The Nights of San Antonio

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My girlfriend Raquel and I have been working hard lately and decided it was time for a much-needed getaway. We decided to go down to San Antonio, Texas, since we have been there before, and the Riverwalk is a great place to visit. It’s also not that far from here in the Dallas, Texas area. We requested a Friday off a couple of weeks in advance so we could have a three-day weekend. With it also being a payday, finances would not be an issue. Also, a friend my girlfriend had met online lived in the San Antonio area and we decided it would be great to meet up and head out to a club with someone who knew the area a little better.

We arrived in San Antonio around 5:30pm and called her friend, Regina to let her know we were in town and to see approximately where she lived. We needed to get a hotel for the night, and wanted one close to Regina’s house so if we stayed late at the club and had to drop her off, it would be quicker getting her back to her house.

We finally got a hotel room around 7:00pm and called Regina to plan the evening. We had her meet us at specified location and we would just take one car. She works, goes to school and stays very busy and this would be the first time in a long while she has been out. She wanted to drink and didn’t want to take a chance on driving while tipsy. We got together and arrived at the club around 11:15pm. We walked in and began the night by heading to the dance floor. We started dancing and they drank as we all danced together. As the night passed, the alcohol was having their effect on them, as they were acting wilder and crazier.

Well, 2:00 AM finally hit and the club was closing down for the night. I might mention that this was the first time in awhile that we had “closed the club down.” Both of the girls were pretty buzzed and I guess you could say almost drunk, so we headed back to our hotel room to chat and let Regina sit it out until she could safely drive back home. We got into the room and just wanted to rest and stretch out. We had danced pretty hard and our legs were tired and a little sore, but it was a much-needed workout. Raquel and Regina decided to relax on the bed so I decided to sit on the reclining chair in the room. We had purchased some alcohol before we went to the club, so I decided to make myself a drink, not being able to take advantage of it at the club. I knew they were feeling pretty good, but decided to offer to make them drinks. I made them both margaritas with tequila, the drink of the raza, and began to try to get me a little buzz going too. Not but a couple of minutes passed and they started chatting and joking around. They weren’t able to get talk that much at the club because of the noise level. I stayed quiet most of the time and just enjoyed relaxing after dancing in the club.

Raquel said something and Regina was literally rolling around on the bed laughing at some of the topics they were discussing. While she was moving around, she moved in a compromising position and I could see she wasn’t wearing any panties. My eyes immediately opened wide, but not enough to draw attention to myself. I was quite shocked, but yet intrigued by her boldness to go au natural. I wondered why she decided on not wearing any panties. Was it because she normally didn’t wear them with skirts or dresses, or was it a preemption of things to come?

As the night went on, the topic turned toward sex. I had found out at this time that Regina had very little sexual relations and was inexperienced as far as sex was concerned. Most of it was florya escort them discussing what positions they liked or what they have tried. They would frequently ask my opinion on the current topic they were discussing. As they were shifting around on the bed, I noticed them sometimes getting close to one another, as girls usually would do while chatting or at a “pajama party”. I didn’t think anything of it, because I knew they were both drunk and balancing was something that doesn’t come easy at that point in time. I think they gave up and just laid down on the bed to chat further, glancing up at the ceiling or just looking around. I noticed one would kind of brush their arm or hand against the other as most girl pals do when they chat and have a great time, but because of the topic and their contact, I started having slight sexual thoughts.

Still on the topic of sex, Regina asked my opinion on what a guy usually does when he wants to break the ice and make the first move. I guess they had bad experiences in conveying the message that they wanted to go further with a guy, or again just wanted to know a guy’s opinion or have his point of view. I told them, a guy usually starts out by making light touches and caresses somewhere on a girl’s body. If she doesn’t seem to back away at that point, then go for a kiss. I was quite surprised and shocked when she said, “OK” and Raquel leaned over and kissed Regina on the lips. You could have shot me at that moment in time, and I would have never felt it. My excitement level shot through the roof watching this take place. Here they were lying in bed, and it appears that they were starting to make out in front of me. I was enjoying it very much. I watched as they continued kissing, and caressing each other’s body. They started to slowly remove clothing while continuing to kiss, and here I was getting to be a bystander enjoying the show. I started becoming turned on and sexually charged as most men’s fantasy was taking place in front of me now. Raquel removed Regina’s shirt and worked here way down from Regina’s lips to her nipples. She took them one by one into her mouth, and I could hear the loud and deep moans escaping from Gina’s mouth. I could tell she was enjoying this, and I found out later this was her first time with a woman.

Regina decided to remove Raquel’s dress up over her head and have her first taste of Raquel’s nipple. They were taking turns sucking on each other’s nipples and kissing. Raquel decided to take it up a notch and move her hand down between Gina’s legs. She slid her finger between Gina’s pussy lips and started fingering her. As she was doing this, you could hear the sloshing wet sound and you could see the wetness on her finger. I decided to move in for a closer look and climbed on the bed. I started kissing Raquel’s leg and glancing at the hot action in front of me. I could my pants fitting me a little more tightly due to the erection I had. I worked my way between Raquel’s legs and moved my tongue on her pussy lips. I smelled the musky scent of her excited pussy, increasing the size of my still growing erection. I knew she was enjoying every bit of it. I decided to move over between Gina’s legs to where I could watch more of the action. I got real close to Raquel’s hand as it was still sliding in and out of Gina’s pussy and rubbing it on her hard clit.

