The Photographer II

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The Photographer part II
Dillon inserted three CDs into the small stereo behind his desk and hit the random play button. His turned the volume down so Masha would be able to hear him clearly. He was pleased to hear the music start. It was his favorite solo-musician, Isaac Guillory, a Cuban born classical Latin guitarist. It was very relaxing music with a lot of soul. He often listened to these CDs when he was anxious or nervous. The music relaxed him, and led his mind away on erotic adventures. He hoped the music would help Masha remain relaxed through out the shoot. He walked back to his studio and approached young Masha.
Dillon gently placed his hands on Masha’s slim shoulders and looked down at her with the most serious gaze he could muster. His Russian vocabulary was still poor and deficient. He struggled to communicate what he wanted to Masha.
“Clear your head. No thinking.” Dillon said. “No smiles, no frowns. Unless I say so. Never look into the camera unless I say. Ok?” Masha nodded her pretty little head, looking into his eyes awaiting further instruction. Dillon reached for his 38mm camera and attached a filter lense that he thought would best capture her faint but noticeable tan. It would cost him some contrast, as she undressed in front of the pink bed and wooden vanity, but he would sacrifice that. He walked away from Masha and the bedroom set, pushing his director’s chair back out of the way.
“Undress very slowly. Begin with your shirt.” He told the fourteen-year-old, feeling trepidation creep into his heart. He began photographing immediately. He had taken a dozen photos as she finished unbuttoning her shirt.
“Stop!” Dillon said as he walked closer to her. He filled the frame with her body, centering on her belly button and took two quick photos, knowing the fine little blonde hairs on her tummy would reflect enough light to clearly appear in the photos. He let his camera fall gently, until the straps around his neck stopped it. He set a hand on Masha’s shoulder and one on her waist. He moved her shoulder left and her waist right slightly, and said, in English “curve left.” He switched his hands around on her and said “curve right.” He dropped his hands and stood back.
“Curve left,” Dillon said. Masha quickly shifted her shoulders and hips into the posture he desired. “Good.”
He walked back away and turned to begin photographing again. Soon he had Masha curving left and right as she seductively removed her shirt. She was a quick learner, he was pleased to find, and a good listener. As Dillon finished his second roll of film, Masha stood next to the bed, minus her shirt and skirt, looking very composed and, as Dillon was troubled to feel, very sexy. Dillon soon had her lightly caressing her body, or bending herself over slightly at the waist. He often asked her to stop, to assume a new position or ask her how to say a word in Russian for this or that.
“I really like your music Dillon,” Masha said as Dillon photographed her.
“Shh,” he said. “I’ll make you a copy.” He thought she looked tremendous. He was uncomfortably excited with her looks. While her face was very pretty, in an innocent European way, her body was tiny and firm, yet to acquire an older woman’s roundness or curves. Her hips were still narrow, and each of her ribs clearly stood out. Her stomach was completely flat, and not an ounce of fat could be found on her. He approached her and fiddled with the back of her underwear, where it had crept up a bit. While he lightly squeezed her small round butt, finding it amazingly tight and muscular, she hardly flinched. He bent his arm, flexing his muscle and pointed to her ass.
Masha quickly understood, and flexed her small ass. Dillon watched closely, knowing that he liked what he saw, desiring to capture it on film. He then grabbed her hands and placed them on her ass, moving them around. She slowly caressed her ass, flexing it now and then. He began to take more photos.
By the time Dillon had gone through nearly four full rolls of film, Masha was lying on the bed, nude. And Dillon was wondering just how noticeable his erection was, as he found himself surprised, again, at his arousal. He had photographed nearly fifty women in much more graphic a fashion, often without becoming aroused at all. Sure, during the first nude-shoots he had become extremely turned on. But he had outgrown that. He stopped shooting for a moment, setting his camera on his chair, and walked to his desk. Opening the shades on the window behind his desk, he gazed outside at the industrial-park office-complex. He tried to clear his mind, and found himself wondering what the typical Ukranian’s values were concerning what he was doing. Photographing a naked fourteen-year-old girl. And he was aroused. Damn, he thought. Maybe I’ll get used to this too. As discreetly as possible, he adjusted his short pants to hide his erection, and tried to slip the tip of his cock under the elastic strap of his underwear. He hoped Masha hadn’t noticed his excitement. It wouldn’t be so bad if she was twenty years old, because it would be natural for him to become aroused.
From what Masha had said earlier in the bathroom, Dillon suspected she may enjoy exhibiting her body, which she freely admitted she thought was sexy. She knew she turned Mikhail on too, she had said, when he looked at her. He grabbed a soda out of the fridge and returned to his set. He sat on the bed next to Masha and handed her the can. She quickly sat up and took a sip, thanking him and handing the can back to him.
“Those lights are hot!” She remarked. He nodded, looking down at her. He placed a finger on her belly button and looked at her with questioning eyes. She told him the word he searched for. He placed a finger on her knee and then her thigh. She told him the word for nipple and neck and they practiced the words together. She pointed to her young nearly bald pussy. Dillon knew that word, Tanya had screamed it last night, he thought with a smile. He placed his hand on her pussy, and gently tugged on one of her tiny, pussy lips. She giggled and named it for him. He touched her clit, and she gasped. He learned many new words this way, and Dillon thanked young Masha. Dillon still was incredibly aroused, and he supposed he would probably stay that way until he was done photographing this young beauty. His hand roamed over her body, and he examined her as closely as ever now. She placed a hand on his as it wandered over her small breasts. She smiled up at him when he looked into her face.
“You are going to make one man very happy someday, Masha,” Dillon told her, looking down at her incredibly young body again.
“Thank you.” Masha said sweetly. “Dillon?” He looked at her. “Do I turn you on too?” Dillon looked at her and nodded. He looked away, hoping he hadn’t disappointed or disgusted her.
“I thought so,” She said. “Are we going to keep going with the shoot?” He told her they certainly were, and with a brave smile, he stood and grabbed his camera. Soon he had gone through four more rolls of film and she posed innocently on the bed, looking into the camera only when Dillon asked her too. She was able to communicate well with the camera, as Dillon directed her to smile, or frown, seduce or looked surprised. She was a natural, and he knew better than to hope other young Kiev girls would be this easy to photograph. Soon, he sat down on the bed with her and explained to her that he thought they had accomplished one goal, and he was pleased.
“I’m glad you’re pleased Dillon,” Masha said sweetly. “Are we done then?” He shook his head and explained to her he wanted to lose some of the innocense now. Dillon thought she seemed to understand. Dillon wondered if she fully understood his motives.
“Think of the camera as Mikhail, now. And I want you to give him a sexy little show.” Dillon explained as he stood from the desk and walked back to his stereo, turning up the volume considerably. “You can proceed at your own pace. I will take photos as fast as I feel is necessary. I will stop you briefly when I have to change film.”
