The Pleasure Van Ch. 01

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Authors note: I’d like to give a very special thanks and appreciation to BrettJ for reviewing and editing this story.

Chapter One

When my friend and soon-to-be partner Mike came to me with the idea, I thought at first he was crazy. But the more we talked about it, and began laying everything out, the more it began sounding less crazy, and far more feasible. We already had the van, a nice one, and with a little modification, we’d soon have the first Pleasure Van ready to roll with the hopes that eventually there’d be more as the business grew, which we hoped that it would. We’d even had it specially painted already with the letter’s P.V. emblazoned on both sides, with the image of an attractive woman’s face, eyes partially closed, mouth partially open, seemingly naked, though that was cleverly concealed as she held onto the back of a man’s head, holding him to her, looking like she was in the throes of orgasmic bliss. Wherever we drove, we got several curious looks, not to mention a number of inquisitive phone calls as we also had the telephone number prominently displayed as well, with an additional amusing message just above it. “For a good time…call.”

But in the beginning, I wasn’t as sure.

“A fuck mobile?” Trying to imagine it, which at the time I still couldn’t. “Isn’t that illegal or something?”

“No!” He’d responded. “We’re not pimps, and we’re certainly not hiring out girls to perform sex acts either. All we’re doing is renting out a place where others can. No different than someone coming in and booking a motel room for an hour. The only difference is, this one’s on wheels, and it can go anywhere anyone wants day or night. Hell Steve, we can drive it right up to their door, pick them up for a fun night out, and depending upon what they wanted, how long they wanted it, and even where they wanted to go, we bring them back at the end of the ride to their home again all happy and content.”

Even I had to admit; I wouldn’t mind doing that myself.

“The best part is, we make it as affordable as they want it, from the full-on first class treatment, wine, fruits, cheese, whatever they want. Hell, they can even pick the music they want us to play; we pipe it in, offer up additional services…”

“Such as?” I asked carefully.

“Well, like if they want themselves videotaped? We even do that, giving them the only tape of the whole evening afterwards. We drive wherever they want us to take them and charge out the mileage accordingly. So like I said, if they just want to climb in the back and fuck for an hour in their own driveway, we’ll even do that, keeping it as affordable as possible for everyone.”

“You know Mike, this might actually work!”

“You’re damn right it will!” He said grinning. “We give them a plush place to fool around in, as much privacy as they want, or even don’t want … because who knows, maybe some of them will even get off on their being watched for all we know!”

I was envisioning that too, or trying to anyway, though I wasn’t sure my wife Tracy would be too keen on that part. But if that was the only real concern I might have, the rest of it sounded realistic. And not all that surprisingly, even Tracy was all for it when we sat down and laid it all out for her.

It was only a couple of weeks later with a very small amount of cash needed to get started in really poshing up the van that we sent out some fliers, did a bit of advertising on some local radio stations, and went into business.

None of us really had any idea what to expect, but it certainly wasn’t anything like what happened either. Within twenty-four hours, we’d been flooded with phone-calls, were booked solid, so much so that we’d actually started taking special reservations in advance now, months ahead, just for events like Anniversaries and Birthdays. It quickly became obvious that we needed to carefully schedule our bookings, leaving more than enough time for cleaning and servicing between them, as well as ensuring that we had everything we’d agreed to on our simple contract to ensure that the customer’s wishes were all satisfactorily met!

Our very first booking was a First Class, Grade-A-the-whole-nine-yards excursion. And though we had quite a collection of CD’s people could chose from to listen to, they could also bring their own at no additional charge, as was the moon roof we’d installed they could open as wide as they wanted, if that’s what they wanted, and fuck beneath the stars as we drove along, or bask in the sunshine in the middle of the day if that’s what they preferred doing.

The bed itself was enormous, all things considered, with places to sit their drinks, snacks, not to mention a compartment of brand new sterilized toys they could purchase if they chose, or wished to include them during their adventure! Directly behind the drivers compartment, which could be closed and sealed for total privacy, there were two chairs for sitting and changing clothes, or even for coupling in if they chose to do that in addition erenköy escort to the bed. The bottom line was, it was a comfortable innovative little honeymoon suite on wheels with nearly every amenity you could think of, including a space where you could special order something if we could do it, or find it, that we hadn’t already offered or mentioned as being part of whatever package was desired.

