The Odd Bunch

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This is the first erotic story I’ve ever tried – it’s the result of a few talks me and a girl I know had. Turns out we had the same kinks, and this is what came of that…


My name’s John Brian Dacey — everyone calls me Brian since dad’s name is John too — and I think my family… may not be normal.

I know most kids don’t have parents who are quite as open about sex ed, for one thing. When I turned 12, mom actually asked me if I knew how to masturbate! They were always okay with explaining anything I had questions about. I was always confused when other kids talked about being embarrassed when their parents brought up sex. I knew mine had sex, I knew I was probably going to have it someday too.

Hell, dad made it very clear that he and mom had sex.

How did he make it clear?

Various ways. That’s all I’ll say. I was 12, come on.

But this year… this year I’m 19. And we were watching a movie the other night, and I think (I think) that I caught dad… well… checking out my sisters.

They’re twins — both a year younger than me. Alice and Riley. No, they’re not identical, even if their faces almost look it. Riley’s got hair that’s a darker brown than Alice, and brown eyes to match. Alice, for some reason, got dad’s blue eyes flecked with grey, and isn’t quite as curvy as Riley.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a teenage guy, I noticed that my sisters definitely are… more than a little hot. A lot more. At 18 it’s not like they’ve got a pair of watermelons stuck to their front or anything, but hey, legs and a nice ass go a long way. And they sure as hell have those.

We were all stuffed around the couch watching some movie — the latest Spider-Man reboot, I think. Mom was curled up on dad’s lap, wearing one of those long t-shirts she loves. I’m not sure, but I’m like 95% sure she doesn’t wear anything BUT those t-shirts to bed. Still haven’t worked up the courage to peek and check, though. Dad just had on his robe, and I had my t-shirt and boxers.

The twins, though… they were all sprawled out in front of the couch. They wore to bed just what mom did — a t-shirt. Theirs weren’t as long, though, and so I had a pretty good view of what they were wearing under it. Riley had hot pink panties, Alice’s were green. It’s not like I was staring, you know, but it was kind of nice to be able to glance away from the movie every once in a while to check out what were (in my humble opinion) two of the greatest asses the world’s been blessed with.

But then I happened to look at dad.

I don’t even know how to say it, but… he was staring.

And I don’t know what was happening below the belt, but I know mom was making those happy purring sounds she makes sometimes, and kind of rubbing her chest against his lap. So there must have been something there.

After something like that — well, how could I not stare? So I started staring too. I’d seen the movie before anyway, but I’d never had a view like this. I started noticing the little things, the little differences between them. How Riley kept her hair longer and was canlı bahis a bit curvier like mom.

Definitely had a bigger ass, at least. It looked firm. Whenever she moved her legs it was like… well, let me just say that it looked damn firm. Like it’d barely jiggle if you spanked it.

I knew mom was into being spanked. I heard her and dad sometimes.

Alice was slender, never much into enhancing whatever curve she had. Liked school better than Riley, liked her music lessons with dad a LOT better than Riley. She must’ve gotten looks from his side of the family, Riley looked more like mom.

They kept giggling and laughing to each other during the movie, wriggling around so that next thing I knew I was tenting my boxers just as much as dad must’ve been. I couldn’t look away. I couldn’t help but start imagining what they might look like without the panties in the way… they were tight enough that they might as well not have been. Especially on Riley.

I closed my eyes. There was nothing wrong with a little fantasy, mom and dad had always told me that.

Nothing wrong with picturing Riley looking up at me, asking if I was sure that we should be doing this, wasn’t it terribly wrong, pulling her shirt over her head and letting her breasts pop out from under it. Leaning down to me, opening her mouth to take me in, and… “Moooooom!” My eyes popped open. The movie was over. And the twins — that was Riley’s voice — the twins weren’t looking at the tv anymore.

I looked down. It was… obvious. Any harder or bigger and the boxers probably wouldn’t have been able to hold it at all.

“Brian’s got a hard-on!” Riley said, rocking back into Alice.

Mom was sitting on top of dad now, gently rubbing against him.

“I can see that, sweetheart. You know that’s normal for boys, though, don’t you?”

The two of them were both a little red-faced, but still laughing.

“But how’d he get a hard-on watching Spider-Man, mom?” Alice asked. “Unless he really liked that actress!”

Dad… growled. And mom gave a little squeak. Then he spoke up.

“I don’t think he was watching the movie, girls. I think we need to have a talk about how you’re dressed around the house. Mommy can have a talk with Brian.”

At that mom turned her head at him and gave him a Look. But he must’ve done something, because she gave another squeak and then they were standing up and walking to the hall, him whispering in her ear.

Finally he turned around.

“Girls, come to my room. Brian, go to your room. Your mother will be there in a moment.”

They got up obediently and followed him. I didn’t get a good look at his front, but I could guess he was hard from the way he walked.

“Brian,” mom said quietly, “come to your room. I’ll be in there in a moment.”

I looked down again.

“Mom, I’m… uh… I’m a little…”

When I looked up she was standing in front of me, and my cock twitched. The shirt seemed to cling to her, and it was so far up her legs the slightest movement would have pushed it up over her hips. It took everything I had bahis siteleri to not look between her legs, see if I could catch a glimpse of anything more there.

