The Morning After

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This story involves the two characters from my One Night Only? story but can be read on its own also. Enjoy.


Ashleigh squinted at the light sneaking through the curtains and surveyed her bed. It was empty save for her. Edward, her one night stand, clearly hadn’t stayed.

She sank into the pillows in relief. She had never been the type for one night deals, partly because the morning after was just too awkward. The sound of a door opening had her sitting bolt upright and her jaw dropped as Edward emerged from the on-suite bathroom.

His hair was still dripping from the shower and he had a towel slung loosely around his hips. Ashleigh watched one bead of water run slowly down his chest and flushed at the thought of her being so clichéd. She lay on her front and turned her head into the pillow to smother her giggles. Edward lay down on the bed next to her and propped his head up on his arm.

He brushed a strand of hair from her face and grinned at her.

“Did I wake you?”

Ashleigh gave a tentative smile in return and shook her head. Edward’s hand skimmed over her bare shoulder and down her back, pushing the bedcovers out of the way. Ashleigh turned over onto her back. Edward chuckled and repeated the movement, running his hand from her neck to the top of her mound. He twisted his wrist to cup her gently in his hand. Ashleigh arched herself into his touch, moving her knees apart slightly to encourage him to move his hand over her more thoroughly.

He stroked his thumb on her clit slowly, not touching her anywhere else. Ashleigh wiggled her shoulders, bringing his attention to her breasts. He obliged by running his tongue over her areola, quickly bringing her nipple to peak. His lips closed over it and rubbed his tongue roughly over the tip. His thumb continued rubbing small circles over her. He dipped one finger into her wetness and drew it over her clit, varying the small movements of his hand.

Edward leaned over to turn his attentions to her other breast. As his tongue swept over her, his finger güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri pressed into her. Ashleigh bit her lip, fisted one hand in the bed sheet and gripped his shoulder with the other. She kicked the sheets from where they were twisted around her legs and spread her knees wider. Another finger joined the first one and Ashleigh gasped at the sensation of being stretched delightfully.

Edward curled his fingers within Ashleigh, enough to rub the small nub of flesh that was her g-spot. Her orgasm came swiftly and she clenched herself around his fingers as his name spilled out from her lips in a long moan.

He moved his thumb from her now over-sensitive clitoris and stroked it over the rest of her, leaving his fingers buried inside her. Edward pumped his fingers several more times before removing them and holding them to Ashleigh’s lips.

She eyed him uncertainly, never having tasted herself before. He kept his eyes steady on hers until she opened her mouth enough to flick her tongue out over the tips of his fingers. He took this as encouragement and steadily pressed his fingers into her mouth.

Ashleigh sucked on them and swirled her tongue over them, imitating what she would do if it was another part of his anatomy that was within her mouth. She barely registered the taste of herself so intent was she at watching his reaction. His cock certainly seemed to react.

He discarded his towel and shifted over her on the bed, pulling her off the pillows by the hips until she was lying completely flat on the bed. Edward then lifted her legs by the calves to urge her to put her legs over his shoulders. He leant forward and pressed his cockhead to her opening.

The feeling was a little overwhelming, Edward felt much bigger in this position and she was a lot tighter around him. He kept his pace slow and sure, making certain all of him was pressed tight into her before withdrawing to the point where he could feel her outer lips on his sensitive cockhead.

The friction of his movements was playing havoc on her güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri clit and her breath shortened as she came close to her second quick orgasm in succession.

He stopped.

Ashleigh opened her eyes to look at him and he was smirking down at her.

“Problem?” she managed to gasp out.

“No, just want to make you wait.”

Ashleigh groaned and tried to fuck herself onto him, it was tricky in that position though so she tried to move her legs that he still held tight in his hands. That too, proved futile and she eventually gave up and lay panting under his watchful gaze that exuded amusement at her efforts.

Eventually she let out a breathless laugh and relaxed. It seemed to be what Edward was waiting for and he resumed his rhythm, fucking her faster than before. It didn’t take long for her orgasm to return in full force and crash over her. Colour exploded behind her eyes as she squeezed them tightly shut. She dug her nails deep into Edward’s upper arms where she held on tight.

This time he didn’t stop. Instead he brought her legs down and pressed her knees up and open, leaving her wide for his attentions. Edward brought his weight down onto his elbows, bringing his mouth close enough to claim hers. Ashleigh wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs round his waist, grinding herself slowly up and down his length as she kissed him back deeply.

The pace slowed. Edward’s thrusts became long and slow, pressing all the way into her before slowly withdrawing. Ashleigh matched his pace, bringing her hips to his, enjoying the feel of him within her and over her. She sucked lightly on his tongue before giving it a gentle nip. He responded with a series of hard, quick thrusts into her dripping wet orifice.

Grey eyes met her brown ones and held her gaze. Edward slid his hands up her arms, removing them from where they were wrapped around him. He pushed himself deep inside her and held his position, pressed against her cervix, bordering on painful. His fingers linked with hers and he held her güvenilir bahis şirketleri hands pressed against the bed, much as his hips pinned her to the bed.

His tongue flicked out and swept over her parted lips. Ashleigh giggled and gripped his lower lip between her teeth, giving it a gentle tug. Edward withdrew from her again and this time slammed roughly into her. He set a furious pace that she couldn’t match so she simply allowed herself to be taken by him. Feeling his hard, thick length slide in and out of her, well lubricated with their combined juices. Juices that were spilling out and running down her ass and covering his thighs. The sound of wet flesh slapping together filled the room, joined with her moans and pants and Edward’s grunts.

Edward’s dark head tilted down to capture one of her nipples in his teeth. Her breasts continued to move from the force of his thrusts into her body but he held tight to one nipple, not allowing it to move. Ashleigh bit her lip against the pain, clutching Edward’s fingers tight in her own. He removed one hand from her hers, bringing it between both their bodies to where her clit was jutting out, desperate for attention.

He gripped it in two of his fingers, tugging roughly on it.

“Cum with me.” He released her nipple long enough to growl at her.

The speed and force of his cock entering her increased, if possible. Her hips began their own rhythm, every part of her seeking the release that was so close. The feel of him expanding within her was enough to send her over the edge. One hand squeezed his tight, the other raked it’s nails down his back. Her head shot back and her back arched, forcing him deeper within her. She could feel the hot spurts of his cum within her and it only prolonged her orgasm before plunging her headlong into the next.

Breathless pants in her ear brought her back to the moment, Edward had collapsed weakly on top of her, obviously having felt as strong an orgasm as she. He rolled off her onto the bed and they lay gasping for breath.

Ashleigh looked at her hand. Still joined with his. She brought her eyes to his face and caught the grin spreading over his face. She couldn’t help it, a grin of her own followed suit. She deliberately drew her gaze over him. From his still wet hair down to his feet. She licked her lips.

“Looks like you’re going to need another shower.”

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