As it was basically our maiden voyage, as it were, Mike and I went together, though even Tracy had expressed the desire to Chauffer people around herself eventually. We’d booked this particular trip for four hours, a drive up to a specific pre-specified location, a two hour stay there, and then another hour’s drive back. Wearing our new snazzy, without looking too ridicules Chauffeur’s uniforms, as most people we’d spoken with in the beginning tended to like the idea of being Chauffeured, even though we weren’t exactly driving in a limousine, Mike and I pulled up in front of the first clients house.

Because of the special additional request and services we’d been given, Tracy and Mike’s girlfriend Amber had driven up ahead of us to the prearranged location in the service van with the prepared meal, wine and delicacies we’d been asked to provide. By the time we arrived it would all be set up and waiting for them.

I stood outside the custom van we were driving and held the sliding door open for our first clients as they soon after emerged and stepped inside. I looked up smiling towards Mike as he smiled back after the woman had gotten in. It was still warm enough in the day, especially this time of year that no coat was needed or certainly necessary. Yet she was wearing one, and I had smiled towards him, receiving a return smile as we both acknowledged in our mutual guess, that that was all she was wearing as she got in. try this perhaps “was all that she was wearing as she got in” – up to you, but that that sounds bad

Even the guy who’d hired us gave me a knowing smile as he stepped in behind her, after which I then closed the door, securing it, and settled into the passenger seat as Mike took the driver’s side.

Looking back into the plush compartment, I quickly informed them of all the available luxuries and amenities at their disposal, along with approximate drive time to their scheduled destination though Brad, our client had specifically asked us not to divulge where it was we were going to his companion.

“The button’s on the control panel next to you will open or shut the privacy screen between us,” I then informed them, also pointing out the moon roof. “Whatever music you’d like can also be accessed through the same panel.”

It was our hope that perhaps on occasion, our clients might indeed find it thrilling or exciting to have a silent audience, so we’d opted to let the client shut the privacy screen themselves if they so desired. We had barely even pulled away from the curb when it came down, effectively shutting off any further communication between us except through the intercom system which they could also access if they wished to speak with us as we drove.

“Damn!” I said, though having half expected it as we pulled away, though noticing moments later that Brad had turned on the cameras so they were indeed recording their adventure together. Likewise, the Moon Roof light came on, telling us that he had also opened that. Not too surprising as they could turn up the air conditioning if they preferred or open the roof if that was sufficient enough for their purposes. I settled back in my seat for the hour’s drive as Mike drove, surprised some fifteen minutes later when he and I both heard the privacy panel beginning to open. I turned in my seat looking back.

“It’s not necessary to open the panel if you wish to speak…” I’d begun, and then grinned, tapping Mike on the leg with my hand as he glanced into the rear view mirror towards them himself.

Though he was still partially clothed, the dark haired brunette who was with him wasn’t, somewhat confirming our original suspicions that she hadn’t been wearing anything beneath her coat in the first place. At the moment, he was sitting in one of the two oversized chairs; she was already in his lap, which they had swiveled around so that they were sitting on the side as we looked back towards them. Once again grinning as it gave both of us a perfect view of her at that angle as she slowly moved up and down grinning towards us as she fucked him there in the seat.

“Just keep your eyes on the road,” I reminded Mike as he occasionally glanced in the mirror.

“And just remember, you’re the one driving back on the return trip,” he added to that as per our agreements.

I watched as Brad fondled her rather nice-sized breasts, soon sucking them as she continued to hump herself slowly up and down his shaft for a few more minutes until at his suggestion, she dismounted; now standing.

