The Pink Corset: 4 Parts

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Its 3 a.m., Kandie is lying on the bed in her hot new outfit hoping that Ian will come home from work early enough to see it. She seen the outfit in the window when she walked by Fredrick’s of Hollywood. She stopped and gazed at it. The hot pink color of the lace corset, sheer pink panties and matching nylons, had “buy me” written all over them.

Kandie walked in to the store walked up to the sale’s woman and said, “I need to try on an outfit like that pink corset in the window, size 42D please.” Ooooh, her clit was throbbing already thinking of the possibilities she could have wearing that outfit.

The sale’s woman a petite five foot lady with long jet black hair, olive complexion and lips the color of a deep red rose. Her large breasts were accentuated by a small waist. Kandie noticed her watching her every move and she could tell by her actions the woman was either a lesbian or bi. However, she did not care as Kandie herself found the woman attractive. She also wondered what she would do if they were together naked on her bed. .

The woman purposely brushed Kandie’s breast as she handed the clothing to her. Kandie made sure to strut when she walked toward the dressing room. When Kandie put the items on her green eyes were ablaze with desire. She loved the way the hot pink accentuated her red hair, beige complexion and emerald green eyes.

She walked out to view herself in the full length mirror and the sale’s woman eying her intensely. The came over to her and said, “Oh my dear, you look smashing. Pink is definitely your color.”

Kandie saw the way the sale’s woman reacted and decided to play it up a bit. Running her fingers across her tits and ass Kandie licked her lips and said, “You really think so? It’s not too tight across my tits and ass? I do not want it to look trashy.”

The sale’s woman came over and check the outfit from several angle. While rubbing Kandie’s breasts and ass slowly as if to deliberately turn Kandie on. Then looked Kandie and said, “Well if I were the guy who saw this outfit on you sugar, I’d make love to you in a heartbeat!”

Kandie took the woman’s hand and brought the finger to her lips and kissed it. Then she said, “I think this outfit will turn anyone on! Don’t you think?” Then stood there for a moment.

The sale woman stuttered then went over to the other sale’s person and said, “I will be helping out this young lady for awhile, see that we are not disturbed!”

The sale’s woman led Kandie to another room then turned and locked the door. “My name is Barbara. I think this is a little more privacy in here for us. I would not want people to get the wrong idea when I caress your body. You have such a sexy hot body with all the curves in the right places. You look so sexy and hot in pink. Kandie, I hope I am not being straight forward? “

Kandie pulled Barbara into her arms and kissed her hard then stated, “Does this answer your question honey!”

There was a flurry of clothes fingers and buttons as both women disrobed. Barbara then walked up to Kandie. pulled her into her arms and kissed her hard as her fingers probed Kandie’s nipples.

Kandie gasp and kisses Barbara back then said, “Oooh god, I love a woman who takes matters into her own hands. Lay down on the couch baby and spread those beautiful legs, I want a taste of your pussy!”

Barbara laid back on the sofa and spread her legs trembling with anticipation. She has wanted Kandie ever since Ian and her came into the shop last month. As Kandie parted her labia, Barbara pinched and pulled at her own big nipples.

Kandie kissed Barbara starting with her sweet red colored lips and worked her way downward. When she sucked on of Barbara’s nipples into her mouth, Kandie trembled feeling her own juices running down her thighs.

Then she left a trail of wetness from Barbara’s nipples to her pussy. When Kandie opened Barbara’s labia and licked from her clit to pussy hole, Barbara’s grabbed Kandie’s head and tried to pushed her face deeper and squealed, “Kandie, eat me! Oooooooh god baby, just like that. Oh make me cum Sweety!”

Kandie could not resist that sweet temptation. She shoved two fingers into Barbara’s pussy hole as she sucked and bit the woman’s clit. She increase the fucking motion and added another finger fucking Barbara harder as her tongue tantalized Barbara’s clit.

Barbara threw back her head, closed her eyes and moved her hips about wildly and said, “Oh yesssss, I am cumming!”

Kandie held onto to Barbara’s hip until she had drank every last drop of nectar from the woman’s pussy. The stood and uttered, “Oh Barbara, your hot pussy tasted good. Honey, it’s my turn now! Do you have anything you can fuck me around here?”

Barbara smiled and replied, “Yes, I have a strap on in my desk over there. Let me get it Kandie. You need a good hard fucking after making me cum so damn good.”