Masha beamed a huge smile at him. She hopped up from the bed as Dillon picked up his camera and started photographing the teen again. Soon he was found himself fascinated with the young model. She seemed to know exactly how to move her body, smile, wink, pout or suggest, in such a confident way. She seemed tuned to exactly what men like Dillon wanted to see, wanted to find, in a woman. Err…girl. Masha caressed her body and looked into the camera, and seemed to ask it why it was in her bedroom with her, taking pictures of her? Why are you here, she asked it with her eyes. Do you find me pretty? Am I sexy? Are you perverted? Would you like to see me touch my pussy?
Masha lay back on the bed and lifted her strong thin legs into the air, feeling her thighs with her small hands, as Dillon moved closer and closer, snapping pictures quickly. Masha began to trace little circles around her small pussy while another hand fingered her little belly button. She looked into the camera and accused it of invading her privacy, as she slipped a finger between the smooth wet folds of her pussy lips. As she began to finger herself, Dillon quickly slapped in a fresh roll of film and resumed photographing the nubile nymph. She rolled over on her tummy, spreading her legs wide. She raised her ass toward the ceiling and fingered herself urgently. She placed her other hand on her ass and spread her cheeks apart, exposing her little pink butthole. Soon she was fingering it too, slipping her pinky in only a small way, and looking into the camera with half-open eyes. He photographed her little curled up toes, as she kept masturbating. Soon he could clearly hear Masha moaning, and he took several closeups of her face. He quickly changed filters on the camera and captured her lightly sweating body well. He zoomed in on her thighs and found hundreds of little goose bumps, as Masha began to lose herself in pleasure.
“Dillon, I’m going to come!” She groaned.
Masha worked at her pussy frantically now, her hips bucking, shaking the little bed. He focused his efforts on her now soaked pussy, its little lips slightly swollen and longer. Her little pinky was buried deep in her ass now, as she screamed loudly. Dillon took his last picture then, sitting next to the exquisite girl, placing his hand on her damp lower back.
“I’m glad you feel so comfortable with me Masha,” Dillon told her, caressing her back, as she struggled to catch her breath. She giggled, a little embarrassed. He patted her on the bottom. “You are a very naughty girl.”
“Mikhail spanks me often Dillon, I am very naughty,” She explained. “I think I may be the naughtiest virgin ever. But I think I make Mikhail very happy.”
“I suspect you do, doll.”
“Thank you for being so professional Dillon,” She remarked. “I feel very comfortable with you.” Dillon stood and walked to his chair, sitting down in it heavily. He set the camera on the floor and put his face down in his hands, rubbing his tired eyes. In his mind, he replayed what he had seen, what he had captured on film. To him it was highly erotic. With Masha’s help, no with Masha’s ability, he was able to set a high standard for his future work. What he had easily done here this morning, and early afternoon, would be incredibly hard to duplicate with lessor models, he suspected. But he now knew what he wanted, what he desired, thanks to Masha. He felt her touch the top of his head, as he rested his face in his hands. She ran her little fingers through his thick hair. He looked up at her, his eyes again focusing on her lithe young nubile body, standing before him naked. It was nice looking at her without a camera in his way.
Masha slowly pushed his head back until Dillon was leaning back in his chair. She slid one leg over his, and under the arm of the chair, then doing the same with the other, she sat on his lap. She looked at him seriously. She spoke to him quietly.
“I fear I may have excited you greatly,” She said as he watched her look into his lap. Without looking, Dillon knew what she saw. “I had a nice orgasm Dillon, Do you know?” He nodded, he knew. “I really enjoyed being photographed. I think I may have fantasized about something like this before.” She looked up from his lap and into his eyes. “I hope we can do this again sometime soon.” Dillon told her he hoped they would do this again soon, too. He examined her body, already beginning to imagine other outfits, other sets for her to dominate, use, and explore. He would sketch out some sets, have his helper Kiril build them. He would find her another costume, he would dwell on what would be best. Masha interrupted his planning.
“Dillon?” She asked.
“Yes Masha?”
“Can we unbutton your pants?” He nodded. “Can we take them off? I would like to watch you jerk off while I sit on your lap.” He nodded enthusiastically. “Mikhail must not know, Dillon.” He agreed. Mikhail should not know. Masha gracefully hopped off his lap and held him by the hand, leading him to the bed and helping him take his shorts and underwear off. He kicked his shoes off, growing excited. When he freed his hard erection, she stared at his hard cock, with her mouth open.
“That’s one big thick cock there, Dillon,” she stated. “And you have large hairy balls.” She pushed a very proud Dillon back down onto the bed. Dillon fluffed a few of the pillows up behind him and leaned back against the bed board as Masha assumed her position, sitting on his upper thighs. He reached for his cock.
“Can I touch it, Dillon?”
Masha eagerly reached for his hard erection, and began to fondle it. She felt it, caressed it, stroking the dark blue blood veins that encircled it. She seemed very happy to be handling it. She inspected his testicles closely, weighing them in her hands, squeezing them lightly. She found a bit of pre-cum and rubbed it into his large fleshy head. Dillon was very excited and pleased. He had never desired to have a fourteen year-old sit on his lap and stroke his cock, but he currently was thrilled one did, in fact, sit on his lap stroking his cock. He admired her body and princess like features now, as she slowly began to stroke him. She told him something very pleasing.
“I will call Anastasia. She has to see this beautiful cock. She is at least as sexy as I am Dillon, you see? She will turn you on too,” Masha said, stoking him, staring at his cock as he watched the little nymph pleasing him. “She will come and you can photograph her too. She will demand to suck you off, at least, if not demand you ass fuck her. She loves a good hard ass fucking, Dillon, you understand me?” Dillon nodded, feeling chills. “She loves to please men, she pleased many before Mikhail took her in.” Masha explained. “But you know what she loves more than pleasing men? Do you know what she loves more than a hard ass fucking, handsome American man with giant balls?”
Dillon shook his head, and watched as Masha squeezed more fluid from his cock and rubbed it around the top of his thrilled cock.
“She loves sperm, Dillon. Ana loves the taste and texture of men’s come. She lives for it.” Dillon chuckled. Masha giggled, and hopped off his lap and jumped off the bed. He was quickly disappointed and suddenly felt very alone. He hoped Masha, the little sexy angel would soon be back stroking him, teaching him more dirty words. He glued his eyes to Masha’s ass as she walked to her bag and, leaning down, reached into it, retrieved a plastic wrapped condom. She hopped back up on the bed, quickly finding her seat on Dillon’s legs again. She bit the corner of the condom wrapper and then ripped it open. She unrolled it a bit and blew into to it to open it up, and then she set it beside her. She began to tell him a story, as she paid his cock attention.
“I found her behind an old whore house Mikhail used to operate. I worked there, as a maid, cleaning and keeping the place straight. In the mornings I would empty the trash cans in each of the rooms into a trash bursa escort bag. Mostly it was used condoms and tissues. Some cigarette butts and empty vodka bottles. But mostly just lots of used condoms. I always threw the waste bag into the dumpster behind the building each morning.” Masha explained, stroking him now, cradling his sperm heavy balls in one hand.
