The Passenger Seat – Chapters 5, 6, and 7 (Ice, Sp

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The Passenger Seat – Chapters 5, 6, and 7 (Ice, Sp

TARA RETURNED from her walk to find Amy planting flowers in her flowerbeds. Tara waved and headed toward Amy’s house to visit her new friend.

“Looking good!” Tara called as she walked up Amy’s driveway.

“Why thank you,” Amy said, dramatically brushing her hair away from her dirt-smudged face. “I figure if Adam likes the dirty librarian look, the dirty gardener is bound to send him over the edge,” she joked.

Amy paused briefly, and then feigned confusion. “Oh, you were referring to my flowerbeds?” She laughed good-naturedly at her own joke.

The two women made small talk for a few minutes, and Amy invited Tara inside for a cup of coffee.

“You know, I’ve been in your house a million times,” Tara told Amy as they walked into the kitchen, “but it looks so different now. It’s pretty amazing how the same house takes on a totally different character when a new family moves in.”

“If by different you mean disheveled, then I’m certain that’s the look we’ve achieved,” Amy joked as they headed for the living room.

The living room floor was littered with framed black-and-white photographs, arranged haphazardly in small groups. Some were large. Some were small. But they were all closeups of a woman’s naked body.

The photos were beautiful, but they weren’t explicit. One showed the curve of a woman’s neck and shoulder. Another was the small of a woman’s back. One was of a woman’s mouth, with a string of pearls perched delicately between her teeth. And the mouth was obviously Amy’s. Still another showed her tongue playfully tasting a spoon.

“Your pictures are stunning,” Tara said to Amy, who appeared a little embarrassed at the comment. “Where did you have these done?”

“Actually Adam took them,” Amy explained. “He’s an amateur photographer, and he convinced me several years ago to let him take some photos of me. We still enjoy doing them from time to time, although I’m always my own worst critic.”

“They are truly fantastic,” Tara said, completely lost in the collection. She was completely oblivious to the fact that she was, in essence, seeing her friend naked. “I love that they are so erotic, in spite of the fact that they aren’t sexual at all.”

“Adam has spent many years convincing me that the female figure is spectacular,” Amy divulged. “This was the next logical step after I learned to love adventure sex.” She shrugged her shoulders and her face took on a helpless expression. “What’s a girl to do?”

Amy’s reference to their outdoor lovemaking was unexpected, but it gave Tara the opportunity she had been looking for.

“Since you brought it up,” Tara began nervously, “there’s something I feel like I should tell you.”

Amy’s face took on a concerned look, and Tara realized that she had already set the wrong tone.

“I watched you and Adam make love on the deck the day you moved in,” Tara continued quickly, hoping to dispel her friend’s concern. She was trying desperately to read Amy’s expression. “And I haven’t been the same since then.”

Tara told her about her internal struggle that day: how she had been unable to stop watching despite the fact that she felt like she was intruding. About how watching them had affected her physically, and about the amazing sex she and Sean had that night. Amy nodded knowingly as Tara continued talking.

She told her about their sex in the shop, and about getting so lost in the moment that she forgot where she was.

“So that’s why you were barefoot and tousled the day I stopped by?” Amy asked approvingly.

“I was sure you had seen or heard us, and I was embarrassed at the thought,” Tara recalled. “But if I’m really honest with myself, I was kind of excited at the thought that you had.”

Again, Amy nodded in understanding, and continued listening to Tara’s story. She smiled as though she was pleased with herself for starting Tara on this path.

Tara recounted her sunbathing experience, and how uncomfortable she had been taking her clothes off outdoors. And then she told her how all her discomfort melted away, and how she and Sean had ravaged each other on the deck. She finished by telling Amy that she had been surprised that her own body was capable of such uninhibited responses.

“So you’re hooked now, too?” Amy inquired.

“I guess so,” Tara said. And even she was still shocked at the notion.

TARA AND SEAN had learned the value of date-night, and they always protected their time together, even in the midst of a thousand other activities. This night, they had made plans for dinner, and Sean had floated the idea of stopping by the beach after dark. He knew that the idea of planning sex made Tara uncomfortable, so he took the lead and stashed a blanket in the truck, just in case.

As they were getting ready that night, Sean asked her if she would be willing to wear a skirt. She had amazing legs, and he reasoned that, for their first attempt at truly public sex, a skirt would make things a little easier.

She emerged from the bedroom in her denim skirt and espadrilles, and Sean was visibly pleased. He followed her to the kitchen, and as she rummaged through her purse looking for the car keys, he grabbed her hips and pressed gently against her from behind.

“Feel that?” he asked, pressing his groin against her ass. She could feel his growing erection through his jeans. “We haven’t even left the house yet, and I’m already on fire for you.”

