The Night I Saved Her Life

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Just a feel-good story with a happy ending


For years I’d been away from home, travelling the world, building a good career while I was at it I might add and remaining independent but now I felt that it was time to connect up with the family once again. It had been ten years to the day since I’d left home as a mark in my diary confirmed and it felt right that I should make some effort to reunite with my family.

Perhaps it wouldn’t be a good idea – perhaps I should never have allowed kinship to enter my mind again, perhaps I’d be better just roaming the world just as I had been of late. But blood is thicker than most other bonds and it really felt time to return, if not to the womb itself then to the womb of the family – if only just to show my face and to see how the rest of the family was getting on. I’d just turned 30 and time seemed to be rushing past…

I’d left home after I’d finished with university, secure in the knowledge that I could now progress into the business world along with my newly framed honours. I’d left home though, not because of my academic success but conversely because I’d been in no hurry to find work. It was too pleasurable to lounge around at home, vapidly browsing the internet, jerking off as often as possible to my magazines, screwing any female I was able to and generally ‘having a good time’.

However, that ennui on my part had caused a big disturbance in the family – one that culminated in my father and I having a shouting match, my mother standing at his shoulder by way of support.

“Get off your backside and get a bloody job,” he said finally, his face red with fury.

And I’d yelled back, “Well fuck you – I’m off then.”

And that was that.

Within half an hour I’d packed and left – heading to the railway station; then to a friend’s place for a while until I’d secured a half-way decent job and then I was off to continents far from home.

Years had passed – and in those ten years I’d changed so much. One of the first things I’d done was to change my name; I now used the name Chris rather than my given name of Rodney – well, who wouldn’t? And I’d grown into a sun-browned hunk, all 6′ 2″ and 200 pounds of me. I kept my fair hair trimmed, my nails clean and my mind dirty and I could look good in beach shorts or a business suit. I’d found an opening in the tourist world; created a niche, made myself a good name and progressed well; my fifth travel agency was going to open next month. My bank balance was healthy and I’d even learned to speak several languages – I was quite proud of myself. I’d bought myself a comfy home and owned a modern car and one way and another I’d done well – far better than my father had ever thought I’d do, that was for certain.

But now I felt that bygones needed to be buried – I’d matured and time had passed and old wounds had healed, at least in my mind. It was time to return…

Half an hour before the town’s edifices would appear down the road; once the road signs began acknowledging the town’s existence, cold shivers began to run down my spine. Could I really just turn up at my old doorway and expect to be welcomed?

I shook my head quickly as reality sank in…no, this needed to be done in a somewhat more controlled manner; a gradual approach with perhaps a phone call or a card – and then a visit. My return was a precipitous idea that I now realised really needed more care – hell, I didn’t even know if my family still existed; if anyone was there at all. Well, I did actually know that they still existed because my parents were still listed when I’d checked with the telephone enquiry service but I knew nothing more…

I needed to stay nearby but privately out of sight; almost invisible until I knew how the land lay. I mused on the matter as I drove, finally deciding that I’d book some accommodation for a short while, perhaps a week, maybe less. That would give me time enough to know, time enough to find out if I could return.

The motorway services were up ahead and I pulled in, partially to calm myself down and just as importantly to find somewhere to stay. My smartphone showed the local accommodation and I began ringing around, soon finding a suitably anonymous hotel on the edge of town. Quickly I booked a couple of nights there and they were willing enough to give me a discounted rate for more than an overnight stay; it would be fine – a good start.

And twenty minutes later I was parking in their car park, my heart once again hammering in my chest as the impending family reunion loomed closer. This was going to be scary; frightening – I’d rather have faced a whole new country than my own family! Heck, there was only my father, my mother and my sister but between them they loomed larger than an entire army!

As I lumped my bags up the stairs and settled into my room I discovered the extent of my accommodation – there were no catering facilities at the hotel and no bar. On the other hand, my room was more like a suite, canlı bahis consisting of a living area, a recessed bed, a small bathroom and even a mini-kitchen. It was nothing special but nevertheless the place contained all that I needed for now and would do for my needs, such as they were.