“One morning,” Masha said with a chuckle, “I threw the bag into the dumpster and I heard a squeal! I climbed up and looked into the dumpster, and there was little Anastasia, sitting in the dumpster, surrounded by trash and used condoms. She had dirty magazines open all around her. Her filthy little dress was pulled up above her hips and I saw her little bald pussy. She was greedily opening the bag I had just thrown in the dumpster Dillon!
“ ‘What are you doing in the dumpster girl?’ I asked her, as she fished the used condoms out of the trash bag.” Masha had worked a lot of pre-cum out of his cock now, and he was growing slicker, as her hands glided over his suddenly raging hard-on. “She took a used condom out of the trash bag I had just thrown in, and opened her mouth, Dillon, and sucked out all the cum. She threw it aside, and grabbed another!
“I yelled ‘Stop that now!’” Masha related to Dillon. “But she just looked at me with her little smile that easily melts hearts, and mine melted. Dillon, I just watched that beautiful but awfully filthy little girl just sucking cum out of condom after condom. She played with herself, while sucking on condoms, and looking at dirty pictures in the magazines she was surrounded in, of women being used by men with cocks nearly as big as yours! Well, I was exasperated. I felt so embarrassed for her. I made her get out of the dumpster finally, but not before she collected all her used condoms and a handful of dirty magazines. It made me really sad to see her walk off. I figured she was some homeless runaway and it made me very sad. I also felt so helpless, as she walked out of sight.” Masha claimed as Dillon listened to her story, being pleasured. Masha used one hand now to cup his heavy balls. She squeezed even more drops of semen out of him, and rubbed it in with her other hand, taking her time in jerking him off.
“That night, when Mikhail came to the whore house, I sat on his lap and cried my eyes out. I couldn’t bring myself to tell him why, of course, because I had fallen slightly in love with the little street tramp I had found in the dumpster. I wanted to help her but didn’t know how. I was lucky to have that job, two meals a day, and a roof over my head. But Mikhail was able to calm me. He told me soon I would be leaving this old whore house. ‘I’ve kicked my wife out, little Masha,’ he said. ‘Soon you’ll be living with me.’
“I asked him if I could bring a friend, but he looked at me with skepticism and concern. ‘I would have to meet your friend first Masha,’ he said. So I promised him he would like her…love her! Mikhail always took very good care of me, warning the house managers to watch out for me, even threatening their lives, and their families lives, if I was even slightly harmed.
“The next day, after I collected all the trash, I separated out all the condoms. I put on my rubber gloves I used to wash the dishes with and squeezed the cum out of each condom into a small bottle for the girl I had found in the dumpster. But she didn’t come that day, to the old whore house, or the next, but I kept collecting disgusting sperm for her. I was worried I had scared off my new and lovely small friend, the street urchin. So I began to wander out of the house each day, after cleaning the rooms of the old whore house, and bottling more sperm, looking for her, searching and asking the street thugs where I could find her. They all knew her, but were reluctant to share any knowledge of her. ‘Tell her I, Masha, from the old whore house, has something she would dearly like to have. You tell her to come to the old whore house and see me!’ The street thugs threatened me and told me not to order them about. I warned them that I could bring hell down on them. That I was Mikhail Leniovich’s favorite little girl and they should listen to me. ‘To Obey Me!’”
Mesmerized by the story, Dillon was able to picture young Masha and the street thugs. She continued to pleasure his aching cock, coaxing more and more drops of cum out of it, smearing it on his slick cock, while gently massaging his large hairy balls. She shifted her body a bit and Dillon’s eyes found her small glistening pussy. She pushed forward with her hips until she had her little crotch snuggle up to his two balls.
“She showed up to the old whore house that night. The house manager, a big angry man, who was deathly afraid of me, brought her to my room. She looked very scared. ‘Do you know this little tramp, Masha?’ he asked me. ‘She came here demanding to see you. I may put her to work after I clean up this stinking little creature.’ He told me. ‘You will not! Let go of her and leave my room. Now!’ I told him. He threw her at me angrily. She was wretched. I quickly took her in my arms and held her until she stopped shaking. She cried on me until my pretty little dress was all wet with her warm tears. I ran a hot bath for her, and while she soaked, made her a decent meal. I found some of my old clothes that were a little too small for me and laid them out for her. I fed her after I dried her off and clothed her. She slowly began to talk to me. Little Ana had a tough life on the streets. I promised her she would never spend another night on the streets. I vowed to myself to get us both out of that whore house and into a safe place. I preyed that Mikhail would take us both away from here.
“The next day I took her to the doctor. He gave her many shots, and told me she had some ‘infections.’ He told me to keep this little street whore in bed and away from others, and to bring her back in a week. The doctor seemed pleased with her after the second visit. ‘She is cured and regaining her health.’ She had rarely left my room that week, sleeping most evenings on the floor, refusing to get close to me or allow me to touch her, except when she broke down and cried each night. Then I would hold her and comfort her. But after the second doctor’s visit, she seemed to relax around me. She began to talk to me. I fed her well, and began collecting more clothes for her, soon Dillon, she was sharing my bed.” Masha eyes got dreamy, Dillon noticed, as she began to work his cock earnestly. He was thoroughly enjoying this story, her hand job, and couldn’t wait to meet Ana.
“Anastasia and I began to sleep together in my bed. At first we just cuddled. But it wasn’t long before we began to explore each others bodies. I was very inexperienced with my own body, and hardly new anything about hers. I loved it when she would lay me in bed and massage my body. Her little hands were so tender. She knew just where to touch me. She would undress me, Dillon, and run her hands all over my body. Back then, neither of us had boobs or any hair on our bodies. But she got me so excited. Each night, as soon as we could, we would race to my room and she would touch me so. Dillon, she taught me about pleasure. She touched my little pussy, and licked me there. She twirled her little tongue around my asshole and fingered me in both holes. I always had trembling orgasms as her tongue flicked over my body.
“She taught me all about her own body. She showed me where she liked to be touched, where she liked to be kissed and licked. I was eager to please her, but I have never grown as skilled as she at pleasing people,” Masha said, stroking Dillon with both hands now.
“I had grown so fond of her, that I continued to collect sperm for her secretly, hiding the two bottles I had collected behind a drawer in the refrigerator. When I brought her the full one, she was so pleased I thought she would pee and poop right on the floor. Dillon, how can I explain how sickened and fascinated I was when she sat on the floor, opened the bottle and stuck her finger into all that sperm? Well she just sucked it off her fingers and reached in for more. She was just like a baby bear with a bottle of honey! I had to take it away from her after a while, I was afraid one of us was going to puke!
“One afternoon Ana and I were going through one of the whore’s laundry, when she found a small vibrator. Ana quickly put it in her dress, promising me heavenly pleasures that night. I was so anxious Dillon. I just couldn’t wait! I took little Ana by her hand and yanked her up from the pile of clean clothes. She yelped as I dragged her back to our room. ‘Show me! Do me Now!’ I demanded. Well, little Ana held me in her little arms and kissed me. She whispered in my ear that she would touch me with this magic toy she found. ‘I will slide this out of your pretty little pussy, Masha, and you will scream in pleasure, I give you my word. But now you will wait. You will wait until tonight for these pleasures, when the room is dark, and we are alone, unafraid of being disturbed.’ She asked me for some money, and soon ran out of the house. I sat on my bed, dreaming of all the possibilities of this little magic toy she had in her dress pocket, and wondering where she went to in such a hurry.”
