The Power of Naked Pictures Ch. 01 Pt. 01

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My name is Jake. The year is 2028. This is the story of how, roughly 18 years ago, in 2010, a handful of naked pictures changed my life forever.

I’m 6′ tall and I keep in very good shape. I’m 18, I live with my mom, Susan and my older sister Leslie. My dad ditched out of our lives shortly after I was born so I have no memory of him. No, as long as I can remember it has just been the three of us. I’m very close with both of them, we all tell each other everything, except for one topic. My mom has always been very protective of Leslie, protective in the sense that no man will ever be good enough for her. Perhaps it’s because I’m the second child or maybe becomes I’m a boy but my mom has never been too protective of me. She has simple rules for me; don’t break a girls heart and always wear a condom. So, the one topic Leslie and I never speak of is our relationships. I think she feels some animosity towards me knowing that our mom doesn’t seem to care what I do, and is such a hard ass on Leslie. But beyond that we get along just fine.

Leslie is 21 and she goes to a local college, it’s close enough that she can live at home and save money on the dorms. I just finished highschool and I’m enjoying my summer break. I haven’t decided whether I’m going to college come autumn yet or not. My mom works for an insurance company and brings home pretty good money, we all live quite comfortably. The downside is she travels a lot. Her regular schedule consists of a week somewhere else in the country followed by a week at home. She says the only part that’s bothersome is trying to stay in shape, when she’s traveling it’s all airport food or fast food. So about a year ago I talked her into buying all the equipment we needed to build a home gym. I worked on it whenever I had time and it turned out great. One large room in our basement literally is a gym. Mirror’s on all the walls, every machine you need and weights galore. So every morning I work out for about an hour and when my mom is home she joins me.

It keeps me in shape, my mother healthy and when she’s there it gives me something to look at. My mom is 40 (had Leslie when she was 19) and she looks like she’s not a day over 30. In fact she’s truly beautiful, but the only time I see her as a sexual figure is the hour we spend together working out. During that hour I don’t see her as my mom at all. In that hour I see her as a super sexy workout partner. My mom is 5’10”, has deep, sea blue eyes, full pink lips around a slightly wide mouth, a thin face accentuated with high cheekbones and a strong, but not overly pronounced jawline and chin. Her whole face has a very maternal quality to it and is usually framed by long brown hair. Outside of working out this is all I notice of my mom, a beautiful face. But during that hour I notice everything. All of her skin just a couple shades darker than pale, her body from head to toe is nice and tight but without any muscle definition including her small but perfectly round ass. But what blows me away are her breasts. 32G’s (I may have snuck a peak at one of her bras, out of curiosity, not desire.) Such large boobs on such a lean woman just looks so sexy. As we work out I watch them bounce around inside of her sports bra and have had to conceal the bulge in my shorts more than once. When we work out we don’t speak, we have the radio turned up loud to pump us up. That’s why it’s so easy to fantasize that this sexy woman isn’t my mother. ataşehir escort bayan But only for that one hour a day, after we both shower she returns to her usual slightly conservative clothing and I forget all about my sexy work out partner.

But enough of that. This story isn’t about my work out routine. This story is about how an album of naked pictures changed my life forever. So we’ll start at the beginning, the day I found the pictures.

My mom left early in the morning to catch a flight to who knows where this time. We have a routine, every evening before my mom leaves we all sit down and have dinner together, then watch a movie. Dinner and the movie went so well and innocently. Had I known what my future held, I would have focused on much different things that evening. I sat on the middle seat of the couch with the women to either side of me. Both my mom and sister wore loose fitting, large t-shirts and sweat pants. Neither wore a bra. I know I haven’t described my sister yet but believe me, many man would love to see what sat on the couch next to me. At the time, of course I noticed, but my mind quickly moved on as I focused on the movie. By the end the three of us had cuddled together under one blanket, their heads resting on my shoulders. As the credits rolled my mom got up, kissed my sister and I both on the foreheads and bid us goodnight.

I awoke the next morning to my alarm, quickly threw on my work out clothes and headed to the basement. I took my routine shower afterwards and headed to the kitchen to find something to eat. Usually by now- seeing as it was a Saturday- I would have ran into my sister. After I sat down at the table with a bowl of cereal and cell phone in hand I noticed the note in front of me.

“Jake I ran to the store to do some clothes shopping with the girlfriends Stopping by grocery store later too, text me if you want me to pick anything up.”

I probably should have known. When my mom isn’t home Leslie takes over the motherly role, doing the shopping and cleaning around the house. I had offered many times to help her out but she would always politely tell me she had it covered. I knew Leslie would be a great mother one day. If only our own mom would approve of a single guy Leslie dated. Aw well, house to myself for a few hours and a big party at a friend’s house tonight. Party! I texted Leslie to bring me home a case of beer. She replied something along the lines of “Mom wouldn’t approve Jake!” I didn’t need to do much to convince her though.

I spent the day lounging around the house until I heard Leslie’s car in the drive and helped her carry everything she had bought inside. As I carried the bags I noticed that more than one of them were from Victoria’s Secret and my mind raced for a quick moment. Did she have a new boyfriend that our mom didn’t know about? Or maybe she just bought some new bras? Or maybe she just wanted to feel sexy to boost her self esteem? Regardless of the reason I pushed the thoughts from my mind. I didn’t want to imagine my sister in sexy lingerie nor did I want to know anything about any man in her life. After all the bags were sitting on the dining room table she grabbed her bags of clothes and walked towards her room. As she walked she called behind her, “would you mind putting the groceries away Jake? I’m going to put all these clothes away.”

Definitely a little secretive but again I pushed the thoughts escort kadıöy from my mind. The rest of the day proved to be uneventful. We chatted here and there, watched tv and lounged around the house until the early evening. Leslie had been in her room for the past hour and it was time for me to take another shower and head to the party. I meandered down the hall with my eyes glued to my phone when Leslie walked out of her room towards the bathroom.