We had also installed a single railing from the seats towards the bed göztepe escort area where a person could safely hold onto it for support as we drove should they decide to stand up and walk back and forth between the two areas, which she now did. Only she had no intention yet of going back to the large bed which was turned down and openly inviting. Instead, she now stood with her head clearly poking through the moon roof opening, enjoying the feel of the warm breeze as we slowly drove along the now winding highway heading up into the hills near the city. But that wasn’t her reason for doing so either, now using the support bar as a means to balance herself, now leaning forward as Brad stood up himself, now standing behind her, reinserting his prick inside her cant once again. Mike and I both watched, though his direct view was partially blocked, though now having turned in my seat so I could directly watch, which is what I assumed they had wanted and were enjoying as I did so. The brunette obviously enjoying herself with her head still partially above the moon roof opening as she occasionally stood straight, though mostly leaning over and forward while facing me, looking at me. Her smile wickedly erotic, as were the expressions on her face as Brad stood fucking her slowly from behind.

I felt my own cock stiffen while watching them, not too surprisingly so, seeing the woman’s tits wildly swinging to and fro beneath her as they coupled, her moans of pleasure easily heard as we continued to drive along.

“Oh yeah baby, fuck my hot wet pussy!” She urged him unnecessarily, but I figured her erotic commentary wasn’t just for him either, as she looked forward towards me, ensuring that whatever she did or said would be captured on the video as well. “Fuck my cunt baby, that’s it…fuck my hot wet sticky cunt!”

A short time later, they switched positions, with Brad now holding onto the rail for support as he stood, and as she knelt in front of him lavishing his rock-hard prick with her mouth. My own was now straining against my slacks as I’m sure Mike’s was as he too occasionally reached down trying to readjust himself.

“How much longer before we get there?” Brad asked me, startling me somewhat when he asked, his cock still firmly embedded within the woman’s mouth.

“Another fifteen, twenty minutes,” I told him, seeing him smile.

“Good, time enough for a nice little cum, cocktails and Hors d’Oeuvres before we’re there then!”

Having heard his comment, the brunette began to busy herself even more enthusiastically, hand-pumping as well as now sucking his prick ardently, expectantly now wanting him to cum, which moments later he soon did.

“Oh yeah baby, that’s it! That’s it! Gonna shoot it now…fill your mouth with my fucking cream…take it baby, that’s it…take it! Take it! Take it!”

It was clearly obvious that he was indeed doing just that, as she swallowed his load greedily, moments later licking her lips, still slowly hand-stroking his cock as she cleaned it off with her mouth, soon after allowing him to retake his seat, which she likewise did, now sitting across from him as he poured them both a glass of wine from the bar.

“Can I interest you in one?” he asked.

“Ah sorry, no. Not while we’re working,” I informed him.

“Of course,” he acknowledged, handing the brunette a glass of white wine as he poured himself a red.

“Would you like to see her masturbate?” he then asked, looking at me without even having asked her if she would, though she immediately grinned having heard that, already swinging her seat even more directly towards me, one leg over the single arm of the chair, the other she had tucked up beneath her, sitting on it. “It’s one of her own personal fantasies,” he then informed me. “And I told her that most likely; she’d be able to enjoy doing it.”

“We’re here to do whatever you’d like us to do,” I announced. “And it will certainly be our pleasure as well to watch her do so if that’s her wish.”

“It is,” she spoke. “And by the way, my name’s Cindy,” she said introducing herself as she spread her legs even more obscenely, giving me a clear view of her wet glistening cunt, though Mike’s was again not nearly so.

“You’re definitely driving on the return trip!” He announced good-naturedly, to which I laughed as I considered the very real possibility they might actually close the partition between us for the drive home again.

Though we had made it clear in the beginning that there were adult toys available for purchase and for use should they desire them, Cindy seemed to prefer using her own fingers as she spread herself, now dipping a finger in her wine glass, applying the liquid to both her nipples as well as her clit as she sat there playing with herself.

“Very nice,” I commented softly, watching her, as Brad likewise did, though I also noticed his cock, even having just squirted, was already rising in aroused knowledge of seeing her touching herself. kadıköy escort

Cindy seemed to enjoy putting on a show, which I certainly did too of course, seeing her as she twirled that hard little clit of hers with her fingers, sometimes sinking two, even three fingers inside herself, withdrawing them, showing all of us the creamy white substance which was sticking to them which she then either fed to Brad, or cleaned off herself. Had she offered, I would have done likewise, but she didn’t.

