as I reached around her waist and unsnapped her jeans. I untucked her shirt so that I could put my hands on the bare skin of her waist. Then I put my hands inside her pants and panties…

…and slid them down my legs all the way to my ankles. In a moment I was as naked outdoors as I’d ever been. I never felt so exposed in my life, which probably had something to do with the fact that I couldn’t have pulled them back up or run away even if I’d wanted to – I was still tied to Cupcake’s saddle. I was dripping wet and ashamed and excited all at once. How do I get myself into these things?

Chance put his hand on the crack of my ass, gently pushing his fingers towards my dripping center, but try as I might to help him squirm into me, he couldn’t reach my slit from behind.

“Spread your legs,” he said.

My voice came out hesitant and girlish. What’s gotten into me? This was what you wanted, wasn’t it? I could hear myself panting as I tried to respond. “I… I… I… c-c-can’t, sir. My pants are in the… way.”

Chance chuckled. “Why, I guess you’re right, ma’am. They sure are.”
He turned his back to mine and bent over as he reached between his legs and pulled my foot up. I suddenly realized that he was unshoeing me just as he would a horse! In a moment my boots were off and he’d removed my jeans and panties. I couldn’t believe it, but he even took off my socks. All I had on was my hat, my shirt and a tiny strip of rawhide around my wrists.

I began to quiver sıhhiye escort as he let my bare foot down and turned around to face my back again. “Hush,” he said. “That’s my girl.” Chance pushed his hand between my legs, and I spread them wide apart as he cupped me in his hand. I was positively embarrassed at how wet I was. But I forgot my shame as he began to massage me and those little electric shivers that presaged a good cum traveled through me.

Before I actually came all over his hand he let go of me and I could hear him unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants. I heard liquid sounds as he stroked himself, using my wetness for lubrication. Suddenly I felt his hard erection lying against my ass. God, could he be that big? He was hung like a, well, like a horse.

Chance slid himself up and down my ass a few times, and then he leaned away from me. He put his hand on my shoulder and I knew he was lining up to enter me. I arched my back and stood on my tippy toes. God, I was never such a floozy before. How was he doing this to me?

He thrust himself into me and I began to cum in earnest, gasping and panting as he took his pleasure. My heels came off the ground every time his mighty tool pushed into me. I’ve never been so deliberately fucked in my life. It wasn’t slow and sensual, and he didn’t pound himself into me like he was some kind of porn star. It was an intentional screwing, designed to relieve his needs as well as mine, to make us both cum under the sun and the trees.

And it worked. I came over and over, and I came even harder once his steaming seed started to jerk into me. I writhed in pleasure but I was bound to my horse, and I couldn’t move far. Cupcake, bless her heart, stood still as her mistress came and wiggled next to her.

I was still gasping when he withdrew himself. I felt so fucked, and so very empty! The sticky sperm dripped down my leg as I tried to catch my breath. I leaned against Cupcake, my heart pounding like I’d just run the quarter mile.

Chance was still gasping for air, but he managed a strangled, “Thank you, ma’am,” in my ear. I would have told him “My pleasure,” but I didn’t have enough breath yet.

I felt his rough hands massaging my ass, kneading my butt like a loaf of bread dough. It felt so deliciously wicked to be tied up naked outdoors and dripping seed. Then his grip on my butt changed and he lifted me from the ground, pushing me up and back into the saddle. What? My hands! My pants!

Before I knew it I was on Cupcake, my legs still spread but now with a different kind of animal between them. Chance fastened his jeans and picked up my clothes. He mounted Caramel and reached down and took Cupcake’s reins in his hand. In a few moments we were riding up the trail again.

I’d never ridden naked before, and I was suddenly wondering just why that was. Riding was a whole new sensation when I didn’t have any jeans between my pussy lips and the saddle. Cupcake’s gentle rocking as we rode along the trail was deliciously sexual. Chance’s warm seed drooled from me, creating a wet slippery spot on the leather. I slid back and forth with Cupcake’s gentle undulations, and a needy throbbing began in my pussy. I sure hoped my cowboy wasn’t done with me – I needed another good screwing.

Her legs were so naked, and so pale! Compared to the colors of the horses and the woods around us, they looked as white as the snow on top of the mountains. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them. My mouth watered as I watched the pretty girl with her legs spread wide rubbing herself into the wet spot on her saddle. She pushed her bare feet into the stirrups, using the leverage to help grind herself into the leather. I suppressed a moan. There was no doubt I was going to have to take her again, but I wanted to find a place with a flat spot, some grass, and maybe some shade. No standing fuck this time!

We rode along in a companionable silence for a little while, recovering our breath from our trailside tryst and taking in the scent of the trees and the warmth of the sun. After 10 minutes or so, we came to the perfect spot and I reined in the horses.

I leaned slowly over towards Butterscotch. She leaned her head back, welcoming my attention. And for the first time, we kissed. It was slow and long and lingering. Her lips parted gently and I relished the delicate taste of her. She was so sweet that I actually became dizzy, and I suddenly had to lean back into Caramel’s saddle to keep from falling off altogether.

I dismounted and tied the horses to a tree. I took the blanket from Cupcake’s saddlebag. Then I unfastened Butterscotch’s wrists from the saddle but I left them tied together, and I helped her down. She was so damned sexy there in her cowgirl shirt and hat, naked from the waist down. Her long legs called to me, and I became just as hard as when I’d taken her before. Harder, even.

I took the rawhide in my hand…

…and I followed him willingly as he led me to a grassy spot. What had gotten into me? Aside from the obvious, I mean. All of my will power left me. I was his to do with as he pleased. I felt contented, and submissive and horny all at once. Not to mention slippery!

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