The Price of Sex

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Hi there, the name is Calvin Dixon and I’m twenty years old. I am finishing my Bachelor Degree in Business at UNLV. Yeah I know, do the math, how do you finish four years of college at twenty. Actually that is kind of what started all of this.

I went into university in an accelerated program and I basically finished high school at sixteen. The only problem was I had the academic skills and not the social skills. You got it; here I am a twenty year old virgin.

As a part of finishing my program, I needed to do some kind of term paper. While most of my fellow older classmates seemed to focus on things like finances and statistics, I wanted something more concrete. So, being the naive curious male; I wanted to know why people spent so much on sex.

Now don’t get the wrong idea, I wasn’t thinking of hookers and things like that. Be real, sex sells; and to the tune of billions of dollars a year. Things like clothing, cosmetics, gyms; they all catered to the same thing…sex. What’s the first thing you ask when you try on that new dress? Does it make me sexy?

So, I started my research. I found out how many billions of dollars a year are spent in the United States every year for clothing and all of that. Then, I found the interesting paradox.

In Nevada, an average “date” could cost almost a hundred to a hundred and fifty dollars. Look, you do the math this time. Two dinners at twenty a head, plus tips was pushing fifty. Then, add two tickets for a movie at what ten or fifteen dollars. That was another say twenty-five. Add the food snacks and you were hitting a hundred dollars. Then, if you went to a club; between drinks and door fees you could spend another fifty or more.

Now, when you added the time factor, an average date was at least four hours long, at minimum wage of eight dollars that was another thirty dollars.

It suddenly occurred to this virgin, that I would be sinking close to two hundred dollars of money and time…into a maybe. Maybe she’ll kiss me; maybe she’ll give me a hand job. Maybe after two dates I might get a blowjob. Be real, a guy was sinking almost five hundred dollars and how much time before he ever got past third base.

Now, compare that to Nevada; where prostitution is legal. An escort could be found for a couple of hundred or so. I could financially pay out for TWO guarantees by the time I had invested the same amount of time and money into a maybe.

The math didn’t make sense to me, OK call me naïve. There had to be something else that “sold” the cost and effort in the dating scene. I just couldn’t figure it out.

By the time Christmas break closed in, I had completed all my research, and was ready to start writing my paper. I still couldn’t explain the paradox. I spoke with my professor, who seemed a little bemused by my confusion. He said maybe I needed to take a more psychological approach instead of a business approach. The man might have an idea, after all isn’t advertising based on the psychology of selling to the public.

By the time I was heading on the road home for Christmas break, I had at least a partial answer, and it was waiting for me in Grand Junction, Colorado. That was mom, she might be able to help I thought.

Who is mom? Mom is Claire Dixon or should I say Dr. Claire Dixon. At forty-two mom had worked herself to having a pretty successful psychotherapy practice back home. I figured she might be able to answer some of my questions.

That’s right, do the math again; mom was twenty-two when I was born. Still in college and finishing her own four year program mom had met the “man of her dreams.” Except, she wasn’t the woman of his dreams it seemed. When he found out mom was pregnant, he made like the genie in the bottle and poofed.

Mom raised me herself, and managed to finish her masters in psychology at the same time. Having only ever been mom and me, I never felt the need for a “father figure”, mom was just mom. She fed me, clothed me, and kissed my owies. Later she attended my school functions and explained the birds and bees to me. Yeah, I admit, I also masturbated to the most perverted thoughts of her on many a night. I mean shit, mom was hot. At barely over five foot six, mom packed a hell of a pair of 36C’s and had that tight bubble ass to fucking die for.

Yeah, yeah; I know all about the Oedipus crap. Life is what it is and I’m not going to hide from the fact that when I was sixteen I would have loved to bed my own mother. Like I said, I didn’t have much exposure for social skills, and having her hot body wandering around the house all day fed my teenage hormones.

Come on, when you see her long blonde hair, those bright blue eyes; you can’t help it. When she walks by wearing that damn red bikini, I still get a raging hard on. Still, we had always been close; and mom had always made a point to openly discuss literally every topic. So she was the one that topped my list for reference for my term paper.

I got home later on Friday after classes had ended. The seven hour drive put me there about eleven at escort ataşehir night. Mom had waited up, knowing I was coming in. I put my stuff in my room for the two weeks I would be home, and went downstairs to find her in the kitchen reheating leftovers for me.