Masha suddenly leaned forward on Dillon’s lap, stroking his cock with both hands. He watched her as her head slowly neared the large head of his cock. She wrapped her little lips around the top of his large head and kissed it, running her tongue around it quickly, deftly. She left a large glob of saliva on his cock, which she quickly rubbed on him, mixing it with all the pre cum she had coaxed from him.
“That night, Dillon, as Ana lay me down in the bed and began touching me, I asked her where she had gone with my money. ‘What did you buy, Ana?’ She told me she had bought small batteries for our new magic toy. And that out small toy was now performing well. Well enough she said, to give me more pleasure, ‘than I could ever give you with only my tongue and fingers.’ I was so excited Dillon, when she spread me legs and began licking and fingering my soaking wet pussy. Slowly, she inserted the small vibrator into me, being so gentle not to tear me. And then Dillon, she turned it on and began to tease me with it. I went straight to heaven as she worked that vibrator in and out of me, touching it to my clit and bringing me to orgasm after orgasm. Soon, she rolled me over and spit a little bit on my asshole, and slowly worked it into me there! I wiggled like a worm as she slid it in and out of me!”
Dillon reached another level of excitement, as his cock shuddered with anticipation. Masha looked down to her side and spotted the small rubber condom beside him and picked it up, laying it on his stomach.
“I insisted to Ana, after I regained my senses, that I use this toy on her. She readily accepted my demands, and insisted I start on her ass. ‘That’s my weakness,’ she claimed. She I eagerly stuffed the vibrating toy into her tight little poop hole and began fucking her with it. I learned a new definition of beauty as I watched her small body writhe about on our bed, the vibrator humming in her ass as I fingered and licked her clit. Soon I works three fingers into her pussy as I jammed the vibrator in and out of her ass.”
Dillon knew he was going to come real soon, and moaned loudly.
“Dillon, that’s when my bedroom door slowly opened and Mikhail peaked in. I hardly cared, as he came in the room and joined me on the bed with Ana, watching me abuse my new little love.
“‘Is this you lovely little friend, Masha?’ he asked me. I nodded, and introduced her to Mikhail. Ana placed her small hand on Mikhail’s bulging trousers, and unzipped his fly with amazing dexterity. She was soon slobbering all over his hard cock.”
That did it for Dillon, as has balls and cock began to spasm, Masha pulled to rubber over the head of his cock and energetically jacked him off into it, while cooing encouragements to the young American photographer.
“Give me all your sperm, Dillon. It’s for Ana, so don’t save a drop,” Masha pleaded. Dillon ejaculated more than a dozen times, as he visualized the scene Masha had described to him, feeling her strong little hands milk his cock. “Good boy! Oh Dillon, you a such a healthy man, look at you!”
“Ana eagerly sucked off Mikhail in our bed as I filled her with our little vibrator and my hand. Poor Mikhail came so quickly, and little Ana sucked him so dry, that our new lover just collapsed next to us in bed. He left shortly, promising to pick us up both the very next morning, and we assured him we would be ready. That was the last night we spent together in that old whore house. Mikhail has watched over us ever since.”
Dillon was spent, but pleased. Closing his eyes, he felt young Masha give his balls a pleasant squeeze, then he felt her tongue on the end of his cock.
“Mm, Ana will love this!” Dillon looked at the rubber, surprised how well he had filled it. He wondered if Ana would really lap up all his sperm from that condom, or if Masha had just told him some fantasized story. As he lay back his bed, he heard Masha hop down and run to her bag.
“Ana? It’s Masha, love. Call a cab. Come to Dillon’s studio,” Masha spoke into her cell phone. The hot little teenager looked over at Dillon.
“No make up!” Dillon said.
“Don’t wear any make up Ana.” Masha quickly added that she should wear something normal, perhaps something innocent looking, a normal bra and a pair of Masha’s panties, none of her own thongs.” Masha listened into her cell phone for several seconds, and then gasped loudly.
“That’s right!”
Masha looked over at the naked photographer on the bed, and ran over to him.
“Anastasia has the cutest little cowgirl outfit…she looks just like a real American Western cowgirl Dillon!” Masha claimed. He nodded to her.
“Have her toss it in a bag,” he said. Dillon stood and dressed as the two girls talked. He walked to his desk to see if there was anything on his list he might have Ana bring, and then decided against it. He was going to catch a cab himself, run home and shower, pick up some lunch.
“Have her bring food for either of you if you’re hungry,” Dillon told Masha. “I’ll be back in about an hour.”

Dillon left the youngster behind in his studio, as he stood at the entrance of the office complex waiting for his taxi to arrive. Soon, he was home, relaxing in his shower, reflecting on his day. He was surprised he had become so excited. But mostly he was concerned. He was concerned he was having perverted feelings and he was concerned Mikhail would find out about the hand job and have him killed in some horrible Ukrainian way. He decided he was more concerned about being slowly killed than he was about being excited about a naked fourteen year-old. This concerned him too, has he turned off his shower, appreciating his break from the young nymph. He thought about calling Tanya. She has left her number on his kitchen counter. Maybe they could have dinner. Maybe she was someone he could talk to. Maybe they could become friends and they could share their troubles. He decided to call her.
“Is that you, Dillon?”
“You have left me sore today Dillon. Sore and oh so satisfied.”
“I’m sorry, Tanya.”
“It’s worth it Dillon.”
“Can you have dinner with me tonight?”
“I may not let you traumatize my pussy tonight Dillon. But I would love to have dinner with you.”
“I’m not exactly sure what time I will be done at the studio, but I can call you later, when I know.”
“I’ll think of some nice place you can take me Dillon,” Tanya said. “I am glad you called.”
Dillon told her he was glad she accepted his dinner invitation and promised to try to finish up at the studio before it got too late. He looked forward to having company at dinner at any rate. He has too many meals alone lately, he thought to himself. Dillon dressed and walked to the restaurant across the street, quickly stuffing himself with some type if gyro sandwich the establishment seemed to specialize in. He washed it down with a cold German bursa escort bayan beer and hailed a cab.
The taxi driver stopped at a small department store for him, before dropping him off back at his studio, just a little more than an hour after he left. When he walked in, Masha sat on the small bed, braiding Anastasia’s hair into two pretty pigtails. Both girls grew excited when he walked in, which made Dillon blush noticeably. Masha quickly slipped a rubber band on to the ponytail she was working on and then led the young Ana up to him by her hand and introduced them. Dillon told her he was glad to meet her, and blushed again when he recalled Masha’s story of the cum-crazed youth. He wondered if Masha had given her the condom he had ejaculated into yet. Ana stood politely in front of him, her eyes holding his gaze and giving him a warm smile. She was slightly smaller than the tiny Masha. While Masha had light colored blue eyes, Ana had large round brown eyes that seemed to have flecks of gold in them, which matched her golden blonde hair, which was slightly darker than Masha’s. Ana had fuller lips, and was slightly more tan, with a few tiny freckles on her little nose.