She turned to kiss him, and unexpectedly ran her tongue across his lips. He was visibly türkçe bahis affected, and she moved quickly toward the door, leaving him no chance to respond. They said good-bye to the k**s, and headed out the door.

As they got into his truck, she scooted to the center to sit beside him. He absent-mindedly caressed her thigh as they discussed where to go for dinner. As they drove to the restaurant, he teased her relentlessly, inching ever closer up her skirt, but intentionally not touching between her legs. The torment was heavenly, and Tara could feel her body responding.

When they got to the restaurant, Sean walked to her side of the car and opened the door for her. “Let me have a little peek,” he said, looking at her skirt.

She scooted toward him, and spread her legs a little as she got out of the truck, all the while watching his face for a reaction.

“You don’t have any panties on?” he growled in a low, sexy voice. “Damn, baby. How am I supposed to make it through dinner now?” He pulled her to him and kissed her hard. He let her go and turned her toward the restaurant, but held her arm so she couldn’t walk away. With his other hand, he allowed his fingers to wander up the back of her skirt, lifting her skirt and completely exposing her ass.

A low moan escaped her lips as the breeze caressed her lower body, and Sean abruptly lowered her skirt and led her into the restaurant. He knew what teasing did to her. He knew that the deliberate, prolonged foreplay would improve his odds of sex on the beach later on.

The waitress seated them at a booth, and placed the menus on opposite sides of the table. Tara slid into one side, and was surprised when Sean slid onto the bench beside her. They ordered their drinks, and then Sean began to browse the menu. Tara was preoccupied with her margarita, and she was caught off-guard when Sean’s hand found his way to her thigh.

She enjoyed the feel of his touch, but her body tensed when he raised her skirt dangerously high. When he brushed his fingers against her clitoris, she brusquely stopped his hand.

“So you wait until we’re in the restaurant to touch me there?” she hissed at him. Sean subtly forced her hand out of the way, and continued his onslaught. She involuntarily closed her eyes, and laid her head against the booth.

“WHAT CAN I GET for you folks?” the waitress asked enthusiastically.

Tara opened her eyes in a panic, horrified at what the waitress might have seen. If she had seen anything, she wasn’t letting on. Tara found herself grateful for the fact that she always ordered the same thing here, because she hadn’t even glanced at the menu.

She departed the table, and Tara chastised Sean. “You might have warned me that she was coming.”

“You’re the one I want to see coming,” he whispered, ignoring her tone.

She was trying to be annoyed at him, but his hand was back on her thigh. And then under her skirt. He pressed his hand against her thigh, signaling that she should spread her legs a bit. She did, and was rewarded with his hand on her clitoris. Again, her eyes closed voluntarily and she was lost in his touch.

“Here she comes,” Sean whispered, alerting Tara to the waitresses return. She opened her eyes and did her best to look disinterested, despite the fact that her entire body was on fire. She refilled Tara’s water glass, and headed off to check on her other customers.

Within seconds, Sean’s hand was between her legs again, and she voluntarily spread them this time. His hand felt cool, presumably from touching his water glass, and she was stunned when he pushed a piece of ice inside her.

She groaned outloud, completely at his whim now. The cold of the ice against the warmth of her body was incredible. It reminded her of the cool breeze against her body when she was naked on the deck. Sean alternated caressing her thighs and plunging ice between her legs. It was all Tara could do to stay quiet at the table.

When the waitress appeared with their food, Tara was secretly relieved. She needed a break from the tension, and dinner was a welcome diversion. The food was excellent, and Tara basked in the uninterrupted conversation. When the waitress returned to take their plates, Sean ordered coffee for them both, and Tara seized the opportunity to put her arm behind Sean’s shoulders and run her fingers through his hair. He moaned approvingly and moved his head slowly against her hand.

She was busy enjoying his reaction when she again felt his hand between her legs. Again, he pressed ice inside her body, and allowed his fingers to linger as the ice melted inside her. He teased her clitoris and seemed to be enjoying the fact that she was squirming in her seat.

Again with the ice, and again she laid her head against the booth and closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation.


THE HOT METAL against her clitoris jolted her in her seat. She was just adjusting to the cold of the ice when the heat from Sean’s spoon invaded her body. He dipped the spoon in his coffee again and slipped his hand under the table. He pressed the back of the spoon against her clitoris and moved it up and down between her legs. She could feel the wetness between her legs, only partly a result of the melting ice.

“You’ve got to get me out of here,” Tara whispered, tracing her finger up Sean’s thigh toward his groin.