I don’t know which got me more, the growl of my stomach at the smell of food, or the fact she was standing waiting for the microwave in a white thin silk robe that ended well above her knees. My eyes quickly looked away from the creamy firm thighs that disappeared under the hem of the robe. Fuck, focus I thought.

We sat at the table and caught up from last summer. I tried not to look at the gap in the top of her robe. I saw the pale blue night gown she was wearing peeking out. And the valley that descended between her breasts kept drawing my eyes.

At one point she leaned over and picked up her cigarettes, I could only stare as a full view of the tops of her creamy breasts filled my eyes. Then, I watched her light her cigarette as I felt a fresh surge of blood fill my cock.

No, I don’t smoke. But I will tell you, there is something about watching my mother wrap those lips around a circular tube, and then to see her cheeks slightly cave as she sucks in; it fucking drives me insane.

It was when the conversation hit about how school was going, that things finally came out. I explained the term paper to her, what my research had been, and then finally the paradox I had found.

I watched as my mother took a drag from her cigarette, my eyes flitting between those pursed lips and the rise in her chest as her full breasts pressed against the thin robe.

“What you’re describing isn’t about economics” my mother said after a moment. “It’s more about desire than dollars.”

“What do you mean?” I asked; startled back by her words.

“What do you want Calvin, sex or love?” she asked with a soft smile.

My confused look must have spurred her on. She tapped her ashes as she continued.

“There is a big difference between what someone wants and what someone needs.” She told me. “If you need a car, you save money, buy used and basic. But if you WANT a car, you buy new and expensive.”

“I get that” I shook my head. “People will always spend more money for something they crave over something they need. That’s the basics of selling a luxury. What I don’t understand is that sex is sex, right, so what’s the difference.”

I watched as my mother slowly ground out her cigarette, a thoughtful look on her face. I could tell the wheels were turning in her mind and that she was trying to decide her next step.

“You’re still a virgin, aren’t you” she locked eyes with me.

“Ummm yeah” I answered, still confused.

“Are you hard…right now?” Her eyes locked to mine.

My eyes grew wide as I sat and stared at her. What the hell, I thought. She knows, I realized in terror. I could lie and try to escape the kitchen, or just own up to it. I swallowed hard.

“Yes, I am” I whispered in a hoarse voice.

“I thought so, you’ve been staring at my tits all night.” Her voice burned into my mind. She rose from her chair, making no attempt to close her robe. “Go upstairs to your room” she told me. “Get on your bed, on your back; no sheet, understand.”

I nodded mutely and started to leave the kitchen. Just as I reached the door, her voice stopped me.

“Calvin” I stopped in my tracks. “Keep it hard, and I mean very hard.” I almost choked at her words.

As I stretched out on my back, I looked at the hard lump in my boxers, what the hell was going on, I wondered. I reached down and gently rubbed at my aching cock, the image of my mother’s” swaying tits filling my mind. I knew I could rub one out right then, but that didn’t seem to be what mom wanted.

I turned to the door as my mother walked in, freezing at the sight. Gone was the robe, my eyes drawn to her nearly nude body through the thin blue night gown. I could see her dark nipples through the pale blue material. As my eyes slid lower, I got the shock of my life. Holy fuck, she isn’t wearing panties, as the dark thatch of hair was clearly visible under the almost transparent material.

“Where is your wallet” she said in a calm voice, her siloute filling the door. I looked over at my pants at the foot of my bed.

“Get out a twenty dollar bill and set it on your night stand” she instructed me. As I scrambled to comply, she slowly walked to my bedside.

As I stretched back out on the bed, mom knelt by the side, her hands reaching up to grip the waistband of my boxers. In one swift jerk, the material was at my knees, my hard cock slapping against my belly. Before I could even utter a word, she had lowered her head and literally inhaled half my dick.

“Oh fuckkkk” I moaned as her hot lips wrapped around my throbbing cock.

“Oh Jesus…mom” I gasped as her head began to bob up and down on me.

A wet heat I had never experienced before sent shivers up my spine. I looked down and stared in wonder as my mothers’ kadıköy escort cheeks caved in as she sucked like a vacuum on my cock.