“Are you sure you want to model in the nude for me, Anastasia?” Dillon asked her, looking down in the small, smiling girl. She nodded enthusiastically.
“Yes sir! I was hoping Masha would call me. I was so excited to learn you had time for me this afternoon,” Ana explained without taking her eyes from his. “Would you like me to try on my cowgirl outfit for you?” Dillon nodded and said that would be fine.
“But that kind of costume doesn’t really go with the set we have at the moment,” Her explained.
“I brought some pajamas too, Sir,” Ana explained, as she carried her small duffle bag to the bedroom set and placed it on the vanity, examining her braided ponytails in the mirror, as Masha joined her, reaching into her bag and taking out a cute white cowgirl hat. Dillon found himself looking forward to photographing the youngster. As he watched her, he wondered again if there was any truth to the story Masha had told him. Dillon took the large bag of supplies he had brought along from home and the department store, and began stowing the items in the cabinets across from his desk, as he occasionally peeked over at Masha and Ana, who was undressing and looking very sexy. She was definitely a little more tan than Masha and had no tans lines he could see. She had a cute little girl’s butt and legs that looked overly long for her height.
Dillon took the nine rolls of film that he had used during Masha’s shoot, and began organizing them in his darkroom when the two excited girls found him. Ana looked so proud in her little outfit, Dillon couldn’t help to beam a wide smile at her. She held her little hat as she spun around for him. Dillon found himself grow a little hard when he saw how sexy the little outfit was. He wondered what the circumstances were that led her to get such an outfit, but decided it was none of his business, so he didn’t ask her.
“Mikhail loves it so much when I dress up for him,” Ana explained to him, facing him now and drawing a small plastic revolver from her holster and playfully shooting him. “Masha has a little Indian outfit! He watches us play cowboys and Indians. Maybe you could come over and tell us if we are doing it right, you must have seen a lot of cowboy and Indian fights in America.” Ana was wide-eyed and looking at Dillon strangely, while Masha nodded in agreement, fiddling with Ana’s little underwear through the small girl’s leather chaps she wore on her legs.
Most of her outfit was leather. She wore a vest, tied in front with leather shoe strings, but open enough that Dillon could see the red bikini top she wore under it, anbd he spotted her cute belly button. She had a shiny Sheriff’s star on her chest. Around her waist she wore a belt, which was encircled with small loops that could hold several dozen bullets. She wore small leather gloves and a white cowboy hat with a pretty red bandana tied around her slender neck. On her legs, she only wore leather chaps that reached most of the way up her thighs and fell to just below her knees and tiny white cowboy boots. As she turned slowly, he appreciated how much her chaps left exposed as he stared at her cute little butt. It was very firm and he saw she was wearing matching red bikini bottoms. He told her the outfit was very cute, and looked forward to taking pictures of her in it.
“But not today,” Dillon said kindly. “Let’s wait until Masha can join you in her Indian costume, ok?” Both girls agreed that was a great idea, and giggled, grabbing each other excitedly. “Why don’t we see how your pajama’s look?” Dillon suggested as he led the girls out of the darkroom and back to his bedroom set. He watched closely, maybe too interested, he felt, as Ana unabashedly undressed. Soon she stood in front of him nude as Masha handed Ana her pajama bottoms.
“Wait,” Dillon said. He motioned for Ana to approach him as he sat in his directors chair at the edge of the set. She stood in front of him as he closely examined her body. As he gazed at her, he noticed Ana seemed just as relaxed naked as Masha had. He sensed she felt very confident that she was sexy. She slowly spun around as he admired her. Her pubic hair was not fully grown in, but she had more than Masha and it was even messier.
“How old are you, Anastasia?” Dillon asked her, admiring her small breast. They were capped by quarter sized areola’s and perky bronze colored nipples, which complimented her eyes.
“Fourteen, you just missed my birthday, Dillon,” She explained. He liked the way the little Ukrainian girl said his name, making it sound very exotic.
“I’m sorry, did you get something nice?”
“A spanking!” Ana said, winking at him. “Mikhail gave me everything I asked for!” Both girls giggled, blushing. Dillon thought Ana had beautiful skin and wonderful features for the little waif she was. She would never become a large woman, but perhaps a shapely petite one someday. He noticed her figure still retained a tiny bit of a boyish shape, but she had many feminine features too.
“Your pubic hair is a mess,” Dillon said. Ana looked sown at herself and ran her fingers through her pubes.
“Told you, Ana,” Masha said as she approached Ana and knelt in front of her. She looked up at Ana and spoke to her reassuringly.
“Dillon will trim it for you,” Masha said. Ana grew very happy with that and looked at Dillon expectantly.
“I was thinking,” Dillon added. “That it may add to your youthful looks if we shaved it completely.” Masha spun around to look at him, surprised. Ana wiggled and shook in excitement.
“Will you? Dillon, will you shave me bald, please,” Ana begged as she ran to him, hopping on his lap completely nude and placing her hand right on his erection. She seemed to not notice, Dillon thought. “I think that would be so sweet of you.” Then she squeezed his erection gently, smiling innocently at him, with pleading eyes. She had definitely known he had a hard-on. Dillon felt strangely relieved at that idea. Now everyone in his studio knew he was turned on be naked young girls. He felt part of himself surrender. He made a small peace with himself, wondering if he could find a travel-agent they could make some nice reservation in hell for him.
“Of course I will, Ana,” He said. Soon, Ana sat on his chair, which was covered with a fluffy towel he had bought. Dillon noted her agility, as she had her legs spread wide for him, her ankles nearly wrapped around her ears, exposing her pussy and little pink asshole to him. He dampened her pussy with some warm water and lathered her up. Masha stood behind him, looking over his shoulder as he knelt in front on Ana, paying close attention to what he was doing.
“Does that feel good, Ana?” Masha asked.
“Oh yes,” she murmured. “Very nice. That lather gets very warm.” She sat completely still as Dillon began to shave her pussy. Her pubic hair was fine and hardly grown in, so it didn’t take him long before he had her shaved bald. He looked down at her sweet pussy, still streaked with lather, and closely examined her. She still had tiny little hairs between her pussy and butthole, with a finger, Dillon gathered some lather, and massaged it on that area.
“Oh, Dillon,” Ana said. She was growing rather wet and Dillon felt her shiver. Soon, he dipped a small wash cloth in the pitcher of warm water he had close by, and bathed her. “You can shave my little pussy whenever you like, Dillon.” She said to him, dreamily, beginning to finger herself. Masha approached her and slapped Ana’s little hand.
“Focus!” Masha demanded. “Dillon needs you to be paying attention, not playing with yourself.”
“But I’m so horny!”
“Well, stop,” Masha said, walking to the office door and crossing the hallway to the restroom. Dillon looked at Ana, who was examining her shaved young pussy, feeling it.