“Almost there,” Mike announced shortly. “About five minutes,” he added.

“Me too!” Cindy giggled, though she quit playing with herself much to my own disappointment, once again slipping into her long lightweight coat, just as Mike pulled into the designated area we’d been told to go to.

Looking out, I was pleased to see the girls had indeed gotten here, and had everything set up. A nice little table for two, white linen table cloth, corked wine, and Italian pasta with all the trimmings lay waiting for them upon our arrival. And also as asked and requested, at an additional small cost of course, was Tracy and Amber standing there waiting to serve them, each wearing a sexy serving girls outfit, though both were obviously bare-breasted, with their tits gloriously exposed.

“Damn, they look good too don’t they?” Mike immediately observed as we got out, helping our guests out, and then seating them at their awaiting table. Once we had done so, Mike and I moved off out of the way, letting the girls take over as they began serving them their specially prepared dinner.

“What’s the deal with all this anyway?” Mike asked me.

“Well, from what little I know, this guy owes all this property up here, and eventually, he has plans on building himself a real fancy little place, right about where we are now, with the deck being pretty much where they’re being served.”

“Boy, I can see why!” Mike observed. “The view is breathtaking from up here isn’t it?”

I knew what he really meant of course, but at the moment, Cindy had once again removed her coat, now sitting entirely naked herself, as Tracy and Amber likewise with a good deal of themselves exposed, gaily chatted, joked, teased and catered to nearly every whim of our guests while they sat at their table as Mike and I stood off and well away to the side, enjoying a smoke while watching it all.

“You know Steve, one or two more first class adventures, and we could actually be in the black here,” he said excitedly as we continued to stand there watching the four of them.

“Yeah, I know,” I agreed though my mind really wasn’t on business at the moment, I’d been riding along for the past hour now with a hard-on, so that’s what I happened to still be thinking about at the moment as we stood there.

The truth was, we actually did have another first class booking scheduled, along with several only slightly less expensive excursions, and at least a dozen or more one to two hour bookings, a couple of which were nothing more than just parking the van in their drive-ways while our couples fucked one another’s brains out for an hour, which even then was certainly worthwhile for the relatively inexpensive cost associated in doing that.

We had parked the van with the side doors, and the back doors open, giving them easy access to the bed either way, if they chose to climb back in and use it after they’d finished eating. After having finished a light, but deliciously tasting meal, but not so much that they’d feel too stuffed, and no longer amorous, Brad and Cindy did indeed sit sipping a cognac together afterwards.

“Question for you,” Brad said waving me over to him.


“I was wondering, while we’re sitting here digesting our dinner, enjoying our drinks, if the four of you wouldn’t mind putting on a bit of a sexy show for us, something to reawaken our appetites for afterwards.”

I was hesitant myself, not so much for doing it, but as to how either Tracy or Amber would react to the suggestion.

“I’ll make it worth your while, would another five hundred be sufficient?” he asked.

“Um, let me check with my partners,” I told him, and then moved off towards where Tracy and Amber were busily packing up and putting things away as Mike helped them. I spoke to them briefly, telling all three what he’d just asked, and offered us, and waited for their response, not at all sure what it would be. To my surprise, Tracy grinned, caught a nod of the head from Amber, and then began walking back towards the table where Brad and Cindy were still seated.

“What would you like us to do?” I heard her asking.

“Whatever you’d like to do,” Brad told her. “Just as long as you’re all naked while you’re doing it,” he added simply with a lusty grin on his face. Mike and I watched, somewhat in surprise as both Tracy and Amber quickly slipped out of their naughty little uniforms, waving us over to them as they did.

“Holy shit!” Mike exclaimed grinning as he walked towards them with me right behind, glad at least to finally be doing something about this massive erection I’d been sporting ever since we’d arrived here. Just seeing my wife Tracy slip out of her clothing was enough to put me at full staff almost immediately, though as I watched Mike doing the same, it was clearly evident he’d been just as aroused as I had been.

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