“Hey, Les I’m just about to shower!”

“Too late Jake! Older one always goes first anyway!”

I let out a groan as she walked into the bathroom and closed the door. I remained standing in front of the open door to her room for a moment, sending a few texts to different girls I wanted to see at the party tonight. Little did I know I was soon to see things I had never even dreamt of. I would soon say things that I would have never seen myself saying. My life was about to change.

I heard “bzzt bzzt” come from my sister’s room. A text message. Normally I would never have walked into her room to look. But with her acting secretive today and the fact that I was irritated about the shower situation, I did. Displayed on her phone was a message from “Matt”. It read “omg babe you’re so hot, I can’t wait to see you tonight ??” I had never heard of Matt but that wasn’t out of the ordinary for my sister. What drove me to open the conversation still baffles me to this day. But I did it and what I saw blew my mind. A naked picture of my sister. As I scrolled upwards I saw more, at least two dozen. In some she modeled lingerie, some she was completely topless, some were just great cleavage shots and a couple were of her pleasing herself.

I felt my cock harden in my pants as I saw my sister as a beautiful and sexy woman for the first time. She was chubby and that fact had always caused me to feel a little disgusted, I had never chased after bigger girls or watched them in porn but in this moment I was definitely turned on. Now I think it’s time for you to know what my sister looks like. She’s short, probably about 5’5″, shoulder length dirty blonde hair. She has the same beautiful blue eyes as our mom and the same facial structure too, Leslie had a slightly smaller mouth and a slightly more prominent nose, though they didn’t look much alike because of the extra weight on Leslie’s face. Below her face sits two of the most magnificent tits I have ever seen. I cups(I learned this down the road a little ways). Huge, giant, beautiful, soft, smooth I cups. Her tits sat high on her chest and only appeared to sag about four inches, which I thought was impressive given their size. Just the slightest tan lines were visible caused by a bikini and framed in perfectly on her pale skin, sticking straight forward were two large, slightly darker areolas. Right in the center sat two small nipples. As evidenced in a few pictures, when her nipples are erect, her areolas shrink and change to a slightly darker color. As I said before she’s chubby, I wouldn’t call her fat though. She definitely had a little bit of a belly on her that was kind of framed in by the flesh resting atop her hips on either side. The pictures I found didn’t show anything of her below the waist or from behind but I would soon learn that she also had nice wide hips, thick but smooth thighs and quite a large ass on her too.

After I had scrolled through the pictures a made a snap decision. I maltepe escort opened a new message to myself and I sent every single one of them. I heard the water in the shower turn off just as I deleted the message to myself. I quickly ran from her room to my room and shut the door. I stood in the dark with my back pressed against my door as I received the pictures on my phone. I scrolled through them. Zooming in on her tits and her face. The bulge in my pants had grown considerably. I was almost fully erect just from looking at the pictures. Pictures of my sister. I decided that tonight I wouldn’t be going to any party. All I wanted to do was jerk off looking at these pictures. I knew it was sick even at the time but knowing this beautiful woman was under my nose for so long, I just couldn’t help myself. I pulled my clothes off and hopped under my blanket. As soon as I looked at one of the pictures and placed my hand on my cock, I was rock hard. Unfortunately I only got a few strokes in when my door opened, there stood Leslie in nothing but a towel wrapped around her. My eyes quickly took in the beautiful sight. Her cleavage was long and deep, I wanted to dive in. Her tits looked like they would burst out at any second the way they strained against the towel. The towel only went down just below her crotch. Her thick milky thighs in plain view. At the sight of her I felt my cock harden. I also felt irritation that she hadn’t knocked and relief that my blanket was covering me. I could have sworn her eyes lingered on the tent I was pitching, a hell of a tent it was. I’m very confident with my size. Nine inches long and thick as a soda can. I’ve had complaints from every girl I’ve been with. Some of them said it hurt as soon as I entered them, some said it hurt afterward, like I had just split them in two. And my least favorite were the girls that wouldn’t even try. That ended things pretty quickly. Back to the matter at hand. Despite my sister’s body practically on display in front of me she had still failed to knock before coming in.

“What the fuck Les?!” I did my best to cover my cock but I’m sure I failed.

Before she spoke she chuckled at my embarrassment, “Jesus, Jake! I thought you were going to a party? Not sitting at home jacking off!”

“What do you want?!”

“I just wanted to let you know I’m out of the shower and I’m going out tonight.” She chuckled at me again as my face grew redder and redder. Then, she walked out of my room and closed the door.

I don’t what drove me to do what I did next but it was very vulgar. Maybe it was the way she teased me, maybe it was the feeling of pure lust I had for my sister in that moment. I pulled my boxers on and marched right into my sister’s room. She still wore her towel and looked at me with puzzlement and anger in her eyes.

“Who’s Matt?”

“What? How do you even know about Matt??”

“Does Mom know about him? Does Mom know the kind of pictures you send to him?”

“Oh my god! Jake please don’t tell her! Look, I’m sorry I teased you but you can’t tell her!”

“Why shouldn’t I?”

“Come on Jake, don’t be a dick! You were snooping on my phone! What if Mom knew about that?!”

“Oh I don’t think Mom would care much after knowing what I found.”

“Please! Look I’ll do anything! I’ll grab you some more beer! Just don’t tell!”

With every beg and plea her tits bounced around. I felt my cock growing stiffer and stiffer. In that moment I didn’t see before me my sister. No, I only saw a sexy chubby woman with huge tits who I could have my way with. I was thinking only with my cock. From that perspective what I said next doesn’t seem so bad.

“I want your tits wrapped around my dick.”

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