“It’s feels so smooth Dillon. Will you lick it for me, please?” Dillon leaned forward, as Ana spread her tiny pussy lips open for him, and licked her little clit. “Oh yes!”
Dillon licked her for nearly a minute, as she shook and shivered. He slowly inserted a finger into her tight pussy. He looked up at her.
“Are we going to fuck like little bunnies later, Ana?” he asked her. She nodded.
“Yes we are Dillon, please stick your finger in my ass, so I can come before Masha returns.” Dillon did, and it pleased Ana greatly to have his finger stretch her little butt hole as he entered her. Her breathing quickened as Dillon flicked his tongue over her clit and fingered her ass. In less than a minute, she wrapped her thin but very strong legs tightly around his head and came, her pussy growing very moist.
“Thank you Dillon,” Ana said. “I got so horny while you shaved my little pussy, that I just needed to come, you understand?” He nodded. He understood. “How about I suck you off before we start?” Dillon thanked her, but informed the young angel that he would wait until after the shoot.
“I know I’m going to get pretty turned-on shooting you Ana,” Dillon admitted. “Masha said you liked it in the ass.”
“Yes I do, Dillon,” Ana said seriously. “If you would like to drill out my tight little asshole, I would willingly comply.” She hopped up from his chair, and put on her underwear and small bra. As Masha returned, Ana was dressed in her pajamas and Dillon was quickly applying her makeup. Masha walked to the little stereo, asking Dillon if she could play his wonderful CDs again. Without waiting for an answer, she started the player and the studio filled with the eloquent sounds of a twelve string guitar. Dillon took one more overall look at Ana, then gave her some brief instructions. She seemed as bright and eager to please at Ana had been, and Dillon shook his head, wondering at his luck, scoring two young and eager models on his first day of shooting. Dillon readied his film, camera and lights, as the youngster began to slowly undress, Masha sat beside Dillon’s empty chair watching, and staying very still and quiet.
Soon, after four rolls of film, Dillon was snapping pictures of the nude nubile fourteen year-old. He captured many pictures of her small, moist and bald pussy. He was able to coax the camera to capture the young girl’s budding breasts as her nipples grew erect and hard. Ana’s shoot turned out to by slightly less innocent than Masha’s had been, but Dillon felt he was getting many good shots of the girl.
As Dillon loaded his fifth roll of film, he told Ana that she was free to model for him now, however she wished. As Dillon clicked away, he found himself excited by the girl’s beauty, and sexual openness in front of him and his camera. Perhaps this young girl was everything Masha had suggested earlier, as she had stroked him to a nice orgasm. As Dillon loaded more film into his camera, he quietly asked Masha a question.
“Did you give her that rubber with my sperm in it yet?” Dillon asked whispering. Masha shook her head, and ran to her bag, retrieving it. She also pulled out a little purple vibrator. Dillon nodded, and Masha approached Ana, who was fingering herself pussy vigorously, her thumb plugged into her butt, sliding in and out.
“Dillon and I have a surprise for you, Ana.” Masha said, placing the items on the masturbating fourteen year-old’s stomach. Ana was thrilled, pulling her little thumb from her ass with a little ‘plop.’
“Oh my!” Ana said with surprise and excitement. She held the rubber full of Dillon’s semen up, examining it, nearly slobbering on it. “How many times did you…”
“Only once Ana!” Masha answered. “He came only once! He has very large and hairy balls. I hope you enjoy it.” With sharp little teeth, Ana attacked the small knot in the condom that Masha had tied. Soon, to Dillon’s amazement she was sucking out the sperm. He resumed taking pictures, kicking himself for missing some truly amazing shots. Ana sucked the shredded condom nearly dry with a hungry greediness. Soon she was licking the last drops of his sperm from the destroyed condom. Dillon hoped she wouldn’t choke on any little latex scraps.
“God that was delicious!” She claimed. “Oh I need more!” But Dillon backed away from the horny little waif, quickly capturing her desire and need with several photos, leaving her on the bed with a little vibrator, which she eagerly began to use, in lieu of more cum. Dillon told Masha to wipe the small drops of sperm from Ana’s face, as he changed his film once more. Masha quickly dabbed the sperm from her friend’s pretty little face, as Ana sucked it from her fingers with longing, quickly finding her little anal opening with the buzzing vibrator.
Dillon now sat at the foot of the bed, filming the girl stretch her asshole, finger her soaking pussy, and dreamily closing her eyes, biting her lower lip in her ecstacy. He had a huge erection, which he hardly bothered to hide. Soon, Ana opened her eyes, and focused her gaze on his bulging shorts as she shook in a powerful orgasm, the small vibrator nearly disappearing into her tiny butt. Her legs reached for the ceiling, quivering and twitching, as she groaned in pleasure. Dillon thought of Mikhail, feeling envious and hoping the mobster wouldn’t return to the office soon. As he loaded one more roll of film into his camera, he asked Masha for a favor.
“Can you reach Mikhail and his brother, find out where they are and if they are coming here,” Dillon asked the smiling little girl. She nodded and ran to his desk opening her cell phone. On the bed, Ana rolled over on to her tummy and thrust her slender, tight young ass into the air. As Dillon snapped pictures, the she managed to push the small vibrator nearly out of her ass, using just her little young anal muscles. Dillon reached forward and pushed on it, until it was virtually buried in her again, causing Ana to moan. She slowly ejected the vibrator again. Dillon and Ana kept playing their sphincter game, until Masha returned to Dillon’s side at the bed, handing her cell phone to him.
“Hello?” Dillon said into the small phone.
“Dillon, how are my girls doing?” Mikhail asked him.
“They are blowing my mind, Mikhail,” Dillon freely admitted. “I’m just finishing up with Ana now.” He pushed the vibrator back into the horny girl’s butt once more, as Masha reached for his straining zipper.
“Haha!” Mikhail laughed loudly into the phone. As Dillon repeatedly buried the vibrator, Mikhail spoke to someone near him, but Dillon didn’t pay any attention, until Mikhail said his name in the phone again.
“Dillon, Masha tells me you are busy. But can you get the girls home for me after the shoot? I won’t be home tonight.”
“Count on me, Mikhail,” Dillon said confidently, as Masha unsnapped his shorts and pulled his shoes off, throwing them to the floor.
“Dillon, Masha said she could take you into town tomorrow,” Mikhail said. “She can take you to Vasily, he manages my younger girls in a large apartment building downtown. Perhaps you can chose a few more girls to shoot?” Dillon excitedly assured Mikhail that the plan made much escort bursa sense, and that he would stay busy photographing fine young women. They said their goodbyes, as Masha yanked his shorts from his legs. After handing her the cell phone, Dillon pulled his shirt off over his head.
“Ana, look at Dillon’s thick hard cock and round hairy balls,” Masha said. Ana rolled over, pulling the vibrator out of her ass and fingers from her pussy. She stared at his large cock, making Dillon feel proud of his genetically unusual endowment. She did drool now, as she leapt for Dillon, doing a flying lip-lock on his cock, immediately sucking on it with extreme suction. Little Masha crawled onto the bed, shedding her clothes, and climbed behind her friend, and began to tease her with the vibrator. Ana groaned as she sucked on Dillon’s hard erection. Dillon moaned as the nubile tiny nympho greedily swallowed half his cock.
