The Punishment

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For the third time in as many months Sean found himself inside Sabrina’s apartment. His girlfriend had dumped him last September while she was cheating on Sean with her ex, and he had still not mentally recovered from their breakup. After she left, he had needed some relief and a way to forget about her and move on.

Sean had tried dating again, but he found it to be exhausting. Balancing multiple women on Tinder, Bumble and text messaging became difficult. He had spent more time on these apps than he had actually meeting and dating the women. He wanted simplicity. He wanted sex. Great sex to forget about his ex.

It’s not like Sean was bad looking. He wasn’t. Women were drawn to him with reckless abandon. At 6’1″ Sean was taller than most women he dated, he had short brown hair, a cute face and an athletic body. He didn’t have to work very hard to stay in shape and keep his six pack abs. Sean hit the gym at least four days a week and ate well. It helped him feel young even as he approached his thirties.

But he was tired of putting in all the work and then getting mediocre sex, or meeting women with to much baggage, only to break it off with them in a matter of weeks.

Sean had found Sabrina’s number in a Craigslist personal post. She had described herself as a woman who could take care of any man’s needs. Apparently she had a set of special skills which could be customized to reenact fantasy, role-play and any other fetishes men were into. She wasn’t shy about it on her post either. This is what attracted Sean to her in the first place. She seemed like she could be really fucking dirty if he needed her to.

Sean sat on her wooden chair and looked around her apartment. The space was small and cozy. It had a quaint charm to it. A low-key, soothing vibe. He heard the water from the shower running in the bathroom. Sabrina was washing her previous client’s cum off of her body and preparing for Sean to come over. She didn’t mind if he let himself in while she got ready and changed her sheets.

Sean kept checking his watch. He was anxious to talk to Sabrina tonight about his needs and find out if she could meet them. His cock was already hard in anticipation. He knew exactly what he wanted Sabrina to do to him: he wanted to be dominated and have rough sex. He wanted to feel like a real man again. That would restore his confidence.

As he waited Sean checked his Tinder account. He swiped right on the first five girls in the picture section in front of him. No need to waste time talking to anyone and answering questions. They were all beautiful, and based upon their pictures, they seemed interesting. He figured he would learn a bit about them if they matched him. And more importantly, he wouldn’t have to give them a second thought. Even though he was about to fuck a sex worker, he wanted to keep his options open. Suddenly the thought of paying Sabrina to fuck him tonight made him hard.

He closed Tinder and opened Grindr. He navigated to the Grindr XXX section and began swiping right. Each and every guy was attractive. Sean wasn’t gay but he was willing to try some new things these days to keep it interesting.

Minutes later, Sabrina stepped out of the bathroom, naked, with a white towel wrapped around her body. She stood in front of Sean smiling. She looked like she had just stepped out of a Playboy Calendar. Sabrina smiled as she took a step closer to Sean. She was a beautiful woman. She was sexy. She had a naturally tan complexion, big light eyes, a slender, athletic body with curves in the right places and a great ass. She was in her late twenties, with long black hair. She wore no make-up. She looked radiant.

“What do you want to do tonight?” she asked Sean. That beautiful smile he loved so much was back. The sight of her made his heart flutter.

“What do you mean?” Sean replied, shifting uncomfortably in his chair. He wasn’t sure what to expect. He expected her to get naked and give him a lap dance. But that’s not what was about to happen.

“I want to take charge tonight, Sean,” she said, her eyes narrowed. “You told me about your fantasy once. Do you still want me to make it come true?”

“Well, yeah,” Sean replied. He immediately got what was happening. “I want to fuck you hard and rough, and you can do whatever you want to me. Anything.”

“Ok, it’s time to pay me,” Sabrina said as she dropped her towel and walked toward Sean. She had such confidence as she strode nearer him completely naked.

Her body was perfectly toned. Her light skin gleamed. Her smile was warm, inviting and sensual. He couldn’t help but stare. There was something magnetic about her. It wasn’t just her beauty but her confidence that drew him in. She was everything he wanted and needed in a woman.

Sean reached into his pocket and pulled out a wad of cash. He counted out a bunch of one-hundred dollar bills and handed it to Sabrina. She held the cash in her hand and slapped it against Sean’s chest. She knew he had just ağrı escort paid her five hundred dollars, but she wasn’t counting it. She was too busy climbing into Sean’s lap and having him hold her body close to his. She pressed her lips against his. Sean wrapped his arms tightly around her. Her skin was soft and supple against his. He was stiff as a board.