The one thing that I appreciated most was that I was given a key to let myself into the hotel and into my room, there being no formal reception desk or area. I could come and go without causing a fuss, so if I happened to find a bit of skirt then no-one need know! It would do – it was suitably quiet and peaceful, if boring…so what to do to pass the time? I needed to make contact with my parents but after that, what else? There was a TV in my room but it wasn’t a satellite unit and my new personality wasn’t really into watching television all day any more than I could spend all day browsing the internet as I’d once done. The view from my window overlooked the park and river but I couldn’t just sit and stare all day, so what else. If I was planning to wait around, the very least I needed was something to drink; something perhaps to calm my nerves.

But rather than raid the small bar in the suite, a bar whose options ran to beer or vodka plus a few soft drinks, I decided to go and buy something from the shops.

I spread my road map of the town on the bed and scanned it, quickly picking out my old home address. I felt a shiver pass through me before I dragged my eyes across the map, now noting that the town hadn’t changed so much that I couldn’t find my way to the local supermarket, so picking up my keys I walked back to the car then headed off down the road. Soon I was in possession of sufficient booze to keep me going at least for a few days and having paid for my wares I drove back towards the hotel, now idly wondering what the old town looked like after those ten years. In curiosity I turned from the main road and began cruising the streets, seeking known landmarks and sights. The town was still the much same; some new shop fronts and a couple of new building but otherwise was remarkably unchanged – even the bridge over the river was exactly how I’d remembered it.

But it was there that my world changed – it was on that bridge as I drove over it that I spotted her – an obviously distressed woman just standing there by the bridge parapet and I actually drove past her before realisation hit me.

“Oh no you don’t!” I exclaimed to myself as I did a quick tyre-squealing u-turn, “No way are you gonna jump!”

In seconds I’d pulled up near her and in seconds more I was beside her, my hand firmly on her arm.

“Hey – relax – it’s ok. I’m here – let me help,” I said, eager to explain my presence quickly, “Come on, come away from there.”

“No, I don’t want help. Just leave me – let me go!” the woman cried, her body squirming away from me, her face partially hidden by her hand and a soggy handkerchief.

I hung on though; she was my responsibility now and I firmly pulled her away from the river and stood between her and the parapet. She seemed to calm down now she was away from the closeness of the water and realising that she wasn’t about to run or to hit me or seemingly do anything silly I moved closer in front of her and gently wrapped my arms around her while making as many soft and gentle sounds as I could; placating sounds to try to relax her.

She looked quite pretty – well, really pretty once I saw past the red eyes and smudged mascara and she looked as if she had a nice figure beneath her coat. I guessed that she was in her twenties, perhaps late twenties and she was quite tall, although with her deflated posture it was hard to be certain. In the half-light of evening, her hair was much the same colour as mine and her lips looked warm and soft but she was troubled, deeply troubled.

I needed to let her unwind and relax and to allow all the anguish to come out but first of all I needed to get her somewhere safe. Slowly and carefully I edged her towards the car, immediately seeing the fear in her eyes; the fear of abduction.

“No, you’ll be ok – just come and sit down and let’s have a talk – tell me about it – tell me what’s upset you,” I said as I guided her to the car, “It can’t have been all that bad, surely?”

Between sobs and sniffs I managed to get her seated in the car and joined her, carefully holding her hand as she did her best to tell me of her woes.

“It was just everything,” she cried, her voice fitful and weak, “So many things… My boyfriend left me and I ran out of money and I’m gonna lose my flat and then my dad shouted at me and told me it was all my fault and then they told me at work that I’d lost my job because my rotten boyfriend had caused trouble and then…”

“Whoa, whoa,” I said, “Slow down, relax – it’s all over now. Nothing else is going to happen now, I promise.”

My promise was an idle one in a way – I knew nothing of this woman – for all I knew she could have been making it all up and yet there bahis siteleri was no way that I could not help her, or at least try to help. I was hardly in a position to help her, apart from financially perhaps, but my inner self wouldn’t allow her to get hurt again.

“But no-one loves me,” she wailed as another flood of tears poured forth, “I just need loving, that’s all.”