“I know what you are. I know how you got that way. Now stand up and go to your room.”

“Yes, mom.”

So I stood up. Felt embarrassed as fuck, too — thing felt like it was five feet long and would knock something over if I turned too fast, and… when I stood up, I could feel it push against her hips.

She didn’t say anything about it, though, only repeated, “Go to your room.”

And I went. Lay there on my bed wondering what the hell I was going to tell her.

“No, I didn’t get a hard-on from my twin sisters’ butts. I got hard for a totally different reason that was in no way related to how I was staring directly at them!”

“Yes, I was staring at Riley’s ass, but it’s okay because dad was too and that’s why he was so hard! That and you rubbing your breasts all over him. You have fantastic tits, mom.”

Probably not.

But she did have fantastic tits.

When the hell was she coming in?

Would it be soon enough that I wouldn’t have time to jerk off real quick? Because at this point I was thinking about a whole lot more than Riley and Alice. I was starting to wish I’d sneaked a peek under her shirt, and… God, my cock felt like it was throbbing it was so hard…

I groaned in frustration. Maybe if I was quiet and quick.

I pulled open the front of my boxers, letting it spring out. Yeah, I was a bit eager tonight. Just thinking of mom… No, come on, focus. I wrapped my hand around it and tried to think of how skin sliding felt wonderful, how fantastic it’d feel rubbing against Riley’s perfect ass, smooth and firm and warm…

The door opened, and I froze for a second before trying to fix myself. Too late, and a lost cause anyway. I was stuck sitting on the edge of my bed, standing tall and proud when mom came in.

When mom… holy shit.

All she was wearing was a robe. I don’t know how to explain it properly, but she had nothing else under the robe and you could tell. It was a thin silk one, and everything about it screamed that she was naked underneath, from the way her nipples stood out like bullets to the way the fabric clung to her hips and stomach… And I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but mom has a pretty great body. She’s no skinny supermodel, but she has some serious curves. Perfect double-D tits, a nice plump ass, great legs — no wonder I hear her and dad going at it practically every night. I’d dreamed of seeing her breasts. Literally, had a few wet dreams about it.

And then she was taking off the robe, and there they were. Just as big as I’d imagined them to be. Creamy-looking, with a perfect pair of nipples standing out.

“Brian,” she said quietly, “you were getting a hard-on from looking at your sisters, weren’t you.”

“Y-yes, mom.” I managed to get out.

“And now you’re masturbating thinking of them?”

I looked down. Still hard as a rock.

“No, mom.”

Her voice sounded surprised.

“You bahis şirketleri aren’t? But you — oh. You were thinking of me?”

“Yes, mom.”

She knelt in front of me, and I couldn’t look away. She was — I had to have her, I needed to know what she felt like.

“Your father told me to come in here like this. I believe he said, ‘If the boy’s going to get all hard like that, Rose, give him something to be hard for.’ So now…”

Her voice was becoming huskier.

“… Now you get to look at mommy’s tits. Do you like them, Brian?”

I nodded.

“You’re not touching yourself. You must not like them all that much.”

“No, I do,” I said, “but, are you sure you want me to, to start jerking off in front of you?”

She moved her hands to her breasts and squeezed them.

“You were looking at your sisters and getting hard. Tell me what you were thinking of.”

“… A blowjob,” I finally said, “I was thinking of getting a blowjob.”

“From which one?”

“Riley. She looks like you.”

At that she grinned.

“Flatterer. Just like your father. But you know… Riley doesn’t know how to give a blowjob.”

She leaned forward until her mouth was by my ear and her breasts pushed up against my cock — I nearly came then.

“I do. Mommy knows how to give proper blowjobs to her men.”

She leaned back again, stretching so I could see how they lay on her, how they moved and swayed with her every bent.

“Now do what you were doing before I came in.”

I slowly moved my hand back to my cock. I was almost afraid to, but… at the same time, here she was in my room telling me to. So I stared at her, just as I’d stared at Riley before.

She laughed.

“You like mommy’s big tits? Just like your father.”

She shook her chest at me, made them bounce and jiggle. Played with them a bit, then stood up.

“I bet if you’re anything like him, you’d like mommy’s ass even more.”

She turned around, and — oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. I couldn’t help but start moving my hand faster, it was… I made up my mind then and there that I’d take her eventually. Watch that ass move while I fucked her. Hear her moans while…

“Mommy,” I managed to groan out, “mom, I’m going to come…”

I felt her hand on my cheek and looked ahead to see a conflicted look cross her face. The next thing I knew she was kneeling in front of me, kneading her breasts and whispering to me.

“Come for mommy, then. Come on, come for mommy. Look at mommy’s tits, baby, maybe she’ll let you suck them if you’re a good boy and let mommy have all of your cum, maybe — oh, baby, fuck yes…”

I couldn’t hold it back anymore — the first long rope landed across her breasts, but that was all.

She dived forward and locked her lips around the head, sucking eagerly at it before I took my hands away and she started for more. I think I came more than I ever had before, watching her swallow it all and humming while she bobbed her head up and down.

After she finished draining me she straightened up and reached for the robe she’d hung by the door, taking it around her.

“We spoke to your sisters already,” she said softly, “and … well. You’ll see in the morning. Go to bed, now.”

I lay back.

I think my family may not be normal.

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