“She has absolutely no gag-reflex, Dillon,” Masha said with a little wonder. “She can swallow a lollipop whole!” Indeed, as young Ana slobbered on his cock, covering it with her slick lips, more and more of it disappeared down her throat. Dillon grabbed a ponytail in each hand, and pulled on them, helping the young girl engulf more of his cock. She appreciated his help, and gently squeezed his large full sperm sack, groaning when she felt his fullness. As his cock passed Ana’s tonsils, Dillon watched Masha open a tube of lube, squirting some on the vibrator and her young friend’s little butt hole. Dillon watched Masha work the vibrator into Ana’s tight butt hole, while she fingered the models little pussy. Dillon looked back at his cock, to see how Ana was progressing.
“If you can swallow enough of my cock to lick my ball with your tongue,” Dillon proposed. “I will stuff my fat cock into your ass and give you a good American fucking, waif!” As Ana swallowed even more of his cock, she squealed loudly, sending intense vibrations through Dillon’s slobber-covered cock. As Dillon knelt on the bed, he watched Ana suck his entire cock into her small mouth, stretching her lips to accommodate him in her mouth. Soon he felt her dainty tongue tickling his balls. Dillon grasped her braided pigtails tightly, and began to fuck her sweet little face, as her large brown eyes looked up, finding his eyes. He smiled at her as drool leaked from her mouth. As he began to pull his cock from her mouth, he felt her tongue tickling the underside enlarged penis, before her yanked on her hair, pulling her face back down his cock, so she could lick his balls again. He was thoroughly enjoying fucking the face of this cum-crazed little sperm-burper. Masha, seeming satisfied with her lube job on Ana’s tight anal opening, grabbed the vibrator and hopped down from the bed. Dillon’s eyes followed Masha, as she pulled his director’s chair close to the bed, and sat down. She began to touch the vibrator tightly to her small nipples, while she ran the fingers of her other hand over her tummy, watching her tiny friend swallow Dillon’s cock with hunger.
Dillon yanked his cock from the teen’s mouth, and she looked up at him with wonder in her eyes. Would he fuck her ass now, the waif’s browns eyes asked him. He certainly would. As Ana crawled to his side, Dillon easily picked the waif up and spun himself around, until he was sitting on the edge, his legs hanging off the bed. His cock rose impressively from his lap. He placed Ana between his legs, and pulled her back into his stomach reaching around her, fondling her small firm breasts. She looked up and back at him longingly as she fondled his dick. He reached below her, placing a hand under each of her ass cheeks, and lifted her into the air. As he lifted her up over his cock, he spread her thin legs apart, and spreading her ass cheeks.
Ana’s leaned back into his chest. She looked up at him, turning her head to take one of his nipples into her talented mouth, while reaching one of her slender arms up and back, wrapping it around his neck. Masha hopped up from the chair in front of them, and quickly squeezed some lubricant onto Dillon’s hard dick. She smeared it all around, leaving it covered in a thick coat, as Ana moaned in anticipation. Dillon wondered how much of his fat cock the fourteen year-old could take into her ass. Ana raised her other hand and soon had both wrapped around Dillon’s neck, as he held her, legs and ass open, over his thick cock.
“Ass fuck me, Dillon,” Ana moaned, as Masha returned to her chair, washing her hands on the towel and sitting down with her buzzing vibrator.
“I’ll come into your mouth, Ana,” Dillon proposed. “If you can take my whole cock into your ass without crying. Without shedding a tear.”
“Oh Dillon!” Ana said, as he slowly lowered her recently stretched and lubricated asshole onto the fleshy fat head of his cock. As he slipped into the little sperm-burping waif, she moaned loudly.
“Oh god that’s a FAT cock! Oh god, Dillon, go slow,” she said, wiggling excitedly. Dillon lowered her further onto his cock as she gasped for breath. He didn’t want to hurt the youngster, didn’t want to bloody her tender hot ass, but the feeling of it wrapped around his cock was tremendous. It was warm and wet inside her little butt. Her little ass muscles stood little chance of holding her up on his cock as he lowered her. She was helpless as he lowered her more onto his cock, until several inches were buried inside of her. Masha was in his chair frigging her virgin pussy with open-mouthed wonder, Dillon saw.
Dillon quickly understood how Mikhail had allowed Masha to remain a virgin, as his cock enjoyed Ana’s stretched but young-teen-tight ass. Dillon held the little beauty steady in his arms as she wiggled and shook on his cock. Her legs trembled with involuntary twitches, as she turned her large brown eyes up to his. Her look was expressive. Her eyes seemed to ask him if he was going to give her the ultimate violation. Are you going to ream out my poor teen asshole, she asked him with her eyes, as he slowly lifted her up until only his large cock head remained in her ass.
“You fill me so full, Dillon…uggh,” she said as he began to lower her slowly on his cock again. When he felt roughly half his cock slip into her ass, he lifted her again. “Yes, Dillon. You certainly are stretching my poor asshole.”
For five minutes, he lowered her until half of his cock reached inside her, and lifted her until the head of his fat cock tugged at her tormented sphincter. Dillon listened as both girls’ moans gathered strength. Dillon watched as Masha stretched her virgin pussy to the maximum with the vibrator. Dillon watched as Ana’s toes curled and uncurled as he impaled her ass on half his cock. Ana’s legs and were soon covered in a fine film of perspiration as he fucked her to near orgasm. As Dillon stood up from the bed, holding the blond teen impaled on his cock, she came. Dillon held her facing the mirror on the vanity-, so she could watch when he buried his cock completely in her ass. As she shook with pleasure and pain in his arms, her back pulled tightly into Dillon’s stomach, her legs held tightly against her chest, Dillon lowered her, letting her fall on the remainder of his cock. He watched in the mirror as it disappeared in her ass. Ana screamed loudly, her head rolled from side to side, as the eighty-five pound teen took ten pounds of hard cock all the way into her ass. Now she had a cock, which was thicker than her arm, sliding in and out of her.
“Fuck YES!” she yelled. “Ruin my tight ass with that huge cock, Dillon!” Dillon was very proud of the anally inclined teen he held in his arms, as he slid her up and down his cock. He saw Ana look into the mirror with wonder and she watched her slender body absorb his wide cock. “Oh god, Masha! I can’t stop cumming, Masha! This cock feels so good in my ass, Masha. Ohh!” Up and down the horny teen went, sliding on a large cock, as she squealed in joy. Dillon was thoroughly enjoying the girl, and found himself chuckling, knowing he was breaking several California laws, thankfully appreciating the Ukranian peoples for their lawfully understanding of his newly found perverted needs.