Now that was one thing that I could definitely rectify, just so long as the needed loving was of the physical type – I could most certainly help there! And what was more, now that she was in the comparative warmth of the car her coat had been pushed open to reveal not just a substantial length of sleek, bare thighs but the swell of some quite substantial breasts as well. The potential benefits to my sex life were there to be enjoyed, so long as I played my cards right and immediately those thoughts penetrated my mind so a glow seemed to spread through me, a glow that turned into warmth in my groin, a warm and quickly growing sign of my arousal too.

But it was too early for that as yet; I needed to get this woman to unwind considerably more before I could hope to get her into my bed.

“Of course you’re loved,” I said softly and gently as I stroked her hand, “Hell, I love you already, you’re so sweet and you’ve had such a rough time.”

“It’s been horrible,” she wailed, “I don’t know which was worse; my dad or the bank manager or my boyfriend – I just can’t stand it any more.”

“That’s no reason to think of jumping in the river,” I said, “Imagine how cold it would have been!”

That didn’t help – the sobs kept right on coming…

“You would have got all your clothes wet too,” I said, trying to keep things light-hearted, “Would have been a horrible mess!”

“I don’t care – so what!” she cried, “I just want to be loved – everyone hates me.”

I felt her hand grasp mine and squeeze; I was getting somewhere…

“I don’t hate you – what have you done to me?” I countered, “All you’ve done is to stop me from being alone this evening and I’m really grateful for that but it’ll be even nicer if you manage to dry those tears. Come on, see if you can do that for me.”

“I’ll try,” she sniffed and she even managed a small smile and another squeeze.

“That’s better,” I said encouragingly, “Hey, you look prettier already!”

Her smile fell away as I said that.

“But I’m not pretty – I’m ugly – my boyfriend told me that,” she howled as another flood of tears erupted.

“You’re not – he’s an idiot,” I insisted as I pressed my clean dry handkerchief into her hand, “You’re very pretty, now come on, buck up – look pretty for me, eh?”

“I’ll try,” she repeated, “But what do I want to live for – I’ve got nothing!”

“Hah – you think you’ve got nothing – well, what about me then?” I countered, “I fell out with my dad too and I haven’t seen any of my family for years and years – hey, I’ve got a sister I haven’t seen in all that time either.”

“Have you?” she replied as she wiped her face with my handkerchief, “Is she nice?”

“Dunno,” I answered simply, “She was only a teenage brat when I last saw her – she must be about your age now; maybe even a bit older. Wish I could see her though; that’s what I’m doing in town actually.”

As I spoke I saw the girl shiver and I realised now that she was quite chilly; despite her coat she wasn’t really dressed to be out at this time of night and I wondered what I could do to help. I turned the car heater up as high as it would go and fired up the motor. Taking her back to her place was obviously not the best thing to do right now, so she’d have to come back to mine – my hotel room – at least until I could find some answers to her problems.

Deep inside me something stirred as the thought of having a woman with me made things interesting and my penis began to fill out once again. Quickly I shuffled my hips around to make my growing hard-on more comfy and less likely to be visible, a movement that made me feel quite self-conscious for some reason.

Then I quickly explained my thoughts – the clean ones, at any rate – and suggested that we could pick up a take-away meal en route and my suggestion was answered by a small smile and another quick squeeze of my hand, and then I was concentrating on driving; trying to remember where was best to pick up a meal.

And there it was, the same Chinese take-away still standing, still unchanged and still looking busy as I pulled into their car park. With instructions not to move I left the girl in the car and organised our meal; the girl having been quite happy for me to make the choice – and not ten minutes later I was back with her.

“Mmmmm, smells good,” she said as the delicious odours of food began filling the car, “Makes me feel better already.”

“When did you last eat then?” I asked and the girl looked down at her lap.

“Yesterday morning,” she said sheepishly, “I can’t afford to eat.”

I growled in annoyance at her plight bahis şirketleri and found myself stopping at a nearby convenience store to buy some extra bits and pieces to eat; it was almost certain that this poor waif would eat my share too…and by the time I was back in the car it looked as if I’d done the weekly shopping!