I inhaled deeply and could smell the excitement and see the wetness of Gina’s pussy juices. I started kissing on my girlfriend’s hand, göztepe escort hoping she would take the hint and let me taste the juices off her finger. She knew me pretty well and as if on queue, she stuck the wet fingers from Gina in my mouth. I sucked them, cleaning every drop, as it was my last drink before dying. I was enjoying the taste of something new and different. She stuck her finger back in for a minute to coat it with more juices and let me suck them again. She then pulled her finger out of my mouth and pushed my head toward Regina’s pussy. It was just as good if not better than tasting it off my girlfriend’s fingers, who was now kissing Gina’s lips and sucking on her nipples. I was getting very hot and decided to remove my clothes. I resumed my position between her legs while my girlfriend came up behind me while I was on my knees, and started stroking my hard cock. She also started licking my balls, and did something that I enjoyed very much…rimming me. I was in heaven at this point, pleasuring Regina who had been great company all night, and getting pleased myself by the woman I love.

My girlfriend got out from behind me and whispered in my ear not to make Gina cum yet, making her suffer even further. I continued for another minute or two, and then switched places with Raquel. I moved up to Gina’s nipple and took it into my mouth. I could feel and taste the saliva from my girlfriend where I knew she had been moments earlier, as Raquel took her turn drinking from the fountain of youth. I stared lustfully into Gina’s eyes to see how she was enjoying it. If a picture was worth a thousand words, then her eyes were the Mona Lisa. Her eyes were telling me how much she was into it. A smile came across my mouth from the enjoyment of being able to please my girlfriend, and having another woman near to please too.

Regina’s moans were getting louder as Raquel was between her legs, licking her clit and sucking her pussy juices. I was sucking on her Regina’s nipple and pinching it slightly with my lips. All of a sudden, her breathing became real heavy and her hips started bucking as she had her first orgasm of the night. With that we all broke apart, relaxed and switched positions. I got in bed and laid next to Regina. Raquel then started to kiss me on the lips. Her kisses were very good, as I also tasted the combination of Regina’s juices and the alcohol in her. She took a nipple in her mouth, sucking and licking it, making it felt very good. Gina then decided to join in and do the same, taking my other nipple in her and sucking it.

WOW! Raquel continued her journey down my body, reaching my waistline and sliding her mouth down on my fully rigid member. I was very relaxed and turned on at this moment. Here I had had my beautiful girlfriend, and another very attractive woman in bed with me. I felt like a king in his castle! Regina came up off my nipple and then began to kiss me. I could taste the alcohol on her breath that she was drinking earlier, and it was adding more excitement to the moment. This was the first time I had two women pleasing me at the same time, and it was a wonderful feeling. I was immediately hooked on this and never wanted this to end.

After awhile, we exchanged places again and I got Raquel on her back. Regina was new to being with a woman and wanted to take full advantage of it. She kissed Raquel for some time before slowly working her way down Raquel’s body, taking one of her very hard nipples in her mouth. I decided halkalı escort to join her and take the other nipple in my mouth. Gina and I were watching each other, and we could see the excitement. Raquel was enjoying it very much as we could hear her breathing get heavier. Gina decided she wanted her first taste of another woman and worked her way down between Raquel’s legs, taking her puffy pussy lips in her mouth. She sucked on them getting the flavor from Raquel’s juices, while also separating the lips with her tongue, finding Raquel’s hard clit. Raquel let out a small moan while she was having her love hole pleasured, and her nipple sucked on. Gina worked her tongue in a frenzy, savoring this new found taste. We had her cumming in a very short time after that.

We finally glanced at the clock and it was 6:30 in the morning. We had been having so much fun that time slipped away from us. Gina and I got dressed so I could take her back to her car. Raquel and I thanked Gina for the fun and excitement we had, and offered our services if she was ever up our way. Gina decided to return the favor and thank us for showing her the light. She had a very happy smile on her face as she hugged and kissed Raquel goodnight. I walked her out of the hotel room and down to my car, where I drove her to her car. As I arrived, I again thanked her for the wonderful time that night, and told her that I hoped she enjoyed it as much as we did. I told her that Raquel would be contacting her by email or instant messaging soon to see how things went and to express any further comments on the night. I told her goodbye as she got back to her car and she drove away to her house.

I drove back to the hotel room, removed my clothes and crawled back in the bed we had just shared a passionate night with another woman about 30 minutes earlier. I decided this was to be our alone time together. I held her close to my body, started kissing her, and we talked in between touching and kissing about what had happened earlier. We both got excited again and decided to have more fun. I wanted to taste more of her pussy that I had tasted earlier, so I decided to go back down on her again. She was still wet from earlier and I enjoyed the taste. I always have! I was nibbling on her clit while sucking on her pussy lips and she was loving it. I continued eating her as I felt her move her hips in a rhythm to my tongue. Soon, I heard her breathing really hard as she started cumming. I gripped onto her legs and push my mouth hard onto her pussy, not letting go until she finished.

After her great cum, she got up and flipped me on my back and told me that she wanted to ride me hard. She got on her knees and spread her pussy lips and worked my cock slowly into her pussy. Mmmmm, it felt very hot and wet after her cum, and I relaxed and enjoyed it. She was bouncing up and down, and started massaging her breasts at the same time. She was pinching and twisting her nipples between her fingers. She also decided to lift her nipple to her mouth and start sucking on it. I was watching her and it was driving me wild. I was getting harder with each stroke, and I knew pretty soon, I would shoot my load. She sensed my cock getting stiffer and harder and knew I would soon be cumming, so decided to get back on her knees and finish with her mouth. Not long after she engulfed my cock, it started twitching and I knew what lay ahead. I felt it build up and I let out a large moan as I came very hard. It was one of the best ones I had in a while. She took it all in her mouth and swallowed every last drop.

Afterwards, we knew that it was very late, so we held each other and said our “I love you’s”. We also thanked each other for the wonderful night and fell asleep shortly after that. This had been a very exciting day for me, one I will not forget for a long time. Life has been very good to me.

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