Sean motioned to the waitress, and she appeared quickly with their check. He hastily shoved some bills into the black folder and scooted out of the booth. He güvenilir bahis siteleri reached for Tara’s hand, and helped her out of the booth, deftly guiding her toward the door. As they reached the exit he leaned into her ear and said, “You should have seen how wet the booth was.”

Tara was mortified at the thought, but it was too late now. She was out the door and headed for the truck, where certain relief awaited her.

As Sean pulled out of the parking lot, she spread her legs and begged him to touch her. He turned the radio up and kept driving. She slid her skirt high enough that he could see everything, but still he didn’t respond.

“Please baby,” she pleaded. He continued searching the radio and ignored her request.

Annoyed at his response and desperate for relief, Tara reached between her legs and began to stroke her clitoris. Electricity coursed through her entire body, and she quickly realized that Sean was very interested in what she was doing. Determined to beat him at his own game, she stepped up her efforts.

She braced her feet on the floor and lifted her hips off the seat, sliding her skirt up far enough that it exposed her entire body. She put her left foot against the hump in the center of the truck, and placed her right foot on the dashboard, against the passenger door. She laid her head on the seat and closed her eyes, and began furiously stroking her clitoris.

While one hand was between her legs, the other made its way to her breasts, kneading and massaging them intermittently. She pulled her halter top to the side and exposed her breast, pulling at her nipple while she pleasured herself.

She wasn’t looking at Sean, but she could tell by the sounds he was making that she was having the desired effect on him.

When her body reached orgasm, there was a gush of wetness between her legs. Her entire body tensed, and she screamed out in response. She felt the sensation in every inch of her body, and she was sweating from the effort.

As her body recovered, she straightened her clothing, and looked over at Sean. He looked at her with a devious grin, then asked, “Do you wanna hear something incredibly sexy?”

“Of course,” she said, her hand finding its way to his erection.

“Several truck drivers enjoyed your performance,” Sean said.

“Oh yeah?” Tara asked, skeptical of Sean’s claim.

“Those 18-wheeler cabs sit high enough that when we pulled alongside them, they could see straight down into the cab of the truck. They could see every inch of you, pleasuring yourself and bringing yourself to orgasm.”

Tara had never considered the possibility that other motorists might see her. Sean’s truck sat fairly high off the ground, so she had assumed she had privacy. Unexpectedly, though, the thought of an audience aroused her all over again.

“Mind if we stop by the beach?” Sean asked hopefully.

“Not at all,” Tara answered. At this point, Sean could ask for just about anything, and she’d happily comply.

Tara ran her hand up Sean’s thigh as he drove, and found her way to his erection. She slipped her finger inside his waistband and brushed against him. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat as his jeans grew tighter under the strain of his arousal.

She unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, and pulled his underwear away from his body, freeing his erection. She traced her finger over the tip, and then gripped him tightly. As they turned on the deserted road to the beach, Tara bent to taste him. She took him into her mouth and flicked her tongue all over him while her lips stayed tightly wrapped around him. She moved her mouth up and down, lingering at the tip of his erection. She squeezed him hard, and reveled in the reaction of his body.

Sean pulled into the parking lot, and headed for the darkest corner of the lot. In front of them, the beach stretched for miles. There wasn’t a soul anywhere around.

Sean let himself out of the truck, and signaled for Tara to follow. She slid herself toward the driver door, knowing full well that he could see everything as she scooted toward him.

As she stepped out of the truck, he thrust her against the side, pressing his body against hers, his erection pressing hard against her thigh. He grabbed each of her hands and spread her arms along the edge of the truck, pinning her arms against the bed. He ground his erection against her body, thrusting his hips against her.

He raised her skirt well above her waist, and explored her body with his hands. She reached for him, and discovered his jeans were still unbuttoned. She grabbed him hard, and leaned into him.

“I need you inside me, baby,” Tara growled.

And with that, Sean was gone. He grabbed the blanket from inside the truck headed for the bed. He lowered the tailgate and spread the blanket. He jumped out of the back, and headed straight for Tara. Without a word, he moved her toward the back of the truck, and told her to climb in. She did as he asked, and he closed the tailgate. He climbed in behind her, and laid her back on the blanket.

With a quick glance around the parking lot, Sean reached for Tara’s skirt, and slid it the length of her body, exposing her to the world. He helped her remove her top and bra, and he took a moment to enjoy the visual of her naked in heels.

“You are completely exposed, Tara,” he whispered. “Your beautiful body is on display for the world. And if anyone is lucky enough to watch me pleasure you, he’ll no doubt die a happy man.”

And with that, he moved his face güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri between her legs, teasing and tasting and adoring her body. She was on auto-pilot again, completely helpless to the desires of her body. He kissed her all over, and watched as her body responded to his touch and his mouth.

