The Raging Storm Ch. 02

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(This is part II of The Raging Storm. It makes more sense if you go back and read it from the beginning. Thanks! Enjoy!)

Chapter 2

After sleeping for a few hours I awoke to Tim nibbling on my breast and saw he was hard and thick as ever. Climbing on top of him I settled his erection between my pussy lips and began to rub myself into wetness with his cock. When I was wet enough I lowered myself down on him slowly. It was tough to get his thickness into me but together we managed. I was so full that I had to pause and catch my breath before beginning to ride him slowly.

I was sure the movement would wake up Mac and right I was for when I looked over to him I could see his bright eyes shining up at me as he watched me fuck Tim.

Moaning Tim asked me to go harder, faster as I ground my hips down onto him. Obliging I began to bounce on him up and down. My big breasts bounced each time I did and I could tell by Mac’s erection that he enjoyed that sight.

I decided to put on a show for them both and began pinching and rolling my own nipples. I pulled at them and got them to stand out hard and red. Mac reached over and began to rub at my clit as I bounced on Tim. I came screaming and Tim shot his load into my pussy. Collapsing on Tim I was surprised when he held me tight and rolled me over keeping himself embedded in me.

Moving carefully he turned us so that he could stand on the floor and my head was hanging off the edge of the bed backward. Mac moved then got the idea of what Tim was arranging. Soon there was a big black cock şerifali escort stroking my face and lips. It was like none of us could get enough.

Tim kept moving in me so as not to loose his erection and I opened my mouth for Mac to guide his cock into. He was so long that I barely got half of it into my mouth before he was hitting the back of my throat.

Tim kept up the steady stroking in and out of me and I kept up my sucking down Mac. Mac reached down and took my breasts in each hand. He kneaded them, rolled them then pinched at my nipples hard. I groaned and arched my back when I found that his pinching them woke up my pussy more and sent a tingle all over my body.

I nodded for him to do more and he did more. Pulling at my nipples painfully he stretched them until I couldn’t take any more. Then he’d release them and rub them hard into my breasts with a palm. Tim had taken hold of my legs and pushed them back to where my knees met my shoulders. There he was able to drill into me deeper and touch that special spot inside.

Mac began to move his hips and fuck my mouth while Tim picked up the pace and began his own hard fucking. Mac was torturing my nipples again and Tim slapped the back of my thigh with a resounding clap and a sting. I moaned against Mac’s cock and sucked on him harder. I came harder than ever before, shuddering and writhing beneath my two lovers.

Tim came and halfway through pulsing his seed into me he pulled out and let the rest land on my stomach and breasts. Mac stiffened even more suadiye escort and growled out his cuming shooting load after load down my throat. He too pulled out of my mouth and let the last few spurts hit my chest and face.

Covered in cum inside and out I lay there panting. Tim knelt down and gave my pussy a few good licks tasting our combined fluids. Mac leaned down and kissed my lips for the first time. It was rare that a man would kiss after someone just swallowed his jitsm but there he was tenderly snaking his tongue into my mouth.

The rest of the night and into morning we slept naked with me in the middle. Waking to bright blue skies all three of us stretched and commented on being a little sore. I was worried things would be awkward between us but talk carried on like normal. Mac threw on his pants and went to go get us some breakfast from what the hotel office served and Tim and I got into the shower together.

We lathered each other up and rinsed off with little more than touching and kissing though it was clear we both wanted more exploring, there just wasn’t the time or so we thought.

When we dried off and went back into the room Mac had muffins and coffee waiting. Patting his again naked lap I sat down with my damp self letting his cock nestle nicely between my butt cheeks. We ate like that, me sitting on Mac’s lap with my feet propped up in Tim’s lap where my toes stroked his penis.

When the muffins were gone Mac announced that he was still hungry and wrapped his arms around me. Standing with me ümraniye escort held captive he moved to turn me so that I could sit on the little dining table. Returning to his sitting position he spread my legs open wide and bent down so that his face buried into my shaved pussy.

Licking and sucking like a mad man he’d bite down every now and then on my clit making me cry out. Tim got in on the action by suckling on my breasts. This time it was just me getting all the attention as both men did everything they could to make me come and come hard.

Mac pushed his finger into my anus while he ate me and Tim gave a wonderful mouth job to my breasts. I came squirting my juice all over Mac’s face and mouth. I don’t think I’d ever squirted like that before. I was still cumming and Mac moved aside so that Tim could take over the licking.

Tim was a master with his tongue. He licked me into another orgasm while Mac wanked himself off. Mac’s cum landed on my breasts which I smeared all over then licked my fingers. Tim stood up and wanked off between my legs letting his spray hit my pussy and lower stomach. Again I rubbed it into my skin and licked my fingers.

Tim laughed, “Time for another shower.” I just stood up from the table and walked over to my bag of clothes.

“No… I think I’ll wear your cum today.” I spoke making both men’s jaws hit the floor.

We all got dressed and after Mac took a shower we loaded up the van just in time to hear my cell phone ring. Answering it I put it on speaker phone to hear my boss, “I need you to head South about five miles from where you are now. A huge storm hit last night.”

After that he went silent. I guess he was wondering what we were laughing at. A storm hit all right but it wasn’t five miles away. The three of us had started one hell of a storm ourselves.

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