The Name of the Game

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Liz sat on the couch with her long legs crossed, the high heel on her raised foot rocking back and forth with the nervous energy of her toes moving. Her short tight skirt was up high on her thighs, the tops of her thigh high stockings showing a strip of bare skin above them.

Lisa grinned and said to her roommate, “You’re motor is running. Any reason or just general horniness?”

Liz had her arms folder across her upper stomach as she stared off into space. Her arms pushed up her large breasts. The cleavage at the top of her tank top was almost to the bursting point. “Valentines Day is tomorrow and I haven’t even got a date, much less a boyfriend.”

Lisa laid down her book and grinned. “I plan on celebrating with my red vibrator until I can’t hardly breath and then I’m going to sleep.”

Liz shifted her ass on the couch and looked at her roommate. “That almost comes under the heading of too much information but in your case I’ll make an exception.”

Lisa chuckled and replied, “Yeah, you should, after all I bought that red vibrator to see just high up the walls I could make you climb.”

Liz shivered and looked away but did not say anything. The shoe was moving even faster and now slapped softly against her heel.

Lisa grinned and whispered, “That revved up your motor, didn’t it.”

“With you sitting there with that little wraparound barely covering anything, what do you think?” Liz shot back.

Lisa was well aware of what was showing and what was not. The bright red wrap was fastened in the center of her upper chest. Her small breasts were covered but from there down, the wrap was open, the lower edges of the opening were at each hip. Her legs were together and her feet were curled up next to her ass. Nothing was showing but the idea that she was naked had Liz on a high boil and Lisa knew it.

Neither of them were lesbian but both were bi to some extent. Lisa more so than Liz. That they enjoyed sex with each other was not really a problem with either of them but Liz was still shy about it and Lisa enjoyed teasing her.

“But you love my slinky little body so much,” Lisa teased.

Liz grinned and whispered, “Bitch!”

“Yeah, but you’re my bitch,” Lisa whispered back.

Liz whimpered softly as she remembered the way she had come a few nights before as Lisa fucked her with that red vibrating dildo. With a big shiver, she asked quickly, “What about Valentines Day?”

“What about it? We can celebrate by ourselves or we can invite a few friends over,” Lisa replied.

“But all our friends are couples at the present time,” Liz protested.

“Not Robert,” Lisa whispered.

Liz’s head snapped around, her eyes wide, and her mouth open. Robert was the hunk she always drooled over but he was taken and had been forever and three days. Ever since high school, he and Donna had been an item.

“Yeah, Donna’s done fucked up royally,” Lisa, said with a big grin. “He caught her in bed with someone else.”

“Dumb bitch,” Liz whispered.

“Maybe, maybe not. The guy who she was in bed with married her a few days later. Robert has been stringing her along for how many years now? Five, if I’m not mistaken.”

“Hey, he had to finish college and find a job to support them,” Liz protested.

Lisa grinned. “If you say so, girl friend.”

Liz frowned and looked away from her friend. “I’m just saying….”

“Yeah, I know, you’ve lusted after him since high school so you have to be loyal. Now is your chance.”

“My chance to what? He isn’t interested in me and never has been. I’m the other girl in a triangle of my own fantasies. I don’t think he’s ever said more than a dozen words to me in all the time I’ve known him,” Liz said quickly.

“He’s been with Donna ever since you’ve known him,” Lisa pointed out.

“And?” Liz asked.

Lisa ran her eyes up and down Liz’s body until Liz squirmed on the couch. “He may not have said much to you but I will guarantee he has undressed you with his eyes several times.”

Liz squirmed again. “That makes two of you.”

Lisa laughed and said, “Like you haven’t undressed him several times when he was around and many times in the privacy of your bedroom. I’ve heard the moans and groans and his name several times in the quiet hours of the night.”

Much to Lisa’s surprise, Liz blushed a scarlet red. A few seconds later, Liz whispered, “I saw him in swim trunks one time so I have some idea of what he would look like nude. Well, most of him anyway.”

“So call him and see if he has any plans for Valentines Day. If he doesn’t then invite him to supper. If he accepts then we’ll figure out a way to make you dessert,” Lisa said with a big grin.

Liz blushed again but she had a grin on her face also.


A few minutes before five on Valentines Day, the doorbell rang at Liz and Lisa’s apartment. Lisa answered the door. She had on her best little black dress, with thigh high dark stockings and black high heels. Robert looked a little confused. “Uh, maybe I have the wrong place. I was looking for Liz Bryant.”

“I’m Liz’s roommate, Lisa, bakırköy escort so you have the right place. Come on in,” Lisa said with a big smile. Robert was tall and broad across the shoulders. He was dressed nicely in slacks, a dress shirt, and a nicely tailored jacket. The shirt was open at the throat.