As Sean kissed her he could not imagine what went through her head. She seemed proud of her slutty life and her lifestyle. It was her confidence that really got him going.

Sabrina stood over Sean and took of his shirt. She reached for his belt and unclasped the buckle. She pulled his pants down and saw his rock hard dick poking up inside his underwear. “Look who’s ready,” she says slyly. Sabrina walked Sean into the bedroom, closed the door and stood him up next to the foot of the bed.

The room was dimly lit and smelled like sex and booze. Light from the hallway poured in through the window and shined on the sheets hanging over the edge of the bed. The walls are a deep brown, the bed’s mattress soft and plain white, the bedding light gray and decorated with butterflies. There are curtains over the two windows that look out across the street to the small houses.

Sabrina got down on her knees and pulled down Sean’s underwear to reveal his stiff cock. A bead of pre-cum already seeping out of him. “What a big dick you have,” Sabrina said teasing her client. Sean’s dick was erect and throbbing. She held his cock in one hand and grabbed his balls with the other. She squeezed them like they were stress balls. She began to stroke his dick rapidly with her fingers.

Sean groaned in pleasure as she jerked him off. He threw his head back and closed his eyes, preparing for the sensations to come. He was about to have the fuck of his life. He couldn’t wait to let her do whatever she wanted to him.

As Sabrina made eye contact with Sean she licked her lips and plunged her mouth down on his cock. She grabbed his ass with both hands and pulled her mouth forcefully into him forcing his dick down her throat. She gagged a bit and then deep-throated Sean.

He stared at the ceiling and relaxed as Sabrina sucked his cock. She was quite skilled at giving blowjobs and had experience with men who paid her to do it. Sean breathed heavily as Sabrina bobbed her head up and down on his cock. She wrapped one hand around the length of his shaft and jerked him off as the other one lightly rubbed his balls. Sean was so hard by now that it felt like a piston pounding in and out of his body. That’s exactly what Sabrina was doing.

Sabrina slobber coated Sean’s cock as she rubbed her saliva all over his shaft using every bit from her saliva glands. She kept up that rhythm until her lips touched the tip of his cock. She opened her mouth and showed him the drool. She smiled and winked at Sean before slurping it back down her throat. She loved the sensation of his cockhead as it made its way back up her throat. Nothing made her feel more alive than servicing a man with her mouth and throat.

Sabrina swallowed his cock until Sean’s pubes were tickling her nose. Her nose was pressed against him so hard she started gagging. She pulled his cock out of her throat so she could catch her breath.

Sabrina stood up and crawled onto all fours on the bed. “Sean, it’s time for you to fuck me now,” she said. “And baby, since I know you, tonight, you don’t need a condom.”

She looks back and opens herself for her client. Sean stands above her fully erect cock pointed at the ceiling. Sabrina is moist and ready. Sean grabs his dick and guides the tip towards her pussy. Sabrina smiles as she feels Sean’s cock touch her. She spreads her butt cheeks to give him more room and force him in. Sean grabs her ass cheeks and spreads them apart to see her tight pussy lips. He puts his other hand on Sabrina’s back and pushes her forward so he can get a better view of her ass.

Sabrina closes her eyes and feels the tip of Sean’s cock push into her. It feels big. Much bigger than average. But right now she doesn’t care. She wants to feel him inside her as deep as he can go. She feels him push the head of his cock into her and winces. Sean grabs her hips as he pushes all the way in.

“Mmm,” he moans.

Sean begins to fuck her with reckless abandon. He starts pounding her pussy like a jackhammer. He digs his nails into her flesh as he thrusts in and out of her. He watches his cock disappear and reappear from inside her pussy. The sight was so erotic that Sean gave himself a little bonus. He used his right thumb to rub Sabrina’s puckered asshole. As he did Sabrina looked back at him then threw her head back and moaned.

Sabrina’s moans are muffled by the pillows beneath her. Her body is frozen in place as Sean drills her tight little pussy from behind. The sound of skin hitting skin echoed faintly around the room.

“You like that big dick, you dirty little slut?” Sean asks. Sabrina’s moans become ağrı escort bayan more audible as she takes in her client’s long dick. “You like the way I’m fucking you?”

What happens next takes them both by surprise as something hits the bedroom door and it crashes open. A petite but strong woman charges in and lowers her shoulder and tackles Sean onto the bed with the precision and finesse of an NFL linebacker. Sean flies onto the bed as she crushes down on him, driving him into the mattress with her shoulder and all of her weight behind her.