Slick sweat now lubricated Dillon’s stomach and Ana’s backside. Dillon ignored his tiring arms, as he continued to impale the excited, babbling blonde teen. “Ug, Ug, Ug, Ug, Oh Fuck! Ug, Ug,” She moaned as her sphincter slowly stretched to appreciate the girth of his cock. Dillon turned and walked toward the bed now, holding Ana, who had his cock fully imbedded in her ass. Without removing his cock, he lowered Ana to the bed. With so much cock stuffed into her ass, her arms seemed unable to hold her up, as she fell face first into the covers. Her legs held for a moment, as her knees rested on the edge of the bed, but when Dillon rocked back and forth into her, she fell forward. Dillon lifted her waist, bringing her ass with it, and held her ass be began to slam into her. She seemed to be cumming continuously. She seemed to be enjoying one long orgasm, as her ass accepted a cock much too large for it. Her little hands gripped the bedspread and began to pull on it. She gathered hand fulls of the spread, pulling them and grabbing more, then quickly pushing them away, as Dillon drilled her in the ass.
Dillon lowered her waist a bit, until her knees rested on the edge of the bed again. He forced her legs together as they supported the young girl’s ass high in the air, and watched his cock slide out of her until the his head rested just inside her sphincter. He tugged back slightly, but her tight ass held his head, and the skin around her ass was pulled out, back a bit, with Dillon’s light tugs. Ana loved this.
“Mm, Mm, Mm, Oh, Mm,” she groaned as he tugged at her ass. Dillon ran his hands down her sweat slickened back, as he drove his cock into her again. Leaning far over her, his cock buried deep, he reached under her and fondled her small breasts and nipples. Weakly, Ana pushed with her arms, until she raised up off the bed, as Dillon punished her ass. Dillon ran one hand down her tight, quivering tummy until it rested on her pussy. He lightly pinched her clit, causing Ana to howl and fall back to the bed. Weakly again, she raised herself. Dillon gathered her little pigtails in one hand and yanked her head back, finding her lips with his, and shoving his tongue into her mouth, as his cock buried itself into her ass as deeply as it had gone thus far.
Ana’s tongue dance with his as Dillon pinched her clit repeatedly. Ana was seeming to gain control of her senses, as Dillon found her kissing him hard, as she rocked her hips back and forth, now fucking herself on his hardness. She was really completely enjoying herself now, as she started to gather control of her body. She moaned as Dillon pulled his cock out of her. She whined when he didn’t put it back in immediately, so he spanked her hard on her ass, causing her to yelp.
“I want to lie down and watch you ride up and down on my cock,” Dillon told her, fluffing up some pillows and lying back against the head board. She eagerly complied with him, shakily crawling over his legs until she stood up over his cock. Ana knelt between his legs and closely examined his slick cock. Ana licked it.
“Mm,” she commented.
Ana began to suck his cock into her mouth eagerly, moaning in appreciation.
“Gross!” yelled Masha. “Stop that Anastasia, Right Now!” Ana giggled, with a considerable amount of Dillon’s slimy cock in her mouth. Then she spit a large glob of saliva onto the head of his cock and rubbed it in well. Dillon thought her hand felt excellent as it glided up and down his cock. The young analized beauty looked into his eyes, and commented on his dick.
“I love your thick cock and sperm-filled balls, American,” She said as she lowered her asshole onto the head of his throbbing penis. With a groan, and without taking her gaze from his eyes, she slid all the way down his cock. “Yum, you tasted good! But god you are so thick.”
Ana began to rock back and forth, her brown eyes expressing her happiness to him. She smiled weakly as she placed her hands on his chest, and began to slide up and down on his cock. She rode him with unbridled enthusiasm. Soon, Dillon was moaning in pleasure. She shook her head at him, begging him with her eyes to wait, to let her fuck him some more. Dillon grabbed her waste and forced her down on his cock, causing her to squeal, and held her there for a moment, as she leaned forward, her small breast brushing his chest as her lips sought his. He held her tightly while they made out, her little shit-muscles massaging his cock.
“You sure know how to fuck an ass, Dillon,” She said, breaking their wet kiss. Ana leaned way back, reaching her arms back and resting her hands on his thighs now. She lifted her knees, and rested a foot on either side of his hips, as she began to ride him again. In this position, with her leaning far back, her small breast disappeared, but her nipples stuck out a half an inch. Dillon pinched them as the teen rode up and down on him, groaning. Dillon watched her little asshole absorb his cock. He was growing too excited now. He squeezed his eyes shut.
“I want you to come in my ass, Dillon. I want to pump a liter of sperm into me, please, now!” Ana demanded, sliding up and down, her tight sphincter massaging his now pulsing cock.
“I can feel every vein of your cock, Dillon, and it feels sooo good.” Dillon began to unload long spurts of sperm into the fourteen year-old. “Yes! Yes! YES!” she yelled. “I feel it swelling and pumping, Dillon, you make my ass feel so good!” Dillon simply kept coming and coming as he watched the waif ride his cock with tremendous pleasure on her face. Her sweat slickened tan little body sucking more and more sperm out of him. Her squeals of pleasure rewarding him for filling her with more and of his thick cum. Ass little ass muscles clinched him very tightly, milking him very effectively. Just when he thought he was done, young Ana encouraged one more spurt out of him.
“Good boy, Dillon.” She said with a sigh. “You are such a good lover. You are so generous with your sperm.” Ana turned to Masha, who was slumped in the chair, looking very spent. “Will you reach into my bag, Masha, and bring me the little bowl in there, please?”
Soon, Masha was crawling onto the bed with them, setting a small blue cereal bowl on Dillon’s sweat covered chest. She curled up next to him, smiling sweetly, as Ana leaned forward, Dillon’s cock softening in her ass, and gave Masha a little kiss on her lips. Ana raised herself, and slowly slid off Dillon’s spent dick. As she held a hand over her ass, she spun around and lowered herself onto Dillon’s chest again.
“Gross! You’re not gonna…” Masha started. Dillon quickly caught on, and moved the small bowl until it rested under Ana’s thin, sweaty ass. Ana grunted lightly, and Masha and Dillon watched, as a small river of sperm began to leak from her stretched asshole. The sperm slowly dripped into the bowl, causing Masha to gag, and Ana to giggle. Dillon was already planning on photographing this kind of scene. Fascinated, he promised himself to get his expensive video camera out the next day and get it all set up too. The World must see this! He thought, as he watched more and more sperm dribble out of the young cum-loving girl’s ass. Ana took Dillon’s deflating cock in her mouth, and cleaned it completely, her tongue bathing him. After three or four more minutes, and several powerful grunts from Ana, the sperm stopped flowing.
“I think that’s all of it, Ana,” Masha said. Ana sighed. Dillon watched as Masha rose, and used two fingers to wipe the residual cum and ass-juices from Ana’s butt hole. As Masha offered her fingers, Ana eagerly sucked them clean. Ana rose off off Dillon and turned around, sitting on his stomach, picking up her bowl. Dillon watch in a strange horror as she lapped it all up, and licked the bowl clean, moaning with culinary delight, as she enjoyed the strange soup created from Dillon’s sperm and her young shit tubes. In less than a minute, Ana showed Dillon the clean bowl, and she thanked him for such a generous filling. When she leaned down to kiss him, he couldn’t help but to turn a cheek to her.

Soon! Part III

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