“I’m glad to meet you Lisa,” he said as he handed her a bottle of wine. “I wasn’t sure what was for supper but white seemed to cover a lot of things.”

“White is Liz’s favorite and mine also. Come on back to the kitchen, supper is almost ready I think. My cooking sucks so Liz is taking care of most of it.”

Liz was standing next to the sink rinsing pasta in a colander. Her short red dress was at mid thigh, which was normal for her. The back of the dress was cut down to very near her tailbone and the front had a deep V down between her breasts.

“Our guest has arrived,” Lisa said as she rounded the breakfast bar and opened a cabinet next to the sink.

Liz looked over her shoulder and grinned at Robert. “Welcome to our home.”

Robert looked from Liz to Lisa and back again. “Your home? Are you a couple then?”

Lisa laughed and Liz blushed. “No, we are roommates and have been for a couple of years,” Lisa explained. “We both consider this home for the present time.”

“Oh, sorry, I’m kind of new at this dating thing. I expected one woman and when there was suddenly two, I got a little nervous and confused.” Nervous and confused he might have been but his eyes were all over Liz.

Lisa had three wine glasses set out on the counter and opened a drawer to look for the corkscrew. “From what I’ve heard, you have been out of the game for quite some time,” Lisa said as she carried the wine bottle and corkscrew over to the breakfast bar and placed them in front of Robert.

Before he could answer, she asked, “Want to do the honors? I seem to get cork in the wine every time I do it.”

“You screw it in too far or pull it out too fast,” Robert said as he picked up the corkscrew. “As for being out of the game for a long time, yeah, that would be me. I’m so far out that I have no idea of what goes on anymore.”

“Screwing it in too far and pulling it out too fast are two things I’ve never been accused of before,” Lisa said with a laugh.

Robert popped the cork out of the wine bottle about that time and stood there looking at Lisa with his mouth open.

Liz had poured the pasta into a large bowl and stood there shaking her head. “You’ll have to forgive my roommate, she is obviously brain damaged. Sex, sex, sex, that’s all she thinks about.”

“And what is wrong with that,” Lisa asked as she took the wine bottle from Robert, her eyes on his.

Robert shook his head and said, “Nothing that I can see.”

Liz shook her head again. “All I need tonight, two perverts instead of the usual one.”

Lisa turned around and whispered, “That’s three perverts instead of the usual two.”

“I am not a pervert,” Liz said quickly. “I’m just sexually proactive.”

“Not lately,” Lisa said, as she poured the wine. “Lately you’ve been more sexually passive than anything else.”

Liz gave Lisa a hard look and then turned to the stove and the spaghetti sauce. As she stirred the sauce, she whispered, “I think that is enough of this conversation.”

Lisa grinned and handed Robert a glass of wine. “Don’t let her kid you, she’s dying to serve you her special dessert.”

“Lisa!” Liz said sharply.

Robert sipped his wine but he had a smile on his lips that threatened to break out into a grin. A moment later, he asked, “How special is this dessert of hers?”

“Very special and very tasty,” Lisa replied with a wink and a grin.

“And you know this how?” Robert asked with a grin of his own.

“Lisa!” Liz said even sharper than before.

“I’ve been known to nibble on it myself,” Lisa replied, ignoring Liz’s protests.

“That’s very interesting,” Robert said, as his eyes moved from one young woman to the other. Liz blushed under his eyes and Lisa grinned and winked again.

Robert looked at Lisa and asked, “Just how tasty is it?”

Lisa licked her lips with an exaggerated motion of her tongue and replied, “I’ve never tasted any that was better.”

“Well, I’ve never tasted but one, so….” Robert said and then left the sentence hanging.

Lisa laughed and whispered, “I’ve never tasted but the one either. Well, not counting my own, that is.” Liz made a moaning groaning sound and blushed a deep hot red.

Robert chuckled and asked, “Is supper ready yet?”

“Are you in a hurry to get to dessert?” Lisa asked.

“It’s ready,” Liz said quickly.

“Supper or dessert?” Robert asked and then chuckled.

“Probably both,” Lisa said with a chuckle of her own.

“Supper,” Liz said and then added, “The plates are on the counter and you guys can serve yourself. I’m not hungry for some reason.”

Lisa sat her wine down, turned and put her arms around her roommate. “Don’t be that way. We were just teasing you. At least I başakşehir escort was, I think Robert has other plans for you.”

“Hey now, I was just going along with the teasing,” Robert said softly. “I’m sorry if I overstep some boundary.”