The woman sits on Sean’s naked chest and pins his arms down beside him with her hands. She looks over at Sabrina and yells “who the fuck is this guy, and why was he fucking you? Tell me, you fucking cunt!”

Sabrina, still a bit shaken from sight of the swift tackle takes a moment to compose herself and says “he’s my client, Stephanie.”

“Your client? You mean you’re a..?” asks Stephanie.

“Yeah, baby I’m a whore. I’m so sorry. I haven’t told you because I knew you would be mad.”

“Mad? I’m furious. You’re my girlfriend, and I can’t believe you’re fucking some guy like him for money. For Christ’s sake Sabrina, he has a fucking dick,” replies Stephanie.

Sean is completely caught off guard. He looks from Sabrina to the raging Stephanie. He tries to say something but Stephanie bashes her fist into his stomach. He coughs and tries to speak again but Stephanie pounds her fist into his torso. “Don’t you fucking speak. You don’t have the right to say anything.” She smacks his abdomen with an open hand.

Sabrina looks on in shock but can’t muster enough words to defend herself.

“Don’t worry honey I’m not going to kill him,” Stephanie says. Stephanie gazes at Sean and smiles at him disarmingly. Her hand massages her pussy over her skirt gently.

“He’s got a pretty big cock, Steph,” Sabrina says.

Stephanie turns and she eyes Sean’s massive cock. She inspects the bulge. “We’ll see about that,” she says, shifting her weight back to his chest.

Sean takes a deep breath and looks up at Stephanie. He couldn’t have guessed that Sabrina was into women, but apparently Stephanie wanted her all to herself. Sean couldn’t believe how strong she was as she continued to pin him down on the bed. He takes a moment and realizes how hot she is.

Stephanie was definitely the butch lesbian in this relationship. She was also extremely good looking. She was about 5’8, with thick, powerful arms and legs. Her dirty blond hair was spiked, but was still short. She had on red lipstick. Her green eyes pierced through Sean like daggers.. Her skirt was short and revealed her strong, taut legs and muscular thighs. Her cleavage was quite pronounced under her tight, white tube top.

And most of all, Stephanie’s strength. She is far stronger than any guy Sean knows. He doesn’t know where she gets it from, but Stephanie was a powerhouse.

Stephanie grabs Sean’s arms and forces him to his feet. She pulls his arms behind his back and restrains them with her hands. “You’re going to pay for what you did to Sabrina,” Stephanie says. Sean is unsure of how to respond so he doesn’t. Stephanie forces him into a kneeling position on the bed and then puts his head into the corner.

“Don’t move Sean,” Stephanie says forcefully.

Sabrina watches the whole ordeal in a bit of disbelief. She doesn’t know what to think at this point. She sits there on the floor naked with the taste of Sean’s dick lingering in her mouth. Her pussy feels raw from the pounding she just took.

Sean’s heart beats furiously as he sits doggy style on the bed still sweating from fucking Sabrina. He is wondering what is going to happen next when he looks behind him and sees Stephanie pulling a large dildo on a harness out of her bedside table. A wave of excitement floods over him.

“You ready for my strap-on you fucking piece of shit?” Stephanie barks at him.

“It’s pegging time, pal. What do you think?”

“Oh God,” Sean moaned.

She slips the silicone cock into the harness, holding it tight. It slides in like a key into the ignition. When she turns the switch, the dildo begins to vibrate and hum. She stands up straight and adjusts the harness. The cock looks like a horse cock. And with the cock shearing through the material that holds it, it looks forceful and imposing.

Stephanie undresses slowly on the opposite side of the bed. “I think you are going to love this,” she says, tossing her tube top and skirt aside. She kicks off her pink heels and rubs her pussy with both hands. “Oh, I’m already wet,” she says, in a sing-song voice. Stephanie puts the dildo on her harness and fits it snugly against her shaved pussy.

Sabrina climbed onto the bed and approached Sean. The intensity with which Stephanie grabbed Sean’s cock made Sabrina’s eyes grow wide with excitement. Stephanie eyes it like a predator eyeing her prey. Stephanie bends down to inspect Sean’s cock. She slowly moves her hand escort ağrı up and down the shaft, feeling every vein and ridge. Sean groans.

“This is a fucking beautiful dick, Sabrina,” says Stephanie. Sabrina’s eyes light up. “I’m gonna fuck this guy like he deserves to be fucked, Sab.”

Sabrina knows what Stephanie means by that. She loved how she could just be herself around Stephanie.

Stephanie turns and looks at Sabrina smiling wickedly, then she looks back at Sean. She inspects his balls from behind and licks his asshole. “Do you want me to hurt you? Do you want to feel my big cock in your ass?”