Kandie sat down on the sofa and said, “Oh yes, I see that we think alike. I cannot wait! I have wanted to play with you and canlı bahis fuck you since the first time I came into the shop with Ian.”

Barbara went to get the toy and said, “How is that sexy guy anyways? I have not seen him in awhile.”

Kandie blushed and said, “He is fine. I guess his ole wife just don’t give him enough TLC or sex to keep him satisfied. Because he is with me almost every night fucking me like crazy.”

Barbara looked over at Kandie and said, “Well if you don’t get what you need at home, you will get it somewhere, is what I always say. Oh God, I would love to spend the night with the two of you. I think we would all eat, suck and fuck until the rooster crows good morning.”

Kandie said, “You know, that is not a bad idea. I will ask Ian after he sees me in this hot pink outfit, that way I know he cannot say no!”

Barbara then had Kandie get on all fours as she strapped on the fake cock. She then knelt and teased Kandie’s cunt and ass with her fingers and tongue. Barbara then lubed up the toy and said, “Well baby, Its fucking time! Are you ready?”

Kandie replied, “Ohhh fuck yes! Drive that cock deep in this cunt baby. I want you to fuck me, like I has never been fucked before.”

As Barbara teased Kandie’s hot pussy hole with the toy. Kandie reached for her nipple and bit it while her other hand reached for her throbbing clit. She had to have sexual release now, this woman had her turned on beyond ecstasy!

Barbara shoved the toy into Kandie all the way with one hard thrust. It felt good to feel like a man with a cock fucking another woman. Barbara pulled the cock almost all the way out then back in again repeatedly. She loved seeing the fluid oozing from Kandie’s hot pussy hole as she fucked her.

Barbara then wet her index finger and shoved it into Kandie’s ass and began fucking both holes at once. Kandie trembled hard and Barbara knew she would soon climax.

The fucking with the big hard fake cock took Kandie’s breath away and made her weak in the knees. However, she did manage to say, “Eat my cunt Barbara! I love it when a woman eats me and she really knows what to do.”

Both women, ate, sucked and fucked well into the late afternoon hours. When she left Kandie not only had Barbara’s phone number but the hot pink outfit and all of its trimmings. She promised Barbara she would invite her over for a hot threesome with Ian soon.

That night Kandie lay on the bed reading an magazine awaiting for Ian to get home from work. It was not unusual for him to work late, but tonight she wanted him to come home early so he could see the new sexy outfit and ravish her body.

Kandie was laying propped up on one elbow when she heard Ian pull in the driveway. When he came in the room he stopped cold as his eyes almost feel from their sockets. Then he said, “Hot-Damn Baby, what an outfit!” Then glanced at his watch, “Damn, it’s 3 a.m., I’m sorry, love I wanted to come to bed early tonight for a change.”

Ian then stripped and climbed onto the bed and pulled Kandie into his arms and said, “I miss you and I wanted to make love to you all night.”

Kandie winked at him and said, “Its okay darling, I know you must be bone tired and I am a bit tired myself. We can wait until the morning and fuck if your want too.”

Ian grabbed her face and looked into her eyes, “Ooooh no you don’t sugar. You are not getting away from me that easily. I need you, I want you and I love you! Your wish is my command!”

Kandie knew it was now or never to ask Ian about doing a threesome with Barbara. She said, “By the way darling, I met this sale’s woman in Fredericks of Hollywood today. Her name is Barbara. She is very sweet and I might add sexy as hell. I was wondering what you would think about doing a threesome with her?”

Ian was quiet for a moment and Kandie thought she had said something wrong. However when Ian turned around he was grinning from ear to ear.

He then said, “Doll, I did not know you had a wild side. If this is what you would like to do give the woman a call. Oh fuck, my pecker is so hard at the thought of two women doing my dick!”

Kandie squealed with delight and said, “The thought of you watching me eat her turns me on so much my juices are soaking these sheer pink panties. I hope your do not get upset with me darling, but I already had a sample of her sweet pussy!”

Ian told her he was not upset at all. He then said, ” One of my favorite fantasies was to see two woman have sex and then join them for a hot FMF threesome. Ian then pulled her into his arms and kissed Kandie deep and hard as their tongues did the dance of lovers.

Ian then looked at her and said, “When you call her tomorrow, say your place or mine!” The two of them made love long into the night falling asleep in each others arms with dreams of the threesome floating through there minds.