Liz looked around at Robert and smiled shyly. “It’s not you, it’s this instigator that has her arms around me. She loves to make me blush.”

“And a beautiful blush it is,” Robert replied, which made Liz blush.

Lisa chuckled and step back from Liz. She slapped her on the ass lightly. The thin dress and lack of panties made the slap sound harder than it was. Liz jumped and Lisa said, “Grab your plate, the cook eats first around here.”


The spaghetti disappeared fast as the three sat at the breakfast bar eating. The wine did also and Robert opened a second bottle, red this time. As he refilled their glasses, he said, “This is a very different Valentines Day than I normally have.”

“How so,” Liz asked.

“I would pick up Donna and we’d go out for supper. Then we would make the rounds of the clubs and finally back to her place or mine.”

“I never understood why you guys had two places. It seemed like a waste of money to me,” Lisa said.

Robert shrugged. “I felt the same way but Donna wanted her own place and space even back in college.”

“So a home cooked meal was out of the question,” Liz said.

Robert laughed and nodded. “Donna was not the domestic type in any way, shape, or form.”

Liz frowned and looked at Robert. “That’s not the way she told it. According to her, you wanted your space and all she wanted to do was to make a home for the two of you.”

“That may be what she told everyone but it’s nowhere near the facts. I asked her to marry me no less than six times in the last four years. Her reply was that she was not ready to settle down yet. That I caught her in bed with one of my best friends just shows how stupid I really was.”

“How long had that been going on?” Lisa asked.

Robert shrugged. “According to her it was the one and only time but….”

“Did you ever cheat on her?” Liz asked softly.

Robert shook his head. “Hell, no. I’d loved her since high school and wanted her and only her.”

“So, what now?” Lisa asked.

Robert shrugged. “Hell if I know, I’m starting over.”

Lisa grinned and whispered, “If you want a recommendation, I know this great gal with low mileage and a loving heart, a good job and a good sense of humor. She blushes a lot but she is a very good lover.”

Robert looked her way and Lisa pointed at Liz. He looked at Liz and she blushed deeply. Lisa laughed and whispered, “You’ve been at the top of her fantasy list since high school.”

“Big mouth,” Liz told Lisa sharply.

“Hey, what are friends for,” Lisa shot back.

Looking at Liz, Robert asked, “Is that true?”

Liz blushed again and nodded. “Uh, yeah but you were taken.”

“I’m not anymore,” Robert whispered.

Lisa laughed. “She’s well aware of that, once I told her about the breakup and she’s right, I am an instigator. I’m the one who set this whole thing up.”

Robert grinned and said, “Then I’ll have to figure out a way to thank you.”

“So… so will I,” Liz whispered with a shy smile on her face.

“Can I make a suggestion or three,” Lisa whispered as she looked from Liz to Robert and then back again.

Liz blushed deeply and Robert chuckled nervously. “Like I said, this is like no Valentines Day I’ve ever been a part of.”

“So, hurry up and finish your spaghetti,” Lisa said with a grin.


The pots, pans, and dishes ended up stacked in the sink over Liz’s protests. Liz sat on the couch on one side of Robert and Lisa sat on his other side. Robert took a sip of his wine and leaned back with a deep sigh. “I’m stuffed,” he said and sighed again.

“I’m not,” Lisa said with a grin. “How about you Liz, are you stuffed?” Liz blushed and shook her head. “I guess we’ll have to wait to taste your sweet little dessert, then.”

“I’m not that stuffed,” Robert said grinning at Liz.

Liz squirmed on the couch. “If you two don’t behave, you’re going to scorch dessert.”

“I like it hot and juicy, how about you Robert?” Lisa asked.

“Juicy is good. Hot is very good. A cold dry dessert is hard to eat,” he replied and then licked his lips.

Liz whimpered and then groaned softly. “Please, you guys. I’m… I’m sitting in a puddle over here.”

Lisa turned sideways on the couch, slipped off her shoes, and pulled her feet up next to her ass. To Robert she said, “She does get wet, very wet in fact.”

“That will be a new experience. I think Donna had money invested in several lubricant companies,” was his reply.

Liz giggled. “The only time I’ve ever needed lube was the first time I tried… uh… never mind,” she said and then blushed a beet red.

Robert looked at Liz with his mouth hanging open. A few seconds later as Lisa laughed, he asked in a whisper,” Uh, are you talking about what I think you’re talking bayrampaşa escort about?”

“If you’re thinking anal, then we have a winner,” Lisa said and laughed again as Liz blushed and Robert swallowed noisily.

“I’ve… uh… never tried that,” Robert admitted.

“All those years together and Donna never….” Liz started to ask and then faltered.