“Y…Yes, I do,” stammers Sean.

Stephanie grabs Sean’s wrists and holds them tight behind him. She leans into his ear and whispers, “Don’t worry, I’m not just going to fuck your ass. I’m going to punish it. You’re going to cry like a little baby.”

Stephanie drips a light stream of lube onto the dildo and slips the tip of the dick into Sean’s asshole with ease. Sean winces and grunts as she slowly pushes it deeper and deeper, opening him up. Soon the entire head is in. He moans slightly as he relaxes. Then Stephanie pushes his cock into his ass with a strong, firm thrust.

“Oh God!” yells Sean.

Stephanie holds Sean’s hips tight as she pushes deeper and deeper. She grabs his cock and wags it from side to side as she pounds his asshole. Stephanie smiles at Sabrina. “You like your girlfriend fucking your client in the ass, Sab?”

Stephanie smiles and pounds away at Sean’s ass as fast and as hard as she can. Her body tightens with every thrust. Sweat pours off her body. Her eyes glaze over with pleasure.

Sean grimaces as Stephanie pounds his ass. He can’t believe what’s happening to his body. His eyes roll back into his head. All he can think about is the pain in his ass as Stephanie pumps into his ass hard and fast. He had never felt anything like this.

Each time Stephanie thrusts into Sean, the dildo slides in deep over his prostate. Sean’s cock twitches and throbs with deep pleasure.

“You like it, don’t you? You like my big cock in your ass!”

“Yes,” Sean moans.

Stephanie continues to thrust harder and faster. The tip of the strap-on rips between Sean’s cheeks and penetrates his prostate with deep, hard, fast throbs. Sean grimaces as he tries to stand the pleasure.

Sabrina watches in anticipation as the dildo pummels Sean’s ass. “Fuck him harder Stephanie,” she whispers, licking her lips.

Sean starts to moan louder as his ass is violated hard and fast by Stephanie’s big cock. “Oh, fuck Sean, you love that dick in your ass. I can tell,” says Sabrina.

“Ohh, look at me Sean,” says Stephanie in a warm voice. She pulls his hair hard and forces his face to turn towards her. She stares into his eyes and smiles as she fucks his ass faster and faster.

This isn’t meaningful sex for Stephanie. No, she is just inflicting pain on him. She is showing him who is boss. She is a butch lesbian in every way and that means she can fuck men and women in the ass, pussy or mouth without any feeling of guilt. Stephanie knew what she wanted and she wasn’t going to let anyone stop her.

Sabrina acquiesces and begins playing with her pussy slowly. She stares at the large cock going in and out of Sean’s ass. Her excitement begins to build up again.

“You like watching me fuck this guy?” Stephanie says.

Sabrina nods, her breathing growing heavier.

“Is it turning you on?”

Sabrina nods again.

“Why don’t you come over here and suck his cock Sab,” Stephanie says slyly.

Sabrina climbed onto the bed on her back and scooted under Sean in a 69 position. From underneath Sabrina grabbed his cock like he was on a milking table and began to suck on it while Stephanie continued to plow his ass. Her eyes closed as she began to suck harder and harder taking his cock deep into her mouth. Sabrina massaged Sean’s balls with one hand as she sucked him off. She was gentle at first. She used the tip of her tongue to lick the soft flesh on the underside of Sean’s cock. She licked up and down the length of his cock. He moaned as she took him deeper into her mouth. She sucked and bobbed her head up and down on his cock, teasing him. His cock became sticky as she sucked it. Her sucking made it harder and harder with just a little lubrication from her mouth. Sabrina squeezed Sean’s balls harder. Sean’s rock hard cock made Sabrina gag each time Stephanie pounded into him.

Sean had a full view of Sabrina’s pussy spread out in front of him.

“Eat my pussy baby!” moaned Sabrina. She shoved her pussy into his face.

Sean endured the pain in his ass and and began to lick and suck Sabrina’s wet pussy from the top. He pushed his tongue in as deep as it would go, licking her pussy like a dog lapping up his food. Sabrina moaned louder and louder. Sabrina’s pussy was dripping wet on Sean’s face. He sucked and sucked on her clit. Her pussy was delicious. Her pussy juice was warm and sweet. Her clit was hard and throbbing under her touch as she tried to get him to eat her deeper and faster. He grabbed it between his teeth and pulled it gently. Sabrina spread her pussy lips open and he was buried deeply into her wet, hot hole. She tasted like sour candy.

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