Kandie called Barbara the next day and mad plans to meet in a local pub the following Friday. Kandie would not tell Ian of these plans bahis siteleri at all. She would tell him that she spoke with Barbara and she was going to call her back, because she wanted this meeting to be a surprise.

The next week arrived and as usual Ian was off that Friday. He told Kandie he would like to go to the local pub around 7:30 pm. Adding that it had been ages since the two of them went out.

Kandie replied, “Yes it has. It will give me a chance to wear these sexy new undergarment I bought.” She held her tongue she was not going to mention the fact that Barbara was going to be there too. Kandie then started putting on her pink corset along with all the trimmings.

Ian was getting dressed and he looked up at her and a devilish smile crossed his face. Then he said, “Oh my god! Kandie you look like a Dominatrix, except you don’t have a whip. Ooooh baby, that outfit looks so good on you! It is making my cock throb and the night has just begun.”

Kandie rolled her emerald eye and a smile crossed her face. She replied, “Well that cock of yours will just have to wait until later to have some fun darling.”

She covered the corset with a short black miniskirt and white sheer blouse. Then unbuttoned the top three buttons of her blouse so everyone would see her big pink assets. Ian wore his black leather pants and a shirt. Together the two of them look like a submissive and his mistress.

Then they left the house and started walking toward their favorite pub. When they arrived, the place is quite busy, but they soon find a table. Ian helped Kandie sit down and then went off to buy their drinks.

As Ian was passing the door when it burst open and in came five women who were all dressed for a night on the town. Ian looked over at Kandie and she then mouthed silently to hurry up.

When Ian returned to the table Kandie said, You took your sweet time,” getting into the role of a dominatrix.

The pub started filled up and there was hardly a place left to sit. All of a sudden these five women were at their table asking if they could join then for a while. Kandie said, “Of course it will be our pleasure.” She then introduce themselves telling the women their names are Kandie and Ian.

The woman just sat down and after awhile and begin looking around the pub, as if looking for some hot action. Ian noticed one of the women looking at them in a very sexy way.

Kandie noticed it too and placed her hand on Ian’s thigh as if to say to them, “Hands of he’s mine tonight.” Ian nearly leaped out of his seat and Kandie started laughing at his reaction.

After about half an hour the women got up from the table and said, “Thanks, we will be moving on now.”

Ian never thought anything more about it. It felt really good just the two of them talking and acting like love sick teenagers. He began nuzzling Kandie’s neck and she had not removed her hand from his thigh. She had been quietly moving upward towards Ian’s groin.

Then the pub doors open up and in comes a woman who was with the group of women who were just there. She went to the bar and ordered a drink then looked around. When she saw them she waved at them, then came over to where they were. She sat right down next to Ian. Kandie didn’t seem to mind and just smiled at her.

Ian looked at the young woman, she was short with shoulder length black hair. Her breasts were not as big as Kandie’s, but the woman’s thin waist made them look bigger.

The woman then said, “Hello, my name is Barbara.” Nothing registered with Ian, so he just went on talking.

Ian don’t know who instigated the topic, but they soon started talking about “sex.” As the conversation went on the Ian was getting turned on by all the suggestive talk and he noticed Kandie was too.

Barbara grabbed Ian’s thigh, leaned over towards him and said so only the three of them could hear, “My cunt is starting to over flow and needs some attention.”

Ian looked at Kandie and she winked and nodded her head yes. Then she looked at Barbara and said, “Let’s go to my place and get more acquainted.”

They didn’t even finish their drinks, but got up and headed for the door and the short walk to Kandie’s house. Kandie and Barbara linked arms with Ian walking with one on each side of him. Kandie looked down Ian front and she saw he was having trouble walking, due to the bulge of his growing cock.

Kandie looked around and saw nobody was around and with her right hand gave Ian’s cock a squeeze. Barbara, not to be out done did the same thing.

Oh my god, Ian’s cock was now ready to burst. He could feel pre-cum leaking from the tip of his cock. Ian was so excited all he could do was mumbled, “Mmmm.”

When they finally reached the house, Ian’s hands were shaking so much bad that Kandie had to take the keys from him and open the door.

Once inside Kandie said, “Ian, get us some drinks. I will be back in a minute.” She then turned away and went upstairs.

Ian thought she had to go to the bathroom. bahis şirketleri Unknown to Ian Kandie had a plan in mind all along. She went upstairs to take everything off, but the pink corset.

Ian went and got the drinks. When he returned there was Kandie standing at the top of the stairs in the pink corset. He nearly dropped the drinks, because he wanted to run to her take the corset off and fuck her right then and their.