“Uh… she… uh… liked to ride cowgirl most of the time,” Robert whispered. “When she rode reversed, I would see her… uh, maybe I should keep that to myself.”

Lisa laughed and asked, “Why?” Before Robert could answer she added, “It sounds like you have a fantasy of your own.”

Robert grinned. “I did try to stick my thumb in there once but she came unglued and jumped off the bed. Talk about mad. She was so mad she got dressed and went home.”

“She sounds more and more like some kind of control freak,” Liz said softly.

With a nod, Robert replied, “I kind of got that feeling myself from time to time but as they say, love is blind.”

“Selfish is more like it or maybe spoiled rotten,” Lisa said. “She used you to get what she wanted and she got it her own way or the highway.”

“Uh, that sounds even closer to the truth, now that you mention it,” Robert said thoughtfully.

Liz shifted on the couch. “I don’t see how a person could be that way if they really loved someone.”

Robert looked her way and replied, “Me either.”

“Two romantics on Valentines Day, what could be better,” Lisa said with a grin as she stood up and picked up her shoes. “You two have fun, I’m going to go curl up with a book and my favorite toy.”

Liz’s eyes got wide and she shook her head. Robert smiled at Lisa and said, “You don’t have to leave on my account.”

Lisa laughed and told Robert, “She won’t do anything with me here. She’s shy that way.”

“I am not,” Liz said and then blushed as she realized what she had said.

“Then climb on his lap before I do,” Lisa told Liz with a big grin on her face.

Liz groaned and blushed again. “I…. I…. I….” She stammered softly.

Lisa shook her head and sat down crossways on Robert’s lap. “Shy is one thing I’m not,” she whispered as she leaned against his chest and kissed him softly on the lips.

Liz sat there with her eyes wide and her mouth hanging open as the two kissed. Lisa had her hand on the side of his head and he had both arms around her, one on her waist and the other on her upper back.

Lisa moaned softly as Robert caressed her back and Liz finally found her voice, “Hey! He’s supposed to be mine.”

With a chuckle, Lisa broke the kiss, sat up, and looked at her roommate. “Then get your ass over here and kiss him. He’s good at it.”

Liz scooted over until her thighs ran into Lisa’s knees. She looked at Lisa hard but Lisa only shook her head. “I like it here, so I ain’t moving. Anyway, there’s this long hot thing under my ass that feels really interesting. So, crawl over or something. Crawl on top if you have to.”

Crawl on top is exactly what Liz did. Her right thigh was in Lisa’s lap as she turned toward Robert and pushed with her left leg. She ended up half on top of him and close enough to plant a quick kiss on his lips. Then she moaned deeply and kissed him long and hard.

Robert’s eyes had been wide as she crawled up but once the kiss began, he moaned softly and shut his eyes. A few moments later, he worked his right arm over enough to caress her bare back where the dress was open. A moment or two later, they both moaned as his left hand found her bare breast. As he caressed and massaged it, Liz shivered and moaned even louder.

“Now that’s the way to do it,” Lisa whispered and then grinned as she slipped a hand under the hem of Liz’s dress and caressed her bare ass. Liz groaned and flexed her hips as Lisa trailed two fingers up and down the deep cleft of Liz’s ass. When the fingertips brushed the puckered ring of Liz’s anus, she pushed with her left foot again and moved even more on top of Robert.

With her legs spread the way they were, it was easy for Lisa to move her fingers lower and teased the opening to Liz’s sex. Liz groaned deeply and flexed her hips harder. The kiss was now well into the ravishing, tongue dueling stage. If it hadn’t been for Lisa in the way and all the clothes, it would have went straight to mutual rape.

Lisa dipped the two fingers into Liz’s sopping wet hot little pussy and wiggled them slowly just inside the entrance. Liz made a loud gasping sound against Robert’s mouth and tried to raise her hips and get the fingers deeper into her pussy. Lisa moved her fingers with Liz’s ass and did not let it happen.

Liz was now whimpering loudly and flexing her hips hard and fast. Lisa got an evil grin on her face as she moved her hand to line her fingers up with Liz’s opening. Now Liz could fuck herself on the fingers but only and inch or so. The whimper took on a frustrated whining sound. When it did, Lisa shoved her fingers into her friend’s tight pussy as deep as they would go.

With a loud yell, Liz broke the kiss and arched her back as she came and came hard, her hips were jerking and bucking uncontrollably. Between the kiss, Robert’s hand exploring her back, his hand on her breast squeezing and caressing it, and Lisa’s fingers in her pussy, Liz was on sensory overload. Skyrockets were going off behind her eyelids and balls of pure pleasure were shooting everywhere throughout her body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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