Back on the road I felt more relaxed now because even if my troubles were only just beginning, I was slowly sorting hers out. I felt better in myself and also aware that next to me was a pretty girl who needed filling in more than one way. She certainly needed lots of love…!

“Hey, I don’t even know your name,” I said, “I’m Chris.”

“I’m called Chloe,” she replied, “That’s the name I use; I changed my name – that’s what they call me at work…well, they used to.”

A sudden rush of miseries almost caused me to stop the car before she blew her nose and smiled at me over the handkerchief.

“I’m sorry – I can’t help it – I’m just so lonely now,” she cried.

“No you’re not,” I answered firmly, “Not while I’m around – you’re with me. Oh and that’s a strange coincidence – my sister’s name was Chloe as well – her middle name anyway.”

Inside me I wondered what the hell I was doing; letting myself get lumbered with this woman and yet somehow it seemed right to help her – not to mention the fact that I might just be ‘buying’ myself a bit of tail and suddenly I decided that I’d do everything I could to help her, so long as she could help me too. And with those thoughts in my mind I drove into the driveway of the hotel and switched the motor off.

“We’re here,” I said unnecessarily, “Come on then, let’s get some grub inside us.”

Gallantly I helped Chloe out of the car and was treated to a display of her long slim legs, a view that terminated what had to be only a few inches below her pussy. I felt a swelling in my groin and a quickening in my heart as my excitement grew once more.

Laden with bags and bottles, we met no-one in the hotel and then I was closing the door to my room and spreading out my wares on the table.

Chloe was changing now, from a sad waif into something that actually resembled a woman. Inside a few moments she’d found the bathroom, made use of the plumbing, brushed her hair, added some eye makeup and done her lips and when she emerged she looked truly pretty.

“Whew!” I had to gasp as I saw her, “Bloody hell, you scrubbed up well – don’t you look good!”

“No I don’t,” she said, pulling a sad face, “I’m all red and blotchy and my hair…”

“Shut up – don’t be silly!” I said, as nicely as possibly, “You look wonderful to me but forget all that – come and get something inside you.”

She sure did look good, blotches or not – her appearance aided by the swell of those quite substantial breasts and her long sleek legs.

I felt quivers of excitement surge through me as I took in her considerable charms – she was certainly a looker and appealed to me in so many ways. I felt myself being sucked into her, quite unintentionally and yet quite happily.

I hate eating with plastic cutlery but that was all that we had, but they were adequate and anyway we used our fingers too and it took a remarkably short time before we were both relatively well stuffed. I’d poured us both a drink too and now replenished the glasses. And do I need to say that my meal tasted even sweeter as Chloe’s folded legs filled my eyes just as the food filled my belly. And then we were both leaning back into our chairs with moist remnants of food around our mouths and on our fingers. I felt comfortably replete – but the best part was that Chloe was now looking so much better.

She’d warmed up now and her cheeks had acquired a glowing brightness of health and vitality. Her eyes shone now, brightly lighting my world with their warmth and even her lips looked plumper and more luscious.

What was more was that she’d discarded her coat soon after we’d entered the room and now she also discarded her next layer, a kind of cardigan, to reveal a sleeveless dress which was unable to hide a very appealing figure.

She was beginning to look as if she might turn out to be quite a catch!

“Oh Chris, I haven’t felt as good as this in weeks,” she said, her face now full of smiles, “You’ve been so good – I don’t know how to thank you.”

Instead of replying with the words that were in my mind I laughed happily with her.

“Look – you needed help and this was the least I could do,” I said, “And you’ve done me good too – it’s not often I manage to save a pretty woman.”

She sat more upright and reached for my hand and then we were both sitting there holding hands while something akin to love flowed between us as we gazed into each other’s eyes.

“You’ve got the same eyes as me,” said Chloe using her fingers to trace the outlines, “And the same shaped nose.”

“And my hair’s the same colour as yours,” I replied, “And we’re both tall – we make a lovely couple.”

We leaned closer and kissed briefly; a kind of friendly ‘thank you’ kiss that ended with us both looking slightly embarrassed as we sat back in our chairs again

But it was then that some more thoughts reached me.

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