“Pull your jeans down, sweetheart. I really, really need you to fuck me,” she growled.

Sean lowered his jeans, and knelt between her legs. Within seconds, he was thrusting inside her, and she was bucking wildly against his hips. She grabbed his head and twisted her hands into his hair, tugging gently as they moved together.

“I want you to ride me,” Sean said. He moved underneath Tara and guided her down onto him. She laid on top of him and he thrust inside her as she moved her hips in sync with his. The position created friction against her clitoris, and she could feel herself building to orgasm. Without thinking, she sat straight up and thrust her body up and down the length of his erection.

She was easily visible above the bed of the truck now. Her breasts were completely exposed, and it was plainly obvious that she was being fucked.

Tara suddenly realized what she had done when the silence was broken by the sound of a car nearby. Tara dove for safety behind the walls of the truck bed, and the two of them froze. He was still inside her, his erection throbbing violently inside her as they listened intently. The beach was silent except for the sound of the wind, and Tara peeked over the edge of the truck. There was a couple moving away from them toward the water, oblivious to the sex scene in the back of Sean’s truck.

Tara resumed the onslaught, sliding herself up and down the length of Sean’s erection. She rode him with the energy of all the pent-up tension from the evening. Her hands were all over her own body, and as she thrust herself up and down, she rubbed her clitoris, immediately bringing her body to the brink of orgasm. They heard voices now, but it was too late to stop. Her body exploded in release, and wetness gushed all around Sean’s erection. The sensation from Tara’s orgasm immediately brought Sean there as well, and she collapsed on top of him, completely spent.


SEAN AND TARA laughed at the ridiculousness of trying to get dressed, all the while staying below the edges of the truck bed. Each shimmied back into their clothes, straightened their hair, and then peeked above the truck bed to survey their surroundings.

Convinced it was clear, Sean jumped from the truck bed, lifted Tara to the ground, and grasped her by the hand.

“A quick walk on the beach, and we’ll go,” he promised. Tara agreed, and slipped off her espadrilles. The two took off down the beach, talking about the future, the k**s, work, and all the things they sometimes forgot to say.

Sean and Tara were windblown, sandy and happy when they returned to the truck. Date night always invigorated their relationship, and tonight’s date night was no different. In fact, Sean guessed, tonight would probably be the first of many more “adventures,” as Amy had called them.

Sean helped Tara into the truck, and walked around to the driver’s side. Just as he was climbing in, Tara noticed a note on the windshield. Sean reached over the door to grab the paper, and sat behind the steering wheel. Then he read the note aloud.

“Sean and Tara,” he read. “Please don’t be offended, but my wife and I were privileged to witness your love-making in the back of your truck.”

Sean looked at Tara to gauge her expression before he continued. “You see, our apartment is on the 3rd floor of the building beside the parking lot, and when we went out to enjoy our balcony, we could see you two. Watching you both was a pleasure, because you seem to know each other’s bodies so well. Add to that our own voyeuristic and exhibitionist tendencies, and it made for an amazing experience for us.”

Sean again looked to Tara for some kind of indication. “We completely understand if you would prefer that this incident remain anonymous, because we know you two quite well.”

Tara’s mind was racing, mentally running through a rolodex of their friends, trying to guess which of their friends it might be.

“If you have any fear that this development might somehow change our friendship, please feel free to destroy this note, and walk away with the knowledge that you gave another couple a fantastic show,” Sean continued reading. “If, however, your curiosity gets the best of you, and you’d like to know more, call me at the number listed below. Our best to you both.”

Sean watched Tara’s face for what seemed like hours, waiting for the inevitable freak-out. He braced himself for the possibility, and then he gently reached across the seat to touch her shoulder.

A wicked grin slowly made its way across Tara’s face. She wasn’t sure how, but she was suddenly aroused all over again. She felt a freedom she had never known, and she was ready for anything.

“Dial the number,” Tara said with conviction.

“Are you sure?” Sean asked. “Once I hit ‘send’ there’s no going back. If this person’s number is in my phone, we’ll know immediately who it was, and it could change things.”

“Dial the number,” she repeated. “Before I lose my nerve. Let’s be spontaneous, and just for right now, live in the moment.”

“Ok,” Sean said, pulling his phone out of his pocket.

He looked from the phone to the note, dialing the digits slowly, deliberately. When he was finished, he looked at her once more.

“No regrets?” he asked.

“None,” she responded.

Sean pressed ‘send’ and stared blankly at the screen on his phone. After what felt like an eternity, a name appeared. He looked helplessly at Tara, unsure what to say. He could only muster one word.


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