Within five minutes, my balls began to boil while my mother attacked my cock like a whorehouse pro. My head dropped to my pillow as I clenched my eyes shut, I could feel my orgasm rising and there wasn’t shit I could do to stop it; even though every part of me wanted this to go on and on forever.

“Oh fuck” I grunted as I arched my hips. “Oh my God” I couldn’t help groaning.

Just that quickly, my mothers’ mouth came off my pulsing cock with and obscene plop. I felt her tighten her fingers into a ring around the base of my cock and squeeze.

With slow agony, I felt the boil slowing to a high simmer in my balls. Jesus Christ, she was stopping my orgasm, I realized with agony. How the hell was she doing that? My tortured mind wondered.

My eyes snapped open when I felt the weight on the bed shift. I opened my mouth to speak as I watched mom throw one leg over my hips, straddling me. Before the thoughts could come together in my scattered mind, mom reached down and pointed my thick cock straight up in the air. Without a single word, she dropped down onto me.

“Arrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” I moaned as the most wonderful hot tightness wrapped around the entire length of my cock. Oh my God, my mother was fucking me; just that quickly my virginity had vanished, and she hadn’t said a single damned word.

I reached down to grip her hips, but mom slapped my hands away. Taking control, she began to bounce up and down on me. I could feel the tight walls of her pussy gripping me as I slid in and out.

I tried to look up into her face, to see what she was feeling; but she had turned her head to the side and all I could see was her cascading blonde hair.

Mom picked up the pace as she reached down, nails digging into my chest. I could hear the wet sucking sounds as she rode my cock, the smell of sex hanging in the small bedroom.

“Oh fuck” I grunted again, feeling the delayed heat she had cut off before rising in my balls again. “I’m going to…” I tried to warn her.

Mom neither slowed down nor even acknowledged my impending orgasm. I could hear the bed squeaking as her ass slapped down onto my thighs.

Every part of me ached to see her face, to just touch her. I knew I wouldn’t hold out long, being my first time, and the woman of my dreams, I could feel that pinch gathering in my balls.

“FUUUCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK” I roared as my cock jerked inside her belly. I felt like a gallon of cum was being drained out of me.

Mom sat still on me, as my cock pulsed inside her, every drop of my hot cream filling her belly.

“Oh my fucking God” I moaned as I felt my orgasm waning.

Still laying in half shock on my bed, my body half limp with exhaustion, I heard the wet slurp of my mother rising off me. I felt that wonderful heat of her sex pulling away; I opened my arms to have her lie there beside me.

Instead she rose to her feet at the side of my bed, silently reaching down to pick up the twenty dollar bill I had set on my night stand.

“You don’t cuddle a whore” she said softly. I watched stunned as she silently walked from my room.

As I lay on my bed, trying to catch my breath, my mind whirled at what had just happened. Every dream I had ever had of making love to my mother had just come true. Then, a knot hit my belly. No, I hadn’t made love to my mother. Oh I had had sex all right, but not the dreams of my years of hungering for her. No, this had almost been with a stranger, I thought.

The whole night my brain was filled with dreams. In one scene I sat at a candle lit dinner holding hands with my mother, while in another a succession of faceless women climbed onto my body and mindlessly fucked my brains out.

Waking in the morning, I was almost as confused as last night. I knew what had happened the night before had not been a dream. But it also was not the image I had held in my mind.

Walking into the kitchen to find something to eat, I saw my mother standing at the counter stirring her morning cup of coffee. Unlike last night, the jeans and t-shirt she wore hugged her womanly form, causing a stir in my own pants. No, the woman last night was not what I had wanted; THIS was the woman I wanted. Something clicked in my brain at that moment.

I walked up behind my mother, and gently laid a hand on her shoulder. She jumped slightly at the sudden touch, and turned to look into my eyes. I needed to do this before she could speak about last night, I realized.

“Good morning…Claire.” I saw her eyes widen at my use of her first name. “Listen, I was wondering…” I half stumbled over the words. “I know its short notice, but maybe if you aren’t doing anything today; I’d love to have lunch with you.”

“I’d like that, very much” my mother answered, a small smile on her lips.

“Great” I told her. “See you at say eleven then?”

Mom only nodded as she stood by the counter. I didn’t know maltepe escort bayan what else to say, so I just grabbed a quick cup of coffee and headed back to my room.

