The Private Assembly

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It was just another day at school, or so I thought. The first half of it gave way to very little excitement. Then in fifth hour we had a substitute teacher. I did some work for a couple other classes, but I couldn’t help noticing the conversations of three girls in the class.

One was tall (by my standards), full figured and smiled a lot. The second was short compared to me, with brown hair (with dyed red highlights); she too had a nice pair of jugs and a full ass. The third was by far the best of the three, she had dyed raven hair, darker than average skin color (for a white girl), and was of medium height, and best of all, she had the most finely shaped, perfect sized tits and ass.

The reason I noticed their conversation was because they were talking about a subject that would distract any guy: masturbation. Specifically things like what positions they use, how many orgasms they had had, what would turn them on and their use of toys. It was starting to give me a raging hard on!

At that point couldn’t take it any longer, so I said

“Hey, some of us are trying to work and you’re distracting them.” I didn’t say it very loudly and I think they knew what I really wanted. Then one of them said

“Well, we really wouldn’t want to keep him for doing his work, would we?” The other two caught on and both of them chimed in

“Why don’t we go someplace and really distract him!” Then they moaned sexily, long and low. It sent my hard on to a totally new level. I immediately asked for a library pass for the teacher, they wanted to go too, I gulped nervously as she wrote the passes out…what a day it was…

The four of us left class and went into the hallway, and I was trying to find a place for this to happen, mind racing along, and only god knows what they were thinking about. I walk toward a bathroom and they said

“Why don’t we try somewhere else?”

“Where do you have in mind?” I asked.

“The auditorium,” one said, smiling at the others, who were grinning ear to ear. I nearly choked at the prospect, but went to the auditorium anyway.

We ataşehir escort went up to the balcony and I started to kiss the one with the perfect body, my tongue exploring her mouth, boldly going where few men had ever gone before. I lifted her up onto the back of the seat and reached around to take off the shirt. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed the two other girls, looking at each other. One reached in her pants, and after a few minutes, started moaning. I guess the other couldn’t take it after a while, because she went over and started kissing her. Well, anyway, I got the girl’s shirt off and just like I said, she had the most perfectly shaped breasts, hidden beneath a white lace bra. Quickly, I unsnapped her bra, sliding it down her back, taking time to feel her skin against mine. Then I pulled away from her mouth and made my way down her luscious body. I kissed her cheeks, nibbled her ear, and lightly feathered her neck, going farther towards paradise.

Now I have to step back one second so you can take it all in: Me, working my way down this girl’s awesome body, her moaning with pleasure as I head toward her beautiful size D breasts, her friends, both full figured, making out with each other, finally sliding out of their own tops to do what every guy on the planet dreams about. It was the most awesome thing in the whole world, and I was right in the middle of it.

Suddenly turned on to a new level, I began to suckle her breasts, her nipples growing hard and perky in my mouth. My lips and tongue cover every inch of her breasts before I finally decided to go further south.

Lingering around her breasts a second longer, I slowly moved toward her stomach, she had a little bit of fat on her gut, just the way I liked it. I wanted to kiss, nip, lick, suck, and play with every part of her body. And she wanted me to do the same thing! I unsnapped her pants, longing to feel her firm ass in my hands and her legs around me. My mouth went down farther and farther on her sleek, sexy torso and I slid her pants off, soon followed bagdat caddesi escort by her panties, which was black lace (almost lingerie like). I lost track of the other two girls as I was focusing on what was under those panties. They decided to make me aware of them by taking my dick in their mouths, taking turns like on a video game. Damn it felt good!

I got down to the girl’s legs, licking and kissing the sensual places, moving higher and higher, her moans growing deep and sexy. Finally, I reached her now fully wet, cum dripping pussy. At first I used my finger to massage it, rubbing, flicking and gently probing to see what her reactions were. Then I flicked my tongue over her hot pussy, her juices tasting so good in my mouth. Meanwhile, the other girls had settled down and one was giving my balls a tongue washing while the other repeatedly deep-throated me, sending oh-so-many pleasures to my now drunken brain.

The girl’s pussy tasted so good, I just had to see how it felt, so instantly I sprang an idea on all the girls:

“Hey, let’s play train,” I said. At first they were confused, but then I put one girl beneath another with the girl I had been working on in the doggy style position and me, of course, as the caboose. As I slid into her tight, wet, steamy pussy, there were so many moans in the auditorium that I got harder than I already was (and believe me, it wasn’t easy).

I just had to ask one thing before I started banging her, so I said

“Are you a virgin?”

“No,” She said in a husky voice.

Instantly I started moving back and forth, slowly at first, and then picking up the tempo. She moaned louder and louder each time. Then I reached down and grabbed her breasts, rubbing and squeezing them as the pleasures of fucking this girl passed over me.

Each girl getting off and me driving harder and harder into the dark girl’s body, it felt good, very good. Then I switched her with the girl with the red highlights. Fucking her tight pussy got me hard all over again and hearing her moan made bostancı escort me fuck her even harder. Then I got the third girl (the tallest of the three) and decided to go anal. I rubbed her pussy for a while and she got the idea, and then I slid my cock into her back door. DAMN IT FELT GOOD! I drove into her ass, hearing her moan, groan, and almost scream!

After about ten minutes I was starting to hit my climax. I pulled out of her, all the girls sweating, and the sex in the air getting to all of us. Then I said

“Everyone crowd around and start giving me head, I’m about to cum!” After about thirty seconds of the three of them giving me a blow job, I finally said

“Here it comes, and I want you to swallow it all.” And they did. In fact, they drank it down like Pepsi and kept sucking my dick, and then each of them made a show of swallowing it. But it wasn’t over yet.

I was definitely going to get personal with each one. I started with the girl with the highlights: I dove into her pussy, with my still hard dick over her mouth, immediately loving the 69 position. I ate her out until she orgasmed and came (which I lapped up) then her sucking my dick made me cum in her mouth, again. Then I went to the raven haired one. I stuck my dick between her tits and fucked them as hard as I could. I slid in and out to a rhythm only I knew, getting more and more out of control with each push. After about five minutes I came all over her tits and face, it felt so good!

And last, when I felt I couldn’t go on, the tall girl came over and started giving me a hand job. I stuck my fingers in her pussy, drawing them in and out of her, and then I began searching for her G-spot. I found it and began rubbing it, poking it, massaging it, and doing anything else I could with my fingers to get her off. She reached her orgasm and came (I licked that up too) then I hit my peak and she drank the last cum that came from me that day.

After we got dressed and went to the bathroom to get cleaned up (cum stains and sweat get really messy after a while, you know?), we found a quiet hallway, near a stairwell, and “cuddled.” I French kissed them all deeply after the sixth hour bell rang and went to seventh hour, which actually wasn’t so bad once you’ve been absolutely, completely, wonderfully fucked by three luscious ladies. It was truly a day to remember…


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