Barbara whistled at said, “Kandie, I told you pink looked good on you. You’re a knockout!”

Ian looked at both women puzzled, as if he had missed something. He did not realized what was about to happen. Barbara and Kandie just sat at either ends of the couch and told Ian to sit between them.

Ian handed them their drinks and sat down. For some reason the women put them straight down onto the floor. Then turned and looked at Ian with big smiles and he still hadn’t guessed what was going on.

Ian then said, “OK, what’s the joke?” Which was greeted by laughter from the two women. Then it suddenly clicked as if somebody had turned the lights on. He said, “You’re Barbara, the sale’s woman from the lingerie store were Kandie bought the pink corset. “Oh fuck, I am in heaven. However, if this is a dream, please don’t wake me up!!”

Barbara was the first to move. She met Ian with her lips and they kissed deeply. Each forcing their tongues into each other mouth.

As they sat kissing Kandie came between Ian’s legs and started unbuttoning his shirt. Kandie then rubbed her soft hands all over Ian’s chest. She then unbuckled his pants while Barbara began kissing and sucking Ian’s nipples. Kandie then took off Ian’s shoes and socks so she could pull his pants and boxer shorts down in one swift movement.

When Kandie pulled Ian’s pants down and his full erect cock came into view. Her and Barbara both tried to get to it first. Barbara was the quickest and engulfed Ian’s cock, licking and sucking him with loud smacking noises.

Barbara stopped sucking long enough to say, “God baby, your cock taste so fucking good! It’s been a long time since I have been with a man.”

Then Kandie knelt down and joined Barbara in sucking Ian’s cock. When he looked down at them he shouted, “Ooooh, ladies that feels so damn good. Keep this up and I will cum in no time! Yesss, ooooh I love what you beauties are doing to my cock.”

As the two women began running their mouths up and down Ian’s cock. When they came to the tip, their lips were pressed together in a kiss. That did it, Ian could not take another minute and screamed, “Oooh fuck I’m cumming Babies! Aaarrrggghhh!” Shooting his load all over both women’s faces.

The two women licked up Ian’s cum off each others faces and shared it with each other through a kiss. Then Kandie said,” Lets go upstairs and get more comfortable.”

They all nodded in agreement then went upstairs to the bedroom together. When they entered the bedroom the women told Ian to take a seat and watch the show!!!!

Ian pulled up a chair and sat down he knew what was about to happen and he could not wait. He licked his lips when he saw Barbara take off everything, but her bra and panties.

Barbara then moved behind Kandie and began to undo the lacing of the pink corset. Ian asked, “Do you want any help Barbara?” She just ignored Ian’s remark and continued unlacing the corset then removed the bodice. She licked her lips when she saw Kandie’s breasts, they were absolutely gorgeous, nice, round and firm with big areolas and nipples.

The women then embraced into a long slow kiss as they removed the rest of each others clothing. They then moved onto the bed.

Ian was getting so turned on that he started playing with his semi hard cock. The more he watched the harder his cock became until it was fully erect and throbbing.

Kandie moved down to Barbara’s right breast drawing circles around it with her tongue until she reached Barbara’s nipple. Kandie then started biting and chewing on Barbara’s nipple and Barbara squealed, “Yes, oooooooh fuck yesss!”

Kandie then moved over to her Barbara’s other breast and did the same thing. She then moved to the middle of Barbara’s thigh’s and said, “Lift your bottom up honey, I want to pull your panties down.”

Kandie removed Barbara’s panties and then threw the panties at Ian. He immediately put them to his nose and took a deep breath smelling the aroma of her sex, god he was on cloud nine.

When Ian looked up Kandie had spread Barbara’s thigh’s back on to her chest. Their Barbara’s shaved pussy was wide open for all to see. Kandie leaned down and put her tongue in Barbara’s hot hole.

Before Kandie could do anything else Barbara moved and put Kandie onto her back and whipped her panties off as well. Then threw Kandie’s panties at Ian.

Ian caught them and smelled Kandie’s sweet aroma. By this time his throbbing cock started to jerk! When he looked up the women had arranged themselves into a sixty-nine position.

Crazy slurp, pop, slurp mmm sounds were coming from Kandie and Barbara as they ate each other’s pussies. Oh god, it was so hot and sexy Ian continued stroking his cock. He watched intensely as the women were bringing each other to a climax.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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