I spent the next couple of hours staying to myself in my room, and about ten minutes before eleven, I headed back downstairs. Mom was sitting on the couch, as if she were waiting. I realized she had changed from her jeans this morning, now wearing a loose white blouse and skirt that ended just before her knees. I glanced at her tanned legs as she rose to greet me, then trying to be a gentleman, reluctantly pulled my eyes away.

“Hello Calvin” her soft voice sounded like music. “Shall we?” she asked.

God, the next hour and a half was something I had never experienced before. We walked hand in hand in the brisk winter air to the car; I held the door open, watching her slender legs as she slid into the passenger seat. It wasn’t anything fancy, just a small Coney Island place down the street; but we sat and talked and laughed together the entire time.

By the time we had reached back home, I realized that this last hour and a half had been more important to me than the one hour from last night with her naked body draped over me.

We stopped at the front steps, and she looked at me. There seemed to be a different light in her eyes than I had ever seen before. It was as if she had also had a new experience.

“I would invite you in, but…” she said softly.

“It’s OK” I told her honestly. “It’s only a first date.” I smiled.

“Yes, it is” her eyes searched my face. It was as if she were waiting for something.

Instinctively I lowered my head and my lips pressed to hers. I felt her body mold to mine through our winter coats, the heat from her lips sent shivers through my body as we kissed. This was no mother and son kiss; I put every ounce of passion and love I could into that moment.

As I pulled back, I saw a look of surprise and wonder in her eyes. “Calvin” she whispered softly.

“Thank you Claire” I gently interrupted her. “I had a fantastic time.” Turning I headed back to my car and drove into town. For one thing, I wanted to keep this “date” as real as possible. For another, I needed time to sort the swirl of emotions that were running through my own mind.

By the time I returned home it was getting towards early evening. During the few hours I had wandered the mall mindlessly, I knew what I wanted, and I felt it inside. I knew then what she had meant between the needing and the wanting last night. I realized I didn’t just need my mother, God help me I wanted her.

I slipped into the house quietly, listening to her once again in the kitchen as she was preparing supper. I wanted to keep this as real as possible, so I silently slipped up to me room, not announcing I was home. I sat on the edge of my bed and pulled my cell phone out.

I waited as I heard the ringing, then the sound of my mother’s voice as she answered her own cell down in the kitchen.

“Hello, Calvin?” she sounded a bit confused and I smiled. “What are you…” she started to ask.

“Hi Claire” I cut her off. “Listen, I had a great time today and I was wondering. Would you be free tomorrow, I thought maybe we could catch a movie together.”

“Calvin” her soft voice filled the phone. “Do you know what you are doing?” she asked me.

“As a matter of fact, I know exactly what I am doing…Claire” I said back. I hoped making the point of using her first name would convey my message a bit more clearly.

I could hear her breathing on the phone, and I tried to imagine her standing in the middle of our kitchen, holding her phone as she talked to me upstairs. This was the critical jump point I knew. I had deliberately done it on the phone, to give her the chance to either stop where we had been after lunch, or continue. The choice had to be hers.

“Six o’clock?” her muted voice came back. God, she was going through with it. My heart both leapt and dropped at almost the same time.

“Sounds great” I tried to keep the eagerness out of my voice. “I’ll pick you up then.”

I clicked off the phone and dived for my laptop. God, now I had to find a movie. My heart pounded in my chest as I scanned through the local theatre and what was showing.

“Dinner’s ready” I heard mom calling from downstairs. God, if I can only hold this together until tomorrow night.

Through that entire evening and Sunday, it was as if we had never spoken. That what had happened Friday night or Saturday was not even between the two of us.

Just before six on Sunday evening, I slipped on my coat, and stepped out onto our front porch. I rang the doorbell and waited. I smiled when mom answered the door, a bemused look on her face.

“Calvin” she greeted me. “Please come in, I will get my coat.”

I watched as she stepped to the coat rack and slipped on her jacket. Once again she had changed. The jeans were different, somehow they seemed tighter, the shape molding to the curves of her ass. If that wasn’t enough to set me off, the turtle neck she wore did. While it didn’t show much skin, God it hugged every curve of her full breasts. I could see twin bumps through the tight fabric, and realized she wasn’t wearing a bra. I felt a sudden surge as blood filled